Basic Mistakes that RUIN Your Perfume [Stop Doing This Now!]

Written By Nazia Haque

Have you ever bought a scent that you loved but didn’t smell as lovely as it used to be after a while?

Here’s some news for you: it might be your fault. So instead of wondering if your fragrance has expired so soon– reflect on how you have kept your scent.

In other words, perfumes are our precious possession. Therefore, you must treat your fragrance the right way. And you need to pay attention to details if you want to keep your scent’s identity intact.

Don’t sweat it! You are in the right place, so just keep scrolling, and you are good to go.


Can Perfume Get Ruined?

Unfortunately, like every other good thing, perfume can also get ruined. However, a fragrance can last for even a decade. But to make your scent long-lasting, you need to take extra measures.

Although applying a scent may seem the easiest, just a few spritzes should do the trick– right?

However, unknowingly you might be making little mistakes that can ruin your fragrance. Therefore, you need to pay extra care to how you use your perfumes.

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Here are 3 basic mistakes that can RUIN your perfume:

#1 You are not correctly spraying your scent

If you want your fragrance to work amazingly, apply it to your pulse points. For example, your wrist, neck, elbows, and such. That is to say, in such areas of our skin, the blood flows more, and the heat interacts well with the scent.

#2 You are over spraying your scent

When you overspray your fragrance, it can make your scent strong– something you may not like. Although, layering perfumes can be useful at times – especially when the smell is light. But you should be aware of what notes go together and how the aroma act as an individual.

#3 You are not storing your scent properly

You are making a big mistake if you are not storing your fragrance right. For instance, heat, light, humidity, and temperature fluctuation can oxidize and dilute your scent. In other words, your precious perfumes can get ruined pretty quickly.

#4 You are applying your scent on dry skin

If you apply perfume on dry skin, it soaks up the scent fast. Therefore, try using lotion or body oil that could provide extra moisture to your skin. As a result, your scent will last longer and smell fantastic.

#5 You open the perfume bottle multiple times

Here’s the thing, oxygen and your perfume are enemies for life. So when you open the fragrance bottle, oxygen from the environment gets in and reacts with the juice– your scent gets ruined. Also, since perfumes have alcohol, they evaporate fast at the first chance

However, I know that our perfume’s longevity is a huge concern. Therefore, you must keep in check how you treat your fragrances.

Does Shaking Perfume Ruin it?

Yes, shaking your perfume can ruin it. Moreover, it can make your fragrance go bad quicker – even before you’ll have a chance to enjoy it.

For example, shaking a perfume bottle produces heat due to kinetic energy produced by the motion. And heat can change the chemical structure of your scent. So you end up with a fragrance that neither looks nor smells the same.

Therefore, shaking a fragrance bottle can drastically change a scent’s lifespan and characteristics.

However, if your perfume bottle has been shaken, wait 2-3 days and then use it. If you let oxygen in, then along with heat, the scent will go bad faster.

Above all, always avoid shaking your perfume bottle and keep it in a place where the bottle can stay still.

What Factors Affect Perfume?

Although a fragrance has a shelf life of 3 to 4 years, it can last longer. But to have your scent last longer and keep the aroma wonderful, you must protect it from certain elements.

Here are the major factors that affect your perfume:

  • Light
  • Heat
  • Oxygen
  • Change in temperature

As a result, you should always store your fragrances properly so they are protected and stay fine.

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What Should You Not Do With Perfume?

It is not a difficult job to take care of your fragrances. And the results are worth all the sweat.

Here’s what you should not do with your perfumes:

  • Don’t treat your fragrance as an alternative to showering

Hygiene is essential, and you cannot compromise it. Therefore, don’t assume that spraying perfume to cover foul body odor keeps you clean. NO! Shower and then spritz your scent.

  • Don’t overspray, don’t under-spray

You have to apply the right spray according to the occasion. For instance, you can go overboard with spritzes for a night out or in a crowded event. However, if you are in a workplace or intimate environment, you have to limit the number of sprays so that people don’t choke.

  • Don’t wear the wrong fragrance

You should wear fragrances according to the event. For instance, wear a subtle scent in the office, and you can try something loud for a date.

  • Don’t rub it

By rubbing your scent– the molecules inside break and float away. As a result, the top note and longevity of the fragrance are destroyed.

  • Don’t throw away the original box

Storing your perfume in its original box is a great way to protect it from heat and sunlight. Therefore, your scent’s life span will increase drastically.

Subsequently, you should take your time and test a scent to determine if you genuinely like it or not – since you will be investing your hard work and money in it. Therefore, it’s best to try testers before investing in a giant bottle. Also, decants are best for carrying them with you, especially while traveling.

Above all, store your perfumes properly and get decent knowledge on how fragrances work.

How Long Can You Store Perfume?

It would have been amazing if our favorite perfume could last a lifetime.

However, a fragrance can last for 3 to 5 years on average. Meanwhile, if you store and use the scent properly, it can last for even 10 years.

On the other hand, perfumes with a heavy base last longer because they have high oil concentrations and are more potent. But lighter notes like citrus or flowery ones don’t last long. Moreover, the type and percentage of oil in a scent also determines its longevity.

For example, Eau de Toilette lasts a few hours barely, and Eau de Parfum can linger up to a whole day.

Above all, how you store perfume is essential to keeping your scent in the best possible condition.

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Where to Store Perfume in Bedroom?

It may be news to you, but you cannot keep your perfume wherever you want– even if it’s your bedroom.

Likewise, your fragrance should be kept in a dry, cool, and dark place safe from sunlight and temperature changes. For instance, your closet is the ideal place for storing your scent.

In addition, your bathroom would be the last place where you should keep your fragrances. Firstly, there’s humidity because of showering, which affects the scent negatively. Secondly, there’s a constant change in temperature, which is a big no-no for your perfumes.

How to Store Perfume in Dresser?

Most fragrances come in beautifully crafted glass bottles that are an aesthetic treat. Furthermore, the more expensive a scent is, the more beautiful its bottle is.

Therefore, you may want to decorate your pretty-looking perfume bottle on your dresser.

However, you should stop right there– because your scent will be in direct contact with sunlight and heat. As a result, the liquid inside will react with light and start decolorizing. And eventually, your fragrance will no longer be usable.

But once your perfume has expired or the bottle empties, you can use it as a decoration piece.

To summarize, you must always store your fragrances in a cool, dark, and dry place to ensure their longevity.

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How Do You Know When Perfume is Bad?

As heartbreaking as it may be, your perfumes can expire. And some clear signs can indicate if your fragrance has gone bad.

Here are 3 signs how you can know when your perfume is bad:

  • Smells different.

If your fragrance smells like vinegar or alcohol-ish, it has expired or moved towards it.

  • Change in color.

Your fragrance can get darker with time, especially if exposed to heat and air. So due to oxidation and dilution, your scent can lose it’s initial color– pointing to expiration.

  • Getting close to the expiration date.

You can check the expiration date of your perfume from under the box it comes in.

Most importantly, you should store your perfumes properly to maintain longevity and aroma.

Save Your Scent

Perfumes don’t come in cheap. Therefore, it’s a shame when our little mistakes ruin our favorite scent.

For example, certain factors like heat, light, and oxygen ruin our scent. And unknowingly make little mistakes that expose our fragrances to those factors. Therefore, you need to be aware of how you treat your perfumes.

Similarly, how you wear your scent and where you keep your fragrance are very important.

In conclusion, it’s quite easy to store your fragrances and follow proper etiquettes on applying a scent. And once you follow the instructions correctly and avoid silly mistakes – your scent will last longer.

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Finally, I hope this article has been insightful for you, and do drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

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