Versace Eros Vs Spicebomb Extreme [Battle Of The Best]

Written By Easmin Akter

Spicebomb Extreme and Versace Eros are two of today’s most sought-after designer colognes. While one is considered the world’s sexiest cologne, the other is the king of allure.

Which one should you make your next signature fragrance, then?

To save you from such a struggle, I’m going to compare these two masterpieces thoroughly in this article.versace-eros-vs-spicebomb-extreme

So, stay put, and you’ll surely find out the more worthy one between Spicebomb Extreme and Eros.

Clash Of Scents: Versace Eros Vs Spicebomb Extreme

Versace Eros

Main Notes: Mint, Green Apple, Lemon, Tonka Bean, Geranium, Madagascar Vanilla, Cedar, Vetiver, and Oakmoss

With an extremely charismatic composition, Versace Eros came to the spotlight in 2012. Aurelien Guichard designed this youthful cologne with some fresh, refined, and sensual spicy-woody notes.

Throughout the composition, Versace Eros offers a strong, energetic vibe that starts with minty freshness and finishes with the woodiness of cedar.

Meanwhile, rich, creamy vanilla, along with the smoky, spicy tonka bean, stays quite prominent during the dry-down.versace-eros

Moreover, I believe its captivating smelling tone is the reason why Eros has been in the hype for a prolonged time period. Also, due to its long-lasting attributes, my husband chooses Eros for most of his winter-time parties.

Spicebomb Extreme

Main Notes: Vanilla, Tobacco, Cinnamon, Cumin, Lavender, Bourbon Whiskey, and Saffron

Released in 2015, Spicebomb Extreme by Viktor&Rolf evokes a bold and seductive aura without making it overwhelming.

This mass-appealing fall-time cologne is a combined work of Carlos Benaim and Jean-Christophe Hérault. I must say, they did a fabulous job at creating a fragrance that easily brings out the sexy and charming nature of men.

Spicebomb Extreme has a spicy, woody, amber-like composition that is both refined and alluring.

From the beginning, I smelled its rich vanillic tone along with the smoky tobacco nuances. Bourbon whiskey’s booziness just adds more seductive qualities to the aroma.

Furthermore, this Viktor&Rolf fragrance is so massively popular that numerous brands launched colognes similar to Spicebomb Extreme.spicebomb-extreme-by-viktorrolf

Well, both fragrances are immensely hyped and smell awesome with their premium composition. Then, which cologne would be the best choice for you?

Here’s the side-by-side comparison between Versace Eros and Spicebomb Extreme:


Eros by Versace opens with the cool, refreshing, and slightly peppery aroma of mint. Shortly after, some mouthwatering green apple nuances emerge to enhance the fresh tone.

Overall, its opening smells very bright and vibrant with a sweet, sour, lemony undertone.

Spicebomb Extreme, on the other hand, opens with strong, spicy notes among which cinnamon is the most prominent one. From early on, I could smell a little bit of vanilla and citrusy nuance behind the spices, which felt quite intriguing.

Soon, lavender’s fresh and refined undertone with black pepper’s spicy kick gives this fragrance a charming start.

I find both of the fragrance’s openings quite charming and addictive.

Still, I will make Versace Eros the winner here. Its opening smells more refreshing, while Spicebomb Extreme’s spiciness feels a bit heady to my nose.

Projection & Longevity

Versace Eros offers a strong projection and sillage. Its sweet, spicy, vanilla-scented aura will radiate up to six feet from you.

Other than that, Eros also has incredible lasting power. My husband said he got around 9 hours of longevity from it without any reapplication.

Meanwhile, Spicebomb Extreme projects broadly, which is enough to make an unforgettable impression on everyone. With more than 10 hours of longevity, it lasts a bit longer than Eros.

Plus, its refined, smoky, masculine sillage stays noticeable throughout the cologne’s life.

Simply put, you’ll get a great performance from both of these masterpiece fragrances.

But in my opinion, Spicebomb Extreme is slightly better in terms of longevity, as it usually lasts a few hours more than Versace Eros.

Compliment Factor

Spicebomb Extreme and Versace Eros are the ultimate compliment magnets, which is the reason for their massive popularity among all the frag heads.

