Creed Aventus Vs Versace Eros [Detailed Comparison]

Written By Lamaya Mahboob

Our date lasts a bit longer whenever my man applies Creed Aventus or Versace Eros. Well, these two smell so captivating that I bet nobody would want to let that vibe go!

The best part is that both share a good range of similarities that create an interesting resemblance between the two colognes.

I know choosing one over the other scent in such a case can be baffling.creed-aventus-vs-versace-eros

In this write-up, I am going to untangle all your confusion and help you choose the finest one between Aventus and Eros.

So, let’s start!

Clash Of Scents: Creed Aventus Vs Versace Eros

Creed Aventus

Main Notes: Bergamot, Black Currant, Apple, Lemon, Pink Pepper, Pineapple, Patchouli, Moroccan Jasmine, Birch, Musk, Oak Moss, Ambroxan, Cedarwood

Creed Aventus is a bold yet refreshing fragrance that has held the crown for being the most engaging scent since its release in 2010. Hands down to Erwin Creed and Jean-Christophe Hérault for fluently unleashing the courage and compassion of masculinity in this formula.

Starting with a luscious fruity tone to a leathery-smokey foundation, Aventus works as a compliment magnet throughout its olfactory journey.creed-aventus

Its magnificent blend makes a solid aroma that expresses royalty and grace with every splash.

Even though numerous brands have tried to replicate similar fragrances to Creed Aventus, my partner thinks none of them could yet make a comparable vibe.

Versace Eros EDT

Main Notes: Mint, Green Apple, Lemon, Tonka Bean, Ambroxan, Geranium, Madagascar Vanilla, Virginian Cedar, Atlas Cedar, Vetiver, Oakmoss

What do I say! Versace Eros is the most versatile and best-performing cologne of this era.

With the masterful vision of Aurelien Guichard, this 2012 release will mesmerize your surroundings from its opening to base.

Versace Eros offers a sweet-fruity beginning followed by a rich and sensual dry-down. This powerful fusion embraces passion, elegance, and allurement in every sniff.

This loud cologne can be used anytime to elevate your presence with at least a 6 feet length sillage and hypnotizing projection.versace-eros-edt

After going through the introductory image of both colognes, it’s time to explore some of the key aspects and figure out which one secures the deserving position.

Let’s pitch in the in-depth comparison between Creed Aventus vs Versace Eros:


Although the opening smell of a fragrance is relatively short-lived, it creates a lasting effect on our brains. Thus, when it comes to buying perfume, the top notes are equally important to me as the rest.

Creed Aventus starts with a citrusy smell of bergamot that energizes the soul with its refreshing essence. You will perceive a delicious fruity sensation of apple and black currant that sets a delightful ambiance.

Moreover, pink pepper’s spicy-rosy nuance will boost your manly vibe, giving the cologne a unique dimension.

Oppositely, Versace Eros generates a blissful opening smell full of a herbaceous-cooling aura of mint and the tangy bergamot.

Green apple’s fruity hunch will enchant anyone’s senses with its honeyed aroma.

Both Creed Aventus and Versace Eros offer a remarkable opening that will easily attract lots of attention.

But considering my personal preference, The fresh and soft aromatic greeting of Versace Eros has delighted me the most.

Projection & Longevity

I have seen some comments online stating the drop in the lasting power of Creed Aventus in new batches. Well, my man bought one a few weeks back, and its 8-9 hours of longevity is as solid as before.

This timeless cologne projects quite strongly for the first 3 to 4 hours and slowly turns into a close to skin scent.

On the flip side, Whenever we plan a day-long outing, my fiance surely uses Versace Eros. It lasts 10 hours effortlessly, and occasionally that goes up to 12-14 hours.

Also, this timeless fragrance radiates off so powerfully that your presence will be easily noticeable in a crowded room.

My man’s best friend asked him to mention some best-smelling Versace colognes and wanted something with great performance. Without any doubt, the first scent he named was Eros.

These two stunners give a praiseworthy performance, and one doesn’t significantly stand out from the other.

Yet, since I prefer scents with a thick projection, Versace Eros gets the upper hand in this segment.

Compliment Factor

If your sensation gives everyone a nauseating encounter, then is that even worth it? Before buying a scent, I make sure it offers a nerve-soothing experience to my surroundings.

Honestly, the overpowering zesty touch in Creed Aventus is very sensual and mass-appealing, but it seems to induce headaches for many. Also, its fruity-sweet blend turns a bit cloying over time.

