Azzaro The Most Wanted Vs Versace Eros [Know Who Wins]

Written By Zarin Tasnim

My younger brother bought samples of Azzaro The Most Wanted and Versace Eros and asked me to determine which one would suit his preferences.

Honestly, their similarities were interesting, and it was tricky to determine the differences.

So, I did a proper sniff test and analyzed their composition to help him choose one that was suitable for him. My analysis really helped him.azzaro-the-most-wanted-vs-versace-eros

If you also want to clear out your confusion between The Most Wanted and Eros, go through this write-up.

Clash Of Scents: Azzaro The Most Wanted Vs Versace Eros

Azzaro The Most Wanted

Main Notes: Cardamom, Toffee, Amberwood

Azzaro The Most Wanted is a masculine amber-spicy blend that embodies sensuality, kindness, and luxury in its sedative aroma. This positive attention-luring scent came to the market in 2021.

This cologne is layered with three notes only, but their overall fusion creates a charming sensation that becomes more pleasing with time.

From an eroticism-evoking opening to a rich sensational base, this stunner works as a staple in the realm of men’s fragrances.the-most-wanted-azzaro

Also, its 8+ hours of longevity and minimum 6 feet radius sillage will make a notable mark about your presence. Thus, even though the retailer showed many similar colognes to Azzaro The Most Wanted, my brother got its sample.

Versace Eros EDT

Main Notes: Mint, Green Apple, Lemon, Tonka Bean, Ambroxan, Geranium, Madagascar Vanilla, Virginian Cedar, Atlas Cedar, Vetiver, Oakmoss

I call Versace Eros the ideal scent for every man! Its minty and lemony fresh opening, aromatic heart notes, and luxurious woody-vanilla blend in the base make a perfect balanced cologne that can elevate your manly vibe in every way.

The creative vision of perfumer Aurelien Guichard has given this fragrance both a gentlemanly and bold aura. Thus, it influences the affectionate gaze and seductive senses in every whiff.versace-eros

This 2012 release lasts over 10 hours. Also, the hypnotizing sillage and projection speak about its reputation as one of the best-smelling Versace colognes.

I have given a basic idea regarding the two fragrances. And it asserts their admirable features that are too wonderful to resist.

So, now get into the thorough comparison of Azzaro The Most Wanted and Versace Eros:


Any fragrance can begin the story of love at first sniff if the opening is charming enough. So it’s actually a crucial part of every perfume.

Azzaro The Most Wanted has cardamom as the top note. Its smell isn’t only spicy, but there is a subtle lemony and minty hint to it.

Overall, the starting phase of The Most Wanted is very seducing.

Meanwhile, the opening of Versace Eros unfolds an enlivening vibe with the presence of a cooling minty aura layered with lemon’s citrusy sensation.

Moreover, its candied apple notes give the scent a luscious-fruity aroma that evokes the feeling of delight and charm in the first few minutes.

Both colognes smell very charming on the first sniff and will easily make anyone enjoy them.

Yet, I loved the unique opening of Azzaro The Most Wanted due to its unique starting accords.

Projection & Longevity

Both Azzaro The Most Wanted and Versace Eros give outstanding performances.

I sprayed Azzaro The Most Wanted on my clothes and pulse points. After 8 hours, I could easily get a prominent whiff of it from my skin. Also, the longevity was a bit lower on clothes.

When my brother used this cologne, Its aura radiated quite well in the entire room. However, after 3 hours, the scent projection became fairly weak.

Conversely, Versace Eros lasts over 10 hours effortlessly. Sometimes, it goes up to 12-14 hours, depending on the weather and environment.

Plus, this scent projects heavily. It emits so intensely from the body that your presence will easily make a remarkable impression on the surroundings.

Considering the mentioned points, when it comes to choosing a fragrance with better projection and longevity, I will count on Versace Eros.

Compliment Factor

Doesn’t it feel so good when someone praises the way you smell? We all love positive attention, and for that, a nice-smelling fragrance is very necessary.

The Most Wanted by Azzaro is a well-loved cologne. Its fruity-vanilla like smell, in combination with the spicy and dark resinous notes, truly adds some value to your presence.

