Why Are Jo Malone Perfumes So Expensive? [Untold Secrets]

Written By Lamaya Mahboob

Jo Malone London is a high-class niche perfume house created by Jo Malone in 1990 and is located in the UK.

In 1994, Jo Malone opened her first boutique in London, which sold fragrances, skincare, and home scents. The perfumes focus on one note or try to have simple compositions that steel their customers’ hearts.

But the common question asked is ‘why are Jo Malone perfumes so expensive?’.

I have been researching for a long time to answer that question, and the details may surprise you.

Therefore, to know all the information, keep reading till the end.


Why are Jo Malone perfumes so expensive?

Jo Malone is one of the most popular and successful niche houses along with Creed. Their recognizable flacons and candles have become a fairly typical appearance in Christmas stockings and Valentine’s Day gift boxes. Their characteristic fragrances, such as Wood, Sage & Sea Salt, Blackberry & Bay, or English Pear & Freesia, have been replicated many times as they are all customers love. However, there is no doubt that these perfumes are expensive. The main reasons are that they are made of exclusive ingredients and quality packaging, and the house has achieved high brand recognition.

What is unique about Jo Malone perfume?

A perfume house does not reach the level of Jo Malone if it fails to offer something unique and brilliant to its customer. Jo Malone has never gone wrong on that.

Let’s start with its unique scents; if you wonder why Jo Malone perfumes are so popular is because their ground is super strong. Every perfume’s smell will make you feel like you have never smelled something like this before. Even if companies are there to replicate these excited Jo Malone perfumes, they fail to do so because creating them requires a great deal of effort, research, and development.

If you are looking for a perfume with raw materials, buy a classic Jo Malone fragrance. Yes, Jo Malone sells perfumes in a higher price range; however, every spritz of those bottles makes it worth it. Raw materials are expensive and owned mainly by specific chemical companies like Jubadan. So they are not highly available. Designer houses do not aim to make great perfumes as that is not their main product. Therefore, they are not interested in using raw materials. Of course, they make money from the production of the fragrances but not as much as they make out of their other products like clothes, watches, shoes, and pieces of jewelry. On the other hand, as Jo Malone is a niche house, its main motive is to make elegant perfumes as it is its main product. Therefore, it only creatively uses raw materials to create unique scents.


Even Jo Malone’s candles are distinctive from other brands. Luxury candles are often manufactured with paraffin wax, but Jo Malone uses soy wax instead. You get a consistent, long-lasting burn, allowing you to appreciate your expensive scent. The high prices of your high-end candles are reasonable.

Does Jo Malone perfume last?

A perfume’s longevity is always essential as customers want the scent to stay as long as possible, especially throughout the day. You do not want to wear a fragrance that will fade after a couple of hours. Sure, the scent may develop and soften with time, but it should not disappear, especially if it is a luxury perfume.

Jo Malone perfumes do not disappoint you with their longevity. It pays off every penny you have spent. You would expect a citrusy scent to disperse after opening with a pop of sparkle, lively, and fresh aroma. But you have Jo Malone London Lime Basil Mandarin. Compared to other citrusy scents, it is ​​long-lasting and carries citrus tones into the afternoon while still being fresh and peppery.

If you are worried about how long before your perfume bottle expires, you should know that perfumes generally last 3 to 5 years on average, but you can wear them past this point as long as they don’t start to smell funny.

In cooler climates, scents typically last longer than in warmer ones. Additionally, storing your perfume in a cool, dark environment is crucial. If you leave your fragrances out of the box and in bright light on a window sill, they will last a much shorter time.

How much are Jo Malone perfumes?

If you think Jo Malone perfumes are overly expensive today, that is not true. While $150 may have seemed like an excessive asking price ten or twenty years back, in recent years, the cost of perfumes has recently climbed like any other product and is sure to keep rising in the future.

The lighter, transparent bottle perfumes come in 3.4 oz (100ml) for $145 ($1.45/ml), 1.7 oz (50ml) for $100 ($2/ml) and 1 oz (30ml) for $75 ($2.33/ml).

The heavier perfumes come in 3.4 oz (100ml) for $196 ($1.96/ml) and 1.7 oz (50ml) for $138 ($2.76/ml). The higher pricing provides greater performance and more depth.

How is the quality and presentation of Jo Malone?

Jo Malone perfumes come in excellent quality. And quality comes from the ingredients they are used to make. As discussed before, these fragrances contain raw materials which rare and expensive. This automatically makes them better-qualitied scents compared to others that have synthetic elements. Other designer brands do not even want to spend a chunk of money to make a fragrance. That is why Jo Malone perfumes are expensive compared to other designer perfumes. Especially those with citrus notes and mild florals that have a very natural scent, Jo Malone perfumes are of more outstanding quality than many designer scents. You get what you pay for.


Although, if you compare Jo Malone with Guerlain or Roja Dove, it will not match up the level as they are more creatively made. However, Jo Malone is doing a decent job with its usage of raw materials and longevity by what they are charging you.

The packaging for Jo Malone perfumes is equally elegant, with solid glass bottles and classic, though not overly elaborate, boxes. There’s a good reason why they make beautiful presents.

These are why Jo Malone is rated highly compared to other designer perfumes, and people are willing to pay more.

Is Jo Malone worth the hype?

A high-end brand like Jo Malone would be a little expensive. Jo Malone is the best brand to try if you’re looking for a new scent and want to treat yourself to something a little extra unique. Of course, they won’t be for everyone because everyone has a different budget and priorities. You should visit the store and peruse the fragrance selection. Each of their fragrances is distinctive and wonderful, and the cost reflects the excellence, love, and effort gone into making a perfume that you can’t help but enjoy. Jo Malone, in my opinion, is worth the hype.


You might think Jo Malone perfumes are expensive; however, comparing them with other niche perfumes is cheaper. Quality and lasting power are worth the money.

And yes, these perfumes still fall into the higher price range for most of the customers., but the jucie quality does justice to the price.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to ask them in the comment section, and I would be happy to answer them.

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