Why is There Coffee in Perfume Stores? [Here’s Why!]

Written By Nazia Haque

You may have noticed coffee beans lying on the countertop of perfume stores.

As for me, seeing coffee in a fragrance store always made me curious and intrigued. And I’d question if coffee can truly help reset our olfactory receptors. Therefore, my curiosity got the best of me and led me to look more into the matter.

So keep reading to find out how coffee comes to your olfactory’s rescue.

Why is There Coffee in Perfume Stores

Why is there Coffee in Perfume Stores?

A perfume store is filled with various aromas. And why wouldn’t it? Well, countless people spritz fragrance in the air to test the smell.

As a result, smells from different perfumes mix and form an aromatic cloud.

However, when you try a new scent in a perfume store, that existing fragrant cloud can be an obstacle. For instance, when spraying a new one, you don’t get the exact smell since there is already so much scent in the air. And your nose gets tired, confused, irritated, and overwhelmed with so much going on.

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What does Coffee do in Perfume Stores?

It is said that coffee beans can help activate your nasal receptors. For instance, when you smell many different fragrances at once, your nose gets exhausted and stops picking new aromas. Therefore, coffees help clear out the memory of the previous scents and awaken your olfactory receptors.

As a result, you can test new perfumes accurately with ease.

Moreover, we all know coffee has a strong aroma that can overpower other smells. And it’s no wonder since drinking a coffee can activate our whole system, making us more productive.

Most importantly, nasal fatigue is real! That is to say, smelling one fragrance after another can be tiring. And your nose temporarily loses it’s ability to distinguish new aromas.

Also, your brain needs help to work, and you don’t become confused with the sensation around you. So coffee is said to give your nasal system the rest it needs to work correctly and help you judge the scent right.

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Can Coffee Reset Your Smell?

Well, the question remains if coffee truly can help you cleanse your nose palate.

Meanwhile, there’s been a debate on– whether coffee does help with regaining your smelling receptors and vice versa. Firstly, coffee or its beans don’t clear your nose like when you have a cold; instead, they give your olfactory a kick to come out of the aromatic frenzy. Secondly, the mere change of scent can help your brain concentrate.

On the other hand, you can take a break, go somewhere for fresh air and then resume testing fragrances. It will help you with nose fatigue and blindness.

Furthermore, you can also try onion and citrus fruits like lemon or orange to clear out nasal fatigue.

Most importantly, constantly smelling perfumes can blur your nasal judgment. Therefore, you wouldn’t know for sure if you like a specific scent or not. And end up buying a perfume you hate once you get home.

So to avoid such problems, coffee beans can be helpful. However, it may not be effective for everyone because someone may be allergic or sensitive to its smell.

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In short, coffee may help pick new aromas precisely, but it’s not the only way for you to do so.

Is Coffee Good for Perfume?

Coffee is widely used to treat nasal fatigue and neutralize scents. However, many fragrances are now made from coffee beans– having a strong and subtle aroma.

In addition, many of us are addicted to caffeine, and some can’t even start their day without it. Also, you can’t deny how great roasted coffee beans smell in cafes. So imagine having a scent that can give you that feel.

Subsequently, coffee notes can invoke your emotions and settle smoothly in your olfactory memory.

Although, the scent comes off as powerful, spicy, and sweet with a hint of chocolate. Plus, the roasted essence with hints of tobacco. But can pair it with other notes to add a bittersweet element.

Likewise, coffee notes are pretty versatile. And you can find them in both masculine and feminine fragrances.

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Firstly, coffee is often paired with woody and leather accords in men’s fragrances. Secondly, when mixed with floral notes, coffee can add warmth and depth to women’s fragrances. Finally, along with boosting your olfactory receptors, you can find it in oriental scents– amber, vanilla, and tonka bean.

To summarize, coffee notes are famous in the perfume world and are worn by men and women.

What Does Coffee Scent Do?

