Why Should You Not Rub Perfume? [Stop it Right Now!]

Written By Nazia Haque

Perfume naturally gives out a beautiful aroma. But if you wear it right, that will project the scent better.

For example, a fragrance is structured with three accords, each with a specific smell. So it would be a shame if you don’t enjoy all the notes thoroughly. Consequently, one of the common mistakes we make while wearing perfume is rubbing them, which is fatal for the scent.

So Keep reading to discover how rubbing a scent can ruin your favorite fragrance.

Why Should You Not Rub Perfume

Why Should You Not Rub Perfume?

You must have seen people rubbing fragrances a million times– on TV or in real life. However, this little act may seem harmless, but it destroys your scent.

For instance, when you rub the perfume on your wrist, it destroys the top notes. As a result, you don’t get the initial aroma, and the scent loses it’s longevity. So it’s no fun if you miss the actual smell of your favorite fragrance.

On the other hand, wearing perfume on your wrist is a good practice because it’s one of the pulse points.

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So perfume is a mixture of delicate molecules consisting of top, middle, and base notes. Firstly, you smell the top accord on the first spritz, followed by the middle and base notes. Secondly, these accords are designed to work in harmony and let you enjoy the aroma thoroughly.

Finally, if you rub the scent, the top notes get ruined, and you don’t smell that anymore. And you are left with a bit of middle and base notes.

Therefore, the scent loses it’s integrity, structure, and longevity.

Most importantly, when you are spending a lot to buy a fragrance, it’s disappointing not to experience it completely. Moreover, aggressively mixing anything like natural oils with your perfume will also change the smell. And you don’t want that because you need a lot of knowledge to understand perfumery.

As a result, the best solution is to dab a little and let the scent air-dry.

Does Rubbing Perfume Ruin it?

Yes, rubbing perfume can ruin it.

Well, rubbing the scent on your wrist may not seem unusual. But it makes your fragrance less effective.

For instance, the friction caused by rubbing the perfume can fade the top notes and accelerate evaporation.

Most importantly, you need the top notes to stay because you are also paying for them. Moreover, with the first note gone quickly, the rest follows, and the aroma loses it’s longevity. So you don’t get to enjoy the whole characteristic of the perfume.

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What Happens if You Rub Cologne?

When you rub your cologne, you are bruising the scent. For instance, the fragrance will break down quicker.

Moreover, colognes have very low oil concentrations and naturally less longevity. So they don’t even last longer. On top of that, if you rub it on your wrist, it will disappear faster.

To summarize, rubbing your precious fragrance is always wrong, and you shouldn’t do it.

What Should You Not Do With Perfume?

Perfumes are an essential part of our lifestyle– even stepping out of the house without spritzing some scent seems impossible. It makes us smell fantastic and ready for any occasion.

Meanwhile, wearing fragrances may seem like an easy job. However, you must have noticed your surrounding people complaining about the longevity of their scent, or you may have faced it yourself. But you can avoid such issues with your perfume by just doing some things right.

Here are some don’ts for your perfume:

  • Don’t misapply fragrance.

It is the most common and worst mistake you can make with your perfume. For example, you should never rub scent on your wrist and always spray it on your pulse points.

  • Don’t store perfume incorrectly.

If you store your fragrance incorrectly, it can become unsavable. For example, the scent will lose its color and aroma– becoming unusable. Therefore, you should keep it in a cool and dark place like your closet, away from light and temperature changes.

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  • Don’t apply scent on dry skin.

Your perfume will hold on dry skin. So you should moisturize your skin before spraying the scent.

  • Don’t carry perfume in your bag.

Carrying fragrance with you may seem like a wise idea because you will get to reapply whenever it’s needed. However, excessive shaking, exposure to high temperatures, and oxygen will damage the scent. So you can carry small vials with you just in case.

  • Don’t over-spray perfumes.

There are certain etiquettes when it comes to spraying perfume. So when you spritz scent to your heart’s contents, it can suffocate people around you.

  • Don’t randomly invest in large bottles.

Over time your perfume alters– it’s color and aroma change. So it’s better to buy small bottles and enjoy them while it’s fresh.

