Where Can I Get Perfume Samples? (All You Need To Know)

Written By Nazia Haque

We love perfumes, but they can be super expensive, and it does leave quite a dent in our wallets.

That’s where perfume samples come in handy. They are an affordable and often free ride to check if we wanna invest in an expensive fragrance or not.

I know your queries don’t end here, so keep reading as I have researched and gathered all the necessary details for you.

Where Can I Get Perfume Samples? (All You Need To Know)

Where Can I Get Perfume Samples?

You can get perfume samples from stores like Sephora, Macy’s, Scent Bar NYC, Twisted Lily, etc. Also, you can order perfume samples online from amazon, perfume.com, and from stores too. The best part about samples is that you get luxury brand perfumes at an affordable price.

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Where Can I Buy Perfume Samples?

Designer brand perfumes like Chanel, Versace, Burberry, Tom Ford, and many others are no doubt expensive. Let’s not forget the niche perfume brands and their sky-high price tags.

But luckily, these designer and niche brands also sell samples of their mesmerizing creation.

All of these brands have some sort of service where you can purchase a sample.

However, it is quite different to get your hands on niche samples compared to designer ones.

You can easily get niche perfume samples online, unlike designer brands. Here are some of the ways you can get sample perfumes online.

#1: The Brand’s Website

This tip is actually for niche brands, just go straight on their website and search samples or discovery set, and you’re good to go.

Brands like Miller Harris, PenHaligans’, Maison Crivelli, L’Orchestre, Creed, and many more niche brands offer their samples directly from their websites. But designer brands don’t sell samples on their websites.

Also, you can buy samples in sets where you can have your pick. If you want more sets, you have to pay more.

However, there is a limit to the number of samples you can purchase; generally, it is 4-6.

Also, there are discovery sets that usually have the best-selling perfume samples.

It is an excellent way of experiencing niche perfumes by getting their samples online.

#2: Retailer Website

Such websites are the official reseller of niche brands. They directly sell the vial samples.

You can get around 2ml of samples which is a decent amount. And the cost would be around 6 to 12 dollars. However, if you increase the mileage, you have to pay more. Here are two great websites you can go for:

  • Lucky scent
  • Osswald

#3: Monthly Subscription

It is like a subscription box model where you get a set amount of samples by paying a monthly fee.

It is an excellent way of purchasing designer perfume samples online since it is pretty difficult getting them online. Here are two of the websites that do that:

  • Scentbird
  • Perfumology

#4: Websites

It is for designer brands. You can get designer perfumes from websites like Amazon to get sets of samples from different brands.

Designer brands haven’t quite yet got that mechanism for making their samples available online as niche brands have.

Nevertheless, you can also get designer perfume samples from perfume stores. Here are some of them:

  • Scent Bar NYC
  • Sephora
  • Macy’s

However, if you want to purchase niche perfume samples from stores, you need to go to their specific boutiques. Here are some examples:

  • Creed Boutique New York
  • Twisted Lily -Fragrance Boutique and Apothecary

What To Do With Perfume Samples?

I can understand if you are wondering what to do with all those perfume samples you have got. Throw them or use them up quickly?

As perfume enthusiasts, we can go a bit overboard with perfume samples.

However, Perfume samples are handier than you think. The little bottles of fragrances can be helpful, and you can also be very creative with them.

It is a misconception if you think you can only use perfume on your skin. Here are 10 creative things you can implement with your perfume samples:

1. Make Your drawer smell great

Just toss a few bottles of perfume samples with your clothes and undergarments to make them smell great.

2. Use for diffusers

You can use perfumes in diffusers to make your house smell amazing. It is an excellent use of your perfume samples and a must-try.

3. In the bath

Forget about scented candles, and spray a few of your sample perfumes in the bathwater to set the mood.

4. Store them in your shoes

This tip is when you are not wearing your shoes, of course. If you keep your sample perfume bottles inside the shoes, you can get good-smelling feet.

5. Car seats

Perfume samples are a better alternative to tacky air fresheners any day. Who wouldn’t want their car smelling like their favorite perfume!

6. Coat pockets

Our coats are just kept away in the dark till winter, and that can make them unpleasant. Keeping some of the sample perfumes in coat pockets will help to get rid of the musty smell.

7. In the dryer

Use a few sprays while drying your clothes to give them a pleasant smell. You can use it for your handkerchiefs.

8. Keep them in your purse

Perfume samples come in small bottles easy to carry, so you easily keep them in your purse and use them in need.

9. Scented pillow

After a long day of work, to make your sleep more pleasant, toss a perfume sample inside the pillowcase to get them smelling amazing.

10. Sell them

One person’s trash can be another person’s treasure. There are plenty of websites you can easily find online, like eBay, where you can sell your perfume samples.

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How Long Do Perfume Samples Last?

There is no exact limit or a period for how long a perfume sample would last. Your perfume sample may even last longer than mine.

It is because many factors affect the longevity of perfume samples or perfumes in general.

Most importantly, perfume samples go bad if they are not stored properly.

One of the main issues that everyone faces regarding perfume samples is evaporation. Perfume samples evaporate faster.

It is because the lid often isn’t tight enough or the environment isn’t suitable.

Perfume sample bottles are like any other perfume bottle, should be kept out of the sun in a cool dark place at a consistent temperature.

However, since perfume samples come in plastic bottles, that also makes them last not longer.

