Azzaro Most Wanted vs Most Wanted Parfum vs Wanted by Night

Written By Mousumi Tani

The Wanted collection is undeniably Azzaro’s strongest hit that keeps their hype up in the realm of perfumery.

Following the successful release of the original, they extended the lineup with three outstanding flankers named Azzaro Most Wanted, Most Wanted Parfum, and Wanted by Night.

Well, I must say each of the colognes has head-to-head encounters, and the whole line is excellent for different scenarios.azzaro-most-wanted-vs-most-wanted-parfum-vs-wanted-by-night

So, wondering which one will be best for you? Let me help you out with a detailed comparison.

Clash Of Scents: Azzaro Most Wanted vs Most Wanted Parfum vs Wanted by Night

Azzaro Most Wanted

Main Notes: Cardamom, Toffee, and Amberwood

Azzaro launched the amber spicy fragrance Most Wanted in 2021. Ever since its release, its balanced sweetness and strong masculine woodsy notes make it a fantastic winter wear for gents.

The sensual, fresh, spicy aroma of cardamom declares the initial wave of the cologne that is slowly sweetened with the delicious, gourmand hint of toffee.azzaro-most-wanted

For me, Most Wanted has a cozy, enveloping quality that feels so satisfying to all. And as it hits the air, people just fall in love with it.

Most Wanted Parfum

Main Notes: Ginger, Woodsy Notes, and Bourbon Vanilla

With a more refined and woodsy tone, Most Wanted Parfum stepped into the fragrance world in 2022. I found this new edition a bit spicier and less sweeter version of Most Wanted.

Together with its spicy whiff and the rich and powdery sweetness of vanilla, this cologne wraps you in a comforting scent bubble.the-most-wanted-parfum-by-azzaro

Also, its striking accords make it one of the best options to enhance your presence in late-night dates and formal setups.

Among all its interpretations, Most Wanted Parfum lasts well due to its high oil concentration. And with its alluring scent trail and wide projection, you will receive many positive compliments for your fragrance choice.

Wanted by Night

Main Notes: Cinnamon, Mandarin Orange, Lavender, Lemon, Fruity Notes, Incense, Cumin, Tobacco, Vanilla, Cedar, Leather, Benzoin, and Patchouli

Wanted by Night is another dynamic release from Azzaro that hit the market in 2018. Two perfumers, Quentin Bisch and Michel Girard composed this aroma that created a huge fanbase with its sensual vibe.

It is inspired by the luxurious lifestyle of Loris Azzaro and draws the portrayal of an elegant and courageous man who’s surrounded by strength and power.

Wanted by Night’s perfect balance between temptation and masculinity arouses the hidden desire of a man, and its uniqueness makes it the best among all the colognes similar to Wanted by Night.wanted-by-night

Undoubtedly, each of the flankers in this line is pleasant and brings a sophisticated, trendy vibe to a man’s outlook. That’s why it is a bit tough to crown a winner.

But to solve your dilemma, I have done extensive research about their performance and compared them in the following segment.

So, here is a detailed comparison between Azzaro Most Wanted, Most Wanted Parfum, and Wanted by Night:


The initial smell of the cologne plays the most important part when choosing your scent. As it greets you and draws you into its territory, I feel it must have something to hook your attention.

Most Wanted opens up with the dominant sensual aroma of cardamom. There is a nice spiciness to it, which feels so fresh and airy without being overpowering.

Overall, it offers a warm and inviting vibe that feels appealing enough.

In the case of Most Wanted Parfum, Azzaro plays in a different way. Instead of cardamom, the perfumer picks ginger to give it a sizzling opening.

The Parfum version has more depth and dimension from the beginning, which I really loved while trying it for the first time.

So, if you are someone who enjoys strong, exotic openings, there are some other colognes similar to Most Wanted Parfum that you can try to satisfy your demand.

Last but not least, Wanted by Night holds a delicious, fruity, spicy start from the collaboration of tantalizing bergamot and lemon.

Lavender’s bittersweet, sophisticated touch, along with the spicy warmth of cinnamon, creates a powerful statement. Together, they make the top more sexy and crowd-pleasing, which seems like lingering forever in my mind.

Well, as each of them unfolds with a different tone, that leads to the question of which one feels best.

In my opinion, Azzaro’s Most Wanted has a more settled and light opening, which feels satisfying.

Projection And Longevity

Though the entire Wanted line is famous for its outstanding scent trail and projection, I found their longevity fluctuates according to the concentrations and reformulations.

So, let’s see which performs best!

Starting with Most Wanted, this aroma flourishes around 6 to 8 feet for the first 3 hours, but you can’t easily catch its whiff after 7 hours unless you reapply.

Well, I found the Parfum version projects incredibly, with 10 to 12 hours of longevity. Also, its captivating lingering trail makes it an amazing option for your day-long tours or any kind of special occasion.

Lastly, when it comes to Wanted by Night’s performance, this masterpiece will serve you for a solid 10 hours with a gentle sillage and projection that’s able to radiate around a few arm-lengths.

