7 Perfumes Similar To Clinique Happy For Women [Tested]

Written By Nabila Lisha

Clinique Happy for Women is the finest fruity floral fusion of the house to date. My mother has used it as her statement scent for over 20 years. Unfortunately, this delightful beauty doesn’t last long.

Recently, I was hoping to get a durable perfume as a surprise gift for her 30th anniversary.

Hence, after testing several designer fragrances, I’ve gathered 7 alternatives that hopefully last longer in a similar scent profile to Clinique Happy.perfumes-similar-to-clinique-happy-for-women

If you want the same trait on your perfume, let’s scroll down!

What Does Clinique Happy For Women Smell Like?

Clinique Happy feels like a fruit mocktail in hectic summer times. The enchanting fusion starts with a juicy blend of orange, apple & plum that turns into an exotic mid of freesia, rose & orchid. Finally, it settles with an addictive musky-ambery base.

The legendary composition of Jean Claude Delville and Rodrigo Flores-Roux’s reign as a queen in the perfumery realm since its first release in 1998.

It replicates the joy of a woman on a sunny summer morning.

To clear conception about the smelling tone of Clinique Happy for Women, let’s take a look at its rich note composition:

Top Notes: Orange, Blood Grapefruit, Indian Mandarin, Bergamot, Apple, Plum.

Middle Notes: Lily-of-the-Valley, Freesia, Orchid, Rose.

Base Notes: Mimosa, Lily, Magnolia, Musk, Amber.

Upon spraying the Clinique perfume, my olfactory system enlightens with a citrusy explosion of orange, grapefruit & bergamot. In the meantime, apple and plum add a sweet crisp, which gently uplifts the top.

As time passes, the fragrance reveals a strong flowery tone of lily-of-the-valley, orchid, and rose, where the soothing blossomy aura of the lily offers calm. Also, I feel a tingling, airy freshness of freesia.

In the base, I can sense a very mild, powdery hint of mimosa that is emphasized with subtle dry floral accords of lily & magnolia.

Musk & Amber delivers a mesmerizing finishing touch and makes the closing sensual and elegant.

Despite its longevity, you’d/ you would hardly find any drawbacks in this well-balanced gem. That’s why in the below segment, I’m gonna try to solve the longevity issues by describing some superior substitutes.

What Perfumes Are Similar To Clinique Happy For Women?

No other element can beat the citrusy vibe of a summer fragrance, and Happy Clinique is an exclusive scent in the market so far.

Due to its enormous fame, many cheap replicas are available out there. Honestly, not all of them are worth trying. And I’ve picked the most hyped and well-deserving dupes that resemble the same stimulating vibe of this cheerful interpretation.

Let’s explore my sorted alternatives to Clinique Happy for Women:

1. Tory Burch Tory Burch


Top Notes: Mandarin Orange, Grapefruit, Neroli, Pink Pepper, Cassis.

Middle Notes: Peony, Jasmine, Carrot Seeds, Alyssum, Tuberose, Mimosa.

Base Notes: White Musk, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Cedar.

While I was going through this procedure of searching for dupes of Clinique Happy, one of my dearest friends suggested trying Tory Burch. And surprisingly, I found the maximum similarities between these duo.

In 2013, the classic designer brand Tory Burch created this floral fragrance tinged with a bold, woody-musky base.

While you first pump this luxurious flacon, you will distinctively notice a luminous citrusy accord that gleams like a summer sun shines. The savory pungency of pink pepper attaches a spicy dimension and prepares your senses for a fascinating aromatic journey.

Hereafter, the perfume is tied with some blooming flowery accords at the core. Peony, jasmine, tuberose, and mimosa create an amazing aura that bursts like a flower explosion.

It does not end here, along with the flowery richness, the perfume also spreads a green, balsamic essence with a subtle honeyed background of alyssum.

Then, the fragrant trail finishes with the passionate smell of musk, vetiver, and sandalwood. The warm erotism of cedar makes the closing portion pleasant and alluring.

Fortunately, it lasts more than 6 hours on my skin, whereas Clinique Happy for Women offers half of its longevity. Plus, this fresh scent propagates strongly within 5 feet.

When to Wear

Tory Burch is a safe option for summer & spring daytime events. Undoubtedly, you can wear this opulent fragrance in various types of programs on hot sunny days.

Why Should You Buy

  • Blind-pick for summer events.
  • Good choice for beach parties.
  • 6+ hours of standard longevity.
  • Suitable for regular outdoor events.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Nearest dupes of Clinique Happy.

2. Happy Splash Clinique


Notes: Mimosa, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Exotic Floral Notes, Magnolia.

Happy Splash is another sparkling piece of the same happy series from Clinique. This fruity, floral, feminine rendition was launched in 2018.

The iconic fusion offers an enchanting refreshment with its illuminated splashes.

It reveals incredible bright accords right from its first sniff. Happy Splash starts with the mind-grasping juicy tanginess of grapefruit and bergamot, along with a slightly sweet undertone.

As your skin fully grasps the vibrant accords, the blossomy tone of exotic flowers amuses you with its flourish, cheerful aura.

In the dry-down, you can receive a dry, powdery, floral, and earthy blend of mimosa & magnolia combo. Within a moment, the scent gets more intense and addictive when you feel the musky, honeyed layer in this base.

To be honest, this perfume also doesn’t provide a strong lifespan. I suggest this stimulating fragrance for its enchanting aura that keeps your heart delightful on hectic summer days.

When to Wear

The luminous, citrusy fusion of Happy Splash goes magnificently with the scorching, warm weather. No matter where you are going or what the occasion is, just apply a 7 to 8 spritz that is enough to enlighten your mood.

Why Should You Buy

  • Conveys a stimulating vibe for you.
  • An ideal option for summer vacation.
  • The slick, cute flacon for office-goings ladies.
  • Best choice for seaside meetings.
  • You can use it at your brunch parties in early fall.

3. Velocity Mary Kay


Top Notes: Banana, Flowers, Mangosteen, Orchid.

Middle Notes: Clementine, Rhododendron.

Base Notes: Woody Notes, Blackberry.

Velocity by Mary Kay is the most liked substitute for Happy Clinique, which also catches the essential essence of this timeless beauty.

Rodrigo Flores-Roux formulated this fruity, floral composition with a solid woody base.

While I pump this flacon for the first time, a mixed fruity, flowery blend floats around me, where I can feel the banana flavor, apparently. Orchids and other floral essences attach some dry, dusty hint that cuts down the overwhelming sweet fruity accord.

In the middle, it generates a mouthwatering fruitiness of clementine and a sweet, spicy smell of rhododendron.

The core is comparatively vibrant, but you won’t feel any irritation from here.

As it dries on your skin, you can sense a woody warmth from the woodsy mixture. Blackberry makes the closing more alluring and pleasant by adding a subtle fruity-floral hint to it.

This fragrance surely supports you for around 6 to 7 hours in any outdoor event and projects noticeably. So, if performance is your main concern, you must opt for this opulent perfume.

When to Wear

Basically, the sweet, fruity aroma of Velocity suits better in summer daytime use. But if you really enjoy this unique composition, you can wear this perfume on late spring days out.

Why Should You Buy

  • Exceptional fruity blend for women.
  • Best for casual hangouts.
  • Lucrative, juicy composition for fruit lovers.
  • Moderate projection & longevity.
  • Unique yet captivating bottle.
  • Keeps your mind refreshed on hot summer days.

4. Avon Smile Avon


Notes: Mandarin Orange, Freesia, Mimosa.

How can I stop thinking about Avon Smile when we’re talking about the popular summer fragrance with a unique blend of citrus?

Due to its simple yet iconic fruity floral combination, this Avon perfume generates a lot of buzz in the perfumery world.

A potent, fruity aroma of mandarin orange gives an orange cocktail vibe on a summer beach date from the beginning of this classic gem.

After a certain time period, Smile acts like a mimosa blast on me. From this transitional phase, you can detect a luxurious iris flavor, just like my makeup pouch.

The fragrance dries on my skin with a radiant, airy aura of freesia. The exceptional sweet, freshness of this closing easily captures anyone’s heart without being too clumsy.

Though it has intimate perfume sillage, it still provides 6 hours of notable staying capacity. Due to its stimulating aura, you can apply this fragrance as much as you want to propagate your charm.

When to Wear

Avon Smile makes for a perfect signature scent during your outdoor activities in the summer and spring. Its refreshing notes are an excellent match for sea surfing and coastal vacations, too.

Why Should You Buy

  • Lovely, girlish packaging.
  • Best for summer days out.
  • Versatile enough to use in all-purpose programs.
  • Attracts your beloved with its lustful aura.
  • Interesting & cheerful closing.

5. 360° Red Perry Ellis


Top Notes: Cyclamen, Orange Leaf, Plum.

Middle Notes: Orange Blossom, Orchid, Mimosa, Jasmine.

Base Notes: Amber, Musk.

360° Red is a pure floral fragrance with some acidic pungency on top. Perry Ellis marketed this delightful feminine perfume in 2013.

This gorgeous composition replicates almost similar accord of Clinique Happy by infusing dominant fruity accords with mimosa & musk.

The opening of 360° Red is a bit different and spreads spicy accords with a subtle fruity presence of plum. But trust me, as time goes by, it dazzles amazingly and becomes more identical to the Clinique one.

Soon, you will start sniffing fascinating blossomy accords with an unfolded dusty, floral aroma of mimosa. The soothing nature of Jasmine binds them all together and pleases your nose by propagating enormously.

The marvelous duo of amber & musk gives the perfume a sensual dimension that hardly any man can ignore.

And you will feel a subtle floral-faceted, citrusy aroma throughout the overall fragrance. This sophisticated aroma blends with my body chemist amazingly and presents an exhilarating vibe that lasts around 7 hours on my skin with arm-length sillage.

When to Wear

Apart from the heavy winter, you can use this Perry Ellis perfume whenever you want. Plus, This fragrance can be worn in any tough activity, such as mountain trekking in warm weather.

Why Should You Buy

  • A versatile dupe of Clinique Happy.
  • Perfect for all types of outdoor events.
  • Blind buy for warm seasons.
  • Offers noticeable performance.
  • Good choice for all aged ladies.
  • It can be a perfect option for your go-to perfume.

6. Gracefully Madrid Zara


Top Note: Orange.

Middle Note: Geranium.

Base Note: Musk.

Gracefully Madrid is a citrusy blend that was launched in 2021. The master perfumer Jo Malone composed this Zara perfume for both men and women. It’s a great choice for couples who enjoy matching scents and captivating each other with a shared fragrance.

It bursts off with a vibrant pungency of orange with lucrative fruity juiciness.

As the fragrance develops, the perfume spreads the multifaceted, fruity, rosy smell of geranium, along with mild citrusy backdrops.

The perfume surprisingly becomes elegant and sexy in the dry-down, when you receive the warm, velvety texture of musk. Musk creates a sensual celebration that leaves an alluring trail on your skin.

If you are aware of where to apply this perfume and use it perfectly, it will last over 8 hours and radiate strongly within 5 feet.

When to Wear

Gracefully Madrid emanates a delightful and enchanting aura that beautifully blends in warm, bracing weather, such as during summer and spring.

Why Should You Buy

  • Great value for money.
  • Available in every retail store.
  • Unisex dupe of Happy Clinique.
  • Fresh, bright scent for warm weather.
  • Addictive and passionate closing.

7. FRUITY ORANGE by Dossier


Top Notes: Grapefruit, Bergamot, Tangerine, Melon.

Middle Notes: Orange, Lily, Green Apple, Magnolia.

Base Notes: Jasmine, Musks, Plum.

Fruity Orange is an exceptional creation of recent times. While some might consider it the nearest clone to Clinique Happy for Women, I see it as another standout fragrance with its own unique and distinct formula.

From the first sniff of Fruity Orange, I can detect a striking, citrusy smell of bergamot & tangerine stuffed with the subtle sweet juiciness of grapefruit and melon. The tanginess of citric fruits includes an invigorating dimension to this perfume.

Nonetheless, the interesting part of this fragrance is that after including so many acidic fruits, it maintains its delightful essence throughout the fragrance.

After a while, it infuses an alluring fruity & tangy nuance of orange and presents a toothsome core. The middle phase is enriched with the floral blend of lily & magnolia, along with a subtle apple crisp.

At last, during drying, it produces an opulent vibe with a luxurious fusion of jasmine and plum, embellished by a creamy, musky tone.

Even though it’s a low-cost fragrance, it still supports you for around 6 hours normally. Additionally, this perfume is highly popular due to Dossier’s legit approach and affordable interpretations.

When to Wear

The luxurious essence of Fruity Orange will enhance your elegance at any summer or spring event, whether it’s a formal meeting or a romantic date by the seashore. From my viewpoint, this high-quality perfume is a smart choice for independent women.

Why Should You Buy

  • 6+ hours of staying capacity.
  • Satisfactory price range.
  • Bright, luscious opening.
  • Good choice for warm weather.
  • It can be your go-to perfume for summer vacation.
  • Crowd-pleasing dry-down.
  • Praise-worthy clone of Clinique Happy.

Parting Thoughts

Clinique Happy for Women is an elegant and well-balanced blessing to all fragheads.

Despite its shorter longevity, its legendary composition remains flawless. If you’re seeking longer-lasting scents or exploring alternatives to Clinique Happy, I’ve curated some incredible substitutes for you.

I hope this content helps you discover a new classic fragrance that resonates with your preferences. Goodbye and happy hunting!

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