Perfume Backup Bottles [Should You Stock Them Up Or Not]

Written By Lamaya Mahboob

I know how badly you can feel the urge to buy a lot of backup bottles for a perfume that’s very dear to you. Sometimes, the news of its being ceased or reformulation can make the urge even stronger.

But is it really a smart move to keep backups of your perfume?

Well, as a perfume collector and reviewer, I’m going to answer just that in this article.

I’ll also put light on the things you need to consider before stocking up your perfume.perfume-backup-bottles

So, if that’s what you are longing to know, stay till the end!

Is Buying Perfume Backup Bottles Worth It?

Yes, I personally think it is totally worth buying backups for your favorite perfumes. But it will be a good idea only when the perfume you’re thinking of stocking up on is hugely popular and there’s a good chance of it getting discontinued very soon.

We all have some fragrances that are very close to our hearts. And even the thought of it getting discontinued makes us agitated. So, we feel the urge to buy a lot of them so that we can use them for our lifetime.

In such cases, you can stock up on a few bottles but don’t ever buy so many backups for a perfume that you end up regretting it by the end of the day.

So, I will say stocking up on perfume is good, but only in certain cases, which I’m gonna tell you about next.

When Do You Need To Have Backup Bottles For A Perfume?

Buying backup bottles of perfume is completely your personal choice. Many people find it very useful, and for some, it’s just a waste of money. But I think it can be a good thing to do in certain cases.

Here are the major reasons for keeping backup bottles for perfumes:

1. It’s Your Signature Scent

Sometimes you love certain fragrances so much that you can’t just let it go. This happens to me all the time. Well, you can have backup bottles when you are in love with a specific perfume and are thinking of wearing that for a long time.

In my case, I love Cacharel LouLou so much that I’ve 5 backups for it.

2. Possibility of Discontinuation or Reformulation

The news of your darling fragrance getting discontinued or reformulated is a nightmare for every perfume lover. However, the perfume industry is quickly evolving, so they often discontinue or reformulate the older compositions for a change.

So, if you’re sensing your favorite fragrances can get reformulated or ceased very soon, you can have a couple of backup bottles for it.

And I think this is by far the most logical reason for stocking-up perfumes.

3. Preserving Nostalgic Memories

Other than logical reasons, there are also some sentimental values associated with keeping perfume backups. And preserving good memories is one of them.

Sometimes we remember some magical or romantic moments by the scents we got at that time. And smelling the same fragrance even years after can give life to those precious memories.

So, you can keep backups for perfumes that are connected to your nostalgic memories.

4. For Reselling Purposes

Another logical reason for storing perfume backups. When a perfume gets discontinued or reformulated, its popularity and demand can reach the highest point. This mostly happens for luxurious or designer limited-released perfumes.

So, by stocking up on such discontinued fragrances and selling them afterward, you can make some money for sure.

But you should be very careful in this case, because sometimes the prices may fall down instead of rising.

Overall, it’s not a bad idea to stock up on some extra bottles of your loved perfume. But always make sure not to buy too many large bottles of the same fragrance. Instead, you can have some decent or smaller bottles preserved for later use.

What To Consider Before Buying Backup Perfume Bottles?

If you have a good reason for buying extra bottles of your favorite perfume, you can definitely go for it. But before going for it right away, you should consider some factors if you don’t wanna regret your choice later on.

So, let’s check out the things that you need to consider before stocking-up perfume bottles:

1. Knowing How Frequently You Wear The Perfume

We all have some special fragrances stored that we use only once or twice in months.

So, there’s no good use of it to have backups for such perfumes because even a 100ml bottle of such fragrance will last at least 4-5 years.

Hence, you should only have backups for the perfumes that you really like and use regularly.

2. Possibility Of Having A Change In The Taste

Do you think stocking up on 10-20 bottles of your current perfume is a good choice? You may love its smell for now, but would it appeal to you the same way after 10 or 15 years?

You should think about that because our taste changes quickly with time. Of course, there are a few fragrances that are still as appealing as they were decades ago. But the number of such fragrances is very small.

Apparently, people love going by the trend and want to try out newly composed perfumes.

So, you should not go with emotional buying and stock up on countless bottles of your current favorite perfume.

3. Budget

Another important thing you need to consider while buying perfume backups is your finances. Usually, designer perfumes are very expensive. And buying 10 or more backups of a hundred-dollar-priced perfume will never be a good thing to do.

Because you don’t know if you’ll ever be able to resell them or can use them for so long.

So, before stocking up on expensive perfume bottles, you should consider how much you can really spend for a single perfume.

4. Scarcity Of The Perfume

When you are thinking of buying some backups for a perfume, you should find out how rare it has become in the market.

Because using up all your budget for a perfume that is easily available isn’t a good idea, especially if you’re thinking of reselling it.

And don’t freak out just by hearing your favorite perfume will get discontinued. Always check the authenticity of that news before buying backups. Sometimes, it can just be a rumor.

5. Shelf Life Of Perfumes

Most perfumes come with a limited shelf-life. So, even if you store a fragrance in very good condition, it doesn’t mean the perfume will be the same after 20 or 30 years.

When you store them for that long, the essential oils in your perfume can evaporate. Plus, the notes may get changed or weakened, and sometimes the fragrance may become completely different after years.

So, before stocking up on perfume bottles, you should know how long you can store them.

6. Your Storing System

How well you can store your backup perfumes is a crucial thing to consider. Perfumes need to be kept in a cool and dark place because they can go off or be damaged under direct sunlight or temperature fluctuations.

Sometimes they can even break while handling, so you may also need to pack the perfume bottles in bubble wrap.

So, check whether you have a proper storage system before stacking up your backup perfume bottles.

Overall, you can buy some extra bottles of your favorite perfume if you think you really need to do so. But before making the purchase, sit back and consider all the things I’ve mentioned here. And this can prevent you from getting into great remorse in the future.


What is the Best Way to Store Backup Perfumes?

Intense heat, sunlight, or humidity can damage the notes or accords used in your perfumes. So, a cool and dark place is the best way to store your perfume bottles. And try to store them sealed in their original packaging.

Are Perfume Bottles Worth Collecting?

Yes, vintage or discontinued perfumes that are still immensely popular among the perfume community are worth collecting. Because you can make your collection richer or can easily resell them later at a good price.

Final Word

There are many logical and sentimental reasons behind keeping backups for certain perfumes. But you should make the decision considerately.

If you still can’t make a choice, this article will surely help you as I’ve described in detail when you should and shouldn’t buy extra perfume bottles.

So, read carefully and do what you prefer. And for further queries, comment down below!

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