Burberry Goddess Vs Alien Goddess [Battle of the Queens]

Written By Nabila Lisha

Burberry Goddess and Alien Goddess are the two most popular deities in the perfume realm that captivate the world with their charm.

Choosing one between these duos is quite challenging because where Burberry Goddess offers a lucrative price tag, Alien Goddess presents an amazing scent composition.

Now, you may think, which option will be best for you, right?

Don’t worry. I’m here to resolve your dilemma by describing all the essential aspects of these two queens that will help you select the superior one.burberry-goddess-vs-alien-goddess

So, stay tuned!

Clash of Scents: Burberry Goddess Vs Alien Goddess

Burberry Goddess

Main Notes: Vanilla, Lavender, Cacao, Ginger, Vanilla Caviar, Vanilla Absolute.

Burberry Goddess is an aromatic fragrance that was launched in 2023 for women. Amandine Clerc-Marie formulated this fragrance by using different types of vanillic accords with innovative, woody, spicy hints.

From top to bottom, you will perceive the strong, rich, syrupy scent of vanilla trio and be beautified with the luminous tint of lavender.

Basically, it’s like the actual vanilla Goddess of every perfume lover. It’s the new gem for those who wanna enchant others with the sweet gourmand aura. The sensational perfume radiates the belief, maturity, and elegance of modern women.

This newbie has already marked its place among all the fragrance enthusiasts’ hearts by spreading mass-pleasing aroma and noticeable performance.burberry-goddess

Due to its rich scent formulation, perfumers already produced enormous perfumes similar to the burberry goddess.

Alien Goddess

Main Notes: Coconut Water, Bergamot, Jasmine, Heliotrope, Bourbon Vanilla, Cashmeran.

Alien Goddess by Mugler is the harmonious blend of charismatic vanilla and magnificent blossoming aroma. This mesmerizing composition was launched in 2021 and still holds the sensation among all frag heads.

Nathalie Lorson and Marie Salamagne are the noses behind this Marvelous composition.

This Mugler perfume announced the luminous and courageous nature of ladies. In a word, this is the divine fusion of femininity and hope.

After applying this luxurious masterpiece, you will enjoy a blessed, ambery, blooming journey that finishes off with a woody undertone. The floral-faceted innovative scent profile took many hearts effortlessly.

And because of the similar sacred aromatic journey, the Alien Goddess is always being compared with the newly hyped Burberry Goddess.

Though both perfumes propagate a similar aura, they still carry a bunch of differences, too.alien-goddess-mugler

So, to resolve your pondered situation and to make your decision-making process easier, I’m gonna describe the detailed facts of them in the below segment.

Here is a thorough comparison between Burberry Goddess & Alien Goddess:


An opening is the first and most captivating phase of a fragrance. Burberry Goddess and Alien Goddess both perfumes start with a vanillic blast that can instantly seize your mind and soul.

In terms of the Burberry Goddess, it has a very sweet, cloying vanilla flavor and a soothing, dusty, floral aroma of lavender.

At the same time, the unique combo of cacao and ginger makes the opening more exciting and cheerful by adding subtle smoky & pungent twists.

It feels like a soft, sweet bubble hovering around you and surpassing evocative, zesty, foggy sparkles for you.

Mugler Alien Goddess, on the other hand, presents a lucrative yet fresh opening of coconut water and bergamot. The coconut water outshine a juicy, mild, sweet aroma, which declares the delightful journey of a summer vacation.

Meanwhile, bergamot converts the soft aroma into a vibrant one and builds an amazing outset.

Overall, you can say both perfumes offer very opulent and sophisticated openings. Then, which perfume presents the most appealing opening?

Well, between these two amazing compositions, Burberry Goddess has the best opening. However, if you want something for your summer, then Alien Goddess is unbeatable.

Projection & Longevity

When it comes to projection and sillage, Burberry Goddess & Alien Goddess both perfumes radiate noticeably in the arm-length area. It’s not too loud, still, your surrounding people can detect a sweet aroma whenever you apply these fragrances.

So, you can perceive both perfumes carry a standard projection and sillage.

Even though both perfumes offer the same 6 to 8 hours of moderate longevity, I found Burberry Goddess has a slightly prolonged staying capacity compared to the other one.

To be more specific, Alien Goddess only lasts the utmost 6 hours on my skin, whereas the Burberry one stays up to 8 hours.

And we all know that summer perfumes provide less longevity than winter ones.

