What Does Cherry Blossom Smell Like? [Fully Described]

Written By Zarin Tasnim

Recently I have seen the bewitching charm of cherry blossom also known as sakura in the sensational Korean drama, “Your Demon’’ and fell in love with its eye-soothing color combination.

But, have you wondered what does sakura smell like?

Soon after a friend of mine asked me to find her a signature floral perfume and this one ingredient stood up to me. So, I dug deeper to find its exact scent.

If you are also in the same search as me, read along because in this write-out I have gathered everything you need to know about this elite flower.

What Is Cherry Blossom?

Cherry blossoms are delicate and eye-soothing flowers of the Prunus subgenus Cerasus trees which are most cherished in Japan.

Though these exquisite flowers originated in the Himalayas, they have since migrated over the globe and can now be found in many nations.

For example, in 1912, Japan gifted 3,020 cherry blossom trees to the United States and people witnessed the enchanting visual effect they brought with them.

Additionally, you will find pink or white Cherry Blossom flowers in gardens, parks, and landscapes during the spring. Japan even has the custom of “hanami,” or “flower watching,” to enjoy the beauty of this flower.


The best part of this flower is, it’s not only a definition of love, beauty, and prosperity of life. But it’s also used in perfumery, the cosmetics industry including in aromatherapy due to its several health benefits.

Want to impress your girl? Make a bouquet containing cherry blossom, sweet-smelling jasmine, peonies, including ranunculus, and see the bright smile on her face that you will never forget.

What Does Cherry Blossom Smell Like?

Cherry blossom smells soft, creamy, and almondy with a vanillic undertone. It also has an indistinct lilac and rosy nuance which gives off a relaxing whiff from the beginning. This flower’s best part is a combo of sweet, sensual, and delicate essence that feels like a touch of fresh air.

In a word, it contains a dominating floral hunch with a delicate fruity impression that fits the subtle physical appearance of these flowers well.

Whenever I watch documentaries about Japanese spring, the mesmerizing view of cherry blossoms exudes a positive energy that lifts my mood immediately. Such a magical feeling!

No wonder, cherry blossoms represent morality, beauty, and the passing of time. An interesting fact about these flowers is that depending on the breed and the time of day, cherry blossoms can have a variety of scents.

Certain kinds smell strong and musky, while others smell much softer and sweeter.

The main reason is the presence of benzaldehyde which gives the almond, fruity smell. Its intensity changes depending on the humidity and temperature.

Different Types of Cherry Blossoms & How They Smell

Some even state that Japanese cherry blossoms smell more alluring than any other kind in the world.

Such as Yamazakura, Oshima Sakura, Kanzakura, Oyamazakura and many have a soft and lighter aroma. Somei Yoshino is another one. This beautiful white-pink sakura has a subtle almond-like smell.different-types-of-cherry-blossoms-how-they-smell

Other kinds like Ukonzakura, Kawazu Sakura, and Edo Higan are also very popular not only for their soothing appearance but also for their relaxing aura.

Anyway, these scents can feel more intense during March and April, as this is the time when most types of cherry blossoms flourish.

Now that you know the types of sakura you should also know in which sectors they are used mostly besides perfumery.

Due to its magical allure, sakura extends beyond its visual appeal and cultural significance. They are frequently used in candles, scented lotions, deodorants, and mostly in fragrances to provide a clean and energizing environment.

Perfumers use other elements such as jasmine, rose, chocolate, and lily of the valley with cherry blossom notes to elevate the overall scent of their fragrance.

Now that you know how do cherry blossoms smell, it’s time to find in perfumes how this aroma is created.

How Cherry Blossom Essence Is Made In Perfumery? 

In perfumery, experts use a variety of ingredients to recreate the vibe of a specific aroma. Now I will describe how the mesmerizing gist of sakura is made.What Does Cherry Blossom Smell Like?

While forming the essence of cherry blossom, the main goal is to capture the whiff of sakura utilizing a range of olfactory elements. Among the floral components, jasmine, rose and lily of the valley play a crucial part in recreating the floral character of cherry blossom.

Not only flowers, but perfumers also use raspberry, cherry, and plum to evoke the subtle sweet hunch including a vibrant, juicy facet.

Furthermore, to bring out the heavenly delicate nature of cherry blossom, sandalwood, musk, ambrette, and cedarwood are mixed like in Ormonde Jayne Sakura. To give you that fresh green aura, bamboo, tea, and green leaves are used also.

These ingredients and supporting notes provide a crisp ambiance that mimics the sakura flower smell with elegance.

I have used perfumes that only contain cherry blossom and still give a stimulating touch such as Cherry Blossom by Demeter Fragrance, Escada Cherry in Japan, and Cerisier (Cherry Blossom) by Yves Rocher. These scents are great options if you wanna smell like cherry blossom.

The best thing is, you can enjoy the enchanting aroma of cherry blossom beyond perfumery.

It is used in shower gel, body mist, hand cream, bath and body care products, and many more. You will also find many sakura essential oils that you can incorporate into your daily life to feel refreshed and energized.

