Can You Put Perfume In A Diffuser? (Facts You Should Know)

Written By Nazia Haque

Want to make your whole house smell like your favorite perfume? But don’t know how to make that happen? At this point, diffusers come into action.

Diffusers are a great way to make your house smell incredible without any artificial means.

Do read till the end, to know all the dos and don’ts of your diffusers.

Can You Put Perfume In A Diffuser? (Facts You Should Know)

Can You Put Perfume In A Diffuser?

Yes, you can put perfume in a diffuser. You can use any of your desired fragrances to spray it into the diffuser, and the rest is an aromatic delight. Even though you can directly spray your perfume, it’s better to use essential oil or perfume oil to get the best results.

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Can You Use Perfume Oil In A Diffuser?

Yes, you can use perfume oil in a diffuser. Perfume oils work just fine. Diffusers can serve their purpose with perfume oil just as they would with essential oil. The diffusers work fine with perfume oil, which is sometimes considered a better choice than essential oil.

Diffusers typically work with essential oils. It breaks down the mixture into molecules that spread around your home, carrying the scent.

However, perfume oils are essential oils diluted in oil. That is better than 100% essential oil, which can be harmful to the skin.

Furthermore, the procedure is just the same as using essential oil. So, there’s no extra work for you.
If this is what’s been stopping you from using diffusers, then you can sigh of relief now.

Can You Use Perfume In a Reed Diffuser?

Yes, you can use perfume in a reed diffuser. And this is not much different than using fragrance in regular oil diffusers. Just as an addition, you need a carrier oil. We know oil diffusers don’t use a carrier oil, but here it’s an exception.

So that you know, the process is straightforward, and I will walk you through it.

Here’re the steps to use perfume in a Reed Diffuser:

  • Fill the diffuser with water from the measuring cup.
  • In another container, mix your perfume with a carrier oil.
  • Carefully mix the solution and drop it in your bottle.
  • Add reed seeds to the bottle.

How To Put Perfume In A Diffuser?

It is effortless to put perfume in a diffuser. You can use any of your desired fragrances.

You don’t need a lot of your perfume; just a few sprays can do the magic. But only the scent is not enough.

You also need to add an essential oil or perfume oil into the diffuser along with your perfume to get the best aromatic experience.

The essential oils come in many different fragrances. Also, they are super inexpensive, making them a cheaper, safer, and better alternative than scented candles.

Also, there are different types of diffusers like reed diffusers or essential oil diffusers.

So, what a diffuser does is break the oil into tiny molecules that spread around your home, carrying the scent.

However, there are a few types of diffusers like reed or essential oil diffusers.

Here’s how you can do the magic just by following these simple steps.

Step #1: The diffuser comes with a measuring cup. You need to fill the cup with water.

Step #2: Open the diffuser, and add the water from the measuring cup. Make sure to fill the water only till the line. Do not pass the lid.

Step #3: Then, add a few drops of your essential oil or perfume oil with your perfume to the diffuser.

Step #4: Then, just turn on your diffuser.

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How To Use Diffuser Without Essential Oil?

It is possible to use diffusers without essential oils. If you just add the water without any scent, the diffuser will only work as a humidifier.

But it is important to remember that the diffusers need to diffuse something. After all, a diffuser takes up a lot more energy to just be used as a humidifier.

However, if you don’t want to use essential oils, just add the water and turn it on. Also, you can use other alternatives.

If you want to have your home smell beautiful without using essential oil, then diffusers can do that as well.

Don’t you worry, I have covered all the ways for you.

Why Is It Bad To Use Fragrance Oils In An Essential Oil Diffuser?

The fragrance oils contain a lot of chemicals that can be harmful. Those chemicals can cause allergic reactions, headaches, or other distress.

Since diffusers spread the fragrance molecules, the harmful chemicals are very likely to get in touch with you.

Also, it is pretty challenging to choose fragrance oil with selected chemicals. Because all the substances are not listed on the bottle, even the traders are not obliged to do so.

Furthermore, they are pretty expensive compared to essential oils.

Whereas essential oils are super inexpensive and highly concentrated, which means just a tiny amount is enough.

For a relaxed, therapeutic, and enhanced mood, it is better to avoid fragrance oil.

What Can I Put In My Diffusers Beside Oils?

First of all, you can use your diffuser with any fragrance you wish to use.

I understand that it can be frustrating to buy essential oils every time you desire an aromatic experience to relax.

Thankfully, there are alternatives to oils, but you just need to be a bit more careful.

List Of Alternatives Liquids For Diffusers:

1. E-Liquids:

Also known as vape or electronic cigarettes. These misty vapors are safe and nicotine-free. They also come in different flavors.

The procedure is also effortless and the same.

Instead of the oils, just add your favorite flavor of 0-nicotine e-liquid. Just a few drops will suffice.

And that’s enough to get a pleasant aromatic experience.

2. Perfumes:

Like some perfume, you own that you don’t want to wear but would prefer your home smelling like that.

Or just want your house to smell like your favorite perfume, then that’s a great alternative to essential oils.

Instead of the oil, just spray your fragrance into the water that you need to add to the diffuser and turn it on.

Just about five sprays are enough of your fragrance, but you can spray more if you want. It is a very cool hack to get your house to smell great without any chemical means.

3. Lemon Juice:

If life gives you a lemon, then instead of lemonade, try using it in a diffuser.

The citrusy flavor is no doubt a refreshing delight.

All you gotta do is squeeze those lemon juice out and add it to the water in the diffuser. And then just turn on your diffuser.

Between you and me, lemon juice is the best go-to alternative to oils since they are so cheap and always available.

4. Vanilla Extract:

Vanilla extracts are a great alternative to oils. Many fragrances have vanilla in them.

Who doesn’t love the smell of vanilla! It gives out a perfect romantic and subtle feel., which is ideal for date night.

So, just get that bottle of vanilla extract and add a few drops to the water.

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Use Diffusers Without Confusions

Diffusers are a great way to make your home smell dazzling. This all-natural device also looks so beautiful that it makes it a beautiful centerpiece.

A diffuser is so much better than air fresheners or scented candles. You don’t have to worry about hazardous or chemical waste issues with diffusers.

It is also not just for your home; you can use it in your workspace to get that relaxed feeling that would automatically enhance your mood.

But now that I have thoroughly discussed your concerns, I am sure you can now easily explore and try diffusers.

Also, do share your thoughts and queries in the comment section below.

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