How To Pack Perfume Bottles? [The Right Way to Pack in 2024]

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We are naturally more cautious when packing something expensive, and perfumes are very expensive.

But they are also very sensitive to light, pressure, and humidity, which only adds to the precautions you need to take when packaging perfumes.

Hence, properly packing your perfume bottles is very important to ensure they don’t break, spill, or get damaged.

To make things easier for you, I have covered everything that you need to know about packing perfume bottles in the article. I hope you find it helpful.

How To Pack Perfume Bottles

How To Pack Perfume Bottles To Keep Them Safe?

Packing your perfumes properly is very important to prevent breakage, spillage, or damage.

To ensure that your perfumes are safe while you are moving, traveling, shipping, or storing them, you need to add protective layers over the perfume bottle.

To keep your perfumes safe, they should be individually wrapped in bubble wrap (or thick socks, if you don’t have bubble wrap) and packed in their original boxes. If you don’t have the original boxes, you need to get boxes for each of your perfumes based on their sizes.

If you are going to board a flight with the bottle, you need to put them inside a see-through ziplock bag to make sure that in case of accidental breakage, they do not spill.

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Since perfumes are flammable liquids, they could be a fire hazard.

How To Pack Perfume Bottles For Travelling?

When it comes to traveling with perfumes, the perfumes need to be packed carefully so that in case they spill, everything inside the suitcase or bag doesn’t get ruined.

Moreover, there are many rules and restrictions regarding carrying perfumes with you when flying, but I will get to that later.

Now, how should you pack your perfume for traveling with them? Well, I have broken it down for you, step by step.

  • Using Tape Seal The Perfume Cap: It is very important to seal the caps of your perfumes to the body to ensure that the cap doesn’t open while the perfume is inside your baggage. Make sure to use a type of tape that sticks to the body and cap and doesn’t get off.
  • Wrap the Perfume Bottles With Bubble Wrap: Once the cap is secured, take sheets of bubble wrap and cut them into long strips, wide enough to cover the length of the bottle and long enough to roll over the body of the bottle a few times. Then individually wrap up your perfumes using the cut-out bubble wrap.

If you don’t have any bubble wrap, you can wap them using thick socks or any piece of cloth that will provide sufficient protection to the glass bottles in case of an impact.

  • Box Up The Wrapped Perfume Bottles: Once they have been wrapped, it’s time to put them inside their original boxes. Now, if you don’t have the original box for any of the perfumes, then you can put them in other boxes that will fit the perfume or simply take them in travel or cosmetics boxes.

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Keeping them inside the boxes before putting them inside the luggage will prevent them from slipping around and the protective wrapping unraveling.

  • Wedge The Packed Perfumes In Between Clothes: Despite the layers of protection, if your perfume bottles bump onto hard surfaces, the bottles can still crack or get damaged. To protect them from common jolts experienced during travel or relocation, wedge the perfume bottle boxes between the clothing or other soft and non-fragile things.

Also, make sure that they are kept away from heat. If they are kept close to direct heat, then the glass bottle may not break, but the fragrance inside it will get damaged since perfume is temperature sensitive.

If you follow the steps mentioned above, whether you are flying or traveling by land, your perfumes will be safe and intact till you reach your destination.

How To Pack Perfume Bottles For Moving?

Moving places is a hassle – you have to pack all your belongings and shift them from one place to another, only to unpack everything and reorganize them again.

While packing, some things are fragile, so they have to be packed separately with special care and protection – and perfumes are one of those things.

If you are moving to a different location within the same city, then you can simply wrap them up and carry them inside the boxes where you are carrying your clothes.

However, if you are traveling to a different city or country, you must take special measures to add protection.

The packing process is pretty much the same as when you are traveling with them.

However, you have to put all the individually packed perfumes in one container this time.

It’s best if you can take them all in foam boxes that will protect them in case of impact.

You can also arrange the perfume bottles in clean shoeboxes if you’re on a tight budget. To prevent the perfume bottles from rubbing against one another, fill the crevices with tissues or soft clothing.

Once you pack them all neatly in foam/polystyrene boxes, make sure you fill up all the gaps using paper by folding them up and tucking them in.

After that, you can stack the polystyrene/foam boxes inside a cardboard box and seal it up.

Make sure that the fox is fully stuffed, and if there are any gaps, stuff them using newspaper so that the boxes don’t move and bump around.

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Once the box containing perfumes is fully packed and sealed, make sure you label them so that there are no mistakes when carrying them and no one handles them harshly.

To ensure this, you should use labels such as Fragile, Glass, Perfume Bottles, This Way Up, etc.

How To Pack Perfume Bottles For Shipping?

You are quite cautious when carrying your own perfume yourself.

However, things change drastically when the perfume bottles are shipped! You essentially have no influence over the recipient’s handling of the box containing your precious perfumes.

So you need to be extra careful, level up the protective layers, and include proper labels.

First, seal each perfume cap with the bottle and wrap them up using bubble wrap. Make sure to wrap them in at least 3 layers.

Then pack them in their original boxes, and if you don’t have that, pack them in foam boxes or shoeboxes, stuffing sufficient amounts of newspaper in between the wrapped bottles so that they do not bump into each other.

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Next, take cardboard boxes in which the perfumes will be shipped and stack the foam/shoeboxes one over another.

However, ensure that you put enough packaging foam between the perfume bottles and between each box while stacking them up.

After you are done stacking, there are going to be some empty spaces. You must fill up all the empty spaces using packaging foam peanuts and packaging sheets.

You must ensure that no empty gaps remain unfilled.

Once all this is done, fully seal the box and label it using labels such as Fragile, Glass, as such so that people carrying it can be careful with the boxes.


Dealing with packaging perfumes may seem stressful, but you should be able to pack your perfume bottles easily and ensure their safe arrival at the destination by following the easy instructions mentioned in this article.

To relocate your fragrances, the proper packing supplies and a little additional caution are typically sufficient.

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That pretty much covers it all, but if you have any further queries, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments below!

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