Where Do I Buy Discontinued Perfumes? [Best Buying Guide]

Written By Lamaya Mahboob

It’s quite upsetting when you get to know that your long-loved perfume just got discontinued.

And it is very hard to find discontinued fragrances, and it becomes even harder if they fall among the vintage ones.

But don’t get worried!

Because as a vintage perfume lover and collector of rare fragrances, I know the reliable places to buy these gems.

And I’m gonna list them here in this article.where-to-buy-discontinued-perfumes

So, stay put if you wanna know the details about buying discontinued perfumes.

Where To Buy Discontinued Perfumes?

You don’t need to freak out after finding out that your favorite discontinued perfume may not ever come back. Well, it’s not like they are gone forever. You can still buy them even if they were discontinued years ago.

And here are some reliable places where you can look for discontinued perfumes:


eBay is by far the most popular option when it comes to buying rare fragrances. Well, this platform can be your lifesaver in finding discontinued perfumes, but the prices may be considerably high.

Yet, their collection is huge, and the platform is trustworthy as well. Hence, this is a good place to find the perfume you’re longing for.


This is another online platform that offers a large collection of vintage and discontinued perfumes. And the best thing is, they often put their products on sale.

So, if you are looking for a reliable place to buy discontinued fragrances at affordable prices, this website can be your way to go.


Whether it’s a century-old perfume like Shalimar or a recently discontinued fragrance like Miss Dior Cherie, you can easily get them on Amazon.

But while purchasing perfumes from here, you need to be more careful if you don’t wanna deal with the vendors. Make sure the product is entirely shipped by the website so that you can get a refund if required.


With a massive collection of discontinued and rare perfumes, FragranceX is a great place to buy them. This is one of those trustworthy platforms where you can buy authentic fragrances at a great deal.

After knowing a perfume is discontinued, you can go to their website and check out that fragrance. Who knows, maybe you can get a luscious deal.


This is another Canadian online platform where you can track down discontinued or hard-to-find fragrances.

And they have a reputation for selling only authentic fragrances at great prices. So, if you’re searching for a trustworthy platform to buy rare designer perfumes, Perfumeonline.ca can be a great option for you.


This is a good platform to shop for rare and discontinued perfumes. They always give discounts on their products. So, you can possibly get some expensive designer fragrances at a much lower price.

This is also a trustworthy marketplace to buy genuine perfumes, but still, make sure to read the refund policy carefully.

Fragrance Vault

This Lake Tahoe based fragrance store has a huge collection of over 6000 vintage and discontinued perfumes.

Hence, while enjoying your vacation at the beautiful ski resort of S. Lake Tahoe, you can go to their store to look for some rare gems that you are struggling to find elsewhere.

They also have an online platform. So, you can browse for your luxurious scent sitting on your couch as well.

Retail Stores

Many retail stores, such as Sephora, Walgreens, or Perfumania, can be a good option to search for your desired fragrances.

You can check these shops to see whether the perfume you’re looking for is available or not. Sometimes, you can also get them at a discounted price as well.

Online Communities

You can buy or swap discontinued fragrances on online communities like Fragrantica, Basenotes, MakeupAlley, or Facebook groups.

You can search for what perfumes the people on the forum are selling. Or you can upload a thread or post for what you’re looking for.

Flea Market & Thrift Shops

You can also search for discontinued perfumes at the Flea Markets or nearby thrift shops. They always sell products at a very cheap rate.

But while purchasing from these shops, always make sure to carefully check the label and packaging if you wanna buy authentic perfumes.

Well, these are all the reliable places and shops where you can easily get the rare fragrance you are looking for. But before buying, always make sure to check the seller and product carefully to know if you’re actually getting an authentic product or not.

Risks You Should Be Aware of While Buying Discontinued Perfumes

Well, now you know how to buy vintage or discontinued perfumes. But there are some risks that you must be aware of while purchasing if you don’t wanna end up getting disappointed.

And here are the associated risks that can follow while buying discontinued fragrances:

Knock Offs

You can possibly end up with knock-off perfumes while buying them online or from independent sellers. The market is filled with cheap replicas of extremely popular or luxurious perfumes that got discontinued by the brand.

So, you should be extra conscious if you’re desiring to buy such immensely popular perfumes.

Damaged or Weakened Notes

It’s common that the decade-old fragrance you’ve just bought has changed, damaged, or weakened notes. This happens particularly when the bottle is improperly stored for a long time.

So, you should always check the storing time and system of the perfume seller before purchasing.

Expensive Pricing

When a popular perfume gets discontinued, its demand suddenly gets higher than ever. So, naturally, the prices will be quite high.

Yet, the pricing may vary according to the buying platforms or condition of the perfume bottle.

Completely Different Scent

Sometimes you buy vintage perfumes to get back to your good old days through its nostalgic smell.

But it’s also possible that the perfume you’ve just got has a completely different scent, even though the bottle is sealed in its original packaging.

Well, the risks will always be there if you wanna get your hands on some rare fragrances. But you don’t need to worry, as I’ll be giving you some tips to avoid these potential risks in later segments.

5 Tips To Buy Discontinued Perfumes Safely

While buying discontinued perfumes from random shops or sellers, you should be much more careful if you don’t wanna end up with knock-offs or damaged products.

And here are 5 easy tips for you so that you can buy discontinued perfumes safely:

1. Carefully Read The Return Policy

Well, you can possibly get a damaged or knockoff product. So, before buying from online sellers, ask them about the refund policy.

You can also ask the seller to give a refund if the perfume doesn’t smell the same as you want it to.

2. Read The Labels

Whether you’re buying online or physically from a store, always read the labels to check their authenticity.

If you had the perfume before, you can also compare its label with the one you’ll be buying.

3. Check The Packaging

Checking the packaging is a good way to find authentic products. Cheap copies always miss something on the packaging while replicating the original one.

So, always check if the packaging of the perfume is the same as the original.

4. Evaluate The Product And Seller

To get authentic and good perfumes, you should evaluate the seller before making a purchase. You can successfully do that by carefully analyzing the reviews the seller is getting.

5. Check Storage Details

Storage is a crucial part of getting perfume in its original form and condition. So, before purchasing, ask the seller for more details about how and for how long the perfume was stored.

Checking the storage system is crucial if you’re swapping or buying a used perfume.

Ultimately, there is no guarantee that you will not receive duplicate or damaged products while buying discontinued perfumes. But If you carefully follow these above-mentioned tips, you’ll be able to dodge those risks for sure.


How Do You Find Out If a Perfume Has been Discontinued?

To find out if a perfume has been discontinued or not, you can search on the brand’s official website to see if they are still selling it. Another way is to ask the brand directly via mail or telephone.

What to do if Your Perfume is Discontinued?

If your favourite perfume is discontinued, you can search for it on online platforms or retail shops to see if they are still available or not.

Why are Certain Perfumes Discontinued?

Sometimes, the manufacturer discontinues producing certain least popular perfumes to reduce overhead costs. Other than that, sometimes perfume houses release limited perfume editions that eventually get discontinued after a specific time.

Bottom Line

It is common to struggle to find perfumes that are discontinued by the brand. But to make your search easier, I’ve mentioned all the reliable places from where you can buy these rare fragrances at a good price.

So, follow the tips carefully to avoid any mistakes.

And for any more queries, comment below.

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