Why Are Creed Perfumes So Expensive? (Read To Find Out!)

Written By Nazia Haque

We are no stranger to the fact that Creed has beautiful lineups of perfume. With beautiful fragrances, Creed has also maintained its quality all these decades.

I know how desirable those perfumes are, but that price tag can get in our way.

Keep reading as I explained the core reasons behind Creed’s premium price points.

Why Are Creed Perfumes So Expensive? (Read To Find Out!)

Why Are Creed Perfumes So Expensive?

Creed perfumes are so expensive because of their high-quality ingredients. They are a niche perfume house maintaining this status for many decades. They started out serving royals, and that’s where they have set the bar for their fragrances.

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What makes Creed Perfumes So Expensive?

Creed maintains strict and makes no compromise in providing the best quality ingredients making their fragrances so expensive.

The house of Creed takes great pride in their hard work in making their fragrances and makes no excuses for what they charge.

However, they have always been able to produce top-quality perfume because of their top-notch production level. Because of that, the fragrances can guarantee the best quality.

Regardless of how far the technology has developed, Creed still values and maintains traditional making fragrances.

Every process is done by hand, from weighing ingredients to macerating them. The ingredients are even hand-picked.

Each fragrance has an inspiration. Those inspirations have come to reality from Creed’s unique infusion process.

The House of Creed creates a feeling with their fragrances that is unique and exquisite.

When they ensure the high-quality ingredients and the sweat that goes behind the curtains, the fragrances do not fall far from the tree.

So, it is pretty evident how difficult it is to compare Creed with other brands. With the manual production cost and the high-end ingredients, a Creed fragrance’s price will be higher than a regular one.

Nonetheless, when you purchase Creed, you are ensured complaint-free fragrance, making most of your money.

Furthermore, their design is to impress. The high-end glass bottles are an eye-catcher themselves.

We can’t forget the history; The House of Creed started out serving royalties and aristocrats. And that’s what wearing Creed will make you feel.

Top-quality ingredients should not come cheap, right?

So, when you are paying so much, you derive a higher value. The more you pay for something, the more sacrifice you need to make to get it, and the more pleasure you will get wearing it.

Why is Creed Aventus So Expensive?

Aventus is the best-selling fragrance from the House Of Creed. It is reformulated over time but remains the signature fragrance. Aventus has managed to show Creed great heights of popularity.

To start, Aventus has an attractive smell with, of course, the untainted quality. Its smell no doubt makes it so popular and pleasant.

It starts with a pleasant citrusy and bergamot vibe, then shifts to a woody depth. It comes across as sexy, masculine, and with a definite musky vibe.

The opening notes come on from Pineapple, Black Currant, Bergamot, and Apple. After a while, you get hints of Birch, Patchouli, Moroccan Jasmine, and Rose. In the end, it settles to a Musk, Oak Moss, Ambergris, and Vanille note.

Creed has created a wonder with Aventus, making it an all-season and all-occasion fragrance. Talking about satisfaction level, it is pretty guaranteed!

The fragrances come from practical manufacturing techniques, which are old-school but bring out the most from nature-based ingredients.

Undeniably, there is nothing that has been created like Aventus before. The craftsmanship that goes behind this is unbelievable.

A fragrance doesn’t get as popular as Aventus if it wasn’t exceptional. It doesn’t matter how much marketing went behind. If it doesn’t smell good, it won’t be a winner.

So, undoubtedly there is something special about Aventus which makes it so popular.

Aventus is gorgeous, and you can not pick anything wrong with it. When you wear it, you will grab attention and smell worth every penny you spend. It is a niche premium perfume that one can not ignore.

As of today, Creed’s Aventus costs$325, taken from their original website.

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Is Creed Fragrance Worth it?

What we want to spend on and what we can spend on is just about perception.

Suppose you come across a bottle of Creed Aventus, and you love it like you haven’t loved any other perfume ever before. And your wallet complies too. Then there should nothing be stopping you.

I can also enlighten you to another scenario; imagine getting a perfume within a budget but with continuous dissatisfaction.

Then imagine a scent that charges the extra mile but with guaranteed satisfaction and happiness. Creed does the latter.

When you check Creed perfume’s background and what they deliver, the price they charge is justified. Other brands can’t even come close to the quality they confirm.

However, when you buy something, you need to be sure that you can afford it.

It is also surprising that even though many people question Creed’s prices and worth, its business is still very successful in the market.

Indeed, the ones who get their hands on a bottle of Creed can’t get enough of it.

Nonetheless, whatever you pick from The House Of Creed, you are guaranteed the fragrance worth every penny.

Also, the scent lasts a very long time. So you are not paying so much to enjoy for a short period, but quite a long, happy run.

What Is The Most Expensive Perfume From The House Of Creed?

The most expensive perfume from the house of Creed is Creed Royal Service. It currently costs around $1760, taken from their original website. Royal Service is yet another gem from The House Of Creed.

The name does serve the purpose; this is an elite and unique limited-edition fragrance made for the royals.

This exclusive collection comes in sculptural hand-blown 6.8-ounce glass decanters with a numbered leather collar.

The whole inspiration of the Royal Service was taken from royalty. The opening note starts with bergamot, which was inspired by the palace door’s opening.

This star infuses with the zest of orange inspired by “Love in white”. The opening note ends with a crisp Mediterranean grapefruit hint, which is said to indicate the gala’s start.

At the heart of the Royal Service, there is the iris that many empresses favor. Then there’s a pinch of neroli and gentle daffodils representing youth.

Creed ends its royal service with musk inspired by Queen Victoria and amber.

Just like Creed’s other creations, Royal Service is no exception in its unique craftsmanship. The quality and attention to detail keep us amazed.

Creed’s Royal Service is royalty served as a fragrance.

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What About Creed Clones, Aka Copycats?

There is absolutely no comparison between Creed and its supposed clones. Creed stands high and mighty.

However, there are a few brands that have attempted to get close.

One of them is Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man. This is a copy for Aventus, which garnered quite praises. It has gone on and managed to be a decent copy of Aventus, and It’s a budget-friendly fragrance.

But then again, the clones do fall short when compared to the original. Likewise, the quality and longevity are not that up to the mark, and it comes across as a stronger opening than Aventus.

Regardless, it’s wrong to expect clones to deliver what the original one can. And a top-quality fragrance doesn’t come cheap.

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Spend to smell great

Creed is an expensive brand and for all the right reasons. They are a niche perfume house that has always kept their quality intact.

Creed lives up to the cult following that this house has managed to build without any commercial or advertisement. And the fact that House of Creed still stands firmly is very remarkable.

Nonetheless, Creed was once only for royals, aristocrats, and celebrities. But now, we are at a peak as well.

I hope reading this article helped you out finding all the answers you sought.

I do encourage you to share your opinion and have a discussion in the comment section below.

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