What is Projection in Perfumes [Erase Your Misconception]

Written By Nazmus Shahriar

While buying perfumes from a store or seeing the fragrance reviews, you might have come across the word – projection.

But do you have a clear idea about what it means by projection?

Actually, most of us hold a misconception regarding this topic and confuse it with another term i.e. sillage.

Being a fragrance connoisseur, I thought of explaining perfume’s projection in detail. As a bonus, you will get to know about some fragrances that offer massive projections.what-is-projection-in-perfumes

So stay tuned!

What is Projection in Perfumes?

In simple words, projection is how much scent clouds & bubbles are present around you. If the scent cloud covers more distance and stays for a longer time, more people surrounding you can sniff the aura of your fragrance for an extended period.

In other words, projection can be described as how far the smell radiates off your skin.

Some fragrance sits close to the skin, and you can detect them only when you bring your nose nearer to the skin or wrist.

Additionally, the person standing near you is unable to perceive the smell.

On the other hand, several fragrances have multiple feet of projection. For example, Montale Intense Cafe projects like a beast. It provides almost 6 feet of projection for 3 hours.

So, the people within 6 feet of me can get the whiff of this perfume for the first 3 hours. And within this time, I receive numerous compliments for this gourmand-flavored scent.

As time passes, the projection reduces, it is reduced to 2 or 3 feet.projection-in-perfumes

Hence, the number of compliments also becomes shorter. Because how will people give feedback about your perfume if they can’t get the smell of it?

You may prefer perfumes that stay close and do not project loudly. That’s totally your personal preference.

In fact, I also love to wear fragrances with low projection while attending office meetings. Because a loud projector can offend my colleagues & it may turn into a headache for them.

However, I always choose enormous projecting perfumes for clubbing, night outs, and dates to seduce the people around me.

So, I guess you have got a clear idea about perfume projection & won’t mix up this with perfume sillage, which denotes the trail of a fragrance left behind.

How Do I Get More Projection From A Perfume?

There are some basic techniques that will help your perfume project more. Let’s know about it.

Here are some ways to make your perfume project more:

  • Apply on clean & moisturized skin: fragrances hold onto moisturized surfaces in a better way. So apply your favorite moisturizer on clean skin, then use perfumes for a better projection.
  • Spray at pulse points: wrists, behind the ears, two sides of the neck, behind the knees, and inside the elbows are the areas where veins are very close to the outer layer of skin. Apply perfumes on these warmer areas to enjoy stronger projection.
  • Maintain enough distance while spraying perfume: spray perfumes from 15 cm far away. This helps the perfume particles to diffuse gently from a higher to a lower concentrated zone.

Moreover, avoid the basic mistakes that ruin a perfume, such as: rubbing it and shaking the flacon.

  • Choose highly concentrated perfumes: in general, perfumes with dense oil concentration project in a great way. So when it comes to better projection, Parfum variants are ahead compared to EDP and EDT versions.

That’s how you can improve the projection as well as the longevity of your perfume.

5 Fragrances With Outstanding Projection

If you’re willing to purchase a fragrance that delivers immense projection for a longer period, have a look at the below list. Here, I‘m gonna mention 5 scents that provide me with lots of projection, and I consider each one of them as the room filler.

Let’s check out 5 fragrances with huge projection capability:

1. Montale Black Aoud

Looking for a floral and oud-based masculine scent with wild projection?

In that case, Montale Black Aoud is one of the best options. It contains elegance, mystery, and a luxurious manly tone. Rose and oud are the most dominant essences in this cologne.

From my perspective, it projects for more than 3 hours with a range of 6 feet. As soon as you enter the room wearing this scent, people will turn their heads to you. That much powerful it is!

2. Nishane Hacivat

A unisex chypre fragrance that smells woody, citrusy with a strong hint of patchouli. This Jorge Lee creation has achieved massive popularity for its impressive smell and projection.

It is a major projector with the capability of filling the entire room with its crowd-pleasing scent. I found that it projects like a beast for the first 3 hours.

3. Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

This ambery and floral fragrance holds a detectable amount of amberwood in its core. The smell is so mesmerizing, and I think no one can feel offended by the aroma.

The projection of this unisex masterpiece is incredible. It survives for 3-5 hours with almost 4 feet of distance. So it deserves a 10 out of 10 rating in this regard.

4. Laudano Nero by Tiziana Terenzi

Laudano Nero is another heavy projecting fragrance. Both males and females can use this perfume, especially on winter nights. It is a deep, amber, and spicy scent with a potent tobacco note.

The projection is superb. Generally, it radiates within 4 feet for about 5 hours. Whenever I wear it and appear in front of my beloved, she just becomes crazy with its gorgeous aroma.

5. Portrait of a Lady by Frederic Malle

This modern and sensual perfume is enriched with amber & floral essence. A stunning dark rosy aroma projects for over 6 hours before dissipating into the air. It is absolutely a powerhouse of scent bubbles with its fantastic aura.

If you’re in search of a Turkish rose-based perfume with top-notch projection and sillage, give it a try.


Where Do You Put Perfume for Projection?

You should apply perfume on the pulse points of your body for optimal projection. These spots include the sides of the neck, wrists, earlaps, behind the knees, and within the elbows.

How Do You Test A Fragrance Projection?

Actually, the effective method of testing a fragrance projection is to ask your nearby ones if they are getting the smell of your perfume or not.

What Affects Perfume Projection?

Individuals’ skin type, body temperature, the number of open pores on the skin, and the methods of applying perfumes affect the projection. That’s why the perfume that projects magnificently from your friend may not perform nicely on you.

Closing Thoughts

People care a lot about fragrance projection. Because if they wear a loud projecting perfume with an enticing aura, they can hear flattering words from others.

Moreover, the scent bubble gathers positive impressions from individuals standing around the wearer. That’s why I have described each essential thing about perfume projection.

However, it also differs according to body chemistry. So, would you like to share the name of your perfume which offers excellent projection to you?

Well, you can leave your replies and feedback in the comment section below.

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