Does Fragrance Help You Sleep? [Know The Truth]

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Sleep is highly correlated with our nervous system and if we don’t work on it, this problem is tough to overcome.

While you try different methods to calm down your neural system, sleep fragrances can be very effective. If you find it hard to sleep at night and are thinking about trying essential oils to achieve an optimal sleeping cycle, then you are at the right place.does-fragrance-help-you-sleep

In this article, I will explain how scents help with a better sleep cycle and what you can do to make a relaxing environment before sleep.

Does Fragrance Help You Sleep?

Different fragrances can calm and relax our nerves and lead to sound sleep. Any scent that we find comforting can aid in the quality and length of our sleep. Aromatherapy with jasmine, chamomile, and lavender has scientifically shown a strong effect in improving the sleeping cycle.

So you can use your favorite perfume or essential oil on your pillow or add it to your air diffuser at night to create a soothing environment. You will see visible changes in your sleeping duration and quality that will eventually make your life better.fragrance-help-you-sleep

The Interplay Between Scent and Quality Of Sleep

The relationship between sleep and smell goes in two ways. A calming and favorite scent helps us to sleep better and a qualityful nap can improve our sense of smell.

The science behind fragrance and a good sleeping cycle is not that complex. Rather it’s all about activating the sedative portion of your brain that can positively affect your mind and help to take a deep sleep.

One thing about calming scent is that it boosts the sleeping cycle with an optimal 7-8 hours of nap regularly along with an enhanced mood in the morning time.

In one word, any soothing aroma shows effective improvement in our Circadian Rhythm, which is the physical and mental change in any organism in a different environment, including resting time, smell sensitivity, and other neurological reactions for movements.

Any kind of citrusy smell uplifts mood and gives an energizing feel in the morning. On the other hand, certain aromatic scents like lavender or jasmine induce a sedative effect in our brain that makes an individual sleep faster.

Overall, the connection between good sleep and a relaxing smell is very strong and various researchers have proved that so far. In fact, the presence of aromatherapy in calming our nervous system is not something new. Rather, this practice has a long and enriched history.

Origin History Of Essential Oil In Sleep

Aromatherapy has a rich history rooted since ancient times. It’s the use of the active ingredients of different aromatic plants and their essential oil for relaxing, curative, and therapeutic purposes. The benefits of aromatherapy are well-researched and gaining popularity in recent times.

Multiple proofs have been found about the use of aromatic plants or their essential oil for therapeutic purposes in certain regions of Iran, Pakistan, India, China, and Egypt.

Ancient Egypt has played a significant role in this case. They used to bring the active parts of aromatic plants and place them in the home to create a nice ambiance during ceremonies.


Most importantly, aromatherapy used to be their reliable source for relaxing after a long tiring day of hunting and having a peaceful sleep at night.

The use of cedarwood, myrrh, and frankincense as fragrances was quite common among them. The invention of perfume is rooted in their culture as well.

Also, in the 19th century, different scientists in France studied and found antiseptic effects of certain essential oils. Following that, a French chemical engineer discovered the therapeutic and calming attributes of different essential oils.

Needless to say, this field still has room for improved research and findings. But, all these references indicate that aromatherapy is effective and preferred by many for sleep.

Can Certain Smells Help You Sleep Better?

Although various research has emphasized that certain essential oils have greater benefits promoting better sleep, they may differ from person to person. Some find the same aromatic smell overwhelming while others perceive it as very comforting.

Hence, it can vary depending on the individual and based on their ideal choice of scents.

On top of that, not all kinds of smell aid in improving the sleeping cycle. Some of the essential oils have therapeutic effects but they don’t necessarily make a greater impact in promoting nap quality.

So, whatever scent you find comforting and enjoyable has the potential to boost your sleeping cycle and enhance your mood.


Essential Oils That Are Best For Making You Feel Sleepy

Aromatherapy can help with sleep. Research has shown essential oil applied before going to bed makes a person calm and relaxed and this causes him or her to have a peaceful sleep. The chances of getting nightmares and anxiety decrease with the right scent.

Apart from that you can use these essential oils as perfume. Hence, you get two benefits by purchasing one.

