Spicebomb Vs Spicebomb Extreme [Battle of The Beasts]

Written By Nabila Lisha

Spicebomb & Spicebomb Extreme are incredible colognes from Viktor&Rolf with amazing spicy scents. While Spicebomb comes with a slightly spicier aura, the Extreme offers a dense tobacco hint.

Then which one do you choose as your ideal signature scent?

To give you an authentic result, I’ve conducted a thorough comparison and compiled an accurate outcome.spicebomb-vs-spicebomb-extreme

I will present all the findings to help you decide which option is more suitable and provide reasons for the recommendation.

So, let’s stay tuned!

Clash of Scents: Spicebomb Vs Spicebomb Extreme


Main Notes: Pink Pepper, Elemi, Bergamot, Cinnamon, Saffron Tobacco, Leather, Vetiver.

When we look for something masculine with a lot of striking spicy notes, Spicebomb is the first name that blocks our thoughts. Olivier Polge formulated this woody, spicy cologne in 2012, which is the 1st rendition of this line.

It’s an exclusive fusion of sensual accords and vibrant notes. Whereas bergamot, grapefruit, & pink pepper work as striking elements, cinnamon, saffron, tobacco, & leather act like fiery notes that add passionate depth.

As you open this fragrance, a sharp pungency directly triggers your olfactory senses. The vibrant notes soften and spread a sweet, spicy richness in the core.spicebomb-viktorrolf

And finally, the fragrance dries on the skin with the addictive erotism of woody, tobacco combo with an animalic edge of leather.

With Spicebomb EDT, you can actually feel the transitions of every active ingredient that also evokes your desire effortlessly. The cologne also offers around 8 to 12 hours of potent longevity in cold, freezing weather.

Spicebomb Extreme

Main Notes: Vanilla, Tobacco, Cinnamon, Bourbon Whiskey, Cumin, Saffron.

In 2015, Carlos Benaim and Jean-Christophe Hérault formulated a gorgeous, spicy amber composition called Spicebomb Extreme. Since its first arrival, this EDP has been in the limelight for its intense, sensual aura.

Though it’s a spicy fragrance, I found it dense, ambery, and vanillic.

Once you spray the cologne, a fresh, pungent aroma tickles your nose, along with some sweetish spicy overtone.

Within a few moments, you will start receiving vanilla’s rich, syrupy tone in its transitional phase. At last, the Extreme Spicebomb settles your skin with the magnificent, caramelized tobacco fusion.

Besides all the mentioned notes, I sensed a strong lavender essence throughout the fragrance.

Overall, it’s the perfect fragrance that offers a cozy, comforting vibe for around 12 hours on every romantic date night in heavy, snowy weather.spicebomb-extreme-by-viktorrolf

After the introductory phase, you now have a vivid idea about these spicy beasts. So it’s high time to get into the main deal and select one winner.

Let’s explore my thorough comparison between Spicebomb & Spicebomb Extreme:


An opening is the most catchy portion that everyone looks for in their signature cologne. If any fragrance can’t bring joy at the beginning you won’t buy it, right?

And surprisingly, Spicebomb & Spicebomb Extreme both are amazing in their starting.

Well, in the case of Spicebomb, the fragrance spreads a vibrant, spicy fusion of pink pepper and elemi. Within a few seconds, when the juicy, tangy extract of bergamot and grapefruit mingles with the spicy aroma, you will feel an outstanding opening.

I must say, the top is bold yet cheerful which can boost up your mood instantly.

Spicebomb Extreme, on the other hand, opens with a sweet, spicy hint of cinnamon with a subtle, woodsy tone of cumin. From this beginning, you will get a more masculine vibe than the OG note.

Both Viktor&Rolf fragrances enchant your mind with their opulent opening. While Spicebomb offers a bright, uplifting opening, the SB Extreme gives a masculine vibe.

So which one is the most attractive?

If I have to pick one between them in terms of opening, then I would say, the Spicebomb fulfills the actual meaning of its name.

Projection & Longevity

According to performance, both Spicebombs are really appreciable and provide around 8 to 12 hours of enduring capacity. So, you can apply 3 to 4 splashes of these fragrances, and that would be enough to support you for a whole day.

However, the Extreme version outshines the original when considering projection and sillage. The Extreme variant projects more robustly, reaching up to 6 feet and leaving a noticeable trail behind it.

On the contrary, while the OG Spicebomb exhibits strongly for the first few hours, it gradually narrows down to a closer range after the initial period.

Both of them are admirable for their performance. Though their longevity is similar, I found that, depending on perfume projection, Extreme is better than the original one.

Indeed, Spicebomb Extreme is undeniably the superior choice when considering both projection and longevity.

