Can perfume freeze? Know The Ultimate Answer [2024]

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As you know heat is bad for your precious perfume, so the question can come up in your mind ‘can you freeze your perfume or not?’.

Both increasing and decreasing the temperature has an effect on the perfume. However, when you freeze your perfume, it has a different effect.

To know more about what happens when you freeze your perfume, please continue reading till the end.

Can perfume freeze?

Can perfume freeze?

The simple answer is, no, perfume cannot be frozen. As a perfume contains a high level of alcohol which is 80% to 90% in volume (ABV), it is not frozen easily. Although, the case will be different if you are talking about water-based or oil perfumes. They can freeze.

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Does cold temperature affect perfume?

Cold temperature does not affect perfume. Some perfume experts recommend keeping perfumes in the refrigerator or wine cooler as it will hold them back from any kind of heat.

As you know, perfumes are heavily affected by heat and Uv rays. Any kind of heat and light harm your perfume but cold temperature does not necessarily damage it.

If you leave perfume in the heat for too long, you will damage the chemical composition of it by evaporation.

Both light and heat breaks down the chemical structure of the expensive bottle you got and sooner than you realize it will become a glass full of smelly water.

Although, it is not going to be the case if you put perfume in the cold temperature.

Yes, this is not a good idea to keep the perfume in the freezing cold for an extended amount of time. But, it would not affect the perfume as rapidly as heat does. But, in the long term, the perfume will slowly lose its essence.

As I mentioned before, some people do keep their perfumes in the refrigerator to keep them as much as possible away from the light and heat.

However, if you have decided to keep your perfumes in the refrigerator, you have to keep in mind that you cannot switch between keeping them in and out frequently.

The constant change in temperature is not good for the perfumes. It can upset the delicate chemical balance

What temperature does perfume freeze?

Between -68°C to -90°C, the perfume can freeze. Therefore, it is quite impossible to freeze a perfume naturally. Only a freezer capable of producing Martian surface temperatures, or supply of liquid nitrogen handy is needed to do that.

The freezing point of perfume is very low as it contains  80% to 90% in volume (ABV) of ethanol.

The more ethanol, the lower the perfume’s freezing point.

So, it is not possible to freeze a perfume even if it is kept in the ice of Antarctica.

Unless your perfume reaches a cold and dark night in mars, you perfume should be fine.

Can perfume freeze in a car?

No, even if the perfume sits overnight in a car on a cold night, it would not freeze. As I mentioned earlier, perfumes have a very low melting point. Therefore, the natural temperature cannot be low enough to freeze the perfume. Although, the glass of the bottle may break with the freezing cold temperature.

We all think about putting our favorite perfume bottle in the car so that we can use it whenever it is needed.

People who live in cold countries must be thinking if the perfume can freeze in the car or not.

Lucky for you because it won’t freeze the perfume.

However, I would never recommend you to keep your perfume in the car as you won’t be able to protect it from the heat coming in the car.

Firstly, you should be more concerned about the perfume being warm by the heat of the sun than being exposed to the cold.

Secondly, when the car moves, the shaking of the perfume bottle accelerates the oxidative degradation and causes the scent to deteriorate.

Thirdly and most importantly, as we know alcohol is flammable, there might be a possibility of explosion.

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Does keeping perfume in the fridge make it last longer?

Does keeping perfume in the fridge make it last longer?

Yes, keeping perfume in the fridge makes it last longer as it is widely away from the sunlight and UV rays which destroy perfumes the most.

It is mandatory to keep perfumes away from the sun and put them in a cool and dark place.

Then, what place can be better than the fridge itself when you can always control the temperature to be cool and always dark inside when it is not opened?

Perfume lasts longer if you put it in the fridge because it stays fresh, especially in the hotter months.

Heat, UV rays and change in temperature can destroy the composition of any perfume.

Therefore, when it is stored in a cool and dark fridge, it lasts for a longer period of time.

How to store perfume?

How to store perfume?

Here is how to store your perfume so that you can use it more efficiently:

  • Keep the Bottle Closed Until the First Spritz

When you open a new perfume bottle, you are introducing it to oxygen. The perfume is then diluted and oxidized. And the perfume also diffuses. So, unwrap your unopened bottle when you will be using it the most.

  • Store perfume in a dark place

When the perfume is in contact with the heat and light of the sun, the structure of the chemical is disturbed. So, to keep the original smell alive, it is important to keep the perfume in a dark and cool place.

  • Store perfume in a dry place

Water can react with the chemical of the perfume and cause a reaction that is unwanted for the composition of the scent. Therefore, any contact with water must be avoided. Always remember to keep perfume away from the bathroom.

  • Keep the perfume in the original box

You might think the perfume box is for no good after taking the bottle out. However, storing the bottle inside the box after applying the perfume can drastically increase its lifespan.

  • Keep the bottle sealed

Oxygen reacting with the composition of the perfume is one of the worst things as it destroys the mixture’s balance and helps it to diffuse. So, never forget to put the cap back on after the application of the perfume.

  • Avoid shaking the perfume bottle

Shaking the perfume bottle causes bubbles to occur and oxidation takes place for it. You might think shaking the bottle is good for the composition but it is far from reality.

  • Maintain a Constant Temperature

Changing the temperature of the atmosphere where you are keeping your perfume can damage the perfume’s essence. Therefore, keep it where the temperature is constant and cool.

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Freezing a perfume naturally is not possible at all.

And also cold weather does not bother the perfume’s chemical solution the way hot weather does.

Although, whether to store the perfume in the fridge or not is a big debate as everyone has a different opinion about it.

It is up to you to decide whether to keep your perfume in the fridge or not.

However, no matter what you decide, keeping your perfume in a dack, cool and dry place is a must to utilize it at its best.

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