Burberry Goddess Vs Mon Guerlain [Choose the Best One]

Written By Nabila Lisha

After watching the hype of two alluring aromas, Burberry Goddess and Mon Guerlain, my sister requested to find the best one for her graduation ceremony.

Being a perfume enthusiast, this initially felt easy to me. However, while researching all the ins and outs, I found both of them chasing each other the whole time.

So, if you are perplexed, too. Then let me clear it out for you in this write-up and let you know the one I prefer most.


Let’s dive into the detail section!

Clash Of Scents: Burberry Goddess Vs Mon Guerlain

Burberry Goddess

Main Notes: Vanilla, Lavender, Cacao, Ginger, Vanilla Caviar, and Vanilla Absolute

Burberry unveils a splendid, unique blend Goddess in the year 2023. This aromatic perfume channels the strength of pride, igniting the power to find the self-confidence of a woman amazingly.

Amandine Clerc-Marie beautifully infused different types of processed vanilla, which is a treasured ingredient, to make this high-quality aura more appealing.

This pure vanilla-centric scent kicks in with a fizziness of ginger and subtle, smooth lavender in it. Plus, it offers an inviting, warm, cozy vibe during fall/winter days and nights with its amazing trail.

To me, this perfume has a sophisticated touch and stands uniquely on its own, which feels great for any kind of occasion.burberry-goddess

Additionally, if you love this enchanting aroma, there are lots of perfumes similar to Burberry Goddess. You can have a look to grab one that suits you.

Mon Guerlain

Main Notes: Lavender, Bergamot, Iris, Coumarin, Licorice, Rose, Tahitian Vanilla, Australian Sandalwood, Benzoin, and Patchouli

Mon Guerlain is an amber woody fragrance for women that came to light in the year 2017. The amazing noses behind this formulation are Thierry Wasser and Delphine Jelk.

A sweet, fluffy vanilla and lavender combo of this perfume is enough to captivate the people around you, even with a decent trail.

To me, Mon Guerlain feels like a slightly elevated and moderately sweet vanilla fragrance with a good dose of almondy coumarin and a slightly spicy and gourmand licorice in it.

The lovely blended composition is a great option for formal occasions, and this is best used during the fall and spring seasons.mon-guerlain-eau-de-toilette-guerlain

So, after knowing the preliminary details about both masterpieces, it’s high time to know how parallel they lie and which one wins the race.

Let’s get into the detailed comparison between Burberry Goddess and Mon Guerlain:


Actually, though the opening lasts for a short span, it plays a significant part in revealing the perfume’s story. And I feel the first impression matters a lot.

Initially, the start of the Burberry Goddess will ensure a strong, zesty vibe flourishing from the ginger. If you love a spark in your fragrance, then it’s undoubtedly an added spoon of jam on your bread.

Also, dusty chocolatey cacao and vanilla evoke a delicious aroma in the surroundings.

On the flip side, the best-smelling Guerlain perfume, Mon Guerlain, radiates a sparkling, citrusy smell in the beginning. The uplifting lavender and bergamot make the nerve soothing and relaxing at the first whiff.

It’s a sweet, stimulating vibe that radiates positivity throughout the entire time.

So, I think when you are looking for a bright, uplifting aroma on your tough days, the Mon Guerlain is the one to rely upon blindly. 

Projection And Longevity

While comparing the sillage and projection, I think both of them fall under the same shed, but in the case of longevity, they differ slightly.

Burberry Goddess radiates intimately and is able to grab the attention of people who are standing in proximity. Plus, it lasts on the skin for 4 to 6 hours, evaporating faster.

As this lasts for a short time, you have to carry an atomizer when you are thinking of a long-day tour. And this might feel like a hassle for some.

On the contrary, even with a moderate trail, Mon Guerlain gets a lot of applause due to its longevity. With this fragrance, you can enjoy a warm, inviting aroma for more than 8 hours effortlessly. Doesn’t it sound lucrative?

Overall, here, regarding the performance, I will say the clear winner is Mon Guerlain for its longevity.

Compliment Factor

You smell fantastic, what perfume are you wearing? Doesn’t that kind of compliment make you happy?

I’m pretty sure the answer will be yes.

Burberry Goddess and Mon Guerlain both have a strong, captivating power that can’t be denied.

