How To Know If A Perfume Is Discontinued? [Proven Ways]

Written By Nazmus Shahriar

Last winter, my sister went to buy Cachet by Prince Matchabelli, and when she learned it had been discontinued. She was so upset.

And after that incident, she followed my guide to avoid such a disheartening situation again. If you want to utilize your time not by visiting stores, read thoroughly.

Because here, I will tell you the fastest proven ways to know if your favorite perfume is discontinued, including the names of iconic fragrances that are no longer in the market and which ones came back by public demand.know-if-a-perfume-is-discontinued

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

What Is Discontinued Perfume?

When a perfume is no longer manufactured by the original perfume house or they stop selling it, that’s called a discontinued perfume. It means that a particular fragrance becomes widely unavailable, and you won’t be able to find it on the brand’s website or in other perfume retail stores.

There are several reasons why designer perfumes are discontinued.

And the fact these perfumes are no longer available makes them more irresistible and demanding.

So the question remains, why do fragrances become discontinued?

Let’s dive deep into the reasons:

  • Customers’ preferences are changing, and to cope with that growing demand, manufacturers stop making certain perfumes.
  • Another reason is if IFRA (International Fragrance Association) defines certain ingredients like oakmoss or jasmine as being used in large quantities in a perfume which can cause allergy or other discomforts, that fragrance becomes discontinued or reformulated.
  • Rare ingredients also become a reason to stop the manufacturing process of scents as they are super expensive or include animal harm, like natural musk.
  • Poor sales performance indicates a particular aroma is not doing well in the market, and thus it discontinues.
  • When brands see a fragrance is not making enough profit than expected, they terminate its production.

So far, these are the most reasonable causes why fragrances become discontinued. Now, let’s get to the point right away.

How To Know If A Perfume Is Discontinued?

There are many proven methods to find out if a perfume is discontinued, such as checking out the official website announcements, from certain perfume forums, or through auctions, and there are some other ways too.

With the help of those processes, you can save time and disappointment.

So far, it’s clear fragrances have been discontinued for many valid reasons. And you can get your hands on vintage perfumes if you know about them beforehand.

Let’s check out the ways to determine whether a perfume is discontinued:

1. Search for Official Announcements

The first and foremost way to find out about a certain perfume’s discontinuity is to look for official announcements from the brand. Usually, you will get such news from their authorized website, social media platforms like fan pages, or through press releases.

Sometimes, they will email you if you are on their top purchase list. So this way, you can get the news quickly.

For example, Magnifique Lancôme for women was discontinued, and I got the info from their official page as I couldn’t find it on their available list.

2. Get Associated with Perfume Forums or Websites

As a fragrance lover, I am on several perfume forums, which is another great way to discover discontinued scents.

These pages normally provide authentic information through their reliable source and keep their members updated about the perfume world’s whereabouts.

But, one thing to keep in mind, though they give the latest updates, they are not always 100% right. So, before believing blindly, double-check the facts. This never happened to me, but there’s no harm in checking, right?

Moreover, there is a website called Basenote. It is well-known for being a handy tool.

There you can search for the fragrance you are looking for, and if it’s discontinued, it will show in a separate section. Sometimes, a few errors can occur. So, be aware of that.

3. Check Out the Fragrance Stores

Nowadays, most people shop online. And in the case of perfumes, the scenario is the same. As a result, when an aroma goes out of the market, it becomes hard to find them online.

But the light of hope is stores normally have quite an amount of stock.

So you can physically check there. And if you fail to find them in the stores, that indicates that fragrance is non-existent.

It’s time-consuming, but you can do this much for your favorite perfume, right?

4. Keep an Eye on Online Auctions and Marketplaces

Another way to tell whether designer perfumes have ceased is by paying attention to online auctions and Facebook marketplaces.

Normally, private sellers and in an auction, those perfumes are showcased which are no longer in production. This way, you can get your confirmation.

However, before your purchase of designer fragrances from such vendors, make sure they are authentic. Otherwise, they might rob your money with sweet talks.

5. Google It to Get the Correct Information

Last but not least, to know about a perfume production interruption, you can search for it on Google.

All you have to do is type the name and add “discontinued’’ if you don’t find any relevant information, that means no one asked such queries. So, there is a chance that perfume is still available.

And if you see many blogs and chatter regarding your topic, your suspension might be true!

These are the methods that will help you to know whether a perfume is discontinued. And unfortunately, the list is large. Let’s take a look at which stars fell from the sky.

Top 5 Well-Known Discontinued Perfumes

When a well-known perfume gets out of the market, it creates many talks among collectors and lovers. Some come back through reformulation, but in some cases, they vanish for good.

Let’s check out the top 5 iconic discontinued perfumes:

1. Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris was a beautiful amber fragrance released in 2010. But unfortunately, this splendid composition was discontinued. Don’t lose hope instead, use Black Bvlgari as an alternative.

2. Gucci Pour Homme 2

Pour Homme 2 is a woody, spicy men’s cologne with distinct notes and is suitable for warmer weather. If you want to enjoy something similar, HiM Hanae Mori is an ideal substitute for this fragrance.

3. Yves Saint Laurent M7

Yves Saint Laurent M7 was an amber woody scent that was launched in 2002. And you won’t find it anymore. Instead, you can try La Collection M7 Oud Absolu from the same brand as dupe.

4. Dior Fahrenheit Absolute

A 2009’s woody floral musk fragrance with incredible longevity and projection. Fahrenheit Le Parfum Dior is very close to Dior Fahrenheit Absolute. And thus, you can count on this scent as an alternative.

5. Bvlgari Aqva Amara

Bvlgari Aqva Amara has a unique, refreshing aura that makes this fragrance so famous. Sadly it was discontinued. Instead, you can try Aqua Wood Mancera as an alternative to this Bvlgari cologne.

These are the perfumes that had a huge demand, but still, their production was stopped. The important fact is, discontinued perfumes do come back.

So, if you have a preferred fragrance, you can check out whether they are back or not.


What does expire perfume look like?

An expired perfume looks darker or more cloudy in color compared to when you got it. If that happens, then it’s time to toss that bottle and get a new one.

What to do if your favorite perfume is discontinued?

For designer discontinued fragrances, check out online retailing stores like Perfum 1. For other perfumes, online platforms such as Twisted Lily, Fumerie, Indigo, and a few other virtual shops can be helpful.

Do discontinued fragrances ever come back?

Yes, discontinued perfumes do come back. But there can be some alterations or limitations like reformulation and seasonal release.

Wrap Up

Discontinued perfumes are very hyped, and as they are hard to find, their demand is growing day by day. Sometimes, at the time of purchase, this heartbreaking news shows up.

So, it’s wise to know about them before you buy them.

In this context, I have elaborated on the most proven ways to determine if a perfume is discontinued and the reasons behind it.

That’s all for today. For additional queries, comment below.

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