Burberry Goddess Vs YSL Libre [Choose The Best One]

Written By Easmin Akter

Even though Goddess and Libre offer two very different tones, my friend couldn’t pick one between them.

While Libre has already set its place with its mass-appealing and long-lasting aroma, Goddess’s hype is not even close to its ending.burberry-goddess-vs-ysl-libre

Hence, I compared them thoroughly in different facets to find the superior one. And I will compile my findings later in this article.

So, to know which one between Burberry Goddess and YSL Libre would be better for you, stay tuned.

Clash Of Scents: Burberry Goddess Vs YSL Libre

YSL Libre

Main Notes: Lavender, Mandarin Orange, Black Currant, Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Madagascar Vanilla, Musk, Cedar, and Ambergris

Libre is one of the most hyped perfumes from the house of Yves Saint Laurent. This legendary and mesmerizing fragrance is a combined creation of Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaim.

The word ‘Libre’ means freedom, and just like its name, the perfume expresses the freedom of modern femininity, obviously in a classy way.

This exquisite perfume starts with the spicy, aromatic tinge of lavender and dries down to a sweet, musky, woody tone.

Libre was released in 2019, and I love it for the unique and contrasting nature that it presents. To me, it is a fresh, warm, and extremely gorgeous fragrance that you can wear all year round.ysl-libre

However, as a designer perfume, this one is quite expensive. So, if you’re on a budget, try cheaper fragrances that smell similar to YSL Libre.

Burberry Goddess

Main Notes: Vanilla, Lavender, Cacao, Ginger, Vanilla Caviar, and Vanilla Absolute

Burberry released Goddess in 2023, and within a few days, it kinda blew the internet. Unlike any other Burberry fragrance, this perfume presents a bold vanilla gourmand tone.

Amandine Clerc-Marie composed this beauty by mixing several exotic vanilla accords with a spicy hint of lavender. And I must say, all together, it literally gives a Goddess-like feel.burberry-goddess

Its sweet, soothing, and extremely captivating vanillic tone makes the fragrance stand out from any other similar perfumes to the Burberry Goddess that has ever been created.

After the starter, now, let’s get to the main course, which is an in-depth discussion on different aspects of these two massively popular perfumes.

So, here is a detailed comparison between Burberry Goddess and YSL Libre:


Let’s start with Libre, which I’ve been using for years now. The starting of Libre is incredibly gorgeous, floral, and bold with lavender. Mandarin orange and black currant add a zesty hint, which smells more inviting during the warmer days of the year.

On the other hand, Burberry Goddess reached my heart right on the first spray. The top is unbelievably gorgeous and alluring, with a fantastic combo of vanilla and lavender.

I just adore its edgy, spicy touch of ginger that stays as a fizzy undertone beneath the intense vanilla essence.

So, both perfumes have a glamorous opening and smell fabulous in their own way. While Libre is much louder and sharper, Goddess is something that grabs your attention right at the moment.

Hence, I would say it’s a tie between YSL Libre and Burberry Goddess when it comes to the opening act.

Projection And Longevity

YSL Libre is a room filler. Even though it’s a clean composition, the presence of citrusy notes at the top makes the opening quite strong.

After projecting strongly for an hour or so, it settles with a sweet, musky-vanilla aroma that is noticeable within the 6-ft radius around the wearer.

The best thing about Libre is that its soothing, refreshing touch lasts for the whole day. I get around 12-plus hours of longevity from it, sometimes even more.

Goddess, on the other hand, actually disappointed me. It doesn’t stay long on the skin. I get max 6 hours of longevity from it.

After the initial spray, it projects moderately and soon becomes a skin scent that is barely noticeable. This means people can smell it on you only when they stay close to you.

So, when it comes to performance, YSL Libre is a clear winner here.

Compliment Factor

Libre is one of the most recognizable perfumes from YSL that everyone adores. From its elegant lavender opening to the sophisticated base, this perfume will enchant everyone around you.

And it was the same for me, I get a lot of positive comments whenever I wear this gorgeous fragrance. Plus, my husband finds it quite attractive.

On the contrary, Burberry Goddess has a lighter projection, but no matter where you go, people will still ask what you’re wearing. That’s how beautiful and alluring this perfume is.

Its rich vanilla tone beautifully develops, making the perfume a real head-turner.

If you ask me which one will get you more compliments, I will say both.

However, from my personal experience with them, I’ve found that people praise Goddess a bit more than Libre, as it smells classier towards the dry-down.


When you’re spending a hefty price on a fragrance, considering the perfume’s versatility is very important.

Libre is a soft, warm, and powdery kind of fragrance. So, winter, fall, and early spring are the best times to pull off this fragrance stunningly.

I’ve worn this perfume to weddings, formal meet-ups, casual parties, and even special dinners with my husband. And guess what, it smelled heavenly on each and every occasion.

So, in a word, Libre is adaptable to any kind of event all year round.

Meanwhile, Goddess is also a great pick for cold seasons but can also be worn in spring and summer.

It smells dreamy and enchanting but also has a subtle luxurious touch that makes it perfect for formal or dressy occasions. Plus, with the spicy, gourmand touch, Goddess fits perfectly on any romantic or casual night event.

In conclusion, both Libre and Goddess are versatile enough to serve you an attractive aura throughout the year.

Value For Money

Both Burberry and YSL offer fragrances with top-notch quality, which is reflected in their high-end price range.

YSL Libre is available in three different sizes: 50ml, 90ml, and 150ml bottles, and they are priced at $130, $155, and $194, respectively.

On the flip side, Goddess is only available in 100ml flacon, for which the brand charges $168.

So, as you can see, Libre is slightly more expensive than Goddess. However, Libre is very long-lasting, and only 4-6 sprays of it is enough for the whole day.

But in the case of Goddess, you may need to reapply it after a few hours.

Hence, regarding the value offered, I would say Libre has the upper hand.

Overall Scent

Last but not least, it is time to compare their overall aroma.

YSL Libre infuses a smooth, classy, attractive aroma throughout its lifetime. You’ll feel its elegance and coziness right from the start. And lavender is the star in this whole composition.

In the core, the sweet, airy nuance of orange blossom and jasmine creates an extra layer of sophistication that smells just amazing behind the aromatic lavender.

When it dries, sweet Madagascar vanilla, along with the mature, woody, musky tone, infuses a balanced ambiance. Overall, it is one of the best smelling Yves Saint Laurent perfumes for women.

When Libre comes with a heavy dose of lavender, Goddess is all about the different shades of vanilla. In the opening, it has a vanilla-dominating spicy aroma, which then transforms into a sweet, gourmand core with vanilla caviar.

In the end, vanilla absolute adds an extra layer of amazingness to this heavenly vanillic journey.

Both are equally gorgeous, which one is better then?

In my opinion, Goddess is the winner regarding the overall scent as it develops into a more refined and well-rounded aroma with time.

Final Verdict

YSL Libre and Burberry Goddess are both fabulous in their own territory. But when you need to pick one, I would say, choose according to your preference.

Libre is versatile, elegant, attractive, and extremely long-lasting. So, if you’re looking for a decent yet crowd-pleasing perfume that lasts for the whole day, this will be your ideal choice.

Meanwhile, the Goddess is the deity of all vanilla fragrances. So, if you’re into refined vanilla fragrances that no one can say no to, go for this Burberry perfume.

Plus, it is a pocket-friendly option for affordable perfume seekers.

Overall, both are premium, trendy scents from luxurious houses, so no matter which one you go for, you’ll love it as I did.

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