Colognes Similar To Bois Impérial Essential Parfums

Written By Easmin Akter

My husband loves Bois Impérial by Essential Parfums so much that he wanted to try more gorgeous compositions like this one. Hence, I began my search and after a , I got a handful of Bois Impérial smell-alikes.

While some of these dupes are a close match, some excel in quality and composition. But all of them are worth trying.colognes-similar-to-bois-imperial-essential-parfums

Now, I’m going to share my findings in this article so that you can also enjoy these praise-worthy Bois Impérial alternatives.

Let’s begin!

What Does Bois Impérial Essential Parfums Smell Like?

Bois Impérial by Essential Parfums has a rich, green, woody composition, where fresh, earthy Haitian vetiver combines with powerful georgywood essence. It also radiates a fresh, spicy Timur smell blended with a sophisticated floral tone of petalia.

For a better understanding, let’s take a glance at the note profile of Bois Impérial:

Notes: Akigalawood, Georgywood, Petalia, Vetiver, Basil, Timur, Ambroxan, Patchouli

Bois Impérial opens with the spicy grapefruit-like sensation of timur. With the refreshing herbal touch of basil, the opening smells uplifting and pleasant.

The spicy, floral woody nuance of akigalawood beautifully blends with fresh, floral petalia, creating a clean yet intense woody aroma throughout the core.

Meanwhile, vetiver and patchouli give it an earthy, woody character, when the cologne starts to set on the skin.

The woodiness becomes more intense, warmer, and addictive with the musky, resinous hint of ambroxan. Plus, this versatile fragrance stays up for the whole day with noticeable sillage.

Overall, Bois Impérial is one of the best Quentin Bisch compositions you’ll find in the market.

And if you wanna explore other fragrances with the same scent profile as Bois Impérial, check out the following segment.

What Colognes Smell Similar To Bois Impérial Essential Parfums?

Bois Impérial by Essential Parfums evokes an intense, woody masculinity while keeping it fresh and pleasant. Not every fragrance can match its complexity and elegance.

Now, I’ll be introducing you to some top dupes that can give you a similar woody, aromatic experience.

Here are the top-notch alternatives to Bois Impérial by Essential Parfums:

1. Kenzo Homme Eau de Parfum


Top Note: Sea Notes

Middle Note: Leather

Base Note: Patchouli

Even though the notes are different, Kenzo Homme EDP beautifully mimics the fresh, woody essence of Bois Impérial.

After its launch in 2022, this fragrance became so popular that many other brands released colognes similar to Kenzo Homme Eau de Parfum. Being composed by the master perfumer Quentin Bisch this cologne excels with the addition of seductive, leathery accords.

Kenzo Homme EDP opens with a fresh and addictive marine aroma, layered with a subtle green undertone.

As the fragrance develops, you’ll feel a sensual, leathery tone brightened by some aquatic nuances in the core.

Gradually, the aroma gets a smooth, woody, earthy turn as soon as it reaches the dry-down. Patchouli, along with the masculine leathery tone, leaves a rich, masculine, and alluring scent trail that lasts for the whole day.

So, if you’re up for trying something unique in the same array as Bois Impérial, this Kenzo cologne will be a great option for you.

When To Wear

Kenzo Homme Eau de Parfum is extremely versatile. Whether it’s warm or cold, day or night, you can wear this fragrance any time you want. However, I find it best suited as a signature summer or spring scent.

Why Should You Buy

  • Broad projection.
  • Elegant woody, earthy tone.
  • Praise-worthy longevity.
  • Well-balanced and enticing aroma.
  • Clean and refreshing opening.

2. Mugler Cologne Run Free


Notes: Akigalawood, Ginger

Mugler Cologne Run Free is another top-class fragrance that shares noticeable similarities to Bois Impérial. You’ll feel the same spicy, woody, slightly floral feel from the moment you spray this gem.

Even though citruses aren’t listed here, the opening of this fragrance gives me a zesty, bright feel, alongside the fizzy spiciness of ginger.

I mainly love this scent because it stays crisp and captivating throughout its life.

You’ll feel the intense, vibrant, woody tone of akigalawood when the fragrance settles down on the skin. Along with a subtle spicy tone, the dry-down creates a seductive timbery sensation that will keep you enticed for the next 7 hours.

Both my husband and I love to wear this perfectly balanced fragrance without thinking too much. While reflecting our elegant style, it adds a touch of sophistication to our outfit.

Anyway, this Bois Impérial dupe is quite affordable. It will also provide you with detectable sillage and projection.

When To Wear

The fresh, evocative tone of Mugler Cologne Run Free is ideal for any casual day activities in the warm seasons. You can also wear it as your everyday summer scent.

Why Should You Buy

  • Vibrant and intoxicating woody aroma.
  • Rich and sensual base.
  • Sparkling ginger accord.
  • Lighter and fresher Bois Impérial substitute.

3. Tribute Blue Afnan


Top Notes: Nutmeg, Pimento Seeds, Bergