Perfumes Similar To Midnight Bloom Victoria's Secret

Written By Easmin Akter

I adore Victoria’s Secret Midnight Bloom for the rich, creamy, woody vibe it offers. But this body mist wears off fast, and I had to spray it several times to enjoy its aroma all day.

To avoid this hassle, I researched a lot and uncovered some perfumes that mimic Midnight Bloom but are longer-lasting and better quality.perfumes-similar-to-midnight-bloom-victorias-secret

Now, in this write-up, I’m going to describe these fragrances.

So, if you also seek a more lasting version of this gorgeous Victoria’s Secret scent, keep reading.

What Does Midnight Bloom Victoria’s Secret Smell Like?

Midnight Bloom by Victoria’s Secret smells fresh and addictive with the honeysuckle-like aroma of moonflower, also called datura flower. The aromatic elegance of this night-blooming flower is further elevated by some creamy woods, which also elongates its staying power.

With such an elegant and mature formulation, Midnight Bloom came to the market in 2020.

Now, let’s take a look at the gorgeous note profile of Midnight Bloom by Victoria’s Secret:

Notes: Woodsy Notes, Datura

In the first whiff, Midnight Bloom offers a delightful white floral aroma with a sweet, candy-like undertone.

Its core carries the refined aromatic sensation of a datura blossom. Its divine and pleasing smell reminds me of the scent I get while strolling around in my flower garden during the spring.

The smooth and light floral aroma soon gets a sharp woody turn towards the dry-down. The woodsy notes come out prominently in the base, creating a creamy and very elegant floral woody vibe.

Overall, this is a perfect perfume for those ladies who like to have a pretty yet impactful aura throughout the day. With a balanced fresh and gourmand tone, it smells gorgeous both in warm and cold weather.

However, the performance of Midnight Bloom is below average, with only 3 hours of longevity. This led me towards its longer-lasting alternatives that I’m gonna share in the next segment.

What Perfumes Smell Similar To Midnight Bloom Victoria’s Secret?

Now that you have a clear perception of how Victoria’s Secret Midnight Bloom smells, it’s time to know about its worthy dupes.

This perfume bears a unique composition that’s pretty hard to replicate properly. So, finding the closest match can be a daunting task for you.

Given that, I’ve sorted out some alternatives so that you don’t have to struggle to find the best one for you.

Here’s the list of the closest smell-alikes of Midnight Bloom by Victoria’s Secret:

1. In The Star Bath & Body Works


Notes: Amber, Sugar, White Oud, Sandalwood, Musk, Tangelo, Starflower

I own a couple of body sprays and In The Star by Bath & Body Works is the longest-lasting one of them. This fragrance is affordable, versatile, and offers a floral woody aroma very comparable to Midnight Bloom.

Though the vibe is identical, I find this one sweeter, muskier, and a little bit fruitier.

It opens with a fresh, citrusy, and intensely sugary aroma. The candy-like sugar tone stays prominent throughout the opening. Thankfully tangelo balances the sweetness and stops it from becoming overwhelming.

The core brings in the delicate floral sensation of starflower along with a smooth, powdery, woodsy undertone.

The more time goes by, the woodier the perfume becomes. When it came down to the base, I could only smell a creamy, sensual, and very refined sandalwood aroma with a sweet, floral undertone.

I also get a bit of musk and oud when the aroma is on the verge of closing.

Overall, in my opinion, this is a great composition and a brilliant dupe for Midnight Bloom by Victoria’s Secret.

When To Wear

In The Star Bath & Body Works is extremely versatile and can be your daily or casual scent for the whole year. I prefer it more while on my vacations, hanging out with friends, and sometimes on springtime afternoon walks.

Why Should You Buy

  • A nice, crowd-pleasing perfume.
  • Over 6 hours of longevity.
  • Good projection.
  • Smells more appealing than Midnight Bloom.
  • It will bring you some nice compliments.
  • Seductive yet inoffensive aroma.

2. Cloud Ariana Grande


Top Notes: Lavender, Pear, Bergamot

Middle Notes: Whipped Cream, Coconut, Praline, Vanilla Orchid

Base Notes: Musk, Woody Notes

Well, if you need a Midnight Bloom dupe that is sweeter, stronger, and higher in quality, try Cloud by Ariana Grande.

This massively popular celeb perfume starts off with a sweet, clean, and refreshing mix of lavender and pear. However, the opening fades very quickly, leaving behind a creamy, soft, and gourmand core.

Though its composition doesn’t include datura blossom, I could still feel a floral freshness going on over the core, coming from vanilla orchids.

The sweet, creamy, lactonic vibe of coconut and whipped cream persists till the dry-down where they mingle with some soft, musky, woody accords.

Other than adding a seductive quality, these deep, woodsy notes also help the fragrance to linger on the skin for over 6 hours. So, if you’re into crowd-pleasing and affordable celeb perfumes, this one will be the perfect pick for you.

Additionally, if you need something more mature, consider trying other perfumes similar to Cloud by Ariana Grande.

When To Wear

Though Cloud Ariana Grande has a noticeable gourmand quality, it’s fresh enough to be an all-year wearable perfume. You can wear it to girl’s night outs, spring trips, or simply as your signature fall time fragrance. It’ll always give you a youthful yet evocative aura.