Since plastic and alcohol don’t go well, if they are kept together for a long time, the perfume goes terrible. It is better if you store your samples in glass bottles.

So, it is important how you treat your perfumes because that would ultimately ensure their longevity.

However, it is always better to just use up your samples and have fun with them.

Are Perfume Samples Free?

No, not all perfume samples are free because they are also perfumes, just in smaller quantities. However, we can get free designer perfume samples, but not the niche ones. Since niche perfumes are very high-end, getting their samples is good enough, even if it isn’t free.

Since perfumes are expensive, so it’s wise to try out samples and do proper research before investing in a bigger bottle.

When we see magazines posting about fragrances, it is difficult to ignore. Also, we can check if the fragrant suits us or not from their samples.

Though samples do cost us, they cost way less than an entire bottle of perfume.

However, there are tricks and tips on getting yourself free perfume samples when it comes to designer perfumes.

But niche brands don’t sell free samples. Their prices are very high anyway. So, getting a sample is a good deal.

Moreover, niche brands sell their samples on their website, official reseller websites, or their store.

So niche brands don’t have a variety of distributors like designer brands.

Can You Get Free Perfume Samples?

Perfume samples can be our way to experience what those shiny bottles can do that we read in magazines.

Perfumes are very expensive, but perfume samples are not that expensive, and we can also get them for free.

Let’s face it, we all had our share of the hunt for free perfume samples. But for you, I have made your search a lot easier. Here are 7 places where you can get free perfume samples:

#1: Jo Malone

#2: Hermes

#3: Wanderer Eau de Parfum

#4: Ulta Beauty

#5: Sephora

#6: Nordstrom

#7: Neiman Marcus

Another good option for getting free perfume samples is websites. Here are sites that sell free perfume samples:

  • PINCHme
  • Amazon
  • Tryspree
  • Ulta
  • Pretty Thrifty
  • Perfume manufacturer’s sites
  • My Free Product Samples
  • HotBeautyHealth
  • MyPerfumeSamples
  • Free Mania
  • Go Freebies
  • FreeFlys
  • SampleSource

You can always order perfume samples via mail. It is a very effective way to get free samples.

Plus, always keep your eyes on social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Many brands or celebrities often throw giveaways or coupons, which are pretty awesome.

Furthermore, if you read magazines, make sure you subscribe or check for free samples. Also, try visiting local department stores.

Can You Get Free Perfume Samples At Sephora?

Sephora is a well-known store and a commonplace to get our beauty products.

Sephora is an excellent source for free samples. Both online and offline, they offer free perfume samples and other beauty products.

When you order online, you can add up to 3 items in your cart to try for free.

The selection of their free samples changes depending on the season and what new fragrances are coming out.

You can get free samples online with free shipping; here are the steps for that:

# Step-1: Go to their website

# Step-2: Pick 3 from the available list and add them to your cart.

# Step-3: Then continue ‘Checkout’ and enter shipping info.

If you plan on going to the shops, just ask for the new products and give free samples of new fragrances.

Also, try their Beauty Insider program that gives free birthday samples and points when you make a purchase.

Sephora releases new deals and samples every week. So, check them out from time to time for free deals from big brands.

Why Do Perfume Samples Smell Better?

Perfume samples, also called testers, are the same as fragrances.

When we buy perfumes, we buy the oil, so the tester’s oil is the same as in the fragrances.

However, very rare testers smell stronger compared to the fragrance. It gives the sampling consumer a really good, strong spritz so that it lasts all day.

It is one of the techniques sometimes used by high-end commercial brands to impress the consumers to return to buy the fragrance.

In that case, testers would be stronger because they have Parfum, which is high in concentration than Eau de Toilette.

However, testers are not far off in smell than fragrance. They are the same.

The only difference between a sample and a fragrance would be the bottle and packaging.

Do Perfume Samples Expire?

Yes, perfume samples do expire because perfumes change their composition as they age. Scents can go bad and start smelling differently or even cause an allergic reaction. Fragrances don’t have expiry dates written on them, but certain factors cause the expiration.

Many of us have been using our perfumes for years now. But fragrances do change or go bad if not stored properly. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Storage
  • Scent family
  • Shelf life
  • Oil Concentration
  • Base notes

Since there is no expiration date, you should check for signs that would suggest your perfume has expired. Here are some of the symptoms:

  1. The scent is no longer pleasant
  2. It smells more like alcohol
  3. The scent is fading
  4. Smells spicier

Since testers already come in a small amount, it is better to use them up and not sweat on expiry issues.

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Try A Sample

Perfume is our memory and our emotions. Scents can quickly transport us to a time, a feeling, or a thought. So, we should explore fragrances to find what matches our taste or mood because we wear fragrances for ourselves. We are the critic here.

Perfume is a luxury that often is very expensive to experience. That is why perfume samples can be our way to get a peek. Moreover, when we buy perfume and don’t like it, that feeling of disappointment is just unexplainable.

Not just designer brands but niche perfume houses also sell samples. And you can easily get a hold of niche perfume samples. Furthermore, many websites and stores sell free perfume samples, which you shouldn’t miss.

Moreover, you don’t just have to wear perfume; you can be very creative with perfume samples.

Also, you must check Sephora’s free beauty samples to get the best free stuff from big brands. Perfume samples have always been a big hit and especially since we can get them for free.

I hope your curious mind has gotten all the answers, and you can use perfume samples without stressing.

However, I would really appreciate your feedback in the comment section below.

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