How to Build a Fragrance Collection? [Beginner’s Tips 2024]

Written By Lamaya Mahboob

Thinking about increasing the number of perfumes you own? Seeing too many perfumes to purchase can make you overwhelmed if you are new to the perfume world.

Being a fragrance collector myself, I have learned the hard way how to build a fragrance collection.

To make your perfume journey easy, I am writing all the key points you should know your you start to grow your collection as well.

how to build a fragrance collection

How to build a fragrance collection?

To start building your fragrance collection you have to know what scents you like, sure some perfumes do grow onto you with time. But the experimenting part must be left for when you are bit more mature in the perfume world. Figure out which scent is uplifting you mood. Do not build your collection in a short period of time, think it through, take your time to discover perfumes whcih is want to put in your collection.

How do I start my own fragrance business?

How do I start my own fragrance business?

To have a successful fragrance business, you will need a solid business strategy to survive in the market.

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Here are a few strategies you should follow before starting your own fragrance business:

  • Try to Learn: It will gain profit if you have the right knowledge about the perfume market’s profit margin and can manage the cost of supply chain and logistics costs.
  • Cost to start the business: you have to have an idea about how much you have to spend to rise your business. The cost also depends on what size you want your perfume production to be.
  • A solid business plan: Having a set of plan helps you operate your business smoothly. You can calculate how every part of your business would work efficttively.
  • Identify the targeted audience: If you already know which kind of customers you are aiming for, it is going to be easy for you as you know what they want. So, you can have the perfumes according to their demand.
  • Marketing through advertising: It is one of the most important ways to attract your audience toward your company. Therefore, you have to stand out form the other companies’ advertisements as they are all trying to catch the same audience as you.
  • Use the Internet as a weapon: Put adverts on the internet to promote the company. Put a website which shows all the products and what you are upto as a company. Keep it as updated a spossible.
  • Grow slowly: Do not overboard with the perfumes. First, release some few perfumes. Then understand what the customers are hyping for.

How do you make a perfume wardrobe?

To make a perfume wardrobe, here are the stepS you should follow:

Go with your instinct: From the very beginning of the collection, do not think about the technical matter of a perfume. You do not have to consider which notes are present, if it provides with a good longevity or strength.

Pick the one which makes you feel good, happy and relax. Treat a perfume like your jewelry. Take it home if your simple like the smell of the scent.

Identify your perfume families: When you have already figured out which scent makes you happy, the next step it to learn in which family do your perfumes fall into.

Typically, there are few common perfume familiers like citrus, fresh, aromatic, fruity, floral, gourmand, earthy, wood etc. of course, every individual is different so they tend to like perfumes from different familiers. The families you like may also depend on your culture and past memories.

Therefore, when you are purchasing a perfume stick to the families you like and play with the other notes that fall within it.

Slow and steady start: Having a slow and steady start is very important. It will be an unnecessary expense to bear too many fragrances together in the very first. Buy 3 perfumes to begin your perfume wardrobe. Get one for the day, another for the evening and then for the night.

Then, slowly purchase one each month to increase your collection. Compare the new scent with the others. And remember, you need to have buy pefrrufmes with different concentrations. If you have eau de perfum, then get eau de toilette or eau de cologne as they all have different level of perfume oil.

Try layering your scents: To create your own scent, layer your perfumes. It will make you smell unique and the perfumes in your collection are also being utilized. It is necessary to make which perfumes will go well when layering them.

If you are applying a strong perfume, choose a light perfume to layer it with. This will create a balance between the scents.

Experience and Expand: When you have figured out what you like, get out of your comfort zone and experience new fragrances. You do not have to get into something which you absolutely don’t like. You can keep yourself in the same perfume house and expand your collection.

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How do you organize a lot of perfume?

How do you organize a lot of perfume?

When you are beginning to build a fragrance collection, organizing them can look like a struggle. Keeping them in the correct order can save you from a lot of hassle when you are trying to find a particular bottle to spray in a hurry.

It is very important to find a separate area for all your perfume bottles. It could a shelve, drawer, or cabinet.

You can always use a perfume holder to store all your perfumes. It holds all the bottles in an upright position while showing all the levels of them so you can read the names of each perfume.

A cake stand is a good idea to keep the fragrances you use on a regular basis. It keeps all of them organised and easily accessible. However, it cannot hold when your fragrance collection grows with time.

Another great organizer is a tiered rack. It can contain a large number of perfumes and keep them organized.

Put all the perfumes of the same family together. For instance, keep all the floral or gourmand scents on one part.

Always remember to organize all your perfumes in a dark and dry place.

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Can you collect fragrances?

Of course, you can collect fragrances. You can be a collector only if you have perfumes in your personal possession. People collect fragrances in different ways. A group of people collects perfumes only from niche houses and another group may be biased towards a particular designer perfume line.

Some collect every fragrance from a single brand or based on a particular note or two. It depends on you which kind of collector you want to become.

Most of the time people tend to forget how important it is to have a perfume collection. If you do not wear the same outfit every day, then how do you think it is appropriate to wear the same perfume for every occasion and weather?

How many perfumes should one own?

Having 10 perfumes in your collection is more than enough. If you have too amny perfumes, you won’t be able to experience each and everyone of them properly.

Therefore, I believe if you own a small number of perfumes for a paticular occasion, you can use all them in rotation. Less is more here.

Get a few for daytime, evening, office and special occasion. Limit yourself to 10 perfumes and when they are done, explore for more.

What is a perfume collector called?

A perfume collector is called CognoScenti. It means a person who loves to smell and he or she can distingush between a good or a bad scent.

People often get confused between cognoscenti, fragrancista and perfumista. However, the perfect term is Cognoscenti.

Cognoscenti puts his nose before he gets into a room. Even before tastes any food, he smells it first. A new fragrance excites him.

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Anyone can build a fragrance collection. You only have to know which type of fragrance attracts you more and explore with time.

You can choose your own way on how you want to collect your fragrance. Be true to your own choice.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to ask them in the comment section, and I would be happy to answer them.

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