Top 10 Fragrances Similar To Parfums de Marly Oajan

Written By Easmin Akter

If you like to add a touch of sophistication to your winter outfit, Parfums de Marly’s Oajan is a great option for you.

However, this luxurious fragrance is very expensive and stays beyond the reach of many of its admirers. Hence, if you’re one of its fans and looking for a similar scent that won’t cut your budget, you’re in luck.

In this article, I’ve shortlisted the closest smelling yet affordable dupes of Parfums de Marly Oajan.fragrances-similar-to-parfums-de-marly-oajan

So, stay put if that’s what you are looking for!

What Does Parfums de Marly Oajan Smell Like?

Parfums de Marly launched Oajan as an amber spicy scent for both men and women. It has a powerful spicy cinnamon aroma surrounded by a sweet creaminess of vanilla and tonka bean. Overall, Oajan is a spicy gourmand scent with a floral, musky undertone.

Here are the notes present in this gorgeous fragrance:

Top Notes: Cinnamon, Honey, and Osmanthus

Middle Notes: Benzoin, Labdanum, Ambergris, and Artemisia

Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Patchouli, and Musk

Oajan begins with a sensual, spicy cinnamon blast. You’ll also get a honeyed floral aroma in the opening, which smells just fabulous with cinnamon.

In the core, balsamic benzoin blends superbly with labdanum and ambergris to wrap you with a warm, cozy, slightly musky aroma. Cinnamon is still there, but it somewhat sits in the background, creating a spicy undertone.

Finally, the fragrance settles with a powerful smoky tonka aroma combined with the rich creaminess of vanilla. Meanwhile, exotic patchouli and musk give warmth and depth to the composition.

Overall, Oajan is sweet, spicy, warm, and musky all at once. So, it comes with both masculine and feminine nature.

Also, it sits with a classy aroma that lasts for quite a long time. However, it works better and lasts longer in winter or fall time. It’s wearable for all types of occasions, either casual or formal.

Nonetheless, I sometimes wear it to casual outings in summer as well. But while using it in hot weather, spray it lightly, otherwise, it may smell too heavy and cloying.

What Fragrances Smell Similar To Parfums de Marly Oajan?

Undoubtedly, Oajan comes with a great formulation and smells amazing as well. So, I won’t be surprised if you’re looking for other fragrances that can give you a similar sophisticated feel.

Hence, to ease up your work, below I’ve rounded up the best fragrances that come with a similar Oajan style. You’ll get some more affordable options as well.

And here’s the list of Top 10 smell-alikes of Parfums de Marly Oajan:

1. Hermessence Ambre Narguile Hermès


Top Notes: Cinnamon, Honey, and Rum

Middle Notes: Caramel, Benzoin, Labdanum, Coumarin, and White Orchid

Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Tobacco, Sesame, and Musk

Hermessence Ambre Narguile is a great unisex fragrance by Hermès. I put it on this list as this fragrance is by far the nearest-smelling Parfums de Marly Oajan alternative you can get.

The opening is very spicy with prominent cinnamon accord. It also has a boozy gourmand vibe with honey and rum on the top.

In the core, the boozy spiciness remains, but it gets warmer and ambery when the combination of benzoin and labdanum appears. The nutty, spicy coumarin with a subtle floral aroma makes the heart more appealing.

In the end, the fragrance settles with a spicy, smoky, creamy aroma along with a musky undertone.

Its performance is also good. You’ll get 10-12 hours of longevity with a strong sillage. Also, it comes with a broad projection. So, wherever you wear it, the people surrounding you will be amazed by your classy aura.

When To Wear

Much like Oajan, Hermessence Ambre Narguile works great in winter or fall. It has a very classy and elegant aroma, which goes perfectly with formal or special events.

But you can wear this fragrance at casual parties or date nights as well.

Why Should You Buy

  • Sublime and luxurious composition.
  • Comforting yet sensual dry down.
  • Impressive longevity.
  • Well-balanced spicy and sweet notes.

2. Angels’ Share By Kilian


Top Note: Cognac

Middle Notes: Cinnamon, Tonka Bean and Oak

Base Notes: Praline, Vanilla and Sandalwood

The next Parfums de Marly Oajan dupe that I’m gonna talk about is Angels’ Share By Kilian. This fragrance by Benoist Lapouza has captured the Oajan DNA just perfectly.

