What Cologne Does Tom Ford Wear? [Detail Scent Analysis]

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Being renowned for many unique creations, Tom Ford is one of the most influential fashion designers in existence.

His styling sense, creative brilliance, fragrance choice, elegant lifestyle, attractive, bold personality everything inspired millions of people around the globe.what-cologne-does-tom-ford-wear

Well, talking about his trendy lifestyle I have seen many queries about which cologne Tom Ford wears to look sophisticated and confident.

So if you have the same queries and are interested in knowing more about this celebrity and his scents read along!

Tom Ford’s Influence on Fashion and Grooming Trends

Born on 27th August 1961 the famous American fashion designer and filmmaker Thomas Carlyle Ford’s success story has influenced a mass.

Even though he got enrolled in the architectural program in The New School’s Parsons division his mind has been deeply rooted in the fashion world.

For this reason during his final year, he achieved the opportunity to work as an intern in the luxury fashion house of Chloe. That was the beginning of where he started to envision the glamor of the fashion world.

Later, in 1990 he joined the Italian fashion house Gucci as a women’s wear designer. His bold designs, eye for detail, and innovative ideas turned his fortune around and made him the creative director of Gucci within a decade.


After leaving Gucci Tom Ford wanted to establish his brand under his name and work more for the style-conscious crowd.

During that time he collaborated with famous brands like Estee Lauders and Ermenegildo Zegna to create a range of cosmetics, perfume, and men’s wear.

Through his skill and hard work, Tom Ford slowly became a sensational name among the ladies and gents.

Besides that, celebrity singers like Ariana Grande wear perfumes from his brand at various concerts and shows.

Whether it is eyewear, beauty products, clothing, fragrances, or accessories this man has established his dominance in several fashion categories.

However, he also made his directorial debut in Hollywood, through the movie A Single Man in the year 2009 and later he released his second movie Nocturnal Animals in 2015.

Due to his distinctive visual and narrative skills, both movies received numerous prestigious awards and were shown in different film festivals.

In a word, Tom Ford is a living legend for those who love to keep up with fashion trends. With his very own unique style and fashion label, his fragrance choice is another reason that influences millions of people.

Wondering how your favorite celebrity, Tom Ford smells? Then, keep reading!

Public Interest in Tom Ford’s Cologne

Tom Ford’s strong belief in creating unique styles works as a reflection of his strong and elegant personality.


Known for being one of the most well-decorated designers from the 90’s generation to modern times, Tom Ford is enough to redefine the realm of fashion.

His meticulously crafted products such as clothes, sunglasses, and most importantly fragrances have the right amount of boldness which helps you to stand out among the crowd.

Along with his immaculate style game, this celebrity solely believes wearing a good cologne is a must when you want to leave a long-lasting impression in people’s minds.

In various interviews, he often says besides a well-cut suit, a pair of good shoes, and a watch, women usually love a man who smells good. It’s an easy way to tell more about someone and their looks!

His fragrances and designed outfits are highly appreciated by millions of people. Even celebrities like Taylor Swift prefer wearing perfumes from the Tom Ford brand.

So if you want to shine bright and smell confident like this iconic star then let’s dig out the types of colognes that Tom Ford wears.

What Cologne Does Tom Ford Wear?

Tom Ford mostly loves to wear Beau de Jour as his signature scent from his own brand. This cologne represents a bold, gentleman’s vibe that perfectly suits his exclusive and trendy personality. Apart from that he also prefers wearing Tobacco Vanille and Noir Extreme on various events.


Undoubtedly Tom Ford is extremely passionate about fragrances. Apart from Tom Ford’s private blends he also sprays on different perfumes that continue to bedazzle his fan base.

But does that mean he has no favorite colognes? Of course, he has!

So, here I’ve included the colognes that Tom Ford loves to wear daily:

1. Beau de Jour by Tom Ford

As for the signature cologne Tom Ford wears Beau de Jour from the private blend line of his brand. This cologne has an aromatic fougere vibe that is described as classic, sharp, and masculine enough.  

2. Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

In many online interviews and campaigns, this celebrity appears wearing Tobacco Vanille. This amber spicy fragrance has a strong unisex appeal that can elevate the presence of anyone at special events.

3. Noir Extreme by Tom Ford

According to the many Reddit comments, Tom Ford himself was wearing Tobacco Vanille with Noir Extreme layered over the top at the launch party for TF Noir Extreme.

So it’s pretty confirmed that he loves to wear this fragrance too!

4. Monsieur de Givenchy

Rather than using his own brand’s cologne this fashion icon also wears fragrances from different bands. One of them includes Monsieur de Givenchy which gives him an immaculately groomed masculine hunch.     

Characteristics of Tom Ford’s Cologne

Well as in the above part, you already knew the name of Tom Ford’s signature cologne, now it is high time to delve into its rich olfactory accords.

So, let’s have a detailed idea about the exquisite aromatic profile of Beau de Jour which he wears most of the time among all his favorites.

This cologne has an amazing floral, herbal quality in the opening that will embrace you with a comforting touch. Then in the core, a lot of notes appear to work harmoniously making it fairly intoxicating.

A sweet fruity-floral melodic tone of geranium mingling with the herbal, cooling sensation of mint, basil, and rosemary gives the core a refreshing after-shower vibe that persists for a long time.

Once the cologne dries the exotic warm, earthy blast of patchouli and amber draws an utterly masculine and classy finish.

Altogether this cologne stays for 10+ hours, ensuring a strong, lingering trail to seize the attention of all.

So, whenever you want to smell elegant and stylish like your favorite celebrity Tom Ford don’t miss wearing Beau de Jour or any of its similar cologne.

Alternatives Of Tom Ford’s Cologne


The colognes used by Tom Ford have unique and exquisite compositions which is the reason for its hefty price tag.

Among all the preferred fragrances his most used cologne Beau de Jour also comes at an expensive price.

So if you have a tight budget but at the same time, your mind doesn’t get rid of the alluring smell of BDJ try the alternatives that I mentioned in the following part.

Here are the replacements for Tom Ford’s signature cologne:

Rive Gauche pour Homme Yves Saint Laurent

Rive Gauche pour Homme by YSL is an outstanding, hyped fragrance released back in 2003.

The citrusy-spicy opening of bergamot, rosemary, and star anise in this exotic YSL cologne will give you a striking fresh vibe that feels so close to Tom Ford’s signature scent Beau de Jour.

Slowly, the aromatic floral hint of lavender and geranium in the heart creates a soft, enchanting aroma where cloves add a spicy touch.

Later this cologne settles on the woody-earthy smell of patchouli, vetiver, and guaiac which makes it more intense and long-lasting than BDJ.

Brut Faberge

If you are looking for an affordable substitute for Beau de Jour then give Brut a try. This aromatic fougere was launched in 1968 which ensures a classic vibe.

The starting of this cologne is very fresh and stimulating due to the collaboration of lavender, and anise, along with the herbal, citrusy smell of bergamot.

Its heart is packed with the floral allure of geranium and jasmine laced with the exotic smell of ylang-ylang. Then slowly the sweetness of vanilla and tonka ties everything into the base where patchouli ensures an earthy feel.

Brut was released a long time ago, so if you like its aroma you can find many similar colognes of Brut from different brands available in the market.

Final Thoughts

Tom Ford’s work, and creativity are acknowledged and praised worldwide. Along with the masses, his style, fashion trends, and fragrance preferences are incredibly popular among other celebrities too.

Having worked with many international perfumeries, this man knows how to style things out and shine vividly with simplicity which is evident in his fragrance choice.

I have given a detailed idea about Tom Ford’s favorite cologne and some of its alternatives so that you can enjoy a similar vibe to Tom Ford.

For further queries, knock me in the comment box. Till then, take care!

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