Perfumes Similar To BDK Velvet Tonka [Attractive Dupes]

Written By Mousumi Tani

As Valentine’s Day is knocking at the door I thought of presenting my mom with her favorite perfume, Velvet Tonka by BDK, and celebrating the day with a sweet gesture.

Although this perfume’s smell feels appealing, I found the only issue that overshadows it from being a masterpiece is its expensive price point.perfumes-similar-to-bdk-velvet-tonka

Sounds like a deal breaker for you? Don’t worry I have found several affordable dupes of Velvet Tonka that will give you a similar, gourmand sensation.

So, stay tuned as I’m going to share all my findings through this article!

What Does BDK Velvet Tonka Smell Like?

Velvet Tonka by BDK is a gorgeous tempting aroma that opens with a creamy, nutty smell of almond and orange blossom. At the core, rose’s sensual aura mingles with smoky tobacco that continues to enchant you before settling on a warm, sweet woody base of amber, tonka, and vanilla.

In 2021 BDK released this floral fragrance. Whenever you wear this its cozy velvety touch will wrap you and ensure a magical feel during snowy winter.

Perfumer Alexandra Carlin formulated this composition with some exquisite seducing elements that give you an olfactory delight, making your feminine nature more vivid and appealing to all.

Let’s see the note pyramid of BDK Velvet Tonka for a clear concept:

Top Notes: Almond, and Orange Blossom

Middle Notes: Tobacco, and Rose Oil

Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Bourbon Vanilla, Amberwood, and Amyris

As soon as you spray this perfume an angelic sweet aroma of orange blossom and nutty, creamy almond will greet you in its dreamy world.

Slowly, rose oil reveals its velvety touch in its core making it rich and intense. Even though it feels heavy for a bit, don’t worry the mild presence of tobacco prevents it from drifting into an overly sweet perfume.

In the dry down the delicious powdery aroma of vanilla and tonka coats your skin with its comforting touch.

Meanwhile, the woodsy nuance of amberwood and the milky aspects of amyris together leaves an aroma that is full of unparalleled velvetiness and sensuality.

This perfume gives a nice sweetness to the skin that lingers for 8 to 10 hours. Plus its sillage and projection are also good enough to make everyone aware of your elegant presence.

However, apart from its hefty price tag some people find its sweet notes a bit overpowering sometimes. Therefore many of them often look for the closest substitute for Velvet Tonka with a more settled aroma.

Thinking where you can find them? Just go through the following section and you’ll find your answer.

What Are The Perfumes Similar To BDK Velvet Tonka?

Once you experience the heavenly composition of BDK Velvet Tonka you know how difficult it is to recreate the same elegant vibe.

While searching I found a lot of companies offering lower prices but barely a few of them can match or provide the quality of the original one. So here I have jotted down the best 6 clones to ease your quest.

Let’s check out my alternatives of Velvet Tonka by BDK Parfums:

1. Shaghaf Oud Tonka Swiss Arabian


Top Note: Almond

Middle Notes: Cinnamon, Turkish Rose, and Tunisian Orange Blossom

Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Vanilla, and Amberwood

During the search process, I have seen a lot of people often compare Shaghaf Oud Tonka with BDK Velvet Tonka. Well after trying I couldn’t deny the fact they had a great resemblance.

As I sprayed Shaghaf Oud Tonka it captured my senses with a creamy, sweet aura of almonds.

In the heart, the symphonic powdery smell of rose and orange blossom creates an alluring sensation that’s amplified by the dusty, sweet waft of cinnamon.

As the fragrance mellows vanilla spreads a cheerful vibe which becomes more pronounced when nutty-gourmand tonka bean joins. Later, amberwood generates a warm woody hint that lasts for 8+ hours with a notable sillage.

I found this amber vanilla perfume very smooth and well-performing like Velvet Tonka. So if you are on a budget this could be your perfect savior.

When to Wear

Shaghaf Oud Tonka is a beautiful gourmand perfume that shines best in winter and fall. You can also wear it at night parties, hangouts, or casual occasions during early spring.

Why Should You Buy

  • Offers a cozy and comforting vibe.
  • Highly addictive and sensual perfume.
  • Affordable price point.
  • Excellent longevity.
  • Very smooth and refined composition.
  • Radiates up to 8 feet.
  • Smells very rich and luxurious.