From the first spray, Angels’ Share will amaze you with a warm, boozy cognac aroma. Gradually, it gets a spicy, woody turn in the core. At this stage, I mostly picked the powdery, racy cinnamon, which was quite overwhelming yet pleasant to smell.

After a few hours, sweet praline, along with vanilla sandalwood combo, gives the fragrance a warm gourmand closing.

I personally like its dry-down the most. Because its well-balanced base aroma gives a sense of sophistication that lasts on the skin for 12-plus hours.

So, if you’re looking for a premium yet affordable substitute for Parfums de Marly Oajan, go for this one.

Additionally, a few more fragrances similar to Angels’ Share By Kilian are also available in the market. So, if you wanna explore more, you can check them out as well.

When To Wear

In my opinion, Angels’ Share is one of the best choices to wear to special events in winter or fall.

However, to make a classy appearance, you can wear this fragrance to formal events or romantic dinner dates as well.

Why Should You Buy

  • Luxurious scent in a luxury bottle.
  • Unique and intoxicating composition.
  • Has both masculine and feminine vibes in it.
  • Works as a compliment magnet.

3. Khaltat Night Attar Collection


Notes: Cinnamon, Cherry, Vanilla, Patchouli, Red Apple, White Musk

If you like spicy vanilla scents but with a fresher and sweeter tone, then this Parfums de Marly Oajan dupe can be a great option for you.

Khaltat Night by Attar Collection is a delicious gourmand scent for both genders.

From the opening, it has a spicy cinnamon aroma that stays on throughout the scent. Cinnamon is very prominent in the beginning, but the mesmerizing cherry essence prevents it from getting overbearing.

As the fragrance develops, the sweet red apple adds some aquatic fruitiness to the core.

In the dry-down, this spicy, fruity aroma subdues, and a warm, creamy, musky aroma takes over the composition. Finally, the addictive blend of vanilla with an exotic patchouli twist adds more depth and maturity to the scent.

Furthermore, this classy, sensual scent will wrap you in a beautiful aromatic bubble that lasts for around 10-12 hours.

When To Wear

Such a spicy gourmand fragrance is definitely best for cold weather like winter or fall. However, you can wear it to all types of events on slightly warm days as well. But in such cases, spray it only for a few times.

Why Should You Buy

  • Delicious and elegant scent for summer.
  • More affordable than Oajan.
  • Incredible longevity and sillage.

4. 1 Million Privé Paco Rabanne


Top Notes: Cinnamon and Blood Mandarin

Middle Notes: Tobacco and Myrrh

Base Notes: Tonka Bean and Patchouli

If you’re in the search for an entirely masculine version of Parfums de Marly Oajan, try 1 Million Privé. Launched in 2016, this creation by Christophe Raynaud smells very close to Oajan but without any sweetness.

This Paco Rabanne cologne has a striking spicy cinnamon aroma in the opening, along with some juicy mandarin nuances.

In the middle, powerful tobacco blends with myrrh, giving the fragrance a smoky, warm, and amber-like core.

Finally, 1 Million Privé ends with an intense, spicy tonka bean layered with woody, edgy patchouli.

This cologne offers a longevity of around 12 hours. Sometimes, I get its soothing aroma on my clothes even after 1-2 days, which is crazy.

Furthermore, 1 Million Royal is another luxurious fragrance from the same line. So, if you feel like trying other scents with a similar style, check our article on colognes similar to 1 Million Royal.

When To Wear

1 Million Privé is the perfect warm, spicy scent for special events and clubbing in winter or fall. You can wear it to some semi-formal meet-ups in the spring as well.

Why Should You Buy

  • Rich and attractive composition.
  • Great value for money.
  • Impressive performance.
  • Unique and masculine fragrance.

5. Farah Brecourt


Top Notes: Cinnamon, Styrax, and Bergamot

Middle Notes: Dates, White Honey, Leather, and Virginia Cedar

Base Notes: Benzoin, Tonka Bean, French Labdanum, Patchouli, and Musk

If you’re a woman and looking for a Parfums de Marly Oajan substitute that leans towards the female side more, Farah by Brecourt is your ultimate option.

