6 Perfumes Similar To Duchessa Gritti [Tested In 2024]

Written By Nabila Lisha

Imagine enjoying every sip of cherry liqueur on a winter candlelight dinner. Duchessa Gritti gives that type of vibe to you. Its lucrative fruity vibe makes it desirable and elegant.

And it’s pretty obvious to look for some substitutes because using the same scent on every occasion is outdated.

Therefore, after immense trials, I’ve come up with some branded fragrances that you can consider as a notable alternative to Duchessa.perfumes-similar-to-duchessa-gritti

So, if you love this niche fusion but wanna try something innovative, read along till the end!

What Does Duchessa Gritti Smell Like?

Duchessa Gritti is a fruity, floral fragrance with a solid gourmand base. The perfume opens with a spicy, citrusy hint of black cherry and saffron that turns into sweet, flowery accords with some spicy tint of cloves. Finally, it settles with a creamy, powdery aura.

Luca Gritti formulated this intoxicating, sweet fragrance in 2022. It feels like an unfolding fruity tanginess infused with some sweet, nutty flavors.

To get a clear concept of the unique smelling tone of Duchessa Gritti, let’s know about its high-end note formation:

Top Notes: Saffron, Bitter Orange, Black Cherry, Peach.

Middle Notes: Cloves, Jasmine, Chocolate.

Base Notes: Sweet Almond, Iris, Brown Sugar.

I’m amused with the first sniff of Duchessa, it opens up with a honey, hay-like smell of saffron tinged with some tangi extract of orange and ripe black cherries.

Peach is the only element in this top that balances the overwhelming pungency by adding some sweet juiciness.

After a while, you can detect a smooth floral tone of jasmine enveloped with some evocative cacao flavor of chocolates. The subtle spiciness of cloves makes this core more interesting and energizing.

At last, you will get a potent, sweet, nutty aroma from almonds & brown sugar. Iris is the mood-boosting element here, which includes a dusty, flowery tone.

This iconic fragrance keeps you warm for around 8 to 10 hours on heavy, snowy nights and perfectly goes with every occasion.

What Perfumes Are Similar To Duchessa Gritti?

Finding an accurate clone of Duchessa is quite a challenging task due to its unusual scent formulation. But to mitigate personal cravings, I’ve already done this tough job of selecting the top-notch alternative to this Gritti gem.

In this segment, I’m thoroughly going to discuss the 6 dupes to make your buying process easier.

Let’s check out the replacements for Duchessa Gritti:

1. Lovely Chèrie Maison Alhambra


Top Notes: Bitter Almond, Rose.

Middle Notes: Cherry, Black Cherry, Amber.

Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Toffee, Peru Balsam.

While searching for the best cherry perfume, Lovely Chèrie is the first perfume that amazed me with its one spray. Maison Alhambra marketed this great, affordable piece as a sweet cherry fragrance.

At the top, you will get a basic gourmand smell of bitter almonds.

To be specific, it’s more like a marzipan smell where you can sense several nutty blends in one mixture. Within a few seconds, an elegant, rosy aroma comes to the center stage and creates an enchanting aura.

The mid is full of cherry flavor. From this core, you will receive every dimension of cherries, from juicy pungency to sweet fruitiness. Amber is the only ingredient here that makes the core a bit structured and erotic.

During dry-down, Lovely Chèrie spreads the maximum spicy, earthy, nutty, woody smell of tonka bean, which elevates after adding honey-glazed toffee flavor to it.

Peru balsam is a game-changing note that adds a subtle amount of rich balsamic tones and converts the total base into an evocative, carnal aroma.

It works like a night whisperer in the foggy winter.

When to Wear

For any type of night party, Lovely Chèrie is your savior, it suits every outfit and theme. But to spread its divine beauty apply it on winter, fall romantic date night.

Why Should You Buy

  • Closet substitute for Duchessa.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Bring a lot of compliments for you.
  • Best for intimate night outs.
  • Suitable for every type of evening party.
  • A good option to attract someone.

2. Lost Cherry Tom Ford


Top Notes: Bitter Almond, Black Cherry, Cherry Liqueur.