However, its over sweetness can often turn cloying to the nose.

At the same time, Versace Eros is a compliment magnet. Its playful and invigorating aroma adorned with the mass favorite vanilla dry-down easily sparks charm and turns heads.

My fiance uses Eros, and he gets a significant amount of praise at the office and parties whenever he uses this.

In fact, this scent is so appreciated that users often look for the similar colognes to Versace Eros, in order to find a budget friendly alternative of this ageless charm.

Honestly, both the fragrances are equally praiseworthy. But Azzaro can be a bit nauseating sometimes.

Thus, Versace Eros remains one step ahead in holding compliments due to its balanced composition.


Azzaro The Most Wanted unleashes a lovely sensation that speaks sophistication, elegance, and allure from the first spritz. Hence, it will suit any environment, from the office to hitting the bar at midnight with the boys.

Due to its gourmand touch, this cologne is best fitted for the colder times of winter and fall. Also, it’s a potential option for date night.

In contrast, Versace Eros is drafted in a way that its aura will suit any weather. The opening notes will work effectively in any hot weather, and the rich vanillic dry-down will enhance your winter outlook.

Not only can this scent be used in formal or casual settings, but also women can apply this due to the aromatic doses.

Two of the colognes are pretty much versatile except for the weather and gender aspects.

So, it is clear that Versace Eros offers more versatility in its aroma.

Value For Money

It’s time to explore what these two colognes offer in exchange for the amount we pay.

Azzaro The Most Wanted is widely available in two sizes. A 50 ml flacon of the scent costs $98, and a 100ml bottle is priced at $114.

Conversely, Versace Eros is sold in three sizes. A 50ml version of the fragrance is labeled for $75. Then, if you want a bigger size, then the 100ml and 200ml flacons are there, too. They are charged $96 and $130, respectively.

Although there isn’t much disparity in price, Eros remains one step ahead of The Most Wanted, given the aforementioned aspects.

Hence, Versace Eros wins for giving comparatively a better value for money.

Overall Scent

Now, I will give an elaborate view of the overall scent of the fragrance. It will help you to reach an optimized decision.

As I sprayed Azzaro The Most Wanted, it released a spicy smell of cardamom. Its zesty, camphor tone gave the scent a sensual vibe.

As the core unfolds, toffee adds a gourmand touch, infusing a sweet and caramel-like hint. Plus, it will make you smell very luxurious.

Finally, The base flourishes with amberwood’s woody-ambery aroma. In this phase, it emits a balsamic aroma that gives the scent a deeper edge when it dries down.

In parallel, Versace Eros opens with a cooling, minty aura layered with a refreshing citrusy hint of lemon.

Plus, apple’s candied touch gives a deliciously, enchanting vibe to everyone around you.

In the core, I can sense a zesty smell of tonka bean enhanced by ambroxan’s creamy-musky facets. Also, geranium adds a charming floral aroma along with its rosy nuance.

As the scent evolves on the skin, gradually vanilla starts to produce a rich-creamy aura. But, I profoundly perceived the spicy nature of vanilla there.

Cedar produces an engrossing woody sensation in this phase, along with vetiver’s chypre twist, which lingers for a prolonged period.

In my view, the dry-down stage of Eros is more enriched and dark compared to that of The Most Wanted. But there is a balanced addition of playful and bright accords.

My brother wanted a combination of strong and luminous notes.

As a result, I liked the diverse nature of Versace Eros as the cologne gives a different vibe throughout its lasting span.

Final Verdict

If you want to create a soothing yet bold impression, I suggest opting for Versace Eros. Its harmonious blend with the loud and cheery notes creates a captivating representation of your personality.

Contrarily, look no further in case you prefer to smell luxurious. The gourmand twist of Azzaro’s The Most Wanted will symbolize your manly attribute in a sophisticated way.

The Most Wanted and Eros evolve differently, and their aura gives a soothing and uplifting experience to the senses.

Although both of the colognes have a good reputation as the best party kings, the versatility, complement-grabbing attributes, and performance give Versace Eros a superior scent profile.

This article will help you discard the aromatic puzzle and choose the fragrance that suits your liking.

That’s all for today, keep me updated about your decision. Goodbye.

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