Do Discontinued Perfumes Ever Come Back? [Legit Answer]

Written By Lamaya Mahboob

Perfumes bring back our precious memories & unforgettable emotions that we cherish.

And it’s hard to accept the discontinuation of any fragrance which is close to our souls. The toughest situation is when you don’t know if the discontinued perfume will ever come back or not.

If you’re also facing the same circumstances, I’m here to resolve

In this article, I’ll share the authentic answer to perfumes discontinuation and restock-related questions. Plus, I’ll add some timeless fragrances that made an amazing comeback after discontinuation.

So, stay tuned!

What Is A Discontinued Perfume?

Discontinued perfume means the types of fragrances which are not available on official websites. It doesn’t declare that the fragrance is gone forever. Discontinued perfume refers to something that is not being produced or supplied continuously.

After knowing the actual meaning of perfume discontinuation, the most common question arrived: why do perfumes get discontinued?

Generally, A fragrance discontinuation depends on two things, those are:

Commercial Purpose: When a perfume can’t meet the sell target and fails to make the revenue as much as other frags do. The brand stopped making that scent and declared discontinuation of that perfume.

Lack Of Production Materials: Unavailability & lackings of ingredients interrupted the production of perfumes. It’s the most common yet disheartening factor behind every famous fragrance’s discontinuation.

And If an iconic fragrance is ceased, it officially announces the news to its prominent customers.

Not only that, but you also can receive other news or hints that clearly describe if the perfume is really discontinued or not.

For instance, last year, I saw an official sold-out notification when I wanted to buy Gucci Pour Homme 2 as a birthday gift for my brother. And due to its lack of availability, I had to purchase Gucci Guilty Intense instead of Gucci Pour Homme.

Do Discontinued Perfumes Ever Come Back?

Discontinuing a perfume doesn’t mean that the fragrance won’t come back again. Sometimes the discontinued fragrances come back, or sometimes they won’t. Perfumes do come back, but the concentration and packaging might be different or innovative than the previous one.

When a discontinued fragrance restarts its new journey, there are some factors that are different from the previous one.

So before picking any restocked fragrance, you should know the updated factors in this new item.

Let’s find out how a discontinued perfume comeback with some new specialty:

Limited Edition Or Special Releases

When a suspended product, such as Tom Ford’s Velvet Gardenia, CK One, is relaunched again, it comes with a limited edition or special releases tagline. It means the new fragrance is launched for a special occasion, and the previous perfume is discontinued.

Also, there are some professional lines that the brands always use to represent the newly launched perfumes of the suspended fragrances, such as seasonal releases, anniversary collections, nostalgic revivals, exclusive collections, and so on.

Reformulated Concentration

Most of the time, the discontinuation happened because of the ingredient shortage, and perfumers tried to achieve the same scent with the other concentration.

So, reformulated concentration is the most common system of restarting the ceased perfumes.

In this procedure, the material and portion both are different from the original version.

New Packaging

New packaging is one of the main factors that we always notice in relaunched perfumes. The packaging changes because of the concentration and updated name of the discontinued perfumes.

For a clear conception of different packaging, I’ll add a picture of the timeless fragrance Byzance by Rochas, which comes in three separate

You can see the distinctive changes in the three packages and bottles.

Acquisitions By Other Brands

Sometimes, some smaller or large fragrance houses receive authorization to make iconic perfumes that are not available in the market but are still in demand.

Furthermore, this acquisition also offers lifetime availability without increasing the pricing.

Alternatives Or Flankers

Alternative or flankers are the best yet easiest way to achieve a similar aura of your cherished perfumes without waiting for their relaunching.

In the fragrance world, there are a lot of scents that replicate the similar smell of legendary perfumes. For example, you can check the perfumes similar to La Petite Robe Noire that I’ve used after receiving its sold-out notification.

Above mentioned criteria are the new factors that we always notice during the relaunching of a discontinued perfume.

5 Iconic Discontinued Perfumes That Made A Comeback

As I have said before, not all suspended perfumes are relaunched; however, there are a bunch of examples of discontinued fragrances that made an amazing comeback.

Here I’m going to mention the 5 sensational discontinued fragrances with their updated version:

Tom Ford’s Velvet Gardenia

Released: 2007
Relaunched: 2019

Velvet Gardenia by Tom Ford is a unisex perfume with white floral essence that immediately stocked out after its first release. Because of its immense popularity, Tom Ford relaunched this fascinating perfume in their reservation collection.

YSL Supreme Bouquet

Released: 2013
Relaunched: 2017

Supreme Bouquet is the most exotic woody fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent. After its discontinuation, it was relaunched in 2017 as a part of the newly created line called Le Vestiaire des Parfums.

Paul Smith London

Released: 2004
Relaunched: 2019

Paul Smith Londons’ EDT version was launched in 2004 and discontinued in 2009. After decades, this masculine fragrance represents its EDP version as their recreated perfume.

Dior Miss

Released: 2017
Relaunched: 2021

Dior Miss is one of the most appealing perfumes of Dior. Because of its massive fanbase, Dior relaunched this crowd-pleasing fragrance in the same year of its heartbreaking discontinuation.

Givenchy L’Interdit

Released: 1957
Relaunched: 2007 & 2018

L’Interdit by Givenchy is the most popular fragrance that has been reformulated over & over. In 2007 it came as a L’Interdits return limited edition. And finally, Givenchy re-released the robust modern version of L’Interdit in 2018.


How can you be sure if a perfume is discontinued?

If you want a clear answer about any perfume discontinuation, the most common & effective way is to ask the brand’s website or check their availability options.

Why do perfumes get discontinued?

Perfume gets discontinued because of two factors Ingredient or material shortage and Lack of earning profits.

What to do if your perfume is discontinued?

If your favorite perfume gets discontinued, check for other fragrances that offer a similar aura. In short, try some fantastic dupes with the same smelling tones.

Wrapping Up

Getting back the discontinued perfumes is like a trump card for all fragrance lovers. But don’t get your hopes up because not every discontinued perfume has a remarkable comeback.

I hope you already know about the discontinued perfumes and their comeback possibilities.

And if you really miss your favorite fragrance, you can try some new alternatives with similar accords.

That’s all. For further queries, knock me in the comment box.

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