Mugler Alien Goddess Vs Intense [Know the Differences]

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Last Christmas, my husband got me an Alien Goddess by Mugler. Ever since I have been in love with this amber floral perfume.

Recently, I heard about the intense version called Alien Goddess Intense that suits every season and tried it before buying. And I noticed the diversity they are holding despite having the same DNA.

In this context, I will elaborate on the differences I have found, including the similar properties between Mugler Alien Goddess and Intense.mugler-alien-goddess-vs-intense

So, keep up to know the updated details.

Clash Of Scents: Mugler Alien Goddess Vs Intense

Alien Goddess Mugler

Main Notes: Coconut Water, Bergamot, Jasmine, Heliotrope, Bourbon Vanilla, Cashmeran

With powdery, woody, and floral accords, Alien Goddess is a strong, powerful, and artistic perfume that has a blend of outstanding notes to spark your feminine energy.

In 2021, Nathalie Lorson and Marie Salamagne created this unique and challenging aroma, and it was an instant hit.

With just a few sprays, it lasts 6 to 7 hours on the skin. But if you apply it to your clothes, you will get more coverage and longevity to enjoy your evening outings. I wear it on parties and dates with my best friend and husband.

Mugler Alien Goddess gives a creamy coconutty feel along with tanginess. But for me, the slightly sweet nuance of coconut water is game-changing.

It gives a lighter and more summery aura that I adore. And slowly, the floral goodness comes through, which converts into a rich, smooth vanilla tone that stays until the end. For vanilla lovers, it’s heaven in a bottle.

And you will be impressed with the elegant falcon for sure, not to mention the light-gold color liquid that flourishes more during the days of summer and spring.alien-goddess-mugler

Overall, Alien Goddess has its impact, and I will clearly add this enjoyable perfume to the list of best-smelling Mugler perfumes for women. Let me know how you feel about it.

Alien Goddess Intense Mugler

Main Notes: Coconut, Bergamot, Jasmine, Jasmine Tea, Vanilla, Benzoin, Cashmere Wood

Alien Goddess Intense is the intense version of Alien Goddess, which came to the market in 2022.

This delicious scent was also formulated by Marie Salamagne and Nathalie Lorson.

It stays on for 6 to 8 hours, and the best part is it’s wearable for most seasons. Fall and summer is the most suitable time. And its aroma becomes more intense during the night.

The topical nutty flavor of coconut and bergamot makes it an ideal summer choice. Slowly, the silky tone of jasmine becomes the overpowering note.

Here, the base is quite different and gives a more rich and bold vibe that I felt gave me a boost of confidence. And with a reasonable price range, it’s worth buying as its projection and longevity are mindblowing.

So, to enjoy your femininity in a more bold and majestic way, you can rely on Alien Goddess Intense by Mugler.alien-goddess-intense-mugler

Insofar you have the core information about these masterpieces, now I will give you the factors that differentiate these perfumes from each other.

Here is my thorough comparison between Mugler Alien Goddess and Alien Goddess Intense:


When I love the opening of any fragrance, I tend to buy it as the first impression means a lot to me.

The top combination of Alien Goddess stands out with its tangy bergamot and mild freshness of coconut water mix. I never imagined coconut water could be used in perfumery until I tried this amazing perfume.

It soothes my nerves as soon as I spray it on my wrist.

On the other hand, Mugler Alien Goddess Intense has the same ingredients in a different version.

Here, you will sense the tropical tone of coconut, which blends with the citrussy touch of bergamot perfectly. It’s more bright and projects really well.

It’s clear that the Alien Goddess is mild, and the Alien Goddess Intense is more aromatic.

So, the winner of the best opening is Alien Goddess Intense Mugler.

Projection And Longevity

Longevity and projection are essential to test out how well-made a fragrance is. If it doesn’t last, it’s a waste of money.

Mugler Alien Goddess has moderate lasting power. It lasts around 5 to 6 hours without any reapplication. I always take it with me if I have to stay out for longer.

And its projection is not bad, but it’s limited. The same goes for its sillage. Only those who are closer to me can sense my perfume.

On the contrary, Goddess Intense also comes with moderate longevity. When I applied it, it lasted 6 to 8 hours and had a reasonable projection.