Now let’s check out a few perfumes that smell like cherry blossom.

Best Smelling Cherry Blossom Perfumes

Cherry blossom is a common perfumery note that may be found in several different fragrances.

Aside from its visual appearance, most people think that it is a feminine note, and they are not wrong. Sakura is frequently utilized in feminine perfumes and is linked with light, refreshing, and romantic aromas to create an appealing aura.


However, when blended with other notes like woods or spices, it may also be utilized in unisex and masculine scents.

Here is a list of the most popular cherry blossom perfumes:

Japanese Cherry Blossom Bath & Body Works

The first scent on my list is Japanese Cherry Blossom Bath & Body Works. It was launched in 2021 and has cherry blossom as its main note along with some excellent accords.

Let’s find out what Bath and Body Works cherry blossom smells like.

Japanese Cherry Blossom starts off with a creamy floral scent that infuses with the soft, milky aura of sandalwood. Then you will sense the combination of jasmine, mimosa, and pear.

This overall aura is perfect for spring, and you will get 6 hours of longevity with moderate sillage and projection.

If you are more into floral fruity fragrances, Love Spell by Victoria’s Secret is a catch for sure.

Sakura By Dior

The next scent that combines the alluring essence of cherry blossom is Sakura by Dior. Though it’s denoted as a unisex floral aroma, I felt it leans toward the female genre.

Francois Demachy kept the opening simple with refreshing green notes. Then he merged the floral tones of cherry blossom, rose, and peony in the heart. But sakura is the prominent note in this stage.

At the base, the powdery, woody hunch of mimosa and violet maintains the floral theme along with musk.

Anyway, if you love Dior’s Sakura and want to try out the best smelling Dior perfumes, go on and you won’t be disappointed.

Sakura Cherry Blossom By Jo Malone London

The last scent I’ll include here is Sakura Cherry Blossom by Jo Malone London.

Citrusy bergamot and sweet orange offer a crisp and uplifting opening. Rose, mimosa, and cherry blossom are included in the fragrance’s heart, which gives it a sensual and feminine touch while serving as the foundation for the scent.

Musk and woody notes add texture and richness at the base of Sakura Cherry Blossom. These calm and chic elements feel amazing in spring and summer daytime.

As you know, most Jo Malone perfumes are expensive, Sakura Cherry Blossom is no exception.

These are the perfumes that smell like Japanese cherry blossom. As I mentioned before, sakura is not only a perfume note, it has other advantages too. Which I am going to explain in the nest segment.

What Are The Benefits Of Cherry Blossom?

We all know that cherry blossoms are pleasing to the eyes and nose when it comes to their beauty, aroma, and aesthetic appeal.

However, certain features of these alluring flowers make them very beneficial for our health as well!

Isn’t that wonderful?

Below are some of the potential benefits of sakura that make these flowers even more useful.

  • It is a popular aroma that lowers stress and anxiety and provides a relaxing feeling.
  • Cherry Blossom contains high antioxidants, natural acids, and flavonoids that will shield your skiing from harmful chemicals and free radicals. It increases collagen production to keep the skin firm and young.
  • It calms and moisturizes irritated skin due to the presence of natural emollients in it.
  • Sakura’s dried petals are used in tea and beverages. It adds a delicate floral flavor and makes your drinking experience more pleasing.
  • Chefs use cherry blossom in making several culinary delights and desserts, as it adds unique flavors to the dishes in the form of syrup and sauces.
  • It reduces joint pains and inflammations as well.
  • Cherry blossom elevates the enchantment of traditional festivals and celebrations as it symbolizes renewal, beauty, and the fleeting nature of life.


What do cherry blossoms symbolize?

Cherry blossom symbolize the celebration of life and death, including violence and beauty. Blooming sakura also signifies vibrancy and its short lifespan reminds us of our temporary life.

Is cherry blossom a floral scent?

Cherry blossom is definitely a floral scent as it has the reminiscent of rose and sheer lilac in its composition. And like any other flower, it radiates a smooth and relaxing aura to immerse anyone in its rich and provocative touch.

What Does A Cherry Blossom Tree Smell Like?

A cherry blossom tree smells mild yet fragrant. It does have a distinct fruity-floral aura that is unique without being overpowering.

Does cherry blossom smell nice?

Yes, cherry blossom smells good with its subtle sweet, and fruity nuance. Additionally, it also contains a green yet bitter aura that evokes sensuality and peace.


From its use as a natural decoration to its cultural importance, cherry blossoms are not only visually stunning but also a sensory delight. It also evokes the feelings of serenity and joy.

Their use in perfumery and other cosmetic products is very much in line because it provides a soothing, floral, and romantic tone that aligns with women’s delicate nature.

Nonetheless, I have described every nook and cranny of cherry blossoms, including some amazing perfumes that flourish this heavenly aura to the point.

If you have any queries, don’t forget to let me know in the comments! Until then, take care.

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