After trying, my partner found it lasted for 12+ hours on his skin. So, I must say it highly depends on the wearer’s body chemistry.

Therefore, despite having the best projection, after some hours, Most Wanted sits closer to the skin than its other two competitors.

So, its moderate longevity makes it a bit less performing in this performance war.

However, I didn’t notice any real difference between Most Wanted Parfum and Wanted by Night’s longevity and projection, so here both are the winners.

Compliment Factor

Azzaro Most Wanted, Most Wanted Parfum, and Wanted by Night are the three sensational names in the fragrance world. It’s hard to find people who don’t praise these luxurious, enchanting aromas.

But after trying them on different occasions, my partner found the classic masculine combination of warm spices, wood, and tobacco makes the Wanted by Night a standout from its other two competitors.

It seems to be most loved by women and garners attention and compliments from any age and gender.

Other than that, both Most Wanted and Most Wanted Parfum also leave a positive impression and commands attention. But due to the underlying booziness and bold tone, it is not appreciated widely as Wanted by Night.

So, with the highest complimenting factor, Wanted by Night is the ultimate winner.


Weather is another crucial factor that can affect the performance and smell. So, before deciding on the fragrance, know how adaptable it is going to be in the long run.

Well, all three colognes offer a cozy wrap around you, and their dense, heavy composition feels heavenly during the freezing winter or fall nights.

In general, I found Azzaro’s Most Wanted to be slightly more versatile in case of occasions. The sweetness and warmness leave a heavenly sensation that shines equally during formal and casual setups.

On the flip side, Most Wanted Parfum and Wanted by Night’s sexy, intoxicating edge feels appropriate for grown-ups and mature guys.

Whether it is a party, club, or dinner date, you can wear Wanted by Night anywhere to represent your seducing and playful vibe. Also, it’s a great option that ignites your winter nightlife and romantic activities by impressing your partner with its sparkling, boozy accords.

But I must say among all three, Most Wanted has a well-balanced composition that is wearable in different places without thinking much.

Hence, when it comes to versatility, Most Wanted got the upper hand with its inoffensive, well-balanced aroma.

Value For Money

Azzaro Most Wanted comes in 2 different sizes. You will find it in 50 ml and 100 ml flacons, where the largest one retailed for $99.

Whereas the latest released Most Wanted Parfum’s 100 ml bottle will cost you around $145, and for grabbing the same sized Wanted by Night flacon, you need to pay nearly $115.

Beyond their delectable profile, each cologne offers a minimum of 6 to 7 hours of longevity, and the best part is none of the 3 colognes exceed $150, even for their largest flacons.

So, don’t you think it is a real steal when considering the deep, bold masculinity that comes with each bottle? Surely it is!

Anyway, considering overall features and uniqueness, Wanted by Night holds the best value for the price.

Overall Scent

After comparing all the details, now you might be curious to know how they smell throughout.

So, let’s sort it out to find the legendary one among the three that offers the best overall sensation.

Most Wanted unleashes a refreshing, subtle, spicy aroma of cardamom that evokes the bold, confident nature of a man.

After a while, the spiciness is beautifully tuned with the sugary hint of toffee in its core. It not only elevates the masculine seductiveness but also sets a romantic ambiance in the surroundings.

Then it settles on the woody, balsamic smell of amberwood, which intensifies the base and gives it a sophisticated finish.

Moreover, you will find many colognes that smell like Azzaro’s Most Wanted available in the market. You can also try them out to have an amazing experience.

On the contrary, Most Wanted Parfum offers a vibrant and invigorating opening of ginger that immediately awakens the senses on cold winter days.

Its core melted my heart with the harmonizing powderiness of vanilla, where the woodsy base complemented the vibe with a smokey, complex touch.

Now, let’s see how Wanted by Night smells!

Unlike the other two options, Wanted by Night starts with a different twist. In the first sniff, it will greet you with a stimulating aroma of bergamot and lemon with a sweet-dusty cinnamon.

Moments ahead, you will be enchanted with the fruity aroma laced with celestial incense and aromatic cumin.

This fragrance dries down with a strong leathery-woodsy base of cedar and patchouli. The exotic sweetness of vanilla and benzoin keeps the rhythm in the closing while tobacco infuses some mysterious depth into it.

Overall, each of the cologne ensures a nice olfactory journey, but to me Wanted by Night has more exciting features that hooks me in every transition.

Therefore, I’ll stick with Wanted by Night in terms of overall scent.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, all of Azzaro’s colognes, Most Wanted, Most Wanted Parfum, and Wanted by Night, are intertwined with timeless elegance and sophistication.

Its well-blended, warm, sweet, spicy notes leave an intoxicating vibe that’s hard to resist by anyone.

So, you might understand how tough it is to choose a specific winner.

Well, after checking all the ins and outs, I found Wanted by Night wins the battle with a razor’s edge due to its incredible performance, uniqueness, and crowd-pleasing trait.

Then again, if you prefer something soft yet more settled and versatile, you should opt for Most Wanted.

Now pick the one that suits your taste, and for any further queries, comment below. Take care!

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