Hugo Boss Man Vs Extreme [Know Which One’s More Worthy]

Written By Easmin Akter

Hugo Extreme was on my brother’s wishlist for a long time. But, he was intrigued by Hugo Man when he went to the market, and couldn’t decide which one was better.

My partner owns both. So, to help my brother find the best one, I put these two colognes to the test and spotted the one that excels in every aspect.

Now, I’ll be highlighting all the differentiating factors between Hugo Boss Man and Extreme in this write-up.hugo-boss-man-vs-extreme

So, if you’re also in the same boat as my brother, stay put.

Clash Of Scents: Hugo Boss Man Vs Extreme

Hugo Boss Man

Main Notes: Green Apple, Pine, Lavender, Woody Notes, Balsam Fir

With an appealing and irresistible composition, Hugo Man by Hugo Boss has gained massive popularity since its release in 2021. Because of its noticeable resemblance, many people compare this cologne to its predecessor, the 1995 release, Hugo.

However, alongside this nostalgic quality, the new Hugo Man stands out on its own.

From its loud green apple opening to the cheerful lavender core and woody, sensual base, the fragrance will keep you captivated by its alluring scent bubble.hugo-boss-man

It’s affordable and can be your signature scent for the year long. In my opinion, this is a perfectly balanced cologne for businessmen and college-going boys alike.

Hugo Extreme

Main Notes: Green Apple, Lavender, Sage, Geranium, Balsam Fir, Cedar

In 2016, Hugo Boss launched Hugo Extreme as an intense and deeper version of the original Hugo EDT.

This cologne combines fresh, woody, green accords with a hint of spice, creating a captivating and modern masculine aroma. This classic clean fragrance lasts long and gets complimented due to its bold, elegant aura.

While the green apple opening offers a youthful freshness, the woody, balsamic base has a gentle, warm, masculine tone.

Also, this versatile perfume is not age restricted. No matter if you’re in your twenties or fifties, this well-balanced fragrance will perfectly complement your personality, while elevating it further.hugo-extreme

Well, both Hugo Boss fragrances are worth trying and have a lot in common. However, if you want to choose only one of them, I will help you decide which one is superior by pointing out their key differences. Let’s begin, then.

Here’s a thorough comparison between Hugo Boss Man and Hugo Extreme:


The opening aroma of a fragrance plays the most important role because this is the part that draws people in and hooks everyone’s attention towards you.

Hugo Man opens with a bright and fresh green apple nuance along with a breezy, floral undertone. Underneath the juicy sweetness of the apple, I could also sense a bit of green, aromatic tone that gives more refreshing aspects to its opening.

Hugo Extreme also begins with a crisp and fresh green apple aroma, complemented by the airy and elegant touch of lavender.

But the green apple in Hugo Extreme is much more loud and persistent than in Hugo Man.

Also, Hugo Extreme has a subtle touch of green, peppery sage, adding an appealing contrast to the refreshing opening, something that Hugo Man lacks.

So, which one has the best opening, then?

In my opinion, Hugo Extreme is the winner as its opening is brighter and more invigorating with a green, spicy twist.

Projection & Longevity

Though all the flankers from the Hugo line perform exceptionally well,  some are better than others.

Now, let’s find out which is the best performer between Hugo Man and Hugo Extreme.

Hugo Man provides a moderate projection and sillage. It does project well for the first 45 minutes, but then it mellows down and slowly sets close to the skin.

The longevity of this cologne was around 6 hours in the spring, and a bit more during the fall.

Hugo Extreme, on the other hand, excels both in staying power and projection. Because only a few sprays of this fragrance fill the whole room within seconds.

Plus, its enticing scent trail lingers on my husband’s skin all day long, regardless of the weather.

Moreover, as I perceive, the longevity and projection of Hugo Extreme are noticeably better than Hugo Man.

Compliment Factor

Both Hugo Man and Hugo Extreme are crowd-pleasers and never fail to entice people. Now, let’s figure out which one will bring you more compliments.

People, regardless of gender and age, seem to love the fresh, aromatic DNA of Hugo Boss Man.

Whenever my husband goes out wearing this iconic cologne, he always gets asked about his fragrance. Even his boss once praised him for his mesmerizing scent trail.

Meanwhile, Hugo Extreme is no less in pulling compliments. With stronger projection and a bolder scent trail, this is the ultimate head-turner.

As per my husband, whether he is at a party or an office meeting, this captivating woody, green fragrance always makes him the center of attention.

Nonetheless, both of these Hugo Boss fragrances come with a pleasing smell that will bring you compliments and admiration, no matter where you go.


My partner adores both of these two Hugo Boss gems, especially for the incredible versatility they offer.

Well, Hugo Man and Hugo Extreme, both carry a fresh, green, woody DNA that works nicely on any day-time occasion throughout the year. But Hugo Extreme has an added warm, balsamic edge that makes it slightly more suitable for evening or nighttime scenarios.

Other than that, you can wear them on any occasion of your choice.

Anyway, my husband is a little bit biased toward the Hugo Extreme, as he can use it both as his office and boys’ night out scent.

So, in my opinion, Hugo Extreme has an edge over Hugo Man in versatility as it fits more occasions.

Value For Money

Hugo Extreme EDP is available in different sizes and prices depending on the retailers.

You can find a 2.5 oz bottle in a $24 to $30 price range on different retail websites. But on its official website, Hugo Extreme is only available in a 3.4 oz bottle that will cost you around $80.

On the other hand, Hugo Man EDT comes in two different sizes, 2.5 oz and 4.2 oz, which are priced around $30 and $88 respectively. However, my husband recently bought a 125ml spray bottle for only $33 from a retail shop.

That means Hugo Man will cost you less if you go for the bigger size, otherwise, they have almost similar prices.

So, when it comes to offering more value for the money, I’ll vouch for Hugo Extreme, as at a similar cost, it offers stronger concentration and better performance.

Overall Scent

From the first spritz, Hugo Man presents a juicy, apple freshness that expresses the youthful, bold personality of a man. Moments later, the crispiness is smoothly layered with a clean lavender aroma.

As time goes by, the fragrance starts to get more green aromatic facets. I could strongly detect the pine note creating a pleasant green, woody undertone.

It finally dries with dense yet fresh woody, balsamic base notes, which also give the cologne a sophisticated, manly finish.

Meanwhile, Hugo Extreme also offers a vibrant green apple opening, beautifully balanced with clean, licorice lavender nuances.

The aroma gets more airy, clean facets with sage and geranium in the core, which also gives it a passionate manly charm.

Balsam fir is much more prominent in this composition and adds a powerful green, balsamic tone. The green spicy balsam fir nuance stays prominent even in the base.

In the end, the seductive woodiness of cedar creates such a captivating ambiance that always draws me in whenever my husband wears it.

Overall, both of the two cologne will give you a memorable olfactory journey.

But for me, Hugo Extreme has the best overall aroma, as it develops into a more pleasing scent.

Final Verdict

Always go for the scent that suits your personality and ticks all your preference boxes. You need to do the same while picking one between these two mind-blowing Hugo Boss colognes as well.

Let me make it easier for you.

Hugo Extreme is affordable, performs exceptionally well, and is incredibly versatile.

So, if you need a one-for-all scent that you can wear both casually and formally, go for this one.

Then again, if you prefer a refreshing scent without the strong green notes, Hugo Man is a good choice. It may not last as long as Hugo Extreme, but it will still do the job.

Hopefully, all your doubts are gone, so just make the choice.

Take care!

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