Colognes Similar To Y Elixir Yves Saint Laurent [2024]

Written By Easmin Akter

Y Elixir by Yves Saint Laurent is one of the most hyped releases of 2024. Within a few months, this fragrance became the talk of the town.

And I instantly fell in love with it, when I tried this latest YSL cologne.

However, its fresh, spicy, lavender DNA reminded me of some other colognes that in my opinion would be great replacements for Y Elixir.colognes-similar-to-y-elixir-yves-saint-laurent

Hence, I’m gonna describe these bracing dupes in detail so that you can find the best one for you.

So, whether you need denser, fresher, or more affordable options, this article has everything for you.

Stay put!

What Does Y Elixir Yves Saint Laurent Smell Like?

Y Elixir by Yves Saint Laurent has a fresh, woody, spicy aroma. It smells luxurious with a soapy, clean lavender top and a flowery, sweet core of geranium. As the fragrance develops, frankincense adds warmth and smoothness, while oud makes the closing deep and sensual.

With Dominique Ropion’s unique composition, Yves Saint Laurent launched this fragrance as a woody, dark take on their bestseller YSL Y.

Now, let’s see the exceptional note profile of YSL Y Elixir:

Top Note: Lavender

Middle Note: Geranium

Base Notes: Frankincense and Oud

Y Elixir unfolds with the clean, fresh, spicy facets of lavender. Initially, the lavender gives a powerful soapy vibe, but it eventually smoothens up and becomes more pleasant with time.

After a while, the aroma becomes rosy and sweet with prominent geranium in the core. The heart also brings in a subtle green undertone that further elevates the refreshing quality of the composition.

The aroma finally settles with the cozy, ambery sensation of frankincense. Meanwhile, oud gives the dry-down a masculine and dense dimension.

Simply put, this fresh, spicy, woody blend will give you an amazing experience all year round. Also, you will get a solid 8 hours of longevity and arm-length sillage from it.

However, I find YSL Y Elixir pretty overpriced compared to its performance and aroma.

And if you wanna have a similar experience without spending much, try out the substitutes listed in the next segment.

What Colognes Smell Similar To Y Elixir Yves Saint Laurent?

Several other fragrances in the market evoke a fresh, soapy, woody aroma, quite similar to the latest YSL release, Y Elixir.

And, in this segment, I’ve disclosed only those alternatives that smell the closest and are amazing on their own.

So, let’s check out the best smell-alikes of Y Elixir by Yves Saint Laurent:

1. Fakhar Black Lattafa Perfumes


Top Notes: Apple, Bergamot, and Ginger

Middle Notes: Lavender, Sage, Juniper Berries, and Geranium

Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Amberwood, Cedar, and Vetiver

YSL Y L’Elixir doesn’t have any clones or replicas in the market right now. But if you need a cheaper dupe, I suggest trying Fakhar Black by Lattafa Perfumes.

Though it’s a bit spicier, I get a similarly woody, aromatic vibe from this long-lasting cologne.

Fakhar Black has a fruity, citrusy, slightly spicy opening with apple and bergamot at the top. Within a few moments, lavender emerges, adding a clean, soapy quality to the fragrance.

Instead of solely depending on lavender, the heart of this fragrance brings in a sophisticated blend of sage, lavender, and geranium.

Meanwhile, the juniper berry note enhances the breezy freshness by lending its piney green nuances.

Finally, amberwood and tonka bean mimic the warm, resinous sensation you get from Y Elixir. With a subtle woody, musky hint of vetiver and cedar, its classy, masculine base aroma lingers on the skin for the whole day.

Plus, its projection and sillage are so good that I could smell it on my husband even from a 6-foot distance.

When To Wear

Just like Y Elixir, Fakhar Black is an all-year wearable fragrance. However, with fresher attributes, I find its aroma more suitable for formal and everyday wear during the summer, spring, or fall.

Why Should You Buy

  • Incredible price-point.
  • Balanced and crowd-pleasing aroma.
  • Suitable for both day and night occasions.
  • Similar DNA as Yves Saint Laurent Y Elixir.
  • Girls find it quite intriguing.

2. Le Male Superman Eau Fraiche Jean Paul Gaultier


Top Notes: Mint, Aldehydes, and Neroli

Middle Notes: Sage, Clary Sage, Amber, and Woody Notes

Base Notes: Vanilla, Tonka Bean, and Sandalwood

Although it’s not a replica, JPG Le Male Superman Eau Fraiche is a mind-blowing cologne in the same fougere genre as YSL Y L’Elixir. Actually, I like its minty, fresh opening more than the soapy beginning of Y Elixir.

In my opinion, this cologne will be a perfect dupe for those who want a clean summer scent without the soapiness.

It also opens with a soft, dewy, fresh aroma without any dominating citruses. However, here, the opening brings in a sun-drenched floral sensation with a cooling hint of mint.

The core is nuanced with the hazy, spicy qualities of sage. It does have a sweet floral touch, but it’s not as strong as you get from Y Elixir.

Gradually, it gets sweeter and creamier with the arrival of vanilla in the dry-down. Along with amber and tonka bean, the base conveys a warm, seductive allure that stays up for over 8 hours on the skin.

Well, this is less expensive yet will offer you a better aromatic experience than Y Elixir.

