Phantom Parfum Vs Phantom [Know Which Worth The Hype]

Written By Zarin Tasnim

If you are super confused about the performance of Phantom Parfum and  Phantom from the house of Paco Rabanne, then don’t worry. You are in the right place.

I already had Phantom from my cousin’s collection, and recently, my boyfriend got the newly released Phantom Parfum.

Well, being a perfume fanatic, I grabbed the chance to make an authentic comparison between the two robotic flacons.phantom-parfum-vs-phantom

So, let’s begin and see who is the winner!!

Clash of Scents: Phantom Parfum Vs Phantom

Phantom Parfum Paco Rabanne

Main Notes: Cardamom, Lemon, Rhubarb, Bergamot, Lavender, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Tolu Balsam, and Haitian Vetiver.

Three perfumers, Juliette Karagueuzoglou, Dominique Ropion, and Anne Flipo, formulated the masterpiece Phantom Parfum in the year 2023.

This is an excellent, fresh, aromatic, spicy cologne that has an earthy, woody overtone to make it elegant and deep.

Not only that, the rich, woody vibe intensifies the aura with its lingering trail that feels so intoxicating. When you are looking for a perfect date night scent to make your day memorable, Phantom Parfum is a top-notch pick.phantom-parfum-paco-rabanne

Additionally, you can have a look at the colognes similar to Paco Rabanne Phantom Parfum to keep fragrances with a similar ambiance in your collection.

Phantom Paco Rabanne

Main Notes:  Lavender, Amalfi Lemon, Earthy Notes, Smoke, Apple, Patchouli, Vanilla, and Vetiver.

Paco Rabanne introduced the first cologne, Phantom, in the year 2021. The woody, aromatic scent is a unique formulation and always kept the hype up since its launch.

This playful, inviting aroma will blow your mind in every transition. Unfolding with refreshing, sharp, citrusy notes, the aura slowly loses its sharp edges as time passes by.

It holds a premium vibe and complements any of your occasion perfectly. Not only does it work as a compliment magnet, but also a mood booster on your hectic days.phantom-paco-rabanne

The note composition of Phantom is so exquisite that you can insert it in the list of most popular Paco Rabanne colognes if you want.

Though both Phantom Parfum and Phantom are blended with many similar accords, they still differ in a lot of aspects. Confused about which one to choose? Allow me to clear it out.

Let’s dive into the thorough comparison by keeping Phantom Parfum and Phantom side by side:


Well, starting with Phantom Parfum, the top comprises a spicy aromatic smell of cardamom mingling with a mouthwatering sweet, green aura of rhubarb.

Slowly, the lemon injects a good dose of zesty, tangy spark into the cologne, and the bitter, citrusy smell of bergamot makes the fragrance dark and mature.

Surprisingly, I can differentiate each of the notes in the opening, and to my nose, it’s a great mix of citruses and spices.

Moving to Phantom, I felt the opening greet me with a splash of citruses mingling with the delicate, sweet smell of lavender.

I really loved how the fresh green floral smell of lavender leaves an amazing creamy texture on my skin and makes me sniff my wrist throughout the time.

After spraying, you’ll feel the lemon on the top doesn’t feel overpowering or clinging to your nose.. Rather, it radiates a soothing, refreshing sensation till the end.

In my view, both of the colognes shine in their own way amazingly, but as I love fresh liner starts, Phantom’s refreshing opening attracts me more.

Projection And Longevity

When it comes to projection and longevity, Phantom Parfum is a game-changer.

Ever since my boyfriend bought Phantom Parfum. It never fails to amaze him with its great sillage and 8+ hours of longevity.

Also, the exquisite aroma offers a stronger projection that makes you noticeable within a 6-ft radius with just 2 sprays.

My partner makes Phantom Parfum his signature scent, and this addictive aroma ensures a lovely experience by making him the center of attraction at a party or on his special occasions.

On the contrary, I find the original Phantom a bit disappointing as it mellows fast and radiates at arm’s length.

Even though the projection of this cologne is moderate, the fresh, aromatic, and citrusy aroma of this cologne remains for only 5 to 6 hours on my skin.

So here, undoubtedly, the dominating one according to performance is Phantom Parfum.

Compliment Factor

It’s hard to find people who don’t like to get complimented on their fragrances. To me, nothing is more powerful than saying nice things to someone to make their day beautiful.

Apparently, Phantom Parfum and Phantom both have an appealing, catchy smell that will surely make your journey magical. And here’s the real kicker, which wins the battle.

Recently, my partner wore Phantom Parfum at a party, and surprisingly, as he entered the party, the intense aroma started to show its charm by hooking everyone’s interest in him, along with tons of compliments.

