5 Fragrances Similar To H24 Herbes Vives Hermès [2024]

Written By Easmin Akter

Being the new fragrance of the town, the hype of H24 Herbes Vives is now at its peak. This scent carries the most unique combination of green and fruity notes that gives a longer-lasting freshness.

However, this popular release hasn’t yet been readily available in many countries.fragrances-similar-to-h24-herbes-vives-hermes

And, for those who can’t get their hands on this new gem, I’m gonna present you with a list of similar-smelling alternatives in this write-up.

So, let’s get started!

What Does H24 Herbes Vives Hermès Smell Like?

In January 2024, Hermès launched the H24 Herbes Vives as a flanker of their previous bestseller, H24. This new composition offers a fresh, energetic smell with an aquatic, fruity pear core and a cool, vivifying base with high-tech Physcool®.

With Christine Nagel’s beautiful composition, this fragrance mimics the refreshing essence of nature.

Now, let’s take a look at the sensational note profile of H24 Herbes Vives:

Top Note: Herbal Notes

Middle Note: Pear

Base Note: Physcool®

The opening of H24 Herbes Vives has such a refreshing herbal tone that it reminds me of wet roadside bushes after the first rain of the year. Here, the herbal notes are well-balanced and soon create a green background for the fruity elements.

Pear is the heart of this scent and gives the composition a sweet, watery, and immensely stimulating texture.

I was pretty excited to find out how Physcool® would smell here, as Hermès is the first brand to use this unique cooling element in a fragrance.

And in my opinion, Christine Nagel did her best in balancing the notes. Because its dry-down prominently gives a cool, refreshing vibe without any bitterness underneath.

Plus, due to Physcool®, the revitalizing freshness of H24 Herbes Vives lasts for a really long time.

And if you wanna try fruity, green, and enigmatic compositions like this one, jump to the next segment.

What Fragrances Smell Similar To H24 Herbes Vives Hermès?

Being the latest Hermès release, H24 Herbes Vives is somewhat hard to find. Keeping that in mind, I’m giving you some alternate fragrance options that offer a comparable aroma to this new Hermès scent.

Here are the closest-smelling alternatives of H24 Herbes Vives by Hermès:

1. Un Jardin Sur Le Toit Hermès


Notes: Grass, Red Apple, Rose, Pear, Rosemary, and Magnolia

My first pick is another fresh and clean Hermès fragrance, Un Jardin Sur Le Toit. Jean-Claude Ellena composed this optimistic scent back in 2011.

It’s not as unique as H24 Herbes Vives, but the juicy, herbal freshness is definitely there, along with a floral twist.

In the first spray, it will give you a green, grassy freshness with a fruity undertone.

As it develops, the fruity sweetness gets stronger and green notes start to set in the background. To give the aroma a pleasant and energetic texture, the core combines sweet, juicy apple and crispy pear notes.

It finally settles down, getting some rich, seductive nuance of rose. In the end, rosemary gives the fragrance an earthy, herbal finish.

Simply put, the fresh, green aroma Un Jardin Sur Le Toit reminds me of a dewy, spring morning.

Well, its performance is a bit of an issue as it lasts on my skin only for 6 hours with intimate sillage. But considering the price and quality, this can be a pretty good dupe for H24 Herbes Vives.

When To Wear

I see Un Jardin Sur Le Toit as a perfect spring or summer scent, due to its refreshing fruity tone. It’s better to use in casual daytime activities, but you can also wear it to the office or even on romantic spring dates.

Why Should You Buy

  • Budget-friendly pricing.
  • Smells almost 70% close to H24 Herbes Vives.
  • Elegant and minimalist composition.
  • Suitable for both genders.
  • Natural smelling pear accord.

2. Higher Dior


Top Notes: Pear, Basil, Lemon, and Peach

Middle Notes: Cypress, Rosemary, Cardamom, and Pepper

Base Notes: Musk and Cedar

Many frag heads anticipated H24 Herbes Vives as Hermès’s take on the classic Dior freshie Higher. Well, their anticipation was quite right as Dior Higher does share a lot of similarities to H24 Herbes Vives.

This mesmerizing cologne opens with a fruity pear aroma, seamlessly blended with lemon and peach. Basil then adds a green, refreshing touch, while making the opening more invigorating and enjoyable.

After a while, the scent reveals its spicy, herbal heart with a harmonious mix of rosemary, cypress, and cardamom.

Finally, musk and cedar give the cologne a sophisticated and mature dry-down that stays on the skin for over 8 hours. Plus, I find its sillage and projection ability quite impressive for a designer fragrance.

Though this alternative leans towards the pricey end, its performance and quality won’t disappoint you for a bit.

When To Wear

Dior Higher conveys a cooling, refreshing aroma that will make you feel energized during the warm summer or spring days. Though you can wear it on any occasion you want; I think it works better as a casual daytime scent.