When To Wear

The fresh, aromatic, vanilla smell of JPG Le Male Superman Eau Fraiche is best suited for casual or everyday use throughout the warmer months. However, it can elevate the richness of your formal get-up as well.

Why Should You Buy

  • Masterpiece composition by Natalie Gracia-Cetto.
  • Excellent choice for hot weather.
  • Good performance for a fresh scent.
  • Classy and addictive vanilla-tonka dry-down.

3. Y Le Parfum Yves Saint Laurent


Top Notes: Apple, Aldehydes, Grapefruit, and Ginger

Middle Notes: Sage, Lavender, and Geranium

Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Cedar, Olibanum, and Patchouli

If you have a limited budget, yet need a Y Elixir alternative without leaving the YSL realm, try Y Le Parfum. Being the predecessor, this fragrance has the same fresh, aromatic DNA, plus a spicy, fruity twist that makes this scent even better.

A harmonious blend of crisp apple, grapefruit, and ginger gives this fragrance a refreshingly spicy, fruity start.

Soon, you’ll feel a powerful lavender aroma creating a soapy, clean environment in the core. Meanwhile, sage and geranium give the core an effortless cooling vibe.

The fresh green vibe stays, while the dry-down brings in a warm, resinous feel with a blend of olibanum, tonka bean, and cedar.

Overall, Y Le Parfum will give you a fresh and then alluring cozy experience that you can enjoy throughout its 10 hours of longevity.

Additionally, for more affordable options, try low-priced colognes that smell similar to YSL Y Le Parfum.

When To Wear

Whether it’s a hot summer day or a cold winter evening, you can wear Y Le Parfum anytime you want. Plus, it’s so versatile that it goes nicely both with formal and casual events.

Why Should You Buy

  • Extremely adaptable aroma.
  • Offers an incredible value for the price.
  • Brilliant projection.
  • Fresh, masculine DNA.
  • Elegant and smooth dry-down.
  • Balanced woody, spicy composition.
  • Mass-appealing cologne.

4. Endymion Penhaligon’s


Top Notes: Lavender, Bergamot, Sage, and Mandarin Orange

Middle Notes: Coffee and Geranium

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Leather, Myrrh, Cardamon, Musk, and Olibanum

Well, if you need a Y Elixir smell-alike with extremely premium quality and with a more manly tone, try Endymion by Penhaligon’s. This wonderful spicy, ambery cologne was launched way back in 2003.

Just like Yves Saint Laurent Y Elixir, this fragrance opens with a powerful lavender aroma. However, it’s fresher and more lively with a fruity, citrusy undertone.

Slowly, the core brings in the sweet, floral tone of geranium along with the unique bitter-sweetness of the coffee.

It is the dry-down where the intriguing spicy, resinous accords finally come to life. Here, the fabulous mix of cardamom, sandalwood, and olibanum will give you a creamy, seductive feel till the closing.

Meanwhile, musk and leather add a mysterious tone that always makes me fall for this gorgeous Penhaligon’s fragrance.

Well, my husband wears it as his fall-time evening scent. And from this one, he got around 7 hours of longevity with moderate sillage.

However, Endymion is way too pricey. So, go for it if you love to wear luxurious colognes and don’t really have a budget issue.

When To Wear

Except for the extremely hot summer days, Endymion works excellently on any occasion throughout the year. So, wear it anytime you need to give off a classy gentleman vibe.

Why Should You Buy

  • Good for romantic events.
  • Rich and addictive aroma.
  • Can be a brilliant gift for your loved ones.
  • Contemporary masculine composition.

5. Lavender Illusion Viktor&Rolf


Top Notes: Black Currant and Finger Lime

Middle Note: Lavender

Base Notes: Pine and Musk

Lavender Illusion by Viktor&Rolf is a love-at-first sniff for me. I couldn’t stop sniffing it when I first tried it out a few months back. And interestingly, this fragrance shares similarities with YSL Y Elixir.

From my point of view, this cologne will do great as a muskier and less sweet alternative for the Y Elixir.

Staying true to its name, Lavender Illusion opens with a powerful soapy, clean sensation of lavender. Though black currant is listed at the top, I didn’t get its tanginess throughout the scent.

Rather, the opening has a subtle lemony undertone that adds a zesty vibe to the prominent lavender aroma.

Gradually, this addictive licorice lavender nuance gets stronger and somewhat smoother around the core. This is the part you’re gonna love the most as it’s fresh, yet has a soothing, warming vibe.

The aroma finally settles with the woody, animalistic smell of musk and pine.

Overall, this is a gorgeous fougere scent for me. Plus, this luxurious cologne stays up for over 8 hours.

When To Wear

To get the best experience, wear Lavender Illusion Viktor&Rolf at any casual or formal event during the spring and summer.

Why Should You Buy

  • Premium substitute for Y Elixir.
  • Good sillage.
  • Luxurious and mind-blowing aroma.
  • Classy, masculine dry-down.
  • Perfect for lavender lovers.

Goodbye Thoughts

Y Elixir is an excellent addition by YSL to the world of fresh fougere scents.

However, if you can’t get your hands on this lovely cologne right now, check out the dupes listed here. All of them offer great value along with impressive quality and performance.

What are you waiting for, just pick your suitable freshie from the list.

Happy shopping!

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