Compliment Factor

People wear fragrances not only for their personal satisfaction but also wanna attract others with their captivating allure.

When it comes to receiving compliments, my preference would be Spicebomb EDT over Extreme. The distinctive, spicy, and juicy opening of Spicebomb adds a vivid and memorable identity to your presence at any public gathering.

The vibrant spiciness adds an enticing element that captivates the attention and admiration of those around you.

Most importantly, the OG Spicebomb possesses a youthful presence with a notably seductive allure that hardly any ladies can ignore. Its mass-pleasing aura has led to the market being flooded with high-quality colognes similar to the Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb.

Simultaneously, the warm and dense ambiance of Spicebomb Extreme creates a cozy and sensual aura, establishing a relaxing atmosphere for you. This fragrance not only garners numerous compliments but even draws admiration from strangers.

It reveals a sweet yet addictive vibe at a time that evokes your partner on your date nights.

In summary, both Spicebomb and Spicebomb Extreme shine prominently on various occasions, each receiving substantial praise and positive comments in different settings.

While both fragrances are recognized for their ability to receive compliments, the lively and spicy tones of Spicebomb seem to attract people more.


Usability is the most important trait that every fragrance enthusiast counts upon before choosing a signature scent. In terms of versatility, Spicebomb & Spicebomb Extreme, both fragrances offer a solid, comfy aura in chilly weather.

Despite the warm, sunny days, Spicebomb presents a rich, spicy, animalic tone that suits every semi-formal to the casual event in winter and fall. Its multifaceted, youthful accords make it suitable for both daytime and nighttime occasions.

Moreover, Spicebomb proves to be an excellent choice when you aim to enhance the ambiance of a night party and captivate the attention of ladies with its striking charm.

On the flip side, Spicebomb Extreme covers the winter and fall seasons’ formal outings better. Its captivating spicy and tobacco composition creates an evocative aura, making it an ideal choice for romantic date nights.

No other fragrance can beat the vanillic sensuality that the Extreme version exudes in heavy, snowy climates.

So, while EDT performs better in semiformal and night parties, the EDP suits formal events and romantic dates perfectly.

None of them are perfectly versatile, still Spicebomb & Spicebomb Extreme both offer notable usability. In this regard, I see it as a tie between the two fragrances.

Value for Money

Price stands out as the most crucial aspect that directly affects your purchasing decision. Though brands charge slightly higher prices, their offered values completely justify that.

Let’s start with Spicebomb; this masculine cologne appears in the market with two different-sized flacons, 90 ml & 150 ml. Where they ask $128 for the 90ml, and 178 bucks for the large-size bottle.

Whereas, Spicebomb Extreme only comes across a single size 90 ml flacon and charges $134, which is comparatively expensive from OG.

Because of this expensive price range, people always search for notable alternatives to Spicebomb Extreme.

As I found both fragrances are equally versatile and also perform identically. So, I would say that the Spicebomb offers similar advantages with an affordable budget.

From my point of view, Spicebomb provides more value for the price.

Overall scent

Spicebomb opens with a sharp peppery hint infused with the lucrative citrusy blend. The top is sharp and striking, instantly alerts your smelling senses, and prepares them for an alluring scented journey.

Within a few moments, the fragrance turns into a sweet, spicy tone of cinnamon and saffron. Where the subtle savory effect of paprika, elevates the core.

Finally, the most captivating combo of tobacco & leather takes center stage. From this base, you will get some warm, grassy accords of vetiver that really make the closing more refined and addictive.

Overall, you will get a complete journey that starts with a lot of exciting elements and ends with a sexy, woody combo. It is the statement of how a perfect masculine fragrance should smell like.

When you spray Spicebomb Extreme, at first it reveals a mild, spicy tone of cinnamon and cumin. After a while, the fragrance drastically changes into a soft, creamy sweetness of vanilla wrapped with some rich, saffron tint on top.

Eventually, the EDP version leaves an addictive whisky trail during dry-down.

From top to bottom, you can sense some alluring aura hovering around you with some enchanting olfactive experiences.

While the original Spicebomb radiates a cheerful yet addictive vibe, the Extreme version exudes a warm, sensual touch throughout the scent.

In my opinion, the bold and irresistible aura of Spicebomb is better suited for men of all ages.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, both the Viktor&Rolf colognes are admirable in their own performance of the scented trail. Choosing one over the other proves to be a challenging decision.

After an extensive comparison, Spicebomb emerges as the winner in terms of pricing, receiving compliments, and overall scent.

However, I must admit that the decision is a close call because Extreme is also good in every aspect, especially its performance.

That’s all for today. Now it’s your turn to complete the half-done task and grab the one that attracts you most between these two beasts. Feel free to reach out in the comment box for any updates or further information.

Until then, adios!

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