Burberry Goddess showers huge compliments from the beginning, enveloping you with its smooth vanillic touch. That outstandingly weave a seductive vibe to the people at your arm’s length.

My best friend says it pulls a lot of head turns during her anniversary party, and her husband also never fails to compliment her on their special dates.

On the other hand, Mon Guerlain also feels great with its gentle, sensual trail of lavender and vanilla.

Although it radiates to give a room-filling projection, as it matures with time, it grabs fewer compliments than the Goddess.

So, in case of pulling compliments, I might stick to Burberry Goddess.


No matter how expensive perfume you wear, if you don’t think about the versatility before your purchase, you might end up with a bad experience.

Every perfume is blended for different occasions and seasons, and the perfumers ensure the best fusion by choosing appropriate ingredients to make it alluring.

So let’s explore which one to choose in what type of environment. Shall we?

In my experience, I found Burberry Goddess is more appropriate when you are heading out for a fall party or winter night out.

This goddess injects a perfect, warm, cozy vibe to the wearer, making you feel heavenly and pulling a lot of compliments on your special day.

On the contrary, Mon Guerlain feels much more versatile to me, as its subtle, fresh opening perfectly suits the warm days of summer and spring. Also, the interesting dry-down is great for the colder months.

You can wear this in any environment, from casual to formal, and it perfectly complements you in every situation.

So, if you ask me, I will undoubtedly say Mon Guerlain is the most versatile one among both due to its multifaceted composition.  

Value For Money

Besides the performance, sometimes price becomes the main obstacle before purchasing a fragrance.

And it’s a common thing to get disheartened after spending your hard-earned money on a fragrance that doesn’t perform well.

Apparently, both of the fragrances come in 3 sizes flacon, 30 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml.

I bought a 100 ml bottle of Goddess at around $168, while you’ll have to pay $129 and $100 dollars, respectively, for a  50 ml and 30 ml flacon.

Then again, if you look at the price tag of Mon Guerlain, it will charge you 155 dollars for a 100ml jar, along with great longevity and projection.

So, now it has become evident again that Mon Guerlain wins the battle in case of value for money.

Overall Scent

So far, you can understand how magnificently they perform in their own kingdom. Now it’s time to know their opulent-smelling experience in detail.

At first sniff, Burberry Goddess opens with a prominent aura of vanilla mingling with chocolatey, smokey cacao. You’ll also get a zesty hint of ginger in the back.

As the perfume mellows, the rich, syrupy smell of vanilla caviar evokes a sensual aura that feels fairly intoxicating in the core.

Here, the perfumer puts all his experience touch to make it elegant and seductive.

Slowly, as it settles more, you’ll get a warmth of vanilla absolutely dominating the base with its overpowering sweet trail.

However, this leaves an addictive aroma to keep your partner carried away with its cheerful, cozy ambiance during your intimate dates on a winter night.

In contrast, Mon Guerlain starts its journey with a simple, refreshing, and decent tone of lavender and citrusy bergamot.

In the heart, the delicate floral bouquet of angelic jasmin, powdery iris, and dewy rose infuse a perfect balance to give it a feminine hunch.

Then, the base arrives with a graceful composition of key element vanilla, collaborating with exotic patchouli, intense woody sandalwood, and coumarin.

I think its rich, unique blend makes it a great option to wear in any environment or occasion without hesitating or thinking much.

Moreover, you can also include perfumes similar to Mon Guerlain in your collection to enjoy the lovely smelling gesture whenever you want.

So here, if you like a deep, sensual aroma for your special days, go for Goddess, and if you want an inoffensive scent with great performance, I’ll vote for Mon Guerlain.

Final Verdict

In the upshot, I feel both Burberry Goddess and Mon Guerlain deserve a shout-out for their mesmerizing aura. And it is tough to pick between these two gems.

However, after testing them thoroughly, I think Mon Guerlain steps a bit ahead due to its lasting power and adaptability and slightly lower price point.

But if you want a compliment queen that is sensual enough to mesmerize the people around you, then pick the new hype of the town Berberry Goddess.

I have shared all the authentic details here. So, now it’s your turn to pick the one that suits your personality.

Keep me updated with your experience in the comment box.

Till then, Goodbye!

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