Davidoff Cool Water vs Nautica Voyage [Comparison 2022]

Davidoff Cool Water and Nautica Voyage both offer premium quality scents. If you want compliments, go for Cool Water. However, Nautica Voyage is the cheaper fragrance.

When it comes to fresh aquatic colognes, Davidoff cool water and Nautica Voyage both have very good reviews.

But, If you haven’t tried any one of them yet, then which cologne should you get?

Both of these colognes have some similar features, so choosing the better fragrance can be tough.

Don’t worry! after testing these colognes on myself, I have rounded out their similarities and differences to help you choose one that fits your requirements.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s find a winner in this fragrance battle.

Davidoff Cool Water vs Nautica Voyage [Compared in 2021]

Clash of Scents: Cool Water vs Nautica Voyage

For this edition of the cologne matchups, we have two scents that dominate sale in their respective price brackets: Nautica Voyage vs. Cool Water by Davidoff.

Davidoff Cool Water

Main Notes: Lavender, Coriander, Peppermint, Rosemary, Orange Blossom

Davidoff Cool Water was released in 1988 by Davidoff. Developed by Pierre Bourdon, Cool Water is one of the most incredible fragrances on the market.

Cool Water is a fresh aromatic cologne. Davidoff has released many flankers of this cologne like Cool Water Intense, Cool Water wave, Cool Water Parfum, e.t.c. Cool Water is an inoffensive and versatile fragrance.

Nautica Voyage

Main Notes: Green leaves, Apple, Lotus · Base Notes: Cedarwood, Marine notes, Amber, Musk

Nautica Voyage by Nautica is a Woody Aquatic fragrance for men. Nautica Voyage was launched in 2006. The nose behind this fragrance is Maurice Roucel.

This airy, watery fragrance opens with a refreshing burst of green apple and green leaves for a nose-tempting botanical start. A heart of mimosa and lotus and a base of cedar give the scent a woodsy finish that leaves a memorable impression on everyone you encounter.

Nautica Voyage

These are both popular aquatic fragrances among men today but they each offer something unique.

Let’s find out which fragrance is right for you!

So, here is the comparison between Nautica Voyage and Cool Water:


Cool Water has an aquatic opening that starts off with mint and lavender. It then moves on to sandalwood for what feels like just the right amount before the white floral note, Jasmine joins those at the top and creates a soothing aroma.

Mint is what gives Cool Waters the “Cool” name and vibe; it’s refreshing and works like a charm on hot summer days.

It’s easy to see why Cool Water is such a popular aquatic scent; it has that light airy refreshing feel to make you attractive in mid-summer heat – not too overwhelming but still powerful enough for any occasion!

Now, What about Nautica Voyage? Well, firstly its sharpness comes largely due to apple and mimosa. It has a green cool forest vibe at the opening.

Nautica Voyage has a cool cucumbery opening and crisp feeling throughout most of its duration; starting out with apple and mimosa, before giving way to some intense spices like oakmoss and amber which are still quite pleasant overall.\

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Now, Which is better?

To be honest, Both of these project a similar vibe. But Cool water has such an iconic opening that I have to lean towards it. The Mint note in there is just unbeatable.

Projection and Longevity

When it comes to projecting their scent, these two colognes are pretty similar.

Reformulation over the years has reduced the longevity of Cool Water somewhat. It used to be good for over 8 hours but now seems to go 6-7 hours max, on my skin.

Nautica Voyage will do 5-7 hrs and I have never gotten any more from it than that range!

They both have a moderate projection level and give off that same cool and refreshing vibe. Although cool water is more consistent when it comes to projection.

So, Davidoff will win here again. But Nautica Voyage isn’t far off either. You can’t go wrong with any one of these.

Compliment Factor

Cool Water is a massively popular scent in the fragrance community. There’s nothing to hate about it. The clean and aquatic vibe will bring you lots of compliments, that’s a guarantee.

However, Nautica Voyages’s smell is smoother than Cool Water, meaning that all the notes are balanced and won’t offend anyone.

On the other hand, Cool Water is a smell that every woman seems to know. I first purchased a decant and it got me compliments like never before. So after that, I didn’t wait anymore to grab the full bottle!

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If you’re in the same room as someone wearing this fragrance, you will stand out from all other generic scents. Everyone who has smelled  Cool Water’s signature aroma gave compliments on how good the smell is.

So, for complements, any of these two scents will work. I’d say Cool Water is more popular and mass appealing. But If you prefer a safe choice, go with Nautica Voyage.


Both of the colognes are perfect for casual and formal occasions, but if you’re looking to wear one during a specific time period like Summer or Spring then it’s important that they match your desired attire.

As with most things in life though this isn’t always so easy because Davidoff Cool Water smells more mature than Nautica Voyage–it is also much better suited for work environments where no one would have a chance to get offended by your cologne.

Nautica Voyage can also go as an office scent and in casual seasons. However, its more youthful feel means it won’t work well at either black tie events or nightlife where people want something elegant with their attire.

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While Cool Water can go for any occasion and be worn in most environments from the office to daily life; Voyage will always feel more appropriate when you’re going casual because of its Spring/Summer vibe with elegant floral notes coming through on top.

The difference between the two colognes is that Nautica Voyage has a more playful and sexy scent while Davidoff Cool Water smells more mature. The versatility of each fragrance also varies depending on your preference.

If you are going out for drinks or work then it’s better to wear something lightweight. In that case, any of these colognes will do the job.

So, what’s the bottom line?

With the versatility of Nautica Voyage, it can be worn casually or at work. But if you’re looking for something more “mature” then Cool Water would fit your needs better; though they both have a place in every man’s wardrobe!

Value for Money

It’s not just about how expensive a cologne smells; it also has to do with why we buy them.

You want something that will last all day or at least multiple hours and still smell good afterward, in which case

Davidoff Cool Water Vs Nautica Voyage both are worth the money because they’re under $30 each!

Both of these fragrances are really affordable. So if you like this type of aquatic scent, I‘d suggest getting both of them and use for different occasions.

As there’s no significant price difference, both of these colognes will provide the same value for your money.

Overall Scent

Looking for an incredible fragrance to wear each and every day? Cool Water is just the one you’re looking for. It has the potential to become your signature scent.

But there is a problem with Cool Water. See, the DNA of this citrus masculine ambroxan scent has been replicated in so many colognes in the market that it has become a very familiar smell.

Even some big names in the fragrance industry have made colognes inspired by Cool Water.

If you’re looking to add a signature showstopper cologne to your collection, Cool Water could be the one.

Our Final Verdict

Both of these fragrances are popular, and both of them are equally versatile. And it’s really tough to call for a winner here.

If I had to choose between these two, I would pick Cool Water over Nautica Voyage. It is one of the most superior cologne I’ve ever sniffed, and every bit of it feels premium.

The choice is in Your Hands.

As I said before, the ultimate comparison depends on you.

Since both of these colognes are massively popular, I’d suggest getting decant or sample bottles of them and try out on yourself to see which one you like the most. Then you can commit to the full bottle.

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Please vote on which cologne you think is better in the pole/comment section. And suggest which fragrance battle you wish to read next, and I’ll get on it.

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