There has been much research on the effects of coffee on us. Also, drinking coffee can help us regenerate ourselves. Likewise, its aroma can affect us in various ways.

For instance, it is said that coffee scent can help you with conscious intellectual activities. H

Here are some of the things that coffee scent can do:

  • Increase your quality of memory.
  • Increase your speed of memory.
  • Improve alertness.

Therefore, in general, the coffee scent can help increase and improve your performance on mental assignments.

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Moreover, coffee notes can also help in terms of your health. Here are some of those physical benefits:

  1. Reduce the risk of heart disease.
  2. Help with diabetes.
  3. Help with dementia.

Above all, the coffee fragrance has excellent benefits and makes you smell fantastic.

Why are There Coffee Beans at Ulta?

It’s common to find coffee beans at shops like Ulta, Sephora, and other department stores– especially on their fragrance side.

So coffee grounds are supposed to cleanse your nasal palate and help you get rid of nose fatigue. But don’t get worried if you are suffering from such issues!

In other words, olfactory fatigue or nasal blindness can stop you from picking aromas correctly– making your nose blind. And it happens when there are a lot of fragrances in the air, making it hard to distinguish them. Plus, such a scenario is very common in perfume stores.

As a result, when your smelling judgment is compromised, you can’t test a fragrance properly. That’s when coffee beans come to your rescue.

However, coffee beans aren’t the only helpful method to restore olfactory functions. Although, they do affect our smelling senses. But there are other ingredients like lemon to give you refreshment.

Meanwhile. instead of smelling coffee, here’s what you can do if you are experiencing olfactory fatigue:

#1 Take a break for your nose

When your nose is overwhelmed with tons of aromas, it’s best to go out for fresh air. As a result, your sense of smell will gradually return, and you can go back to test fragrances.

#2 You can smell yourself

You can also try smelling your skin to take a break from different scents. It will improve your nasal receptors and bring your smell judgment back.

#3 You can smell wool

If you are wearing real wool, smelling it can help you with olfactory blindness. For example, try sniffing a cashmere scarf or authentic lambswool sweater.

In addition, if you have a cup of coffee with you– giving it a sniff can help clear out nasal blindness.

On the other hand, stores often keep the coffee beans unchanged for weeks. Therefore, they become stale, and their original scent gets infused with the perfumes. And they can no longer fulfill their purpose.

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To summarize, stores like Ulta keep coffee beans to restore our smelling ability and help us enjoy more fragrances.

Smelling Coffee Beans Benefits

Coffee beans are different from the light and airy scents that you usually smell in perfume stores. Moreover, it has a very raw and pungent smell.

Therefore, smelling them can help you escape the fragrance shock and thoroughly enjoy fragrances.

Furthermore, smelling coffee beans can provide you with mental and health benefits. And it’s widely popular in aromatherapy. Here’s what smelling coffee grounds can do:

  • Cleanse your olfactory palate
  • Improve your memory
  • Help you increase alertness
  • Enhance your cognitive

You can also use coffee essence in your home, such as in a diffuser.

Most importantly, coffee beans have a unique aroma that can be refreshing and soothing.

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Kick of Scent

You may have noticed jars of coffee beans in perfume stores and wondered what is it doing there? So, now you know why!

So fragrance stores use coffee to help you with nose fatigue and cleanse your nasal palate. As a result, you can keep sniffing more fragrances and buy a few?

At the moment, let’s not go to their marketing strategies and just keep the focus on the beans.

Also, when you are at a perfume store for a while and smell different scents, it can get tiring and overwhelming for your nose. So, your nasal receptors stop working temporarily, and sniffing coffee can help with that.

However, there are other methods to cure olfactory fatigue instead of always relying on coffee.

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In conclusion, along with cleaning your nose buds, coffee has health benefits and is a fantastic scent to wear.

Finally, I hope you had an awakening time while reading about the beans. I’d appreciate you sharing your thoughts in the comment below.

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