What is a Perfume Atomizer? [And Why Do You Need One?]

Written By Lamaya Mahboob

If you are a perfume lover, you would always want to carry your favorite scent with you whether in your bag or pocket.

As perfume bottles are quite big and heavy, perfume atomizers are perfect alternative of them. So, now you can easily carry the perfume you are wearing without any hesitation.

To know every detail about perfume atomizers, please continue reading till the very end.


What is a perfume atomizer and why do you need one?

A perfume atomizer is a petite bottle which stores perfume or essential oil and sprays exactly to the spot you want to.

The name actually comes with the literal meaning as in atomize means breaking up into tiny particles and that is what perfume atomizer does with the help of compressed air.

This perfume atomizer carries a small amount of perfume liquid which is turn into a beautiful perfume mist. It helps you to apply your perfume in a more subtle way. The chances of spills decreases as it sprays only in the right spot and not any other surrounding areas.

You do not have to worry about perfume stains on your cloths anymore. It is more convenient as well as it reduces wastes.

And of course, this lightweight, durable bottle can be a relief when you are traveling.

How do perfume atomizers work?

Atomizer is a tiny spraying container or bottle to store perfume which makes it easy to carry your favorite perfume. To you, it is a simple process to take out the juice out of an atomizer. However, there are some steps taken to get the liquid out of the container.

This bottle contains a tube where the sunction takes place by the airflow in it to make. Most of the time this air is trapped in a squeeze bulb, which creates suction and draws the liquid scent from the reservoir to the nozzle through the feeder tube.


Reservoir is where the liquid (perfume) is stored and feeder tube is submerged in the liquid. The airflow provides a suction effect, drawing liquid scent from the reservoir through the feeder tube and out the nozzle.

And the nozzle sprays out the beautiful perfume in air to make your day all better.

Benefits of perfume atomizers

Perfume atomizer is a true gift for all the perfume lovers. Even if everyone is not a perfume collector, we all apply perfumes to keep ourself fresh and odurless. And if we are having a hectic day, we do not to give the impression of that so we spray our perfume to look classy and confident. And if you are carrying a little perfume atomizer, it becomes very easy and effective.

Here are some benefits of perfume atomizers:

  • Light weighted- perfume bottles may look fancy and appealing in our room but it can be very difficult to carry them around the place as they are heavy and fragile for being made out of glass. This is where perfume atomizers come in handy as they are small and light weighted bottles; they are perfect for carrying in your backpack when you traveling or when you are out of your house in general. You can have a perfume emergency anytime.
  • TSA friendly– as the size of an atomizer is within  3.4-ounce, Transportation Security Administration considers it to be safe to travel with. So, the security officer won’t stop you with perfume atomizer in your bag.
  • Durable- compared to the original perfume bottles, atomizers look weak and fragile. However, the hard external build of the perfume atomizer are usually shatter-proof, making it great for travel. So, do not let the appearance of this thin bottle fool you. An original atomizer can even last forever.
  • Sprays on point- perfume bottle tend to spray to an external area when you did not want your perfume to go as it may stain your cloths or waste perfume in general. This is not the case with an atomizer, it sprays on point.


  • Leak proof- the atomizer is designed in a way taht you do not have to woory of your favourite perfume spilling when you are caring it in your purse or pocket or backpack while travelling.
  • Easy to monitor its content- all perfume bottles are not seethrough bottles so the juice level is always not visible, however, as atomizers are always transparent, you can easily check whether the liquid has come to an end or not so that you can refill before leaving your home.
  • Refillable- when the atomizer is running low on he perfume liquid, it can be easily refilled from the original bottle. You can even fill it with a different perfume after taking out the smell of the previous perfume.


How do you fill a perfume atomizer?

There are three methods of filling a perfume atomizer. Here are the methods:

  • Metal atomizer- metal atomizers come with a metal casing to protect the juice, but it has a transparent section where you can see the juice level. First, take off the cap and sprayer of the perfume bottle. Second, pull off the casing and hold the bottom of the atomizer against the nozzle of the perfume bottle. Third, lift the atomizer up and dowm to pump the perfume juice into it. Forth, put the casing back on of the atomizer and sprayer and cap of the perfume bottle.
  • Plastic atomizer- remove the cap of the plastic atomiser simply by lifting off the cap and the sprayer by unscrewing it. Then, after taking off the cap of the perfume bottle, hold it on top of the atomizer. Press up and down on the sprayer to spray the perfume out of the bottle into the atomizer. Keep spraying until the atomizer is filled. Then screw the sprayer back.
  • Splash bottle- Remove the cap from the main bottle and the sprayer of the atomizer. Place a small funnel on the top of the atomizer and pour the perfume from the perfume bottle to the funnel and funnel will transfer the liquid into the atomizer.

How to use a perfume atomizer?

The use of perfume atomizer is pretty straightforward.

After filling the atomizer and carrying it, just take it out and put the nozzle where you want to spray the perfume and then spray in on. As atomizers have very accurate sprayers, the mist goes exactly where it is supposed to. Thenput it back into your purse and you are good to go. And if you need to reapply, just repeat the process as a filled atomizer can do 50 sprays.

How do you get the perfume smell out of an atomizer?

Clean your glass atomizer in the following steps to get perfume smell out of the atomizer:

  • Unscrew the sprayer from the bottle.
  • Use Swish denatured or fragrance-free alcohol to get rid of all the perfume particles. Make sure it reaches every part of the bottle. To be extra careful, put sand grains or seed beads inside the bottle so that it can rub against the glass.
  • Drain out the alcohol and/or and grains or seed beads if added.
  • Put it in a pot of hot water and rinse it properly.
  • Drain the water and let it air dry.
  • Use a cotton swab after dipping it in alcohol to remove any stain in the glass. Air dry it again.


Having an atomizer is the easiest way to carry your favortie perfume outside and spray it whenever you need to apply it.

So, if you do not already have a perfume atomizer, go grab yourself one. It will make your perfume journey a lot easier, efficient and convenient.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to ask them in the comment section, and I would be happy to answer them.

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