So, definitely, you can understand how intense the aroma is.

On the other hand, the mind-blowing, soothing aromatic Phantom combines an energizing green flash of lemon with ultra-creamy lavender.

My cousin shared that whenever he wears it at a party, it never fails to pull compliments, and girls literally appreciate and love the smell of it obsessively.

Since both of them bring an equal number of compliments, it’s a tie here.


In my opinion, everyone should select fragrances after looking at their versatility before wearing them in social places.

The dark, sophisticated profile of Phantom Parfum makes it suitable to wear in cold weather.

Spraying 2 or 3 pumps of Phantom Parfum on a beautiful spring evening or on a winter dinner date beautifully leaves a mark on your companion’s mind for a long time.

Moreover, you can also use it moderately during fall but avoid wearing it on hot summer days or formal setups as the sweetness feels overpowering and cloying when the fragrance mellows.

Meanwhile, I feel the fresh light opening and the sweet, creamy, mature dry down of Phantom is perfectly versatile to wear in any environment without thinking much.

On my skin, it shines best in the dry-down, ensuring the perfect warmth and sensual touch. This OG version feels much lighter and fresher, even with unusual notes that are seamlessly balanced.

This makes it perfect daily wear and inoffensive for casual outings on winter/fall or spring days. And to some extent, it’s wearable during summer evenings, too.

Also, whether you are heading to a nightclub or a friend’s party, you can adorn yourself with Phantom, and it will amazingly complement your special occasions as well.

So, in terms of versatility, the winner is Phantom.

Value For Money

Size variation is an important factor when you are on a tight budget but fall in love with the fragrance. It acts like a real saver as you can get the aroma at a lower price if you can’t afford the big size.

So, keeping that in mind, Phantom Parfum launched its fragrances in 4 different sizes: 50 ml, 100 ml, 150 ml, and 200 ml.

You’ll have to pay $176 for the largest size and $135 for 100 ml.

Also, if that falls heavy on your wallet, you can grab a 50ml bottle at $102 dollars easily.

Conversely, you’ll get Phantom with 3 types of flacons: 50 ml, 100 ml, and 150 ml. That costs $86, $114, and $143 dollars respectively.

Although Phantom comes with a relatively lower price and stands equal in achieving compliments, Phantom Parfum offers excellent longevity and projection.

So, by offering better value, Phantom Parfum wins the battle here despite having a higher price.

Overall Scent

After knowing the performance of Phantom Parfum and Phantom, let’s start our journey to its detailed smelling profile.

Starting with Phantom Parfum, the top spreads a citrusy, spicy hint of cardamom and bergamot. The green, fruity, yet sweet aura of rhubarb is an added bonus that creates a dark, mature vibe in the beginning.

A few moments later, the blend of earthy patchouli and crispy woody cedar takes a perfect masculine turn in the core. You’ll love that on your beloved.

Also, a gorgeous dose of lavender radiates a creamy, sensual vibe, ensuring a new dimension to the aroma as it settles more.

Finally, in the dry down, the harmonious vanilla, the smokey, dusty vetiver mingling with the balsamic smell of tolu balsam gives a sweet, smooth finish.

On the flip side, Phantom’s opening has a bright, luminous, lemony overtone and the subtle freshness of floral lavender.

The starting feels amazing to me as the dominating star ingredient, lavender, is my all-time favorite. Plus, you’ll sense the powdery-woody aura of lavender from top to bottom in every transition.

Then, gradually, the core emerges with an earthy, smoky vibe that amplifies the herbal aroma of patchouli and the refreshing fruity smell of green apples.

In the base, as the fragrance mellows, I love the twist of vanilla mingling with lavender. Besides, vetiver creates a soapy yet clean ambiance, keeping the freshness intact throughout.

In the upshot, if you love this sweet, fresh-smelling aroma and looking for some colognes similar to Paco Rabanne Phantom, then have a glance without thinking twice to enjoy their majestic fusion.

Overall, as Phantom is more versatile, praiseworthy, and offers a fresh vibe, I’ll say the overall scent of Phantom is more alluring.

Final Verdict

Now, you already know all the nuts and bolts about Phantom Parfum and Phantom. I think both of them are worth trying.

However, if you love to have a seductive, mature vibe in your fragrances, that will perfectly go with your sophisticated, elegant personality. Phantom Parfum will surely be your jam.

But if you wanna keep your decency and love fresh smell, then the well-known and basic Phantom should be your signature pick.

So, grab the one that suits you best, and let me know in the comment box about your experience.

Till then, goodbye!

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