What Does Coriander Smell Like? [Ultimate Scent Guide]

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If you love to explore fragrances, you are already familiar with the note coriander, and its spicy warmth. Not only for the perfume world, but coriander is also renowned for its usage in culinary & aromatic candles.what-does-coriander-smell-like

Basically, coriander spreads such a complex yet magnificent aroma that enhances the overall smell & ambiance.

Well, In this scent guide, I’ll explain the accurate smell and uses of coriander, along with some exclusive fragrances.

So, without further delay, dive in!

What is Coriander?

Coriander is an eastern Mediterranean herb, famous for its fresh spicy flavor. It’s the dried seed of the Coriandrum sativum plant. This one ingredient can easily spice up any type of aromatic composition by adding some refreshing sparkles.

If you have never heard of coriander, perhaps you might have heard of cilantro. Even though they are often used synonymously, they are not the same thing.

By analyzing some simple aspects, we can perceive the clear differentiation between coriander & cilantro.

Coriander Vs Cilantro

While coriander means the dry seed and cilantro means the leaves of the same Coriandrum sativum plant.


So let’s take a quick glimpse and know the basic differences between coriander and cilantro:

Parts of herbDry seed of Coriandrum sativum plant.Leaves and stalks of Coriandrum sativum plant.
Smell likeWarm, spicy, slightly sweet, and nutty.Herbaceous, green, fresh, and slightly lemony.
Use in fragrancesPotently used in fall-seasoned fragrances.Perfect element for spring scents.

Moreover, the seeds are either used whole or processed into a powder and used in foods like curries, soups, and stews while the leaves are frequently used as a garnish.

History & Origin of Coriander

Coriander is used in many different cuisines starting from Indian to Mexican to Italian, and it covers both sweet and savory dishes.


In addition to its culinary use, coriander is also famous in traditional medicine and incense for its serene and relaxing aura.

Over the years, it has become a sensational and popular name in the fragrance world as well.

Whether it’s high-end designer scents or affordable drugstore fragrances, coriander has become a common note you’ll find in a lot of them.

What Does Coriander Smell Like?

Coriander appears as a natural herb that exudes a spicy, warm, nutty, slightly citrusy smell. This aroma is a fine blend of different tones and flavors, which creates an excellent journey. Its fresh, stimulating aroma instantly boosts up the soul and ambiance.

What Does Coriander Smell Like?

Well, the use of coriander in perfumes dates back centuries, but in the modern era, its usage massively increased in designer and niche colognes.

And if you follow up the legendary coriander-based perfumes, you distinctively can observe its versatile and opulent mark in the fragrance realm.

Even when you are using it in cooking, its aroma is quite prominent. But, how does its scent play out in fragrances?

Its distinctive citrusy and floral smell makes it a well-liked component in colognes and perfumes.

It is quite complex and the different dimensions of the scent play out differently from time to time, so it’s not necessarily going to smell the same every time.

However, I must mention that the scent of coriander is not everyone’s cup of tea. It smells differently, depending on individual body chemistry and overall atmosphere.

Due to its adaptable characteristics, it is extensively used in fragrances for both men and women.

Coriander’s flavor is frequently characterized as controversial and divisive. Whereas some individuals find its scent to be calming and energizing, others find it to be overbearing and even repulsive.

Moreover, many people can’t bear the dominant herbal flavor of coriander in perfumes.

This is because coriander contains certain substances (particularly linalool and geranyl acetate), which are perceived distinctively by different people. In the following segment, I’m also gonna describe some other aspects of coriander, so stick till the end.

Use Of Coriander Smell In Fragrances

As I have already said, coriander plays versatile characters in different times and seasons. Not only that, but it also changes its aromatic attribute depending on gender.

Here I’ll explain the uses of coriander in different types of perfumes:

Coriander Smell in Men and Women Fragrances

If you sense coriander in any gent’s cologne, it must appear in the opening and offer clean stimulating vibes.

Whereas, in women’s perfume, most of the time coriander exudes its soft, spicy tint at its core, making the fragrance more energizing and lively.

Most of the time in ladies’ fragrances, the coriander essence is paired with the soft blooming aroma of flowers. For instance, when its fresh aura blends with the soothing flowery smell of jasmine, the ambiance becomes outstanding.

Best Weather Condition to Wear Coriander Based perfumes

The fresh, spicy slightly herbaceous smell of coriander goes perfectly in spring and fall fragrances. In bracing weather, the aroma works as a mood-boosting element, which uplifts the overall accords with its natural simplicity.

Some winter fragrances also contain coriander, as the nutty-spicy tone combined with the bold sensual smell of oud, makes the cologne more structured and polished.

