Guerlain L'homme Ideal EDP Vs EDT Vs Extreme [2024]

Written By Easmin Akter

All the flankers from the Guerlain L’homme Ideal line are highly sought-after colognes in the market. Upon the success of the L’homme Ideal EDT, the brand further released several flankers, including the EDP and Extreme versions.

However, since each of the colognes is buy-worthy and offers an excellent aroma, picking one can be a bit tricky.

Hence, I compared all of these Guerlain beasts to spot the best one for you.guerlain-lhomme-ideal-edp-vs-edt-vs-extreme

So, stay along with this comparison to see the winner.

Clash Of Scents: Guerlain L’homme Ideal EDP Vs EDT Vs Extreme

Guerlain L’homme Ideal EDT

Main Notes: Citruses, Orange Blossom, Almond, Tonka Bean, Leather, Cedar, Vetiver

One of the most popular Guerlain lines, the L’homme Ideal, started with the launch of L’Homme Ideal EDT in 2014. Its fresh, citrusy aromatic tone with the creamy touch of almond will make you feel energized and evocative at the same time.

Thierry Wasser composed this fragrance with a sensual woody, leathery dry-down that is enough to make the ladies fall for you.guerlain-lhomme-ideal-edt

From tenacious workdays to intimate blind dates, Guerlain L’homme Ideal can add a unique and interesting kick to your daily life.

Guerlain L’homme Ideal EDP

Main Notes: Almond, Spices, Lavender, Cherry, Bergamot, Vanilla, Incense, Turkish Rose, Leather, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood

With more intense and invigorating facets, the Eau de Parfum version of Guerlain L’homme Ideal came to the limelight in 2016. Since then, it has been reigning in the hearts of fragrance enthusiasts.

Thierry Wasser and Delphine Jelk added rich and addictive elements such as cherry, vanilla, and incense to turn this composition into the ultimate head-turner.

And they were pretty successful in doing so, as this cologne will earn you compliments wherever you wear it.guerlain-lhomme-ideal-edp

Its soft, spicy vanilla tone, blended with intensely sweet cherry, always makes an unforgettable impact on people. This is one of the reasons why this best smelling Guerlain cologne is my husband’s winter staple.

Guerlain L’homme Ideal Extreme

Main Notes: Almond, Pink Pepper, Bergamot, Plum, Cinnamon, Heliotrope, Tobacco, Leather, Cedar

Enriching the L’homme Ideal line even more, Guerlain introduced the L’homme Ideal Extreme in 2020. While continuing the spicy, leathery-almond DNA of the OG, this iteration offers more masculine and dark characters.

Plum and cinnamon give this cologne a fruity, spicy kick that smells addictive on a romantic spring day.

On top of that, with a smoky, tobacco base, this version carries the most dark and manly aroma of all the flankers.

Without any doubt, each of the cologne of this luxurious line will give you a sophisticated and pleasant experience. That’s why choosing only one cologne from the three can be confusing.guerlain-lhomme-ideal-extreme

Hence, to resolve the confusion, I did extensive research and compared all of these Guerlain L’homme Ideal flankers in the next segment.

So, here’s a thorough comparison of Guerlain L’homme Ideal EDP, EDT, and Extreme:


L’Homme Ideal EDT opens up with the uplifting combo of orange blossom and citruses.

With a spicy, breezy rosemary hint, the opening smells fresh and mood-lifting. The nutty almond comes through within seconds, giving an impressive addictiveness to the opening.

On the other side, L’homme Ideal EDP brings out the nutty, sweet, and very strong almond aroma from the first spritz. Well, my brother finds this powerful almond note a bit too strong for his taste. But it smells luxurious to me.

It also has a spicy, floral, somewhat powdery undertone that gives more likable qualities to the opening.

Almond is noticeably stronger even in the L’Homme Ideal Extreme version. But with cinnamon and pink pepper in the background, the opening of this cologne has an irresistible sweet, spicy richness. It also has a subtle smokiness, which I’m not that fond of.

All of the three Guerlain cologne unfold with gorgeous yet distinctive aromas.

And if I have to pick one, I’ll go with L’homme Ideal EDT. Because, I find its opening fresher, more well-balanced, and crowd-pleasing, unlike the other two.

Projection & Longevity

When I put them to the test, all three colognes gave a moderate sillage and projection on my skin. They do fill the room upon the first spray, but after half an hour, their aromas sit close to the skin.

Though with stronger concentration, the EDP and Extreme versions were supposed to present stronger sillage, I didn’t notice any difference.

But in terms of longevity, they acted diversely. L’homme Ideal EDT lasted on the skin for around 6 hours, while in the case of L’homme Ideal EDP, the longevity was over 8 hours.

L’homme Ideal Extreme performed quite similarly to the EDP version, I could smell it on my skin even after 8 hours of applying.

