Is Shalimar A Good Perfume? [A Classic Fragrance Unveiled!]

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It has been over 100 years since Shalimar was released. Despite being such an old perfume, people still want to know everything about its scent.

Shalimar is known to be one of the best creations of Guerlain; not only that, but it is also the first floral-oriented fragrance.

To know every detail about Shalimar perfume, please keep reading till the end.

Is Shalimar A Good Perfume

Is Shalimar a good perfume?

Of course, Shalimar is a good perfume. After being launched in 1921, Shamilar’s popularity did not ever come down. It is still worn and adored by women. It is one of the few perfumes men can wear very easily, making the scent unisex. This perfume set the benchmark for making oriental floral scents. Shalimar smells like a love story itself. And it was inspired by the love story between Mughul Emperor Shah Jahan and his wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

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Is Shalimar perfume discontinued?

Shalimar did get discontinued. However, its popularity could not hold it back. It was reformulated and reentered the market through Guerlain’s Les Parisenne line with a new name, No. 90. Sadly, the perfume has become more expensive.

Reformulating mostly means changing the perfume formula so that the new generation can also get into the zone of an old scent. Shalimar did it with no difference. Even if you did not like the original version of Shalimar for being too concentrated, the new one would change your mind.

The powdery Iris comes to your nose first; in the background, you will get bergamot and orange playing. Along with vanilla, vetiver, patchouli, and tonka, the classic-oriented floral aroma is produced to mesmerize you.

Who wears Shalimar perfume/ who wore Shalimar perfume?

Shalimar can hit you with nostalgia. It may remind you of your grandmother or mother, who used to wear it back in the day or may still be wearing it. It is appealing to those who like unique floral-oriented perfumes. If you are under the age of 25 years and are someone who likes modern fragrances, you should at least try it. You would not regret it.

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Perfumes you will like if you like Shalimar.

Sometimes when you like a perfume, you do not want to let it go. After having a favorite, you learn what notes you like and do not like. When people started to enjoy the aroma of Shalimar, they often looked for perfumes like it.

Here are some perfumes to look for if you like Shalimar:

Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur: This one is the closest to Shalimar. The initial spray will remind you of Shalimar. The scent ​​starts with a mild citrus burst. Lavender is quite forthright, but it never takes center stage. Cinnamon and clove mix.

Tom Ford Black Orchid: Another Classic scent of all time is Black Orchid. There are a lot of florals in this scent. You will get accords incense and spicy notes, giving a sensual vibe. The sweetness of vanilla, chocolate, and truffle controls the smokey and spiciness. This combination is unique. And it dries down with musk.

Chanel Coco Eau De Parfum: the complexity of the scent gives it the place where it is. It is considered to be the mother of all fragrances. It has multiple sides: robust, spicy, floral, and aldehydic. The rose here is very prominent. This makes the perfume dark, mature and sophisticated. Spices are blended with the rose. This combination is heavenly.

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Guerlain Habit Rouge Eau De Parfum: It is one of the men’s perfumes by the house of Guerlain. After having a citrus opening, this fragrance becomes floral and woody. The dry-down is a combination of vanilla and leather. Benzoin, amber, and labdanum help this combination to grow more sweetness and become mass appealing.

Is Shalimar perfume still famous?

A perfume that was released in 1990 and you are still early to read about it tells a lot about the reach and love Shalimar has. Shalimar has made its way to the top by being the first ever floral-oriented fragrance. Women have a particular space in their hearts for this scent only.

Shalimar is not only loved by its customers, but the experts also appreciate this creation as well. It has won many awards and was nominated for the Grammy twice. It has been featured in movies, songs, and tv shows; you name it. Wherever you go, you will see Shalimar being praised.

The main reason people love Shalimar is because of its unique notes. You will receive warm notes made from rich ingredients from the East and elements chosen from French perfumery. No perfume has such a combination of Iris, Jasmine, and Rose.

It is like a fulfillment of a dream to wear Shalimar. The perfume’s floral notes were the same on the first and last spritz, thanks to the inclusion of Heliotrope. Even though it has been around for 100 years, every woman still considers it their consensus pick. Shalimar is a true queen of the fragrance world for its aroma and aesthetic appeal.

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What makes Shalimar a great perfume for women?

You have heard the saying ‘old is gold’, right? Shalimar is a perfect example of that saying. It was released in 19921. It has been reformulated afterward, but it is still a gem. People consider it one in a million.

Shalimar is such a fragrance that you will get its modernity with a touch of its maturity. You will be surprised to see how well the perfume is blended when the notes are emerging, even after being made long ago.

The perfect combinations of iris, jasmine, and rose to give the perfume a buttery and powdery texture. When you wear the scent, you’ll detect a rich vanilla aroma and spicy amber, making it a true heliotrope fragrance for any woman. The spiced amber sparks your love, and at the same time, the sweet aroma of vanilla gives you true passion.

Longevity is another reason for Shalimar to be where it is. Having benzoin in its composition slows the dispersion of natural oils and fragrances into the air.

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To understand this fragrance’s complexity, your nose must be mature. A person who just got into perfume may not acknowledge it.

History of Guerlain Shalimar

The history started in 1921 when Jacques Guerlain decided to release a masterpiece called Shalimar.

However, another company claimed it had already released a perfume called Shalimar. So, he had to change the name and rename it No.90 in the International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts in 1925.

According to Jacques Guerlain, the love story of Mumtaz Mahal, the “Jewel of the Palace,” and Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor of India, he heard from a maharaja in Paris served as his inspiration in making the perfume.


Saying that Shalimar is a good perfume would be an understatement. Everyone is still looking for this perfume after so many years have passed.

This perfume is a rare creation of art that resembles love and passion. The fragrance is one of the first floral-oriented perfumes. Now florals are used most commonly in women’s and men’s perfumes.

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