With some overlapping accords, this perfume is in a similar style to Oajan. But the addition of some sweet leathery accords gives a feminine touch to it.

When you first spray it, a strong spicy cinnamon aroma combined with balsamic styrax nuances will greet your nose.

After a while, you’ll smell the sugary, woody, and gourmand core aroma. This is due to the amazing blend of soft, creamy dates with honeyed leather notes. Almost immediately, the woody cedar nuance balances the core’s sweetness, making it more pleasant and likable.

Balsamic benzoin, spicy tonka, warm labdanum, and exotic patchouly all come together in the dry-down, creating a warm, musky base very reminiscent of Oajan.

Plus, this fabulous composition has a lasting power of 8-10 hours with decent sillage and projection.

When To Wear

The warm coziness of this perfume works marvelously in winter or fall. Wear this perfume with a pretty and classy dress to make your date nights or special occasions more special and enjoyable.

Whenever you wear this lovely perfume, everyone will be amazed by your rich and sweet aura.

Why Should You Buy

  • Perfectly balanced sweet notes.
  • Versatile and addictive composition.
  • Great performance.
  • Comforting and cozy dry-down.

6. Ambre Tabac Daniel Josier


Top Notes: Incense and Bergamot

Middle Notes: Sandalwood and Patchouli

Base Notes: Tobacco, Amber, and Vanilla

Ambre Tabac by Daniel Josier has an amber woody essence very comparable to our Oajan.

This cologne has a smoky, resinous start along with a fresh, citrusy undertone. The opening notes in this fragrance aren’t that strong, but it still manages to make an impressive appearance.

As the fragrance progresses, rich sandalwood with patchouli generates a smooth, powdery, slightly earthy aroma in the core.

The base notes are the show-stopper in this fragrance. You can smell the smoky tobacco starting from the middle.

In the dry down, this smokiness gets mixed with resinous amber and sweet, creamy vanilla aroma. And no matter how hard you try, you can’t ignore such a gorgeous base aroma. Plus, it lasts on the skin for the whole day, radiating a smoky, sweet, yet captivating aroma.

So, you can give this one a try wherever you need a longer-lasting and a bit different substitute for Oajan.

When To Wear

Cold winter and fall nights are the best time to wear this charming and classy fragrance. Yet, you can wear it to casual or formal events in spring as well.

But in no way can it be a good choice for scorching summer days.

Why Should You Buy

  • Rich and stunning composition.
  • Suitable for special occasions in winter.
  • Very easy-to-wear.
  • Well-balanced spicy and woody notes.

7. Dolcelisir L’Erbolario


Top Notes: Rum, Caramel, Orange, and Bergamot

Middle Notes: Cinnamon, Cacao, Sugar Cane, Immortelle, and Jasmine

Base Notes: Vanilla, Benzoin, Tonka Bean, Amber, and Musk

Dolcelisir by L’Erbolario is another affordable gourmand scent that will remind you of Parfums de Marly Oajan from the start. This fragrance is entirely a gourmand scent that becomes spicy and ambery in the base.

The opening is marked by a boozy combination of powerful rum, caramel, and juicy orange aroma. Bergamot gives the starting aroma a citrusy undertone while balancing out the initial sweetness.

In the core, you’ll mostly pick the spiciness of cinnamon combined with bittersweet cacao. It also has a subtle sweetness of fresh flowers, which makes the heart more pleasant.

The closing of this fragrance is filled with warm, spicy, and ambery accords. The blend of vanilla, Tonka, and musk adds a sense of maturity and seductiveness to the fragrance.

Given its affordable price, this fragrance offers admirable longevity and sillage. You can enjoy its charming aroma for 6 hours straight and sometimes even more.

When To Wear

Although this fragrance is pretty versatile, I will recommend you wear it to any kind of event in winter. Its warm gourmand aroma smells better and lasts longer in cold weather.

Why Should You Buy

  • Budget-friendly Parfums de Marly Oajan alternative.
  • Gives off a sweet and sophisticated vibe.
  • Suitable as a signature winter scent.
  • Gets many good compliments.

8. Ambre D’Alexandrie Boucheron


Top Notes: Vanilla, Tobacco, and Benzoin

Middle Notes: Amber and Labdanum

Base Notes: Ambergris and Musk

The next affordable yet classy Parfums de Marly Oajan clone on my list is Ambre D’Alexandrie by Boucheron.