So, here, Alien Goddess Intense is the clear winner.

Compliment Factor

Would you buy a perfume that doesn’t smell appealing or get you a single compliment? I don’t think so.

I have personally used both of these aromas, and let me tell you my experience.

Mugler Alien Goddess projects well and also lasts for 6 hours; thus, whenever I use it, the first compliment I get is from my husband. He loves this scent on me. And at several parties, many came and asked me about my perfume.

Conversely, the time I tried Alien Goddess Intense, it sure got me attention. And I turned heads on the way home with its 8 hours of longevity and moderate sillage.

Now, the question is, which one is better?

In my opinion, The Goddess Intense has the upper hand in terms of compliment factor.


My friend loves Alien Goddess Intense Mugler, and she also tried other perfumes that smell similar to Alien Mugler, the first edition of this line.

When she visited me, our conversation gave me a lot more information. Among them, versatility came along, and now I will share what we both agreed on.

The Goddess is mainly suitable for summer and spring. It has a refreshing opening and lighter notes, so it suits the warmer days’ humidity. I also wear it during spring and autumn.

I tried it in winter, but it didn’t go very well.

In the case of Goddess Intense, it’s versatile, as you can wear it all year round. My friend says she enjoys this amber floral fragrance, whether day or night. During fall and summer, it flourishes exceedingly. In winter and spring, it’s also wearable.

Now, it’s evident that Alien Goddess Intense Mugler is the most versatile perfume here.

Value For Money

Now, let’s compare the price range of Alien Goddess Mugler and Alien Goddess Intense.

Alien Goddess comes in four sizes. It starts with a 30 ml bottle that costs $89, a 60 ml bottle costs $150, a 90 ml bottle costs $180, and a 100 ml refill bottle costs $142.

Meanwhile, Goddess Intense provides three flacons. The 30 ml is 89 dollars, the 60 ml is $150, and the 90 ml will cost you $ 180.

So, you can see that the two Goddesses have the same price range. However, considering other key factors above, the intense version is the winner regarding the value for money.

Overall Scent

The overall scent of any perfume is a crucial factor to notice before buying. Because, there are many on the market that open with a wow factor but fade away quickly, leaving an ordinary effect.

Alien Goddess comes with a super infusion of mildly sweet coconut water with the citrusy freshness of bergamot.

Then, its olfactory journey meets with the alluring hint of jasmine and almond-smelling heliotrope. Its hazy aura is light and mood-lifting. And every time I wear it, my mindset stays positive, and that reflects on my behavior.

Finally, you will sense the sweet richness of vanilla that tunes with the soft, woody, musky, and diffusive coziness of cashmeran.

It feels like a soft woolen blanket is wrapped around me, protecting me from all the negativity. I love that Goddess is easygoing and can use it in fall and winter as well.

Alternatively, Goddess Intense opens with the stimulating mixture of coconut and bergamot.

It brings out a milky, fruity, nutty tone, which sharpens after the bitter, citrusy essence comes along. After a few more minutes, the core of this head-turner merges the opulent smell of jasmine with the fantastic fresh tone of jasmine tea.

Ultimately, the balsamic, resinous hunch of benzoin makes the harmonious blend of sweet vanilla and musky, sensual cashmere wood more vivid and attention-seeking.

This fierce composition has caught the interest of bold perfume lovers, and without any doubt, it’s moderate sillage enough to serve you well.

So, which one is the winner here?

The clear answer is Alien Goddess Intense. Its aroma is alluring and intense yet gives a heartwarming vibe from the start until the end.

Final Verdict

When it comes to smelling like a million-dollar diva, Alien Goddess, and Alien Goddess Intense are hard to beat. They are sophisticated yet boozy at the same time.

If you want a beautiful-smelling perfume with more sizing options, a reasonable price range, and moderate longevity that will amaze others, you can rely on Alien Goddess Mugler.

And to fulfill your desire for an all-year-round perfume within your budget, Alien Goddess Intense Mugler is the right one for you with its moderate longevity, excellent projection, and compliment factors. And its overall scent is praisable too.

So, choose your Mugler Alien perfume and thank me later when all eyes will stay on you. Till then, take care!

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