Do You Give Perfume As A Gift? (Useful Tips and Gift Ideas!)

Written By Nazia Haque

Perfume as a gift can be a great gesture to express yourself to the person you are gifting.

I know the pain of struggling to get the right gift for someone special.

Meanwhile, isn’t it amazing how a beautiful bottle of scent can show how thoughtful and caring you are?

Keep reading to understand when and to whom you should gift perfume.

Do You Give Perfume As A Gift?

Do You Give Perfume As A Gift?

You can give perfume as a gift, but do your homework first. For instance, you need to know what kind of scent the wearer likes. So you can get fragrances for your family, partner, or close friends. Moreover, for a perfume enthusiast or collector, a fragrance is the best gift.

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Is It Okay To Give Perfume As A Gift?

Perfume can be a fantastic gift as it can convey your emotion and personality as well. Therefore, the receiver can see how thoughtful and how well you know that person.

And fragrances don’t come cheap, so that’s special if you get a niche scent for someone.

Here are the Reasons to give perfume as a gift:

The More the Merrier

You can never have too many scent options. Even if someone has a signature scent, it’s always nice to add another one to the collection.

For example, for the daytime, try lighter and floral-based scents. And for nighttime, try heavier scents with musk or vanilla.

Things to remember while buying

Perfume is easy to pick with a few pointers. For example, young people prefer loud scents because they club or party, whereas elders prefer soft scents.

Here are some pointers for you to keep in mind:

  • Age
  • Past scent if you have ever noticed
  • Trendy design
  • Mark the fragrance of favorite scent
  • The person you are getting the perfume for
  • Personality check
  • Characteristics of the fragrance

Perfume gift sets

Many high-end and popular perfume brands have gift sets designed for special events. The set includes body lotion, shower gel, and portable roll-on scents for a discount.

Chance to explore

A new perfume can also be an experience. It’s nice to try out new perfumes and be adventurous.

Easy to get on online

Even famous brands deliver online where you get 100% authentic product with beautiful wrapping at your doorstep.

On the other hand, you can definitely give anything to your loved ones. But perfumes are always a special gift.

Here are 4 reasons why perfumes are so worthy:

Perfumes are versatile
Apart from spritzing perfume on yourself, you can spray some on your bed or use it in a diffuser to have an aromatic ambiance.

Scents evoke emotions
Perfumes can be an emotional gift because it shows your affections and that you care. Also, when you put a lot of thought before buying a fragrance, you know what scent would bring certain memories for the receiver.

Perfume is an opportunity to give new impressions, emotions, and experiences
A fragrance can instantly take you on a journey of something new and exciting. Moreover, a scent can bring back memories and emotions.

Perfumes can be beautiful and affordable
There are plenty of affordable perfumes. But those scents still give excellent performance and come in beautifully designed bottles with great packaging. So you better do your research properly for that.

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How To Give Perfume As A Gift?

Perfumes are a popular gift but choosing the right one can be tricky. Therefore, you must do your homework to pick the right scent for your loved ones.

Consequently, it takes time and a bit of research to pick the right fragrance – showing the receiver how much you care.

Firstly, you can’t go wrong with some classic perfumes that are all-time crowd-pleasers.

Secondly, try subtle and fresh scents with Eau de Toilette if it’s your first time gifting a perfume.

In addition, keep in mind that some fragrances are better suited for specific seasons. For instance, citrus, herbs, and lavender are ideal for summer and woodsy or heavier scents for winter. Also, rose, sandalwood, and vetiver can be worn year-round.

Similarly, cinnamon, pepper, amber, vanilla, incense, ginger, and rosemary are said to warm your heart – perfect for cuddling or romance.

Most importantly, you should try and find out what perfumes the receiver has worn before for reference. It’s important to take the recipient’s personality type into account.

However, I can understand that it can still be confusing to understand how to get the right scent.

Here are 10 tips to help you out while buying perfume gift set:

Take your time
Never rush and take your time to pick a lovely scent that the receiver will definitely love.

Visit a specialist independent store for impartial advice
Ask for advice from the salesman if needed.

Don’t neglect your instincts
Don’t over-analyze and trust your own instinct as well.

If possible, analyze the recipient’s choices
You can try and play detective to analyze the taste of the recipient.

Search for clues
Try handbag, pockets, drawers, dressers, or smell the wardrobe.

