What Cologne Does Tom Brady Wear? [Unknown Facts]

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My younger brother is obsessed with Tom Brady, the legendary former football quarterback. But I am more into Tom Terrific’s adventurous and masculine attitude.

I was looking into his fragrance choice for a while, as this man is widely known for smelling good even when he used to practice.what-cologne-does-tom-brady-wear

So, I surveyed to find out which cologne he prefers to use. If you wanna know the details about his scents, stay tuned.

Tom Brady’s Influence On Fashion And Grooming Trends

Tom Brady is not only a remarkable football player, but he also stands out for his refined and clean looks. I love his old money outfits the most.

It’s appropriate for casual outings and hangouts, and he has been seen walking with his kids in his slim-fit jeans and tee.

Our NFL GOAT sure rocks every clothing criterion flawlessly! His looks changed from clean-cut college boy to cozy to sophisticated.

But whatever he opted for, he slayed every look like his excellent touchdown passing capabilities.tom-bradys-influence-on-fashion

His muted color palette for clothes is also very versatile. If you notice carefully, he opts for neutral colors such as black, cream, blue, ivory, taupe, and white as his outfit base and layers with trench coats or blazers.

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. goes with a standard suit or tuxedo look when it comes to attending the gala with his wife, supermodel Gisele.

His 2018’s Gala look was a showstopper with a black turtleneck and jacket with golden embroidered scrollwork on the lapels. But for me, his 2019 maroon tuxedo was the one. I was shocked as he didn’t attend 2023’s Met Gala.

This pro athlete launched his clothing line called BRADY. You will find great quality activewear from this brand. He also owns the Sports company TB12 with trainer Alex Guerrero.

His years of experience and love for classy clothing sense shine through his companies. He also landed deals with brands like UGG, Under Armour, and Tag Heuer. Quite fascinating, isn’t it?

Public Interest in Tom Brady’s Cologne

Thomas Brady Jr. is also famous for smelling amazing. Even his colleagues said while practicing he used to wear colognes and always had cocoa butter in his locker.

So, he got public interest in his fragrance preference as well. Who doesn’t wanna smell like a million bucks even while sweating? I definitely do.

Tom Brady is Stetson’s Brand Ambassador. And he is the face of many colognes of this brand.

The fact that his teammates never revealed what fragrances he actually wore, his fans and even perfume enthusiasts got curious. Don’t worry, I am about to disclose what Tom ‘California Cool’ Brady wears.

What Cologne Does Tom Brady Wear?

Tom Brady wears Stetson All American by Coty. He is even the face of this intoxicating colognes campaign. This TB12 owner also loves Tom Ford fragrances because of their excellent quality and stunning aura. During his professional career, he used this classic brand over and over again.

Stetson All American contains spicy, woody, and herbal ingredients that tend to last longer no wonder our football quarterback uses this appealing scent.cologne-does-tom-brady-wear

It also has that strong masculine hunch that represents Tom Brady perfectly.

Tom Ford’s Noir and Arabian Wood also match his personality.

These two colognes merge the woody, powdery notes with ambery and citrusy elements that feel clean and sophisticated. London by Tom Ford is another gem that also fits in this note combo.

Recently, he included Tobacco Vanille in his Father’s Day gift guide for Amazon. So, it’s certain that he has a bunch of Tom Ford’s in his collection for a long time, though he never confirmed which ones he wears. Until now this mystery hasn’t been solved.

His NFL mates used to clear out his locker and take his belongings not to mention his colognes and cocoa butter. It’s obvious that including Stetson All-American, Tom Brady owns several Tom Ford scents.

If you are into this designer brand, take a look at what cologne does Tom Ford wears and enrich your fragrance game.

Characteristics Of Tom Brady’s Cologne

Tom Brady loves to wear aromatic spicy colognes and he is known for having the most desirable locker in NFL history.

Now let’s discuss the note profile of Stetson All American, his signature scent, crafted by Harry Fremont in 2009.

This summer fragrance has a unique combination of guava and ginger on its top. So, it gives a zesty, tropical vibe at the first sniff.

Suede and sage are the highlights of the core. The soft, sensual hunch of suede makes the savory aromatic tone of sage more elevated. You will also get the sweet-spicy aura of nutmeg blending gracefully with fern.

Towards the end, this moderate-lasting cologne combines the woody, earthy smell of musk and patchouli with vetiver’s clean nuance. Later  amber’s cozy, sweet vibe gives a delightful touch to this matured mixture.

The overall note formulation of Coty’s Stetson All American goes well with the rugged, strong, and confident personality of quarterback Tom Brady.

Though it lasts around 6 hours and provides mild sillage, its reasonable price point makes it worth every penny. You can get it from Stetson’s official page, Walmart, and Amazon.

Anyway, when it comes to professional footballers and their fragrance choices another name that comes to my mind is David Beckham. If you love his dashing looks and fabulous attire, take a look at what cologne David Beckham wears.

Alternatives Of Tom Brady’s Cologne

So far it’s evident that Tom Brady loves to use mature scents with herbal, earthy, and woody combinations. Many fragrances include such note formation.

Among them, I have listed a few colognes that smell similar to Stetson All American by Coty.alternatives-of-tom-bradys-cologne

Here are the replacements for Tom Brady’s scent:

Chaps By Ralph Lauren

Chaps by Ralph Lauren is a vintage cologne that was launched in 1979. If you want to replace Stetson All American by Coty, give this scent a try.

From the beginning, the sour, citrusy, and refreshing merging of lemon, lavender, and bergamot makes the sweet, herbaceous smell of sage more inviting.

A few minutes later, sandalwood’s soft woody tone blends with the alluring floral combination of jasmine, carnation, and geranium. There are also vetiver and orris that become prominent later.

The base of this long-lasting scent is sweeter and cozy compared to Stetson All American.

Here Josephine Catapano mixed the sweetness of amber, honey, and vanilla with musk, and tonka bean which feels divine during the winter.

Unlike the OG, this designer fragrance comes with strong sillage and projection to make your presence known.

CK One Summer 2016 By Calvin Klein

CK One Summer 2016 By Calvin Klein is another cologne that you can wear instead of Stetson All American.

This citrus aromatic fragrance contains refreshing ingredients such as apple, lemon, and ginger at the top to lift your mood at the first sniff.

Soon the core comes to light where you will sense the tropical essence of guava merging with juniper’s balsamic smell and tiare flower’s creamy goodness.

Those who want to feel energetic during the warmer days will love the dry-down. Here, the sweet fruitiness of coconut milk gets a woody touch due to the presence of cedar.

You need a few sprays to enjoy this limited-edition cologne for a solid 6 hours without any reapplication.

Tobacco By Franck Boclet

Last but not least is Tobacco Franck Boclet, which resembles Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille. If you are on a budget, this versatile fragrance will be the ideal fit for you.

It gives a spicy, fruity, tobacco vibe in the beginning that slowly becomes soft and cozy as the core approaches.

You will sense cedar and tonka bean’s delightful smell in the heart. Vetiver and vanilla shine through at the base as Tobacco By Franck Boclet settles on the skin for 6 to 7 hours.

It feels more alluring during fall and winter either it’s day or nighttime events.

Wrap Up

Whether on the football field or on-screen Tom Brady left his legendary touch through his performance, fashionable attire, and amazing scent choices.

In this context, I have uncovered what type of cologne this former NFL star wears and brands he loves to use to match his classy and elegant looks.

I have also included a few alternatives of his colognes that you can use instead of the OG. That’s all for now. If you have any additional queries, comment below. Till then, ciao.

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