Middle Notes: Sour Cherry, Plum, Turkish Rose, Jasmine Sambac.

Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Peru Balsam, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Vetiver.

If you ever imagine a campfire night and sharing cherry liquor with someone special, Lost Cherry actually offers that kinda pleasure moment for you. Louise Turner formulated this iconic Tom Ford piece in 2018, and after that, it was one of their best-selling perfumes so far.

Basically, Lost Cherry is an amber floral fragrance that shows the forbidden nature of flowers, just like the trendy ladies.

As you take a deep snuffle of this deity, you will feel a cherry burst in your olfactory senses. Bitter almond adds a smoothness that takes the cherry’s juiciness to the next level.

In the middle, the fragrance offers a blossoming aroma with the potent tanginess of sour cherry. The rich mixture of rose & jasmine creates an aura so soothing and girly that hardly any man can ignore it.

At last, it settles with a pure gourmand smell of tonka bean, vanilla & wood.

I couldn’t resist myself to use it repeatedly because of its sexy, alluring dry-down. Whenever I use it, it takes me back to my first date night with my man; the sensuality and erotism are apparently visible in this woody, earthy, spicy combo.

That is why many perfumers also composed enormous perfumes similar to Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry. Plus, this premium cherry composition also supports me for around 6 to 7 hours on my regular days.

When to Wear

Apply 3 to 4 splashes of Lost Cherry and make your special night memorable. Although it goes nicely on winter and fall days, you can still wear it on your spring outings.

Why Should You Buy

  • Premium dupe of Duchessa Gritti.
  • Best for cold, chilly weather.
  • Perfect for air-conditioned office meetings.
  • Good choice to impress your man on intimate nights.
  • Compliment getter.
  • Standard projection & sillage.
  • Best for cherry lovers.

3. Cherry Casino The Dua Brand


Notes: Griotte Cherries, Sour Cherry, Syrup, Resin, Tonka Bean, Bitter Almond, Saffron, Egyptian Jasmine, Turkish Rose, Musk, Sandalwood.

The Dua Brand creates high-quality replicas of renowned perfumes; hence comes the Cherry Casino as an inspired perfume of Duchessa Gritti. It was manufactured with the same saffron carnal vibe but slightly more cherry essence.

Since this piece was first released in 2019, I’ve been a proud user of this amazing perfume. I must say, it definitely captures the 90% of similarities of Duchessa.

The opening of this timeless piece is juicy and spicy. From this top, you will get a striking aroma of different types of juicy cherries with the rich saffron extract.

After a few minutes, the luscious cherry flavor slightly fades, and the floral fusion of jasmine and rose. This transitional period is soft and soothing yet deep and exotic.

During dry-down, you must receive a fully dedicated gourmand accords, where tonka bean takes the main lead. Along with that, you will detect some warm, woody, musky, resinous smell of mentioned ingredients.

When to Wear

I found Cherry Casino is best for every type of formal to casual event in winter, fall & spring seasons. But if you want it for some specific occasion, I’d recommend Cherry Casino for night parties.

Why Should You Buy

  • Versatile enough for regular use.
  • Satisfactory price tag.
  • Sensual & passionate perfume.
  • Your go-to perfume for winter vacations.
  • Good choice for teenagers and young ladies.
  • Bright cherry opening.

4. Wet Cherry Liquor Bohoboco


Top Notes: Cherry, Liquor.

Middle Notes: Cherry, Strawberry, Caramel, Turkish Rose.

Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Vetiver.

I absolutely love captivating scents, and among my collection, Wet Cherry Liquor by Bohoboco stands out. Its boozy, sensual vibe forced me to use it over & over.

This 2022s floral, fruity scent comes with a gourmand base.

It has a fresh, fruity opening of freshly picked cherries with some alcoholic vibe of liquor. So, here you have some stimulating and boozy effects at a time.

The core is full of the luscious tanginess of caramelized cherry and strawberry, where rose adds an exotic, dense tone to it.