Why Should You Buy

  • Budget-friendly option.
  • Sugary and creamier alternative to Midnight Bloom.
  • Perfect for lively, young women.
  • Long-lasting perfume with good sillage.
  • Seductive and mass-appealing scent trail.

3. Red Temptation For Her Zara


Top Notes: Saffron, Bitter Orange, Coriander

Middle Notes: Praline, Jasmine

Base Notes: Amber, Moss, Musk

Red Temptation For Her by Zara is a fabulous floral woody fragrance with good longevity, and I find its aroma very close to Victoria’s Secret Midnight Bloom.

Its spicy, floral opening, with a hint of citrus, will uplift your mood from the beginning. I love perfumes that include saffron, this accord gives any scent such a refined, aromatic texture that I always find irresistible. And I got the same saffron vibe from this fragrance as well.

Well, the freshness dims down with time and the aroma gets a sweet, gourmand turn as it comes closer to the core.

While praline gives off a burnt sugar-like smell, jasmine makes it pleasing by adding an indolic, floral undertone.

In the dry-down, you’ll feel a warm, powdery, sweet, woody base, having a surprisingly smoky edge of moss. On my skin, Zara Red Temptation stays up for 8+ hours with strong sillage.

When To Wear

Even though you can wear it all year round, due to its sweet, gourmand tone I find Zara Red Temptation best suited for the colder months. It will work fine both in casual and formal events.

Why Should You Buy

  • Excellent performance for the price.
  • Sweeter and more pleasing than Midnight Bloom.
  • Seductive scent trail.
  • Men find this perfume pretty attractive.

4. Instant Crush Mancera


Top Notes: Saffron, Ginger, Sicilian Mandarin, Sicilian Bergamot

Middle Notes: Amberwood, Moroccan Rose, Egyptian Jasmine, Indonesian Patchouli

Base Notes: Madagascar Vanilla, White Musk, Sandalwood, Oakmoss

Instant Crush by Mancera has been in my collection for a while. And as I see it, this fragrance is one of the best feminine compositions from the brand.

It smells marvelous and has a floral woody aroma in the same style as Victoria’s Secret Midnight Bloom. Except, this one is luxurious, cheering, and above all, a beast mode performer.

Mancera Instant Crush opens with a reviving spicy, tangy aroma of saffron, ginger, and other citrusy notes.

The fresh and intense opening soon disappears, making a place for the bold and sweet floral heart. I just love its rich, honeyed musky, floral core aroma, which becomes more sensual with an earthy hint of patchouli.

Its deep, warm, elegant base appears after an hour or so, where creamy vanilla and powdery musk play the main role. The closing also has a profound woody, earthy tone that gives warmth and deeper dimensions to it.

Though this perfume is a bit pricier, it will give you an outstanding longevity of 15+ hours.

Moreover, if you need more excellent options like this one, check out perfumes that are similar to Mancera Instant Crush.

When To Wear

This addictive woody ambery perfume is ideal for the colder months. However, due to its divine floral tone, you can also wear it to any occasion during the spring.

Why Should You Buy

  • Bold and alluring Midnight Bloom substitute.
  • Incredible longevity.
  • Room-filling projection.
  • Mature and captivating base.
  • It will give you an elegant and pleasant aura.

5. Baccarat Rouge 540 Maison Francis Kurkdjian


Top Notes: Saffron, Jasmine

Middle Notes: Amberwood, Ambergris

Base Notes: Fir Resin, Cedar

MFK Baccarat Rouge 540 is the most premium and highest quality smell-alike of Midnight Bloom. This perfume is nowhere close to being a dupe or clone of Victoria’s Secret Midnight Bloom, but it does carry a similar vibe, especially in the dry-down.

The opening of this MFK masterpiece offers a perfect balance between spicy, refined saffron and indolic jasmine nuances. Within a few moments, an intense floral, ambery sweetness will awaken your senses.

This intense sugariness becomes creamier and smoother when rich amber wood and musky ambergris appear in the core.

Finally comes the dry-down which is immensely sophisticated, mature, addictive, and carries the captivating smell of cedar and fir resin. Altogether, this fragrance will set you up for a unique and memorable aromatic journey.

Its projection and sillage are so strong that only one spray will be enough to make everyone in the room aware of your sophisticated presence.

So, if you’re looking for a niche and much better version of Midnight Bloom, this fragrance can be the one for you.

When To Wear

The intense sweet, amber, woody vibe of BR540 is perfect for any special or classy parties, date nights, or formal gatherings during the fall, winter, and spring. Avoid using it in summer as it may smell too cloying on warmer days.

Why Should You Buy

  • Outstanding composition by Francis Kurkdjian.
  • One of the most celebrated fragrances in the realm of perfumery.
  • You’ll be showered with compliments wearing it.
  • Exquisite and top-class aroma.
  • Suitable for making a statement.
  • Unbeatable performance.
  • Complex and perfectly balanced accords.

Wrapping Up

The divine floral woody aroma of Victoria’s Secret Midnight Bloom will always keep you filled with confidence and poshness.

And the perfumes that I’ve talked about in this article will offer you the same Midnight Bloom vibe along with some unique twists. From long-lasting substitutes to premium smell-alikes, I made sure to give you all the possible options in this list.

Now, it’s your job to find a suitable one from them.

Until then, be safe.

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