Consider the personality
Ponder on clues like – what perfume is the recipient wearing? What color do they like? What’s their personal style? So, analyze such details and make links.

Don’t seek to impress by over-spending
If the scent is not pleasing to the recipient, it doesn’t matter how much it cost. Above all, you want the other person to like your gift and use it, not toss it away.

Don’t go off plan
If someone has already given you hints on what perfume they want, then just gift that.

Put yourself in the receiver’s shoes – how old are they? What do they love? Are they shy or loud?

Final note
Selecting a perfume for someone can be challenging but accept it as a sport. And get a voucher if you struggle a lot.

What Does Perfume Symbolize As A Gift?

Every gift has a symbolic meaning, and perfume is not an exception.

Therefore, fragrance can be a wonderful gift to express romantic gestures because a pleasant scent can create unspeakable memories.

However, we usually gift perfume to someone special since we don’t buy it every day. And fragrances are versatile, making them a worthy gift.

Moreover, you can easily show your care and affection to your loved ones with perfumes.

Most importantly, if you want to make the perfume a meaningful gift, you must carefully choose it.

Here are some symbolic meanings behind gifting perfumes:

Perfume is a personal gift

Do you give perfume to everyone? I don’t think so. A perfume is a personal present that you’d want to give only to someone close to you. For example, it can be a great gift for your partner, parents, best friends, or a close colleague.

Hidden meanings behind the odor

Gifting perfumes requires you to do some background checks on the recipient. So when you understand what scent the person likes, you can get one step closer to comprehending their inner self.

Above all, a gift of perfume can be more than just a fancy thing to wear. For instance, you can gift it as a way to say goodbye, offer thanks, and take care of the person.

Is Perfume A Good Gift For A Girl?

You can gift perfume to women on any occasion. Perfume is also considered a romantic gift.

Moreover, fragrances are a staple beauty routine – utilizing scents to attract someone.

Likewise, wearing perfume is a way for a woman to feel elegant. So gifting perfume to a girl can be both classy and sensual. Here are some pointers to help you out with:

Finding a perfume that suits the relationship

When you buy perfume for a girl, you should be looking for something that meets her style. And it’s also an appropriate gift for the occasion and duration of the relationship.

For instance, if you want to buy for someone who isn’t much into make-up or beauty products, then a small rollerball is fine. In contrast, extravagant perfume bottles can be a bit too much.

Similarly, avoid perfume with cheesy names or the ones that start with love if you just started going with that girl. To clarify, in a brand new relationship, you definitely wouldn’t want to intimidate her with an expensive perfume bottle.

Finding a perfume that suits the girl

As the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover – you can judge perfumes based on their bottles. The bottle will make the first visual impression on the girl when she opens your gift.

Parfum or EDT

Many high-end perfume brands can help you out when in financial-pinch. For instance, if you cannot afford the perfume, you can go for the body mist with the same size but half the price.

Many designer fragrances like Chanel are available in pure perfume and as an EDT spray. And the perfume version is always more concentrated, so they cost more.

Nonetheless, perfumes are a gorgeous gift if you buy a good one. But if you buy low-quality, cheap, or knock-off fragrances, then no girl will like your tacky gift.

In conclusion, perfume can make a great gift for a girl. However, before settling on it, do your research.

When Is It Wrong To Give Perfume As A Gift?

A perfume is an intimate gift. Although fragrances are widely available in all sorts of gift boxes and combos of aromatic lotions, aftershaves, etc., – make Christmas shopping a notch easier if you are lazy.

However, it means that you can buy perfume for someone you know very well along with their preferences.

Therefore, you should gift a scent to your partner, parents, siblings, children, or very close friends.

But fragrances are an inappropriate gift for a colleague, someone you barely know, or someone you have strict work relations with.

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Send A Scent

Perfume is very personal to every individual because it reflects their taste. However, gifting perfume to someone whose close to you can be meaningful.

Moreover, a charming perfume bottle as a gift can leave a distinct impression on the receiver.

However, if you want the other person to like your gifted scent, you better do your homework thoroughly. For instance, what they like and dislike.

In short, you can express your feeling to someone with the right bottle of perfume.

Above all, I hope this article has been a good and enlightening read for you.

Also, do leave your thoughts or queries in the comment section below.

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