Perfumes Similar To La Belle JPG [Must Try Clones 2024]

Written By Easmin Akter

I’ve been using La Belle for the last 2 years. And recently, I got the urge to try something new but couldn’t get out of my attraction for La Belle.

Hence, I tried its so-called dupes in the market, but only a few of them were able to live up to my expectations.

Now, in this write-up, I’m gonna share all my findings so that you can also have a similar experience at a budget-friendly price.perfumes-similar-to-la-belle-jpg

So, stay put!

What Does La Belle Jean Paul Gaultier Smell Like?

La Belle Jean Paul Gaultier has a refreshing fruity smell of pear with a sweet, aromatic hint of floral notes. It gets classier with a subtle leathery touch in the core. Finally, the amber, vanilla, and vetiver combo creates a captivating and elegant sensation in the base.

Quentin Bisch and Sonia Constant composed this massively popular Jean Paul Gaultier perfume, and it was released a few years back in 2019.

Now, to understand its aroma better, here’s the breakdown of notes present in La Belle by Jean Paul Gaultier:

Top Notes: Pear and Bergamot

Middle Notes: Floral Notes and Leather

Base Notes: Vanilla, Vetiver, Amber and Musk

La Belle begins with the juicy, crispy blast of pear. A citrusy undertone from bergamot supports the aquatic tone of the pear, making it more inviting for warm days.

Pear is one of the main notes in this perfume and stays noticeable throughout the fragrance. However, soon, the floral notes, along with a rich, powdery sense of leather, give depth to the perfume.

Vanilla is another prominent note here and appears when the fragrance dries. The sweet, spicy boldness of vanilla melds perfectly with the warm, woody amber and musk.

Meanwhile, with a subtle powdery tone, vetiver makes sure to add a dose of glamour and attractiveness to the base.

Overall, I will describe La Belle as a sweet, fruity, intense, bold vanilla ambery perfume that you can wear on almost any day of the year.

This perfume is unbelievably versatile and can be worn easily on any day or nighttime occasion.

Now, let’s talk about the performance of this best smelling Jean Paul Gaultier perfume. Its projection is moderate, but the sillage is quite strong. And impressively, it lasts on my skin for 12 hours.

However, my husband finds this perfume very sexy. So, if you need to enchant your man with your classy, sweet aura, this is a perfect choice.

What Perfumes Smell Similar To La Belle JPG?

La Belle by Jean Paul Gaultier is one of the best versatile perfumes in my collection. However, after using this gorgeous fragrance for a long time, I can relate its smell to a few of my other possessions.

Plus, due to its never-ending hype on the internet, several dupes of La Belle are easy to find.

So, in this segment, I’m gonna describe all the similar and worthy fragrances that I think can be a good substitute for La Belle.

Here’s the best smell-alikes of La Belle Jean Paul Gaultier:

1. Sultry Pear Eau de Parfum Zara


Top Note: Pear

Middle Notes: Almond and Jasmine

Base Notes: Vanilla and Praline

Sultry Pear Eau de Parfum by Zara is a great, affordable substitute for La Belle. This fragrance also has a bold, aquatic, fruity, vanilla aroma but presents it in a sharper and more unique way.

Released in 2023, I think this dupe offers 80% similarity to the original.

Sultry Pear EDP opens up with the juicy sweetness of Pear. Even though citruses aren’t listed in the notes, I found its opening a bit soury.

As you let it settle on the skin, it gradually becomes refined with the nutty, sweet almond essence in the core. Jasmine then adds up to create a comfy, sweet bubble around you.

In the end, it gets a sweet, gourmand, kinda caramel-like character from vanilla and praline.

In a word, I consider Sultry Pear EDP as a lighter and fresher version of La Belle JPG. It starts brightly but soon becomes a skin scent that lasts around 6 hours.

When To Wear

Except for the extremely hot summer days, you can wear Sultry Pear in all kinds of events throughout the year.

Why Should You Buy

  • Very reasonable price.
  • Almost identical to La Belle.
  • Good value for the money.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Unique nutty twist.

2. Far Away Beyond Avon


Top Notes: Pear, Pink Pepper, Cacao Pod, and Bergamot

Middle Notes: Cedar, Orange Blossom, Jasmine, and Milk Cream

Base Notes: Madagascar Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musk, and Whipped Cream

Another fragrance that I think has the sweet, pear La Belle DNA is Far Away Beyond by Avon. At an amazingly cheaper price, this perfume offers a unique and very alluring composition that can easily make you stand out.

The first whiff of Far Away Beyond has a sweet, fruity tone of pear. It becomes more invigorating with the subtle spicy twist of pink pepper.

Suddenly, the refreshing opening aroma takes a woody, aromatic turn in the core. It becomes smoother and lactonic with a blend of cedar with some floral and milk accords.

Vanilla and sandalwood add a rich, powdery, sweet tone. Finally, it settles with a warm, musky base and smells extremely attractive on the skin all day long.

This perfume is a room filler, and only a few sprays are enough to give you a strong, classy sillage.

When To Wear

Far Away Beyond is perfect for any date night or casual outings in the fall or winter.

Why Should You Buy

  • Over 12 hours of lasting power.
  • Pocket-friendly.
  • Vast projection.
  • More sensual and aromatic.
  • Smooth and classy dry-down.

3. Jimmy Choo Fever Jimmy Choo


Top Notes: Plum, Litchi, and Grapefruit

Middle Notes: Heliotrope, Vanilla Orchid, Jasmine, and Orange Blossom

Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Benzoin, Coffee, Hazelnut, and Sandalwood

If you’re looking for a sweet but classy La Belle replica within your budget, go for Jimmy Choo Fever. The noses behind this trendy perfume are Nathalie Lorson and Honorine Blanc.

An aquatic, soury-sweet mix of tropical fruits gives the fragrance a refreshing and upbeat opening. This juiciness doesn’t last long as soon its rich, powdery, floral core will evoke a romantic feel in you.

Heliotrope and jasmine smell extremely gorgeous together.

During the dry-down, vanilla, Tonka, and benzoin will give you a sweet, creamy, and smoky experience that lasts for almost 6 hours.

I personally like to wear this intense and captivating perfume on romantic dates or girls’ night outs.

Additionally, I love its aroma so much that I have already tried a lot of fragrances in a similar style to Jimmy Choo Fever.

When To Wear

Jimmy Choo Fever can make your casual events in the fall or winter more glamorous.

Why Should You Buy

  • Versatile and engaging.
  • Enormous projection.
  • Great lasting power.
  • Evokes a sensual, romantic vibe.
  • Top-notch quality.

4. La Belle Le Parfum Jean Paul Gaultier


Top Note: Pear

Middle Notes: Tonka Bean and Jasmine

Base Note: Vanilla

Well, if you need a worthy dupe at a similar price range, try La Belle Le Parfum by JPG. Composed by the same perfumers, this intense flanker of La Belle came to the market in 2021.

When I first tried, I immediately sensed the fruity, aquatic DNA of the original. The juiciness of the pear is quite prominent in the opening.

Even though this version isn’t as bold as La Belle, it still gives a seductive and enchanting vibe throughout.

As it progresses, the texture changes beautifully. Unlike the OG, this fragrance has a spicy, woody tone from tonka and jasmine in the core. It makes the fragrance smoother and more subtle.

The perfume gets heavier and sweeter in the base with creamy vanilla. It also presents a powdery hint that gives a sensual and lavish feel for around 10 hours.

When To Wear

I think the smooth, dark, flirty nature of La Belle Le Parfum is perfect for any nighttime occasion in cold weather.

Why Should You Buy

  • Warm and expensive aroma.
  • Seductive appearance.
  • High-quality.
  • Well-rounded.
  • Strong sillage.

5. Pear & Vanilla Nuancielo


Top Note: Pear

Middle Note: Vetiver

Base Note: Vanilla

Pear & Vanilla by Nuancielo is another sexy, fruity vanilla fragrance that I think can easily replace the expensive La Belle.

This replica was released in 2020. Its composition is very simple and linear, yet it resembles the OG in each and every layer.

In the beginning, the aquatic, fruity splash of pear will give you a refreshing, post-shower feel. Afterward, vetiver in the heart adds a fresh, earthy green vibe to the sweet pear opening.

When the perfume dries with an intense creamy vanilla aroma, it starts to smell more like La Belle. In the end, its spicy, powdery undertone channels a sexy, elegant sensation.

It’s pretty long-lasting, as you’ll get about 10 to 12 hours of longevity and strong sillage from a few sprays.

When To Wear

You can wear it to any casual parties, clubbing, or dates during the chilli nights of fall, winter, or spring.

Why Should You Buy

  • Worth the price.
  • Strong sillage.
  • Classy, feminine aroma.
  • Sensual vanilla accord.
  • Refreshing opening.

6. Hypnôse Lancôme


Top Note: Passion Flower

Middle Notes: Jasmine and Gardenia

Base Notes: Vanilla and Vetiver

Within the similar amber vanilla category, Hypnôse by Lancôme is a great replacement for La Belle.

Even though it was launched back in 2005, people still look for this gorgeous blend or other perfumes that smell similar to Lancôme Hypnôse.

Instead of pear, passion flower gives the tropical fruity vibe in the opening. Gradually, it presents a passionate, feminine touch with gardenia and jasmine in the core.

The fragrance becomes more gorgeous and alluring when the creamy, rich vanilla emerges during the dry-down. With the fresh, earthy, woody touch of vetiver, it smells extremely captivating.

Overall, I would say Hypnôse gives about 60% La Belle vibe. Additionally, on my skin, it stays up for about 10 to 12 hours with strong sillage.

When To Wear

Hypnôse can be your signature or casual scent for hazy winter or fall days. It smells great in the early springtime, too.

Why Should You Buy

  • Rich and seductive vanilla tone.
  • Good projection.
  • Oriental and gourmand hint.
  • Fresh, tropical opening.
  • Balanced sweetness.

7. Mon Numero 1 L’Artisan Parfumeur


Notes: Mimosa, Pear, and Vanilla

Mon Numero 1 is one of the most underrated alternatives of La Belle Jean Paul Gaultier. Bertrand Duchaufour beautifully created this perfume with some rich and premium accords.

From the first sniff of Mon Numero 1, I could only smell the fresh aquatic nuance of pear. I also get a subtle tangy undertone that goes side by side with the sweetness without overpowering it.

The sweet, powdery mimosa hits the nose a few moments later and smells really gorgeous and seductive.

Still, now, it behaves like a sweet, invigorating girly aroma. But as the fragrance starts to settle, it suddenly turns into a pretty, elegant, ladylike scent.

I love the vanilla here. It’s sweet, creamy, sensual, and feels spicy from time to time. You can sense its lingering aroma on your skin for the whole day.

When To Wear

This is more like a spring perfume, but you can use Mon Numero 1 on any casual outing in the fall or summer, too.

Why Should You Buy

  • Subtle and well-balanced vanilla tone.
  • Bold pear opening.
  • Soothing and comforting aroma.
  • Addictive dry down.
  • Mimosa adds a classy twist.

8. Scandal A Paris Jean Paul Gaultier


Top Note: Pear

Middle Note: Jasmine

Base Note: Honey

If you wanna pull off a powerful and head-turning aura, nothing can be better than Jean Paul Gaultier’s Scandal A Paris. It is a sexy, fruity, and extremely elegant option for modern ladies.

The start of Scandal A Paris may seem a bit odd or too bold for you. But trust me, as it develops, the juicy sweetness of pear gets better and more pleasing when combined with the green, indolic hint of jasmine.

Its base is the part that my husband finds most attractive in this fragrance.

Here, the well-defined honey gives a warm, gourmand, cozy, and balanced sweetness.

It won’t smell as intense as La Belle by JPG, but you’ll definitely find its sweet, sensual DNA in Scandal A Paris. Plus, it lasts longer, so surely this is a good substitute for me.

When To Wear

Scandal A Paris is extremely versatile and can be worn on both casual or formal occasions at any time of the year.

Why Should You Buy

  • Lovely and powerful honey accord.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Alluring and classy aroma.
  • Sweeter than La Belle.

Final Thoughts

La Belle by Jean Paul Gaultier is an outstanding blend of cheering, elegance, and seductiveness. People still love this perfume for its versatility and impressive performance.

So, finding a worthy substitute won’t be an easy task to do.

But you can definitely rely on the list that I’ve compiled after trying a bunch of similar fragrances.

So, whether you need a cost-effective or longer-lasting La Belle clone, just check out the list, and you’ll get it.

And if you have any more related queries, let me know in the comment box.

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