Why are Perfumes Cheaper at Walmart? [Investigated in 2024]

Written By Nazia Haque

Yes, perfumes are super expensive. However, certain platforms sell high-end fragrances for cheap.

And Walmart is a go-to place for various designer fragrances at an affordable price.

But I know when we find expensive items at a low price, it can excite and worry us. Therefore, it’s okay to doubt the authenticity of fragrances before buying them cheaply.

So just keep reading, and find peace of mind before you make that trip to Walmart.


Is Walmart Perfume authentic?

Yes, the perfumes that you find at Walmart are 100% authentic. Moreover, the customer reviews on Walmart’s website say the same. Also, it is said that Walmart incredibly bargains with the manufacturers– resulting in them getting the products for unbelievably low prices.

However, you may still wonder how Walmart manages to lower prices for even famous and super expensive perfumes.

Firstly, Walmart buys the fragrances directly from the brands, so there are no questions about knockoffs. Secondly, they have a reputation for holding, which is why they would never risk selling fakes.

On top of that, Walmart doesn’t alter fragrances as well. For instance, none of the external scents are changed to maintain safety due to the hazardous nature of perfume. However, sometimes the packaging is improvised to add discounts or sale amounts.

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In addition, you can avail authentic designer perfumes from Walmart’s physical and online stores.

Plus, buying fragrances online is always a concern of being deceived. But since Walmart guarantees authenticity and affordability, you can receive perfumes from the comfort of your home.

And they have an easy-to-get-by website, so the user experience is pretty smooth.

But you may still question the legitimacy of the scent after it’s delivered to you. Therefore, try the following extra steps:

  • Scan barcodes

If you scan the barcodes on the packaging, you will be directed to the brand’s website, proving that the scent is not a fake.

  • Look at the cap

High-end brands spend a lot on perfume bottles. So if you find a plastic cap instead of metal, it’s a fake.

Also, Walmart has a massive collection of designer and high-end perfumes. Therefore, you will get the option to choose the variety– giving you a better chance of selecting the right scent. Meanwhile, you can also check for holograms on the perfumes boxes and authenticity certificates to further believe how legit Walmart is.

In short, Walmart is a great store where we consumers get expensive items like perfumes for cheap but authentic.

Why does Walmart Sell Perfume so Cheap?

Perfumes are loved and used by people worldwide. And wouldn’t it be great if designer scents were conveniently accessible?

Well, that is what Walmart aims for you. So Walmart is a household name. And you can mostly find everything you need for your house and yourself at an affordable price.

Similarly, you find various authentic designer fragrances for cheap at Walmart. However, since perfumes are luxurious items, it can be hard for you to imagine buying them for cheap.

But now, many stores sell legit high-end scents at an affordable price.

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Here’s how Walmart manages to sell perfume for cheap:

#1 They are the largest retailer in the US.

Walmart buys products in bulk and sells them in large quantities. Therefore, they can offer insane discounts on perfumes and other cosmetics. And because their high volume in sales makes them the largest retailer worldwide.

So brands want to associate with them to interact with people and make their products available to common people.

#2 They buy perfumes from the ‘grey market.’

It may sound shady, but it’s just a term for manufacturers named when they sell their items in huge stock to retailers or stores. So it doesn’t mean that they are selling dupes or fakes. Although, it is an unauthorized platform for selling items in stock.

As a result, there is no extra charge, such as when brands sell their items directly to the stores.

#3 They need to maintain their affordability claim.

Walmart always claims to sell every product in their store at an affordable price. And that makes them very popular among people. Hence, brands are aware of that, and if they want to sell their products directly to Walmart, they need to lower their prices.

So brands get to access more people, we get perfumes for cheap, and Walmart works like a middle-man.

Above all, Walmart is a huge corporation. So because of its enormous power on the market– it can buy products for cheap compared to small stores. As a result, customers, in return, get the benefit of purchasing items from Walmart at a much lower price.

Furthermore, it’s no wonder that you can find everything at Walmart. For instance, from kitchen supplies to beauty products, you name it, and they have it!

Most importantly, Walmart is gaining a lot by selling its supplies at an affordable price. That is to say, their discounts and offers attract more customers, help keep the old ones, and spread brand awareness. So people know they get good stuff for cheap and wouldn’t want to miss that.

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Likewise, Walmart sells a considerable amount of fragrances annually along with other products from different categories.

On the other hand, buying perfumes online is always a risk. But since Walmart is a reputable company, they offer authentic products. Therefore, you can easily purchase fragrances or beauty products from their website and save a lot.

To summarize, Walmart is a reliable store where you can buy authentic designer fragrances for cheap.

Why is Walmart Cologne Cheaper?

Walmart, in general, buys fragrances in bulk and at lower prices. So the cologne you find there will typically be much cheaper than elsewhere.

However, that doesn’t mean that those colognes aren’t good quality or are fakes.

Indeed, the scent you find are authentic, and they will be the same as the ones if you’d directly purchase from a brand. But since Walmart does provide you decent discounts, that would make you want to try their products more frequently.

So every company has a policy that sets them apart from its rivals and makes them more attractive to the masses. Therefore, Walmart has also developed its identity of selling authentic products for cheap.

How do Luxury Perfumes End Up in Stores Like Walmart and Target?

Stores like Walmart and Target are popular local markets. So it’s a great deal for us to find designer fragrances at discounts at stores where we regularly visit.

However, one of the biggest ways Walmart and Target get their hands on luxury perfumes for cheap is in the ‘grey market.’

But grey markets aren’t preferred by brands. In other words, when brands directly sell to stores, they get more benefits.

Most importantly, luxury brands are often avoided by regular people. And the reason is that they are costly. Therefore, when you find high-end scents at stores like Target and Walmart– it makes the brand approachable.

As a result, you wouldn’t perceive a particular brand as luxurious or unreachable; instead, you will find it familiar and usable.

Therefore, luxurious perfumes can get more attention and reach when available at stores like Walmart and Target. Also, their sales will increase as well.

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Is Creed Aventus in Walmart Legit?

Yes, Creed Aventus in Walmart is 100% legit. Moreover, it is a niche fragrance and extremely popular among men.

Although, Creed is a costly brand. But like all other famous perfume names available at Walmart, you will also get great discounts on Creed Aventus. So I say it’s an opportunity to get your hands on exclusive, luxurious fragrances.

In short, at Walmart, you are not only finding legit fragrances at an affordable rate but also getting to experience deluxe scents.

Best Walmart Perfume

Walmart has a vast perfume collection that you can choose from. And all of them come in discounts. So you get to taste your favorite designer scent without worrying about overspending.

Here are some of the famous fragrance brands that you can find at Walmart:

  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Ariana Grande
  • Versace
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Juliette Has A Gun
  • Juicy Couture
  • Gucci

There are more designer and niche perfume brands available at Walmart. So you just have to check them out and pick the one you love.

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A Walk to Walmart

Perfumes are a vital part of our lifestyle. And as much as you’d love to surround yourself with a luxurious aroma, the hefty price tags are always problematic. Furthermore, we always assume that the more luxurious a scent is, the more it’s for the rich.

But thanks to Walmart, you get designer, high-end fragrances at an affordable price. And the scents are 100% authentic. Moreover, you can buy those perfumes from physical stores and online.

So rest assured, everything will be the same from packaging to the aroma, except for the low price.

In conclusion, stores like Walmart are a great platform to buy legit fragrances without worrying about spending too much. Finally, I hope all your worries are cleared and share your queries in the comment section below.

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