Moving to the base note, the Wet Cherry Liquor will impress you with a woody, herby smell of tonka bean. The gourmand fusion of sweet vanilla, sandalwood & vetiver is balanced by every accord in this final portion.

Moreover, the woody, fruity composition does a great job of keeping you warm and lively for around 8 hours with noticeable arm-length sillage.

When to Wear

Wet Cherry Liquor seems to be a go-to fragrance for colder seasons like fall, winter, and early spring. It’s versatile enough for nighttime events throughout the year.

Why Should You Buy

  • Addictive composition for young ladies.
  • A good option for all-purpose night events.
  • Luxurious packaging.
  • Standard to strong longevity.
  • Balanced cherry concentration.
  • Unique and appealing liquor opening.

5. Cherry Punk Room 1015


Top Notes: Cherry, Saffron, Sichuan Pepper.

Middle Notes: Mimosa, Violet, Jasmine.

Base Notes: Leather, Tonka Bean, Patchouli.

Jérôme Epinette created Cherry Punk as an amber spicy fragrance in 2022. Room 1015 always amused me with such a mesmerizing combo, and this pleasant cherry perfume is truly exceptional among their all-hit collections.

This well-balanced fusion opens with a fruity, peppery smell, along with some leathery-honeyed undertone of saffron.

In the core, slowly the dusty, floral scent of mimosa announces its presence. I feel the perfume gets more romantic when the mixed blossomy tone of violet & jasmine comes across in the front row.

Eventually, the floral essence takes an unusual turn, where the dusty floral accords change into a black leathery base. The rich, musky, woody tint of patchouli resides with the nutty, herbaceous aroma of tonka bean and leaves an enchanting trail on your skin.

Overall, you can say it’s an amazing cherry, saffron, and gourmand fragrance. This alluring composition also supports me for around 6 hours moderately.

Besides the Duchessa Gritti, it is also a notable alternative to Tom Ford’s Cherry Smoke.

When to Wear

Basically, Cherry Punk is a fall fragrance that you can also apply in winter programs. Just 4 to 5 sprays of this fascinating scent are enough to make your day special.

Why Should You Buy

  • Blind pick for every night out.
  • A good option for colder months.
  • Moderate projection & sillage.
  • Cute & luxurious flacon.
  • Opulent cherry perfume.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Perfectly reminiscent of Duchessa.

6. Dark Cherry & Amber Banana Republic


Top Notes: Sour Cherry, Pink Freesia.

Middle Notes: Cherry Blossom, Praline.

Base Notes: Red Amber, Cedar.

Dark Cherry & Amber by Banana Republic is a basic fruity floral composition that is enriched with a gourmand base. In 2019, Claude Dir formulated this crowd-pleasing composition with lots of dark cherry juice.

From its first sniff, you will get a sour-sweet smell of cherry that is accompanied by a subtle fruity essence of pink freesia.

After a while, the heart comes with a harmonious blend of cherry blossom & praline. Here, you will get a fresh floral vibe with some honey-glazed nutty backdrop of praline.

This invigorating aroma enlightens your moods and alerts you for the upcoming sexy closing.

Finally, this well-composed fruity, floral blend settles down with the exotic, dense vibe of red amber & the warm, woodsy tone of cedar. The base is so seductive and iconic that it can capture a special space in your beloved’s heart.

Additionally, it presents good longevity and projection compared to high-end branded perfumes.

When to Wear

Dark Cherry & Amber is a good option for cold, freezing weather, yet it transitions well into early spring nights out. It’s perfect for when you seek a subtle warmth in your fragrance, adding grace to your style.

Why Should You Buy

  • Great value for money.
  • Top-notch heavy packaging.
  • Perfect gift option.
  • Bring a lot of compliments for you.
  • Can be your signature fragrance in chilly weather.
  • Most affordable dupe of Duchessa Gritti.

Final Thoughts

The perfumes I’ve mentioned amazingly capture the similar aromatic tone of this Duchessa Gritti. Whether you prefer high-end or more budget-friendly options, these are the most worthy dupes you should first look into.

So, without further delay, test them and choose the preferable one for your next winter.

Share your thoughts on your next desired fragrance in the comment section!

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