Fragrances that can calm and relax your body are the ones that are most helpful to make you fall asleep faster.

Here are the best scents that will help you to sleep well:

1. Lavender

It is known to have calming power. Several pieces of research have confirmed that lavender essential oil has properties of relaxing and lowering stress which become very beneficial when a person tries to sleep.

Lavender has shown amazing benefits in alleviating insomnia. Not only with sleep, lavender also helps you with anxiety by relaxing the body and reducing overthinking.

2. Ylang-Ylang

The rich sweet-floral smell of ylang-ylang has shown great benefits in reducing anxiety and stress. Thus, its aromatic affluence can promote quality sleep and help you fall asleep faster.

3. Rose

Rose is considered helpful in relaxation and decreasing stress levels naturally. The flower itself helps you become calm and relaxed at any moment.

4. Frankincense

It’s an amazing ingredient for improving the circadian rhythm. The intoxicating smell of frankincense essential oil aids in improving the heart rate, uplifting mood, and giving a feeling of fulfillment. Hence, this aromatic element is a good help when you struggle to sleep.

5. Geranium

The sweet smell of geranium is good for​​ alleviating anxiety and depression, which ultimately helps you sleep better. It is a soothing scent which can also reduce pain and redness.

6. Jasmine

If you are looking for a white floral aroma to improve your sleeping schedule, a jasmine fragrance can always help. The aroma of jasmine works great as an antidepressant. And you can use it both in the daytime and while going to sleep.

7. Chamomile

It can calm your body and mind which is why chamomile tea is always suggested to drink before bed. It is great for relaxing muscles and releasing stress. Chamomile’s smell is antispasmodic which soothes your nerves.

8. Your Favorite Scent

When you are trying to sleep, the most important thing is to be comfortable. And you can always be more relaxed if you are surrounded by the smell which comforts you. There are many alternative ways to use your perfume and this is one of them.

Ways To Add Relaxing Scents To Your Sleeping Schedule

There is a lot of evidence backing the usefulness of aromatherapy in a bedroom environment.

Any calming smell like lavender or chamomile and even your favorite fragrance can create a relaxing bedroom ambiance that will make you fall asleep faster and you will feel a lot better and refreshed afterward.

In the next segment, I will discuss how you can incorporate your favorite essential oil into your bedtime routine to ensure quality sleep.

Here are different ways to add your favorite scent to your room environment:

  • Use a scent/air diffuser: You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the air diffuser at your home. If you want, you can use a scent diffuser that is aesthetically conducive, too.
  • Buy scented candles: Adding scented candles to your homely ambiance is another great way to ensure a good night’s sleep. You can buy any candle that is made with your preferred essential oil and it will help your brain to relax.
  • Apply essential oil on your pillow: Either you can apply a few drops of your most loved fragrance on the pillow cover or you can keep the bottle under your pillow. It will spread a subtle and comforting aroma that will aid in achieving a better sleeping cycle.


Do people wear fragrances to bed?

Yes, many people wear their favorite scent before sleep. It helps them feel relaxed, and calm and reduces anxiety.

Why does the smell of my boyfriend make me sleepy?

According to several studies, the smell of your partner can make you feel more relaxed and it promotes sleeping adequacy in different magnitudes.

Are diffusers OK for the lungs?

Any longer exposure to diffusers with higher concentrations of essential oil can affect the heart and lung health.

What is the number one essential oil for sleep?

Lavender oil has shown the most effective performance in aiding better and qualityful sleeping cycles. There are numerous studies backing the usability of lavender for falling asleep faster.

Is diffusing essential oils safe?

Yes. Many studies have proved that inhaling essential oil in the correct amount has amazing therapeutic benefits.

Are diffusers safe for pets?

It’s better to avoid diffusing essential oil in a room with your pets. It may shed their furs and cause inhaling issues.

Closing Notes

Fragrance can bring a positive mood and calm your nerves which helps you to fall asleep.

If you are finding it hard to sleep at night, you can try a light fragrance from the notes mentioned above. You just might find the solution to your sleepless nights.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to ask them in the comment section, and I would be happy to answer them.

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