Simply, you can say it has a versatile aroma that easily blends with every perfume.

Apart from all these facts, being a fragrance enthusiast, I found coriander smell suits better in the spring and fall seasoned perfumes

What Are The Benefits Of Coriander?

By now you know that coriander has extensive use in cooking and perfume making. Day by day the uses of this material increase not only for its soothing aroma but also for its extra benefits.

After thorough research, I have gathered the benefits of coriander for you below:

  • By using cilantro in a regular diet, you can control your blood cholesterol percentage.
  • Coriander can also reduce your blood sugar level or diabetes.
  • Both the leaf and seed of the Coriandrum plant can improve the digestion system.
  • The refreshing smell calms your restless mind and offers a relaxing vibe for you.
  • Its high-nutrient minerals and vitamins help to improve skin as well as brain functioning.

So, I guess all of these benefits, coriander used in traditional medicine and fragrances over the centuries.

What Are The Best Coriander Fragrances?


After reading the above segment, now you have enough information on coriander’s use and benefits in the fragrance sphere.

While some people say that it is best for men’s fragrances, others love it in their feminine perfume. Coriander is incorporated in both masculine and feminine scents to bring a desirable aroma.

Owing to its complex and multi-faceted aroma, coriander is often used in fragrances to add a spicy and fresh tone to a cologne.

To understand the smelling tone of coriander, here I’ll add some legendary fragrances based on coriander smell.

Here are the best 3 coriander fragrances:

Gucci Rush By Gucci

In 1999, Michel Almairac composed a legendary chypre fruity fragrance with lots of coriander hint, named Gucci Rush.

It’s a perfect composition of spices, fruits, and mild floral aromas.

The perfume starts its journey with a fruity, blossoming blend. Slowly it converts into a herby, spicy tone of coriander in the core.

And finally, it blends seamlessly with the woody, earthy smell of patchouli and leaves a syrupy richness of vanilla.

However, from this closing portion, you distinctively sense the presence of coriander. It goes without saying that coriander is the main element that plays a very important role in shaping the overall fusion by adding its interesting spicy hint to it.

Due to the delightful, charming aroma, the fragrance market is already flooded with several perfumes similar to Gucci Rush.

Dior Homme Eau for Men Dior

The next cologne on my list is the legendary Dior Homme Eau for Men. François Demachy formulated this fragrance in 2014 as a woody aromatic scent.

It’s a very upbeat masculine scent that opens with a potent coriander smell.

As you pump the flacon, coriander’s fresh herbaceous aroma instantly greets your olfactory sense with some fruity, citrusy touches. Within a few moments, this mild spicy tone blends perfectly with the soft powdery nuance of the iris.

In this cologne, coriander is the key element in generating the fragrance’s signature fresh and spicy opening that combines with the dominant woody aroma during dry-down and radiates a noticeable projection & sillage.

Overall, it is a classic men’s cologne that has a very delightful and cozy aroma, made much better by the addition of coriander.

Tam Dao Eau De Parfum By Diptyque

The last fragrance I am mentioning is a unisex scent that contains coriander – and this further showcases the versatility of this note and how it can be incorporated in fragrances for any gender.

Anyway, the scent is Tam Dao Eau de Parfum by Diptyque, which was created by Daniel Moliere and launched in 2013.

Even though this Diptyque perfume has an expensive price tag, it is a brilliant scent that is highly complex and bold.

Coriander is present as a prominent note in Diptyque’s Tam Dao, which has a distinctive aroma and adds a fresh note to its complete fragrant journey.

Tam Dao has a sense of woody warmth and coziness which works really well with the freshness of coriander.

Because of this fascinating, masculine composition, users always search for affordable alternatives to Tam Dao Eau De Parfum Diptyque.


Does coriander smell good?

Yes, the sweet, spicy, slightly citrusy aroma of coriander feels so good in perfumes. Its fresh pungency adds a bright, uplifting dimension to a fragrance.

What is the closest flavor to coriander?

Caraway exudes the closest aroma to coriander. The slightly citrusy and spicy combination of caraway is almost interchangeable with the coriander scent.

Why do some people find coriander smell is much similar to soaps? 

People who share an olfactory receptor called OR6A2, detect aldehyde chemicals in cilantro, that’s why they find the coriander’s leaves smell similar to the soapy aroma.


Well, to wrap it all up, coriander’s fresh, herby, spicy smell is an excellent choice in perfumes.

Adding coriander to any fragrance instantly elevates the scent and creates an interesting tone, much like how it works in the culinary world.

Anyway, I hope this article answers all your coriander-related queries. If you have any more questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below.

Don’t forget to let me know which fragrance note you’d like me to cover next!

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