Body Mist vs Perfume: Everything you need to know in 2024

Written By Lamaya Mahboob

Many people don’t think there is a big difference between perfumes and body mists. However that is not true at all.

Yes, they both might have the same purpose to serve; to make you smell good. The way they do it is different.

To know the difference in more detail, keep reading till the end as I will continue to clear the concept.

Body Mist vs Perfume: Everything you need to know

Body Mist vs Perfume: What’s the Difference?

So, if we are talking about body mist vs perfume, body mist is a lighter and less concentrated version of perfume. Perfume is more overpowering and heavy. A body mist mostly contains water and alcohol mixed with a little amount of essential oil and this is the reason why body mist is more subtle than a perfume, which has a stronger scent with better projection and longevity.

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What is body mist used for?

What is body mist used for?

Body mist is used to smell great and to keep your skin hydrated at the same time. It is mostly used as it offers a pleasant smell without being overpowering. It is applied directly on skin as it contains very less fragrance oil, the chances of skin irritation is remotely less.

Feeling fresh all day is one of the key ways to keep yourself motivated and confident.

If you apply a few sprays of body mist after-shower in the morning, you will be energized to get along with the day.

Body mists are mostly used by teens. As they are cheap and affordable, students can always carry them in their backpacks and apply them in between classes.

Although, body mists are used by adults now as well, not only for teenagers.

Body mists are less expensive than perfumes because they have less concentrated fragrance oil and that is why their longevity is not as good as perfumes.

However, they are sold in larger bottles as they are light and airy. So, reapply as much as you want to keep the scent fresh.

Body mists are also great for sleep at night. A good and light body mist may be all you need to kill your sleepless nights.

Therefore, there are many ways you can be benefited for using body mists.

Body Mist vs Perfume vs Cologne

I am sure you have noticed the same fragrance is labeled differently with different names like body mist, perfume and cologne. This is because the perfumery world wants to let you know that these perfumes may smell the smell, however, there are many factions which make them different. SO, what are these differences?

Body mist

Let’s talk about the weakest one first. Body mist is the lightest fragrance compared to cologne and perfume. The airy mist is less concentrated as it has a low amount of essential oil and a mouth full of water.

For having the least amount of essential oil, body mist does not last for too long. So you have to reapply throughout the day.

Do not worry body mist is the cheapest fragrance with the largest bottles in the market so apply all you want. Your pocket would not get too much affected.

Body mist tends to be used with body wash and body lotion of the same scent.


People have a big misunderstanding about cologne that it is for men. This is not the reason why it is different from perfume and body mist. Cologne can be applied by both men and women.

Cologne has 5% of essential oil in it and a larger amount of alcohol which is why it evaporates with time.

Moreover, cologne is mostly made for daytime outings.


Perfume has the highest concentration of essential oil and less alcohol compared to cologne. For this reason, it lasts the longest.

Perfume also smells the strongest with great sillage power. Even one dab of perfume is enough for you where you need multiple sprays of cologne or body mist to go throughout the day.

Perfume comes with a heavy price value and smaller containers. As it is louder than body mist and cologne, you have to pick perfume more wisely. It has to be accurate to the occasion as everybody can smell the aroma of it.

These are some basic facts on why perfumes, colognes, and body mists are different from one another.

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How to make body mist last longer?

How to make body mist last longer?

Follow these surprising tips to make the most out of your body mist

  • Apply body mist after shower

All the pores of your skin are open after the shower. Therefore, if you apply the body mist then, it will last the longest.

  • Apply body butter or petroleum jelly

Apply body butter or petroleum jelly to the parts of your body before spraying your body mist. Mainly on your pulse points.

  • Do not rub Wrist together

Rubbing wrists will cause the body mist to fade away faster than its usual time. So, avoid doing that.

  • Apply body mist in the air

First, spray your body mist in the air about 1 foot away from yourself, then walk into the air mist to cover your skin completely.

  • Wait for the body mist to dry down

If you wear your clothes right after applying your body mist, it will be rubbed off. So, wait till it has dried down on your skin.

  • Spray on the hairbrush

Spray your hairbrush with the body mist you are choosing for the day. And brush your hair with it gently. It will infuse a light scent on your hair.

  • Carry around cotton buds

If it is too heavy to carry the whole bottle of body mist, swab some cotton buds with your body mist and carry them with you so that you can easily reapply when the scent fades away.

  • Store it in the right place

Body mists should not be in a humid place. They should be away from the sunlight as it degrades the oil and breaks down the scent. So if you still want to keep your body mists on your vanity, use the boxes they came with.

Can I use body mist and perfume together?

Yes, of course you can use body mist and perfume together. Mixing the two increases longevity as perfumes are long lasting itself. And it also enhances the scent more.

Adding perfume and body mist works great. It adds more depth and smells more expensive.

The essential oil in perfume adds the heavy aroma which lacks in the body mist and the fresh tone is brought by the body mist.

However, the problem occurs when you use the wrong body mist and perfume together. So, they do not create a pleasant scent.

You have to keep in mind which notes you are playing with before layering up a perfume with a body mist.

Best body mist for women

Best body mist for women

These are some best body mists you could try:

  1. Diptyque Do Son Body Mist
  2. Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa ’62
  3. Tom Ford Private Blend Soleil Blanc All Over Body Spray
  4. Playboy Play it Spicy Body Mist
  5. Dior Miss Dior Silky Mist
  6. Victoria’s Secret Sheer Love Body Mist

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Body mist or perfume, both serve you with a good smell.

However, the clear difference between the two of them is mentioned in this article.

If you are new in the world of fragrance, you may start with body mists as they are cheaper and you can experiment more to understand your liking in the sense of smell.

You may try with the body mist recommended here to have a fresh beginning.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to ask them in the comment section, and I would be happy to answer them.

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