It opens with the warmth and richness of vanilla and benzoin, which further gets a smoky, intoxicating touch with the presence of tobacco accord.

The warm, musky core emerges after a while with a gorgeous blend of amber and labdanum. I just love this rich, musky, ambery tone of this fragrance, which lingers till the end.

Finally, ambergris and musk complete the scent, adding a sensual, animalic undertone to it, and easily lasts for about 8-10 hours.

When To Wear

This intense gourmand aroma evolves gorgeously in chilling weather. So, to make winters more enjoyable, wear this fragrance before going out to any night parties or clubbing.

Why Should You Buy

  • Natural smelling amber spicy aroma.
  • Attractive and sensual fragrance.
  • Incredible lasting-power.
  • Decent projection and sillage.
  • Simple yet classy composition.

9. Apple Crumb Alexandria Fragrances


Top Notes: Cinnamon and Honey

Middle Notes: Ambergris, Benzoin, and Labdanum

Base Notes: Musk, Patchouli, Vanilla, and Tonka Bean

Launched in 2018, Apple Crumb by Alexandria Fragrances comes with a gorgeous amber spicy aroma. With almost the same accords and composition, this fragrance is an exact clone of Parfums de Marly Oajan.

Their resemblance is evident from the beginning. That’s because this fragrance also has a strong spicy cinnamon aroma blended with sweet gourmand honey in the opening.

The warm heart is filled with ambery notes like ambergris, labdanum, and benzoin. You’ll also feel a synthetic, musky vibe at this stage.

In the end, a blend of rich vanilla with smoky tonka and musk completes this rich composition.

Also, this cozy and elegant aroma comes with a great longevity of 10-12 hours. Plus, the projection of this perfume is phenomenal.

When To Wear

This classy gourmand aroma brilliantly works in cooler months of winter or fall. It’s very versatile, so whether you wear it to friendly gatherings or formal events, you’ll smell nice and enticing for a long time.

Why Should You Buy

  • Affordable substitute for Oajan.
  • Perfectly balanced ambery notes.
  • Suitable for warm, spicy scent lovers.
  • Insane lasting power and projection.

10. Invite Only Amber | 23 Kayali Fragrances


Top Notes: Tobacco Leaf, Sour Cherry, Honey, Chocolate, and Hazelnut

Middle Notes: Ceylon Cinnamon, May Rose, Damask Rose, and Citrus Leaf

Base Notes: Amber, Agarwood, Vanilla, Benzoin, Sandalwood, Nagarmotha, Patchouli, and Musk

The last Parfums de Marly Oajan replica that I’ve put on this list is Invite Only Amber | 23 by Kayali Fragrances. This is a great option for those who want to try other premium fragrances in a similar spicy ambery tone.

However, apart from the Oajan DNA, this luxurious scent has a lot more to offer.

The opening has an intense tobacco aroma layered with the sweet juiciness of honey and cherry accords. You’ll also get a subtle nutty almond-like aroma in the background, which smells just wonderful, along with the smokiness of tobacco.

The sweet spiciness of cinnamon reigns the heart along with some fresh floral accords.

The base is the most prominent portion of this fragrance. Here, the amber-oud combo gives warmth and maturity to the dry-down.

Meanwhile, benzoin and creamy vanilla, along with some powerful musky, woody notes, make the closing aroma extremely rich and addictive.

And to state the best part, this stunning fragrance is more affordable than Oajan and also lasts for long hours. You’ll also get a strong sillage and projection from this fragrance.

When To Wear

This is undoubtedly a perfect option for winter or fall. This is more like a night-time scent, however, you can wear it to any formal or special outing in the daytime as well.

Why Should You Buy

  • Glamorous and elegant composition.
  • Comes with some seductive and enticing elements.
  • Well-balanced accords.
  • Very reminiscent of Oajan.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, Parfums de Marly Oajan is a symbol of luxury and classiness. It has been on the trend for a long time, and people are still in love with this gorgeous aroma.

But if you’re looking for a worthy substitute due to your tight budget, check out the fragrances that I’ve mentioned above.

All of them smell similarly classy and addictive while offering more unique elements at a cheaper price.

So, without hesitating, just pick your favorite and preferred one from the list.

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