So, in terms of performance, I choose the Burberry Goddess over the Alien Goddess.

Compliment Factor

Burberry Goddess & Alien Goddess both perfumes reveal a crowd-pleasing scent that floats around you and brings oceans of good comments for you.

Who won’t love the attention of their partner?

Burberry Goddess spreads a sweet vanillic aroma that melts your heart, just like vanilla ice cream.

Contrary, Alien Goddess spreads soft, windy vibes of romantic beach dates that express the romanticism of love birds.

So if you want the same, wear Mugler Goddess in summer outdoor events, and Burberry Goddess in cold weather, and you will get a similar amount of attention from everyone.

Overall, these perfumes can steal anyone’s heart by giving an enchanting vibe.

On that point, Burberry Goddess and Alien Goddess are both the winners of this compliment sector.


Many factors are attached to the usability of perfume, and it also affect its superiority, too.

So, if we discuss the Mugler flacon’s adaptability, it’s not properly versatile. It works better in summer day and night events, along with spring and fall casual days out.

For instance, it performs vibrantly on sunny days and offers refreshments in warm, terrific weather.

On the other hand, the Burberry Goddess shines noticeably in the cold, freezing weather, such as winter and fall seasons.

Except for that, it is also a good option for every special night when you wanna captivate your partner by giving a soothing, seductive aroma. No matter what the season is and the place is, just apply 4 to 5 splashes and make the special night unforgettable.

Plus, it is also an ideal choice for formal meetings.

In terms of the versatility aspect between Burberry Goddess & Alien Goddess, Burberry is the clear winner.

Value for Money

Now, it’s time to know about their most important trait, and that is the value for money. Between Burberry Goddess & Alien Goddess: which perfume performs better depending on its price?

Though both Golden Flacons come with a premium price tag, Burberry still charges less amount than the other one.

For example, last year, by spending $180, I bought a 90 ml bottle of Alien Goddess. This fragrance comes in four different sizes, where the smallest 30 ml flacon asks 89 bucks.

On the other hand, Burberry Goddess comes in three different sizes, and it charges $168 dollars for 100 ml.

Hence, you can clearly detect the price variation between these two fairies. So, if you compare them side by side, Burberry Goddess performs great at this price point.

Considering the advantages and pricing, I found Burberry Goddess offers good value for money.

Overall scent

After describing the ups and downs of Burberry Goddess & Alien Goddess, now it’s high time to know the detailed smelling tone of these two beauties. So that you can make a clear decision and choose the one that soothes your mind.

Burberry Goddess opens with a potent vanillic aroma with the subtle presence of floral, citrusy nuance and smoky cacao undertone.

As the perfume matures, you will start to sniff a solid, rich, syrupy tone of vanilla caviar. Along with that, vanilla caviar also propagates a passionate & sensual composition of woody, spicy accords that instantly uplift the core.

The heart of this perfume is so mesmerizing that it can’t be expressed with words; it reveals an elegance & sensuality at a time.

Soon, it transfers into another warm vanillic accord of vanilla absolute. Because of the rich, syrupy, classic smell, it leaves an amazing trail on your skin that surely makes your partner crazy on your intimate night.

Conversely, the bright, soothing opening of Alien Goddess definitely alerts your smelling senses with the pungent smell of bergamot.

After a few moments, the perfume spreads an opulent blossomy accord of jasmine and heliotrope in the middle. This transitional period is reminiscent of my very first coastal vacation with my partner.

Ultimately, the luxurious fragrance settles down with the fascinating bourbon vanilla accords, which reveals a soothing yet unique cloying aroma.

At the same time, the subtle, warm, woody presence of cashmeran enhances the total base and builds a delightful atmosphere.

Overall, I would say both perfumes present an appealing & sophisticated scent composition than any other feminine perfume can.

In the case of overall scent, I must say Alien Goddess & Burberry Goddess are the best among all legendary fragrances. So, it’s a draw.

Final Verdict

Burberry Goddess & Alien Goddess are both the epitome of beauty in the fragrance sphere. The perfumes already stole many hearts by spreading a refined vanillic aura.

And it’s not child’s play to choose between these duo.

However, after comparing both perfumes thoroughly, I found Burberry Goddess performs better than the Mugler.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for something fresh and bright, then no one will defeat the Alien Goddess.

Now it’s your turn to choose the right one that suits appropriately with your requirements. And share your experience with the new gem in the comment box.

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