To find out the better compliment gainer, my husband wore both Spicebomb Extreme and Eros on different day and night-time occasions. And as per him, he got praised for smelling nice each time he went out.

However, people, especially the girls, seem to like the sweet, spicy, woody aroma of Eros slightly better, as he got more compliments wearing it.

Well, this doesn’t mean that Spicebomb Extreme can’t pull compliments. Its luxuriously spicy tobacco aroma attracts women, but not as much as Eros.

In my view, they both smell immensely captivating and pleasing. And you’ll turn heads no matter which one you choose to wear.

It’s just that Eros gets more compliments as it comes with a classic mass-appealing composition.


When you adore a cologne, you feel like wearing it whenever you want. But any fragrance can smell offensive or even cloying if not worn on the right occasion or weather. So, knowing the adaptability of your loved scent is quite important.

Versace Eros is pretty versatile. Its fresh, woody aroma perfectly suits any casual parties or meet-ups during the spring, fall, and winter days. Also, this fragrance is fresh and light enough to use on summer nights.

Eros is actually a good cologne for college guys due to its young and playful vibe.

On the flip side, Spicebomb Extreme has a deep, sweet, cozy tone that beautifully complements the colder months. You can make it your signature winter scent. I particularly enjoy its warm and sensual aura on my husband while we are on our romantic night-outs or dates.

In my opinion, Spicebomb Extreme is too evocative and intense for summer-time or formal use.

So, when it comes down to versatility, Eros has the upper hand, as you can use it finely throughout the year, but can not do the same with Spicebomb Extreme.

Value For Money

Being best-selling fragrances from two different designer houses, both Spicebomb Extreme and Eros lean towards the pricier end.

Apparently, Versace Eros is available in different sizes. Its 50 ml and 100 ml bottles are priced around $75 and $96, respectively. Recently, my husband bought a 200 ml bottle, which cost him around $135.

But, Viktor&Rolf’s Spicebomb Extreme is only available in one size, which is a 90 ml bottle with a high price tag of $134.

So, not only does Eros offer more size options, but it is also a lot cheaper than Spicebomb Extreme. Plus, there’s not really that much of a difference in their quality.

Hence, considering its similar performance and better versatility, I would say Versace Eros offers more value for money.

Overall Scent

So far, I’ve compared these Spicebomb Extreme and Eros by Versace in several important aspects. And now it’s time to find out which one offers a better aromatic experience overall.

Let me begin with Eros, which smells fresh, sweet, and crisp with the harmonious blend of mint and apple.

Then, it slowly turns into a woody, spicy, ambery aroma with prominent tonka beans and ambroxan in the core.

To me, Eros smells extremely sensual and masculine as it reaches the dry-drown. Here, rich, spicy Madagascar vanilla brings in a cozy feel that gets even deeper with fresh, woody cedar and vetiver nuances.

Overall, Eros has an appealing aroma, but it’s not that unique and also smells slightly juvenile to me.

In the case of Spicebomb Extreme, its spicy opening smells a bit sharp, but it smoothes out with time as deeper and warmer notes start to show up.

The seductive combination of boozy whiskey and creamy vanilla gives the cologne a warm and refined core.

Finally, the dry-down appears, which is bold, masculine, and mysterious with smoky tobacco nuances. Its tobacco vanillic tone is so evocative and addictive that I can’t just resist sniffing it throughout the day.

Moreover, both fragrances will present you with a smooth and very captivating aromatic journey.

But as I see it, Spicebomb Extreme is manly, well-refined, and way more unique than Eros. So, when it’s about overall aroma, Spicebomb Extreme will be the winner for me.

Final Verdict

When it comes down to choosing one between the Spicebomb Extreme and Eros by Versace, it can be a really tough decision. Both smell excellent and fall among the all-time hyped colognes.

Well, I prefer Spicebomb Extreme as I love to sniff its refined, smoky-spicy aroma on my husband. It smells very tempting on a winter night.

So, if you need a mature, unique, and immensely seductive fall or winter-time fragrance, go for Spicebomb Extreme.

However, in case you want a fragrance that is more youthful, affordable, and comes with a great deal of versatility, Versace Eros will be the best choice.

So, just pick the cologne that suits you the most.

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