Therefore, projection-wise, they all are in the same range. But when it comes to longevity, L’homme Ideal EDP and Extreme were better than the EDT.

Compliment Factor

L’homme Ideal EDT, EDP, and Extreme, all three of them offer enchanting and luxurious aromas that attract people. But everyone has different tastes and preferences, which also affects the number of compliments a fragrance can bring.

With the perfect balance of fresh and cozy accords, L’homme Ideal EDT is an absolute crowd-pleaser.

This fragrance will win people over, and they are bound to give compliments, regardless of their preferences.

L’homme Ideal EDP, on the flip side, pleases people who like sweet, masculine fragrances with prominent cherry notes. It’s my husband’s signature winter scent. And he receives frequent compliments with this fragrance on.

Finally, the L’homme Ideal Extreme, in my opinion, is the least complimented cologne among these three flankers. Because not everyone, including myself, likes its strong smoky, tobacco nature.

Albeit, its opening is mesmerizing. So, you’ll get some compliments wearing it, but not as much as you will get with the other two.

So, with the highest compliment-pulling ability, L’homme Ideal EDT is the winner of this segment.


With a refreshing, citrusy, aromatic quality, L’homme Ideal EDT works fantastic on a warm summer or spring day. It’s light and clean, with a soothing woody masculinity. That’s why I find it best suited for any casual daytime wear.

In the case of L’homme Ideal EDP, it’s a bit warmer and denser, which is perfect to rock any day or night-time activities during the warmer months. Occasion-wise, this version is more versatile.

It’s light enough to suit any formal scenarios and also has the intense sensuality needed for night clubbing or dates.

In contrast, with an intense smoky, tobacco-leather aroma, the L’homme Ideal Extreme is the perfect catch for any winter nighttime events. Especially in those situations where you need to showcase your powerful masculinity.

I find it too strong for warm seasons or even for any daytime occasion.

So, in terms of versatility, L’homme Ideal EDP has the upper hand among these three popular Guerlain compositions.

Value For Money

L’homme Ideal EDT comes in three different sizes, 50ml, 100ml and 150ml. My husband got the 100ml flacon for only $65 from discounters, while it is priced at $125 on Guerlain’s official website.

On the other hand, L’homme Ideal EDP is a bit pricier, which is plausible as it comes in a higher concentration than the EDT. This version is only available in a 100 ml size, which costs around $85 to $145, depending on the seller.

L’homme Ideal Extreme is the strongest in perfume concentration and hence, is the most expensive one here. A 100ml bottle of this cologne will cost you around $107 to $165.

L’homme Ideal EDT offers a good deal for the price, as it smells nice and performs quite well.

But I would rather increase my budget a little bit and purchase the EDP. Because not only does it smell nice, this version offers better longevity and versatility.

So, considering all the aspects, L’homme Ideal EDP holds the best value for money in my opinion.

Overall Scent

After the refreshing citrusy opening, L’homme Ideal EDT evokes a seductive feel with sweet, transcendent almond and tonka bean in the heart. This lovely nutty almond tone stays even in the dry-down, where leather and woodsy notes join up to give the cologne a mature and masculine finish.

Overall, this is a fresh, aromatic fragrance that turns warm and mysterious as time goes by.

The L’homme Ideal EDP also carries a nutty, sweet almond aroma. Here, it comes out very loud and intense, along with a prominent cherry. As the aroma starts to settle, it gets sweeter and cozier with the addition of vanilla and incense.

Even with all those sweet accords, this fragrance never gets feminine. Because a smoky, woody smell of tonka bean and leather appears, giving the fragrance a perfect masculine finish.

However, L’homme Ideal Extreme offers a stronger, darker, and more intense ambery effect.

Here, a sweet plum aroma beautifully supports the creamy nuttiness of almonds in the core. This composition stands out with the smoky, mysterious sensation of tobacco. Along with a powerful leathery, woody tone, the base smells quite luxurious and intriguing.

Each of the compositions offers a mesmerizing aromatic experience.

But, for me, L’homme Ideal EDP will be the winner, as the leather here is more refined. Plus, it has more depth and smoothness than the other two.

Final Verdict

L’homme Ideal EDT, EDP, and Extreme, all of them have a lot to offer in their own distinctive way.

However, my personal favorite is L’homme Ideal EDP, as it excelled in every aspect throughout the comparison. It’s versatile, smells good, and offers an excellent performance. What else do you need in a good designer scent?

But this cologne isn’t readily available in the US. And if you can’t find this gem anywhere nearby, you can rather go for the Extreme version, which also is a good winter scent with impressive longevity.

However, if you’re looking for a fresh, sweet, yet strongly masculine warm-weather scent, go for L’homme Ideal EDT. It comes with moderate longevity, but it’s the cheapest one.

Now, it’s your turn to find the suitable one for you. Till then, bye.

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