On the other hand, Versace Eros is a mass-appealing cologne. With a feel of revival in the opening to the luxurious vanilla-woody base, this fragrance lures compliments in each sniff.

I love the leathery-smokey vibe that Creed Aventus creates, but it can be unsettling in many temperature-controlled rooms like offices or homes.

So, Versace Eros remains one step ahead when it comes to receiving compliments.


As I tested both of the fragrances and researched their usability in different environments, both of them seemed to have a pretty similar attribute.

But you might wonder how to choose one if they are in the equal range. Allow me to clear it out for you.

Though Creed Aventus dominates with a unique fusion of fruity pineapple and a subtle smokey-leathery hint, over time, it tones down to a refreshing smell.

And that well complements the temperate weather, like summer, spring, and early fall.

According to my man, it’s not a viable option for the office as the over zestiness can get too intense.

In contrast, Versace Eros is a well-rounded cologne. Its refreshing, minty-lemony opening holds up very well in heated weather. The rich vanillic dry-down will give a bold representation to any man during the freezing, chilly seasons.

Also, this scent will elegantly enhance your personality and charm in any ambiance, from the office to a wedding function, it’s a classic fragrance option.

With the aforementioned discussion, I have made a crystal clear comparison between the two fragrances, and now it’s easy to figure out the winner.

Here, Versace Eros carries a more versatile profile due to having a more balanced note composition.

Value For Money

Now that you know all the aspects, let’s move on to the crucial part of a fragrance, which is value for money. So that we can get a better insight into their worth.

Creed Aventus is sold in 6 different sizes. Among them, a 50ml version is priced at $365. If you want a bigger size than that, it has 100ml and 250ml flacons available for $495 and $775, respectively.

Meanwhile, Versace Eros EDT is available in 3 sizes. A 50ml bottle of this scent costs $75. Plus, the 100ml and 200ml flacons retail for $96 and $130.

I think the above information clearly identifies which cologne gives a better return for our money.

Inarguably, Versace Eros is the superior fragrance when it comes to measuring the value for money.

Overall Scent

I like Aventus a lot. Even though I have sniffed it countless times, each time my man uses this, I become more lovey-dovey towards him.

After spraying Creed Aventus, it produces an uplifting citrusy aroma that soon gets replaced by a luscious-fruity hint of black currant and apple.

I love the mouth-watering vibe it creates. But, pink pepper’s exotic sweet-spicy touch feels like a cherry on top.

At heart, it unfolds a sweet-juicy aura of pineapple mingling with a rich, aromatic sensation of jasmine. Also, patchouli’s earthy tone gives a unique dimension to its scent.

Cedarwood and musk are the highlighting features of its base. After drying, this scent’s engrossing woody aroma is my partner’s favorite.

But I like how the musky notes add a bold twist with their leathery-smokey tone, which is truly irresistible.

In parallel, Versace Eros smells very refreshing at first sniff. Mint’s cooling, herbaceous hint, along with tangy lemon boosts my senses to the fullest.

Moreover, green apple’s candied fruity smell gives this scent an appealing tone.

The core has tonka bean, giving vanillic hay that lingers through the dry-down due to ambroxan’s catalyst nature. Also, the geranium’s rosy nuance adds a soothing touch to the nose.

Finally, cedar’s prominent presence in the dry-down gives a charming woody aroma that gracefully elevates the virile characteristics of this cologne.

Also, the syrupy accords of vanilla make the smell very luxurious, which everyone loves. Its sedative aura has created so much hype that people frequently look for similar fragrances to Versace Eros.

Aventus provokes the feeling of allurement while Eros gives a wholesome experience of redolence.

If you ask me which feeling is more intense, I will always vote for Versace Eros.

Final Verdict

The dark and strong sensation of Creed Aventus makes it a classic cologne for every man. If you love to smell luxurious and make your vibe prominent everywhere you go, this fragrance is the staple for you.

Versace Eros is the kind of scent that works as a mood booster, and its smooth yet potent aroma speaks about luxury and sophistication in every sniff.

I chose Versace Eros because its smell, performance, and versatility matched my preference.

While that doesn’t imply Creed Aventus is any less.

I have made every point clear and precise to help you match your preferences with the attributes of these two colognes. After going through this article you can make a swift decision.

Thanks for your kind time, good bye!

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