How to Refill a Perfume Bottle? [5 Easy and Simple Steps!]

Written By Nazia Haque

It can be bothersome to carry a large perfume bottle while traveling or when you are just out for some work. Firstly, large fragrance bottles aren’t allowed on planes. Secondly, being out in the sunlight and air can ruin your scent.

But I know how essential smelling pleasant can become. Therefore, refilling your favorite perfume in a smaller container can do the trick.

So keep reading to find out all the do’s and don’ts to refill a perfume bottle.

How to Refill a Perfume Bottle

How to Refill a Perfume Bottle?

Refilling a perfume bottle is a great skill since it can often come in handy. For instance, you will get to travel with your favorite fragrance with ease and make use of empty scent bottles.

Most importantly, it is not a complicated process if you follow the steps correctly.

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However, before you start decanting the filling up of the fragrance bottle, you will need specific tools. Here are those:

  • Empty Perfume bottle
  • Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Funnel or syringe
  • Tissue or thin cloth

After gathering all the necessary items, you can jump straight into the refilling procedure. Here are the steps:

Step-1# Take off the cap from the perfume bottle.

First, you need to remove the cap. In order to do so, use the pliers to separate the nozzle or sprayer from the bottle. Also, you can use the plier and gently shake the nozzle until the base is completely exposed.

Meanwhile, just to be safe, wrap a tissue or thin cloth around the cap to avoid any injury.

Step-2# Remove the base of the nozzle.

Secondly, you have to take out the base of the sprayer. It is the most challenging part. And you have to follow different methods for plastic and metal ones. Let’s look into that:

  • Metal Base

Use pliers to loosen up the metal base by slowly shaking it left and right. Ensure the plier isn’t too tight around the base so the glass doesn’t break or crack.

  • Plastic Base

Use scissors and slide them under the base to detach them from the bottle. And try this from all sides so that it works faster and easier. However, if scissors don’t work, use pliers and ensure you are careful when handling the glass bottle.

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Step-3# Clean the fragrance bottle.

Third, sometimes fine pieces of glass break and remain around the neck of the container, which can get inside the liquid. So you have to clean that by gently wiping the top of the bottle.

Step-4# Transfer the perfume by a funnel or syringe.

Next, once your perfume is ready for transferring into another bottle– use a funnel or syringe to pour the liquid. As a result, you will avoid spills and wastage.

Step-5# Seal the bottle correctly.

Finally, after you transfer perfume from one container to another, you need to seal it tight. So, reattach the base on top, followed by the sprayer. And if the sprayer has a screw design, you can simply screw it on the next to seal it tightly.

To summarize, refilling a perfume bottle is relatively straightforward, and you can use any perfume bottle.

How to Refill a Travel Perfume Bottle?

Your favorite perfume can be the best travel companion. But you can only take a small amount, for which you need to use a smaller bottle.

Furthermore, there are so many travel spray options in the market, making it the perfect solution to carry your dearest scent.

Subsequently, the travel sprays can hold 8ml, and purse sprays have 5ml– which can last for a week.

And travel perfume bottles are easy to refill. Here’s what you got to do:

  1. Pull both ends of the cap to remove the outer case.
  2. Untwist the atomizer and keep it on the side.
  3. Hold the spray nozzle of your large fragrance against the opening of the travel spray vial.
  4. Spray until the vial is full.
  5. Re-assemble the bottles by reversing the above steps.

Finally, just spritz the fragrance and enjoy it as your travel buddy.

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How Do You Refill a Refillable Perfume Atomizer?

So there are two refillable perfume bottles– spray pumps and atomizers.

For example, spray pumps are the ones you can screw open at the top and use a dropper to fill perfume in them. But atomizers are much more popular and easier to use as you can refill them by exposing them to the nozzle.

Here’s what you have to do to refill a perfume atomizer:

#1 Take off the cap of your bigger perfume bottle, including the spray cap.

#2 Take the perfume bottle and join its spray capillary tube with the hole at the bottom of your atomizer.

#3 Now, push the atomizer inside the perfume bottle exactly how you would use the spray cap to spritz the scent.

#4 Next, carry on with the process until your atomizer is filled with the fragrance.

#5 Finally, reattach the lid of your perfume bottle. And seal the bottom of the atomizer.

However, if your fragrance bottle doesn’t have the spraying structure, unscrew the bottle’s cap and refill the atomizer. For instance, open the top of the perfume bottle and the atomizer, then use a dropper to transfer the juice carefully. Subsequently, you can slowly pour the fragrance into the atomizer and ensure there are no air bubbles inside.

Above all, after you are done refilling, you must screw the cap tightly.

How to Open a Perfume Bottle Without Breaking It?

Perfume bottles are pretty fragile, so you must treat them carefully. Therefore, when you try to open one, you must be extra vigilant to ensure the bottle is fine.

For instance, you must use pliers to remove the base seal around the neck of the bottle. It is the safest method to open the nozzle of the perfume container. But you should remember that not all fragrance bottles can be reused after opening them.

In other words, perfume bottles have a tight ring on the top, and if it’s metal, it will get damaged while opening the container. It is quite common to damage the spray head during the process.

On the other hand, plastic ones are easy to pull out and put back on again.

Nonetheless, you should be careful and follow the steps accordingly to open a perfume bottle. Otherwise, you will have a hard time handling the fragile container.

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Here are some tips for you to follow:

  • Don’t jack the metal clamp.

The first thing you have to do is loosen the tight ring that holds the lid and bottle together. So you have to use a sharp object. But the glass can easily break if you aren’t careful with the blade.

  • Don’t be hasty and loosen one area at a time.

You shouldn’t be in a hurry to loosen the metal clamp. So take your time and disconnect one end first and then another one. As a result, the bottle will be safe– reducing the chances of breaking it.

  • Always use the thinnest and straightest metal strip.

There are lots of options to take off the metal seal– pliers, knives, and scissor blades. But make sure you pick the thinnest one so it won’t budge when you open the seal with it.

Can You Refill Perfume Bottle with Water?

Yes, you can refill the perfume bottle with water. But the bottle needs to be empty first.

For instance, you can empty the perfume bottle when the scent is undesired or expired. And clean it thoroughly so there are no residues of the previous fragrances. After that, you can fill the glass bottle with water and put some flowers inside as a vase– it can become a lovely decorative addition to your home.

However, you must be careful when opening the perfume bottle so it doesn’t break. In addition, you need to follow the proper method of disposing of the liquid inside the container since it can cause health hazards.

In short, you can refill a perfume bottle with water the same way you’d fill it with another fragrance.

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Sometimes being crafty can be fun and necessary. I know how much one can love perfumes and prefer taking them along.

But that may not be the wisest decision– especially if you own a giant fragrance bottle.

Firstly, imagine taking out a large fragrance bottle in public and spritzing it on yourself– doesn’t seem so fun, right? Secondly, there are travel restrictions on carrying fragrances with you. Finally, you should store your scents in a cool, dark area; instead of exposing them to the factors that damage them– heat, light, air, and change in temperature.

As a result, carrying smaller perfume bottles is much preferable. So you need to transfer your perfume to a smaller bottle or in an atomizer.

And the process is simple to follow, and the results are excellent.

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In conclusion, all you have to do is follow the steps accordingly to refill a perfume bottle and enjoy carrying your favorite scent wherever you go.

Most importantly, if you have any queries, please mention them in the comment section below.

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