Why Should You Buy

  • Sensual and attractive aroma.
  • Fresh and clean opening.
  • Well-balanced fruity accords.
  • Longer-lasting than H24 Herbes Vives.
  • Seductive woody base.
  • Reviving watery, green undertone.

3. Herbae L’Occitane en Provence


Top Notes: Bergamot, Pink Pepper, and Ambrette (Musk Mallow)

Middle Notes: Blackberry, Nettle Blossom, Nettle, Rose Hip, and Clary Sage

Base Notes: Grass, Musk, Honey, Cashmeran, Wheat, and Coumarin

Herbae by L’Occitane en Provence is a gorgeous fruity, floral green composition. Though this fragrance is spicier and a little bit more complex, its cooling fresh aroma somewhat reminds me of H24 Herbes Vives.

Herbae starts off with a clean and reviving burst of green notes. The pink pepper and zesty bergamot smell balances the greenish tone while enhancing its freshness.

The core is the part where this fragrance resembles H24 Herbes Vives the most. Here, you’ll feel a clean, floral, herbal aroma creating a pleasing ambiance, along with the fruitiness of blackberry.

Finally, the aroma settles with a rich, musky wheat base. Also, silky, woody cashmeran along with the seductiveness of coumarin, gives a luxurious closing to it.

Overall, Herbae could be a good alternative to H24 Herbes Vives, especially when you need a fragrance with high quality and rich character.

When To Wear

Herbae develops better when the skin is slightly warmed up under the heat of summer. As I perceive, its classy, refreshing aura perfectly complements spring day activities, lunch dates, or romantic morning walks with your lover.

Why Should You Buy

  • Clean and reviving aroma.
  • Beautifully layered.
  • Over 7 hours of longevity.
  • Projects strongly during the summer.
  • Brings in compliments.
  • Boozy, woody twist in the end.

4. Pear Glace Victoria’s Secret


Notes: Pear, Cassis, Aloe Vera, Violet, and Chamomile

In my opinion, Pear Glace by Victoria’s Secret is the only fragrance that perfectly replicates the cooling Physcool® tone of H24 Herbes Vives.

Launched in 2010, this Victoria’s Secret fragrance opens with the intense and sparkling freshness of pear. Soon, cassis and aloe vera join up, adding a green and somewhat sharp nature to it.

This fruity pear aroma with a subtle green undertone is the core DNA of  Pear Glace, which you’re going to feel throughout the aromatic journey.

Well, the composition may seem a little bit linear to smell, but it’s actually not. With powdery violet and chamomile, it becomes profoundly rich and addictive during the dry-down.

Overall, it’s a bold, aquatic, green perfume that you can use seamlessly on any occasion or outing.

Anyway, I get around 6 hours of longevity from its EDT version and around 3 hours from the body mist. Both are affordable, so just pick the type of formulation according to your preference.

When To Wear

Pear Glace would be perfect for everyday use in the summer or spring days. I’ve worn it on our late spring vacation and parties as well, and its fresh, fruity aura beautifully complemented all the outfits I wore during those days.

Why Should You Buy

  • Low price point.
  • Brilliant for daily wear.
  • Versatile and addictive dupe for H24 Herbes Vives.
  • Fun and sensual composition.
  • Lights up the mood.

5. Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger


Top Notes: Mint, Bergamot, Grapefruit, and Lavender

Middle Notes: Granny Smith Apple, Cranberry, and Rose

Base Notes: Cotton Flower, Cactus, and Amber

Tommy from the fashion house of Tommy Hilfiger would be the perfect pick if a high-end and classy H24 Herbes Vives dupe is what you want.

My all-time favorite perfumer, Alberto Morillas created this gorgeous fragrance decades ago in 1995.

Despite being a vintage composition, its fresh and vibrant aroma is nothing less than today’s modernized formulations such as H24 Herbes Vives.

This refreshing substitute opens with a soothingly green mint aroma having a spicy, citrusy undertone. With a crispy apple note, it becomes fruity in the core.

You’ll also feel an airy, green vibe underneath due to the presence of rose and lavender.

The dry-down is pretty relaxing with amber, while the cactus keeps its green, refreshing nature prominent till the closing.

Overall, Tommy is a mass-appealing, fresh, aquatic fragrance that lasts for around 7 hours. Plus, the projection of this perfume is quite impressive.

When To Wear

Except for the cold winter, this fragrance adapts quite well throughout the seasons. Though it works fabulously as a casual scent, it’s non-offensive enough to wear at the office or other formal activities.

Why Should You Buy

  • Offers good value for the cost.
  • Classic fresh and clean composition.
  • Works as a compliment magnet.
  • Very versatile.
  • Gives off both a modern and vintage vibe.
  • Room-filling projection.

Goodbye Thoughts

H24 Herbes Vives became a social media sensation even before its release. That’s how hyped this Hermès scent is.

However, it doesn’t have any clones or replicas yet in the market.

Hence, in this article, I’ve discussed some fragrances that precisely mimic the fresh, green, fruity aroma while presenting it in a unique way.

So, just pick one or more from the list, and comment below for further queries.

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