In addition, buying decants of a fragrance helps you test the scent correctly and determine if you like it or not. Moreover, you should only buy scents that smell good on you, not those that smell good on others. Therefore, you can save yourself from buying the wrong type of perfume.

Similarly, where you spray perfume is also very important. But we don’t talk about where we should not spray scent.

Here are the areas you should avoid:

  • Armpits
  • Hands
  • Eyes
  • Hair
  • Genitals

Above all, you should remember that perfume helps you to smell fantastic. But it isn’t meant for covering body odor. So you always need to maintain proper hygiene.

How to Apply Perfume?

Weaning perfume may seem straightforward– a spritz or two should do the trick, right? No, there are right and wrong ways to apply a fragrance. And unknowingly, you may be doing it all wrong!

Moreover, how you treat your scent results in its longevity and project. Therefore, you must wear perfume correctly.

Here’s how you should apply perfume:

#1 Don’t rub the scent.

Suppose you spritz the scent on your wrist; don’t rub it afterward. Instead, you can dab it a little. If you rub your wrists, the initial notes get disrupted, and the aroma will not last long.

#2 Apply fragrance to your pulse points.

Pulse points are warm areas of your body and help diffuse the scent better. Therefore, you enjoy it longer. Here are those points:

  • Wrists
  • Neck
  • Inside your elbows
  • Behind your ears
  • Behind your knees

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#3 Moisturize your skin before applying perfume.

When applying fragrance, your skin must be hydrated and moisturized because the scent evaporates faster on dry skin. Therefore, use lotion or body oil to hold the aroma better and longer.

#4 Use unscented products with perfumes.

Indeed, using moisturizers, deodorants, and oils can help project the scent better. But if you use a scented one, both aromas can crash and result in a disaster.

On the other hand, you can also use vaseline on your pulse points to add extra unscented moisture to your perfumes.

#5 Spritz your perfume correctly.

Many people spray perfume in the air and walk right through it. As a result, the fragrance doesn’t last long, and the smell isn’t vivid on the wearer. So you should spray perfume on your bare skin.

#6 Spray perfume on your clothes.

Your clothes can hold onto your fragrances for a long time. Moreover, if you wear a low concentrated scent, spraying it on your clothes can make it last longer.

#7 Know about perfume concentration.

The longevity of a fragrance depends mainly on it’s concentration. For example, Eau de Toilette has a very little oil concentration and lasts for around 3 hours; Eau de Parfume is more intense and can last for 5 hours or more.

#8 Store your perfumes accurately.

The characteristics and integrity of your fragrance depending on how you store it. For instance, direct contact with light, high temperature, and exposure to air can ruin your scent. Therefore, keep your perfume in the dark and cool area like inside a closet; keep it away from temperature fluctuating areas like the bathroom.

#9 Apply perfume to your hairbrush or use hair fragrance.

Although, scent lasts longer in your hair. But fragrances made for your skin are harmful to your hair because they contain alcohol. So you can spray the perfume on your hairbrush and use it to add a mild aroma.

Moreover, there are hair fragrances available that are very good for your hair.

#10 Try layering your perfumes.

You can create your unique scent by mixing two fragrances. However, you should be well versed in notes to understand what works with what. Also, you can layer perfumes with other body products as long as the aromas click together.

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Here are perfume notes:

  • Top notes

It is the first aroma you smell after spraying the scent, and it fades quickly.

  • Middle notes

It comes after the top notes.

  • Base note

It is the last notes and the heaviest aroma which lingers the longest.

In addition, make sure your skin is clean, and there is no prior scent before applying perfume. So you can clean the part of your body with a make-up wipe to eliminate the unwanted smell.

In short, putting a little effort into wearing a fragrance can help you to enjoy it better and thoroughly.


Perfume is a part of our everyday life– whether at work, meeting a friend, or just going out shopping. But often, we treat our fragrances the wrong way.

For instance, one of the common mistakes you can make is rubbing the scent on your wrist.

Firstly, rubbing any perfume can damage its integrity ultimately. Secondly, the aroma will leave very quickly. Finally, you should wear and store your fragrances properly.

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In conclusion, you should not rub perfumes and wear them properly to enjoy them wholeheartedly.

I hope I have covered all your queries; nonetheless, feel free to leave a comment below.

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