2. Velvety Tonka by The Dua Brand


Top Notes: Almond, and Orange Blossom

Middle Notes: Tobacco, and Rose Oil

Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Bourbon Vanilla, Amberwood, and Amyris

Want to smell elegant but unwilling to pay huge bucks? Then give Velvety Tonka a try. And the best part is with this inspired clone you never have to compromise any quality and performance.

Like the OG it also unfolds with the nuttiness of almond and floral sensation of orange blossom.

After a couple of minutes, the perfume starts to wrap you in a smoky hint of tobacco where rose oil fuels up the whole ambiance with a sweet balmy touch.

With the creamy smell of tonka bean and vanilla’s effortless merging, this perfume emits a tempting aroma in the dry down.

In the meantime, amber wood joins its sweet melodic journey evoking a similar woody sensation that lasts for 6+ hours with a decent scent trail.

When to Wear

From snowy winter to warm summer you can inoffensively wear this sweet-woody dupe throughout the year. But I prefer to wear it during colder months before going to the office every day.

Why Should You Buy

  • Best replica of Velvet Tonka.
  • Stays within budget.
  • Warm and cozy dry down.
  • Provides moderate to strong sillage.
  • Suitable for both casual and formal setups.
  • Versatile and easy to carry.

3. Bois Doré Van Cleef & Arpels


Top Notes: Black Pepper, and Mineral Notes

Middle Notes: Vanilla, Almond, Tobacco, and Cedar

Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Teak Wood, and Musk

Bois Doré by Van Cleef & Arpels is another iconic replacement for Velvet Tonka that stuns me with its well-balanced lactonic delight. It was launched in 2017 and the nose behind this amazing creation is Fabrice Pellegrin.

In the opening of this perfume, the mineral notes add some metallic quality to jazz up your olfactory senses. After a while when black pepper showed up it made the opening even more striking.

While the fragrance develops, vanilla slowly emerges at its core where tobacco and almond infuse some deep and dark character that helps you to look bold and sharp.

Finally, the leading player tonka bean comes to the limelight mingling with the woodsy nuance of teak wood. Musk also leaves a sensual aroma that makes your presence appealing to your partner during snowy nights.

I think what makes this more unique is the way the mineral notes merge and shift this perfume slightly away from the gourmand vanilla territory.

So if your nose is tingling for something new yet contains a similar DNA to Velvet Tonka, this perfume is a must-try.

When to Wear

The sweet almondy, tonka bean gives Bois Doré an addictive, gourmand vibe that will make your winter or fall date nights more intimate.

However, I don’t suggest using it with formal outfits but if you want try to spray a bit less.

Why Should You Buy

  • Outstanding for date night and special events.
  • Seamless blend of vanilla,tonka, and almond.
  • Fresh-spicy opening.
  • Last for 8 to 10 hours.
  • Nicely resembles BDK’s Velvet Tonka.
  • Gentle yet captivating sillage.
  • Offers good value for the price.
  • Doesn’t feel overwhelming.

4. Joop! Le Bain by Joop!


Top Notes: Aldehydes, Orange Blossom, Bergamot, and Lemon

Middle Notes: Sandalwood, Jasmine, Cedar, Rose, and Lily-of-the-Valley

Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Amber, Musk, and Patchouli

Now let’s talk about my fourth substitute Joop! Le Bain. This perfume offers a more aromatic, perfumey feel than Velvet Tonka.

Though I didn’t get a strong comparison to Velvet Tonka until vanilla and tonka evolved fully in the drydown, I liked how it delights my senses with its appealing unique ingredients.

In the first sniff, I got a strong aldehyde aroma laced with a citrusy hint of bergamot, lemon, and orange. It feels pretty strong and overwhelming.

Well if the opening puts you off, give it some time to develop. Perhaps your decision might change in a good way.

Its core has a perfect balance between flowers and wood. Here the powdery touch of rose and jasmine complements the woody warmth of cedar and sandalwood, making your feminine trait more vivid.

Then comes the mesmerizing dry down. In this settling phase, you will find the vanilla-tonka duo shining throughout the time.

Besides, musk and patchouli add a new earthy-musky smell that lasts for 10 hours that gives you a more fresh and captivating feel than OG.

When to Wear

Joop! Le Bain performs magnificently during colder weather. This dupe makes your winter outings and bonfire nights more comforting. Also, its fizzy, bright aspects in the opening make it easily wearable in spring evenings.

Why Should You Buy

  • A stunning option for gourmand smell lovers.
  • Fruity-floral opening.
  • Interesting price point.
  • Brings out your strong feminine side
  • Smells rich and elegant.
  • Performs satisfactorily.

5. Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle Dior


Top Notes: Orange Blossom, Ylang-Ylang, and Rose

Middle Notes: Orchid, Tuberose, and Green Notes

Base Notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musk, and Woody Notes

Whenever it comes to selecting a perfect date night fragrance, I always make sure it has a good dose of floral allure along with other sensual ingredients.

Do you prefer the same? If yes, then you can blindly rely on this amber floral alternative called Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle.

This perfume’s top hooked me with the aromatic, floral bouquets of rose and orange blossom. Instead of almond, ylang-ylang gives it a creamy texture, reminding me of the opening of Velvet Tonka.

Its heart also has a gorgeous dose of florals. At this phase, the delicacy of orchid, tuberose, and green notes will give you a heavenly feel and wrap you in a nice scent bubble.

Ultimately the perfume settles down leaving a woody-musky trail on the skin and vanilla makes a smooth, powdery weave that lingers for eternity on clothes.

Furthermore, OG Hypnotic Poison and fragrances similar to it are also excellent. You can give them a try if you want to explore this lineup further.

When to Wear

Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle is a nighttime perfume that elevates your feminine allure at special dates and parties in winter. Every time I wear this my man goes crazy on me and never fails to compliment me beautifully.

Why Should You Buy

  • Soothing white floral core.
  • Has a delicate, feminine aroma.
  • Phenomenal lingering sillage.
  • Provides eternal longevity on clothes.
  • Mass appealing.
  • Has a strong seducing power.
  • Highly complimented by men.

6. Italica (2021) Xerjoff


Top Notes: Milk, Almond, and Saffron

Middle Notes: Toffee, and Bourbon Vanilla

Base Notes: Sandalwood, and White Musk

Before talking about Italica (2021) by Xerjoff let me inform you this is a premium alternative to BDK Velvet Tonka.

Starting with milk and almond this fragrance’s soothing creamy, lactonic touch will greet you gently in its sweet, gourmand realm.

Besides, you’ll also get a delicate aroma of saffron to spice up your elegant feminine hunch.

At its core toffee and vanilla are the showstoppers. This duo creates a warm delicious aroma evoking a lustful desire in your beloved and makes him come closer during any romantic encounters.

Once the perfume mellows the sandalwood and musk draws a woody-musky trail that’s enough to fill a room with your intoxicating aura.

Thinking about its longevity?

Like many other similar perfumes to Italica (2021) Xerjoff, this one lasts for a long time. With just 2 to 3 presses you can relish this scent for 12 hours. And the best part is due to its unisex trait anyone can wear this.

When to Wear

Italica is undoubtedly a top-notch pick for any dressed-up, gorgeous event of winter and fall. I found this fragrance is more suitable for occasional wear as it might be overwhelming for formal setups.

Why Should You Buy

  • Dominating almond and toffee accords.
  • Premium substitute of BDK Velvet Tonka.
  • Smells gorgeous on ladies.
  • Leaves an elegant and sophisticated impression.
  • Excellent sillage to seize people’s attention.
  • Unique and refined aroma.
  • Stunning and attractive packaging.
  • Well-liked by both genders.
  • Perfect for the holiday season.

Wrap Up

In the upshot, the things that hooked me most about BDK Velvet Tonka are its lovely aroma and the way it feels. The texture is soft and smooth enough to give you a luxurious feel throughout winter.

But when you want to get the same vibe with some unique twists consider trying the alternatives I shared above.

From premium to affordable you’ll get it all here. So pick the one that suits your taste and enjoy every bit of your femininity.

Knock me in the comment box for any queries. Till then, take care!

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