Does Perfumania Sell Real Perfumes? [Unveil the Facts]

Written By Nabila Lisha

In recent times, the fragrance market has been flooded with well-packed clones. Authenticity is a must when we look forward to purchasing branded perfume and spending so much on a single flacon.

Perfumania is a blessing for every frag head, because of their lucrative sell offers.

As the website always charges significantly less than other platforms, it’s reasonable to get confused about whether they sell real perfumes.Does Perfumania sell real perfume? (Investigated)

Being a perfume enthusiast, I’ve conducted thorough research on every detail fact of Perfumania, via this content, I’m gonna share the findings with you.

Does Perfumania Sell Real Perfumes?

Yes, Perfumania sells all the real perfumes and cosmetics. The website doesn’t trade any fake or old products. For over 40 years has been selling only legit, well-packaged fragrances with the original brand names and flacons.

Perfumania is one of the largest US-based online marketplaces that sells all the authentic fragrances and cosmetics for men, women & children.

And this retail brand is especially known for its discount prices. Perfumania wants you to look good, feel confident, and smell refreshing by using their products.does-perfumania-sell-real-perfume

Unbelievably, this website offers up to 70% off in recent days. The platform claims it provides the original products at the best price that no other brand can give you.

Not only for the affordable price, but Perfumania also delivers some discontinued perfumes. However, there are several online stores from, where you can buy your favorite discontinued perfume.

In a word, you can say it’s a trustworthy gem for all fragrance lovers from where you can easily purchase legit and budget-friendly perfumes.

Is Perfumania Legit?

Yes, my team and I found that Perfumania is 100% legit. And they only sell real perfumes. They have a huge satisfied customer base and more than 85% of people voted Perfumania as excellent. Plus, the website reviewer Trustpilot also gives it 4.7 stars.perfumania-legit

Perfumania started their journey in 1988 and they have more than 300 stores in the U.S. Their parent organization is MJA Beauty and their headquarter is in Florida.

Perfumania is a name of trust in the case of buying perfumes. They have years of experience and are committed to delivering their promises.

Moreover, they sell millions of perfumes every year across the whole USA.

Well, Perfumania is not a perfume manufacturer, it is a retail store. They collect perfumes from the manufacturer and sell them to the customers.

From the customer reviews, we can say that Perfumania not only sells real perfume but also has a strong customer management team. Over 85% of people are extremely happy about their service. And they are amazed by their service and cheap rate.

Why Are Perfumes At Perfumania Cheaper? provides huge discounts and gifts because of its efficient and well-structured business model. As the retail store collects massive amounts of perfumes in one brand, they also get discounts. So, Perfumania can afford the minimum price for their authentic perfumes.

It’s a real wonder that we often find the price tag of Perfumania is way less than actual price.

Along with that, Perfumania also claimed that they are able to sell cheap fragrances because of their inventory system.Is Perfumania Legit?

First of all, they have 340 stores and distributors in the USA. They sell every type of perfume and they deal with almost every brand.

Because of their much better inventory system, they can easily store their fragrance without paying much and can easily deliver genuine fragrances to the customer both online and offline.

Moreover, they deal with the manufacturer directly and they get perfumes cheaper.

How Do You Know If Your Perfume Is Original?

As we spray perfume directly on our skin and fake perfumes are pretty harmful. So it’s really important to know which fragrance is real and which is not.

There are many ways to know which fragrance is fake. And you can check most of them by their outlook only.

However, Perfumania always sells real fragrances from authentic brands. And there’s a customer support team in the Perfumania and you can easily return your product if you think it’s fake.

Well, here are some ways to find out the original perfume:

1# Wrapping

Genuine perfumes typically are very tightly wrapped in cellophane; counterfeits often display messy, loosely wrapped.

2# Glue

Excessive usage of glue can also indicate a fake perfume. You can find that inside.

3# Paperboard vs cardboard

Actual packaging is made with high-quality paperboard and designed to protect the bottle from damage. If a perfume box is made from cardboard, congratulations! You already found a fake.

4# Barcode

Real perfumes print their barcodes on the bottom of the box. If a perfume box has a barcode on its side.

5# Design

You can go through the picture of perfume on the original website of a brand and match the design with the one you got.

6# Serial number

The serial number should be written at the bottom of the bottle and not glued on. The number on the bottle must match the number on the box.

7# Bottle

An authentic perfume must appear with high-quality packaging where the flacon has a smooth and polished surface. But the bottle of a fake one is rough and contoured.

These are the most effective ways to find out if the perfume is fake or original.

What Happened To Perfumania?

Perfumania went bankrupt in the past. They had to shut down a quarter of their stores to solve that situation.

Unlike many other retail brands, Perfumania always tried to improve their situation. The CEO of Perfumania said, “To establish a foundation for sustainable long-term growth, they are improving their business.”

They closed more than 100 stores, but the situation didn’t improve. They are currently more focused on online sales.

The investors are hopeful about the condition and they’re finding new ways to improve the situation.

Still, they have no plan to go out of business.

Perfumania faced many ups and downs in its business history. They got many notices from the court. They had to close many stores. And the annual sales record is also going down.

The brand filed for bankruptcy protection by showing its $307.4 million assets, whereas the liabilities of Perfumania are $253.9 million. Perfumania also claims they have much better stability than the other retail stores.

Perfumania is looking forward and heavily investing in its e-commerce business. They are also improving their retail market and they are not going out of business.


Perfumania or fragrancenet? which one is legit?

Perfumania & Fragrancenet both are legit websites for perfumes. Where Perfumania offers discounts, Fragrancenet has more perfume options on their websites. So, you can place an order from anyone that offers a great deal for you.

Does Perfumania sell fake branded perfumes?

No, Perfumania doesn’t sell any knockoffs. The retail brand only delivers original fragrances with authentic packing that they collect from the original brands.

Does Perfumania have any return option?

Yes, Parfumania has return and refund options for fragrances. You can return their unopened and unused product within 30 days so that you can get their refund facilities as well.

Wrapping Up

Online shopping is unlocking new doors. However, there’s always a question of purity.

Especially when you spend so much on things like perfume, it’s only fair that you get worth your time and money.

Perfumania is a legit online shopping site that sells discounted perfumes.

I’ve already given you all the answers about its legitimacy and its offerings. So grab their most lucrative deal and enjoy!

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