Is ScentBird Worth It in 2024? [Ultimate ScentBird Review]

Written By Nazia Haque

Perfume subscription is one of the oldest and cheapest ways to get our hands on designer fragrances.

However, so many subscription options available nowadays can make you question their authenticity and value for money.

I can relate as I also doubt when I go for a perfume subscription.

ScentBird is one of those subscription services that’s popular and offers curated fragrances for you. But it’s hard to understand if they are worth the money without actually trying.

That’s why I have become the scapegoat for you and subscribed to scentbird.

After using their service for a while, I have gathered all that you have to know, so keep reading to find out if ScentBird is worth it for you or not.

Is ScentBird Worth It

Is ScentBird Worth It?

ScentBird is a fragrance subscription platform. Once you subscribe, you receive designer fragrance samples delivered to your home. Apart from perfumes, ScentBird has beauty products such as skin care items and makeup. In short, if you’re building a fragrance collection or just looking for your signature scent, Scentbird is absolutely worth it.

Is ScentBird Worth Subscription?

If you haven’t heard about ScentBird, basically, you go online to their website. And you fill out a quiz about yourself regarding what type of scents you like. For example, it can be sweet and floral, or you may prefer more spicy and woody notes.

Furthermore, you can either select the fragrances you want for the upcoming months or just be surprised by their selection of scents for you.

Nonetheless, the perfumes will last for 30 days for everyday use. Plus, you get small vials of fragrances from different brands and get your pick of what scent goes with your personality.

Although ScentBird doesn’t necessarily have bigger brands, you still will have access to designer brands that we often hear about. For instance, you can find brands like Prada, Versace, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, etc.

ScentBird is a great platform to broaden your horizon for fragrances, and that too at an affordable price.

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Also, when you taste different fragrances, you can choose what scent you gravitate towards and invest in a bigger bottle. As a result, you save yourself from buying a full-sized bottle of perfume that you may not like.

Moreover, since you will be receiving different fragrances, you can easily find yourself a signature or everyday use scent.

In short, ScentBird is a low-cost way to discover scents that you may not have tried otherwise. And you get the chance to branch out – try new stuff that can be interesting.

How Does ScentBird Work?

How Does ScentBird Work?

ScentBird is a monthly subscription basis company that functions online. And their website is pretty easy to get by.

First, after you subscribe, they will deliver a 30-day supply of authentic designer or niche fragrances of your choice straight to your mailbox every month.

Second, with your first order, you’ll also receive a sleek, re-usable case without any extra charge.

Next, their vials have about 140 sprays, enough for you to apply 4 sprays daily – lasting easily for 30 days.

Here’s how ScentBird works in a nutshell:

1. Open an account

Just hit the signup button if you are new. And click log in if you are a returning customer.

2. Subscribe 

ScentBird has 3 subscription options that you can choose from.

3. Pick a scent

Once you subscribe, you will have access to view over 450+ designers and niche perfumes. If you’re not sure about what you want, don’t worry! You can choose a fragrance from the best-sellers or sort by scent type, style or occasion.

4. Activate your subscription

Yes, you have to activate your subscription, and once you do that, they will deliver that 8ml sample of your choice to your doorstep.

5. Recieve your Fragrance

You will get a free atomizer case with around 140 sprays for your first order. It will be enough to last you a month.

Another thing is that ScentBird is quite flexible as it lets you pause your subscription. So you can halt for a while and continue later.

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SCENTBIRD-QUIZBut the most exciting option that ScentBird offers is definitely taking the quiz – it’s unique, and no other subscription services offer that. If you are new to perfumes, filling out the quiz will help you find a fragrance you like. As a result, you won’t be all over the place and likely won’t end up with a scent you don’t love.

On the other hand, at ScentBird, you don’t only get scents. They also offer various full-size makeup and skincare products for you to choose from as your monthly product selection.

Above all, ScentBird can be great if you want to get into perfumes and don’t always want to go to Sephora to try the same old fragrances.

How Much is ScentBird Subscription?

How Much is ScentBird Subscription?

ScentBird lets you indulge in different designer fragrances at an affordable price.

Here are the subscription options available:

  • USD 16.95 per month

You get one perfume delivered to your home with this package.

  • $27 USD ($13.50 USD per item) per month

With this package, you will get two perfumes delivered to your doorstep.

  • USD 37 (USD 12.33 per item – Best Value DEAL!)

In this option, you can try three different fragrances. You should take this subscription if you are sure that ScentBird is the one for you.

For a beginner, I suggest you subscribe with the lowest package to check out the service first. However, $16.95 per month for fragrance is standard. But the more you commit to the subscription, the more you save.

In addition, they sometimes have coupon code deals on the side, so be sure to check them out.

And you can also pause your subscription at any time. So not only do you get affordable packages, but you can stop their service anytime.

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Is ScentBird a Good Deal?

Imagine going to a department store and buying a perfume that changes after applying to your skin or doesn’t last long. Therefore, fragrance subscriptions are the best option for finding scents that you genuinely like.

Likewise, through ScentBird, you can try new designer fragrances every month. That too, with just less than 17 dollars per month. And you know designer fragrances cost more than 80 bucks– if you are disappointed with the purchase, that’s something you want to avoid, right?

Meanwhile, you can choose scents from options like:

  • Feminine or Masculine
  • Warm or fresh
  • Sophisticated or playful
  • Bold or soft
  • Outgoing and adventurous, sensual and chic, playful and flirty,
  • Relaxed and Casual.

As a result, you get a versatile selection of fragrances from ScentBird.

And you can pick scents yourself and add them to your monthly queue or let them have the pick. Also, they will provide a little description card where you can read details of the perfume, as notes and ingredients used.

Furthermore, you get an 8ml vial with 140 sprays – enough to last a month.

You can use the vials when you travel. Thus, you get to smell great wherever you go. They have excellent customer service, and ScentBird has its line of fragrances.

However, if you still doubt the authenticity of ScentBird, I will further get into that as well. So let’s check that out next.

Is ScentBird RipOff?

ScentBird is absolutely not a ripoff. They promise to provide you with only 100% legit designer perfumes and no knockoffs.

In addition, ScentBird receives its fragrances from brands directly or authorized vendors.

Moreover, they take great care of fragrances that they decant from the original large bottle into their sleek vial bottles. So, rest assured that ScentBird is entirely genuine. Above all, they strictly maintain the policy of no knock-offs, fakes, or imitations.

Hence, you get a real deal of designer fragrances at an affordable price.

And do you know ScentBird’s motto is “Date perfume before marry”? Therefore, it’s a great way to fragrances without committing to large-sized bottles.

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Although there are other competing fragrance subscription services out there, ScentBird has its perks.

ScentBird Vs ScentBox

ScentBird Vs ScentBox

ScentBird and ScentBox both offer authentic designer fragrances. And both work on a monthly subscription basis.

Also, both offer 8ml vials as a 30 days supply of the perfume of your choice.

Let’s check out what they have to offer:

  • Subscription

You don’t have to subscribe every month for both ScentBird and ScentBox. And you can pause the subscription whenever you want.

  • Selection of perfume

Both offer around 500 different fragrances to choose from. Also, they have premium subscriptions where you pay more and have access to more fragrances.

  • Cost of Subscription

ScentBird starts at 16.95 dollars a month, and you get one fragrance with this package. However, for a higher range, you get more vials every month.

On the other hand, ScentBox starts at 15.95 dollars a month, and you get one sample with it. But for the premium package, you also get one vial a month and access to more fragrances.

  • Collection of Fragrances

Both ScentBird and ScentBox have a fantastic quality of various designer and niche fragrances.

  • Customer Service

Both of these companies have similar customer service experiences. In my experience, both their websites are easy to use and you won’t have a problem navigating through their collection.

  • Differences

Unlike ScentBird– ScentBox sends you a new atomizer every month. Although, too many atomizers are a concern for the environment as there will be too much waste.

On the other hand, ScentBird also offers skin care products and makeup items.

Overall, if you are a perfume lover and love all types of perfume, then these fragrance subscriptions are the best option for you to try new scents. Plus, if you want to try different scents to decide on what full-size perfume you want, these services are good for you.

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ScentBird is a subscription service that provides easy fragrance shopping in the comfort of your home. It is a great way to discover new designer fragrances without investing in a full-size bottle.

Moreover, ScentBird provides authentic fragrances in the form of vials at an affordable price.

Also, you can customize your order or pause your subscription whenever you want. ScentBird provides a flexible user experience and a month’s worth of sprays and beauty products. Moreover, they try to help you find your desired scent by filling out a quiz.

In conclusion, ScentBird is an excellent subscription platform to get your hands on designer or niche fragrances.

I always look forward to reading your feedback, so if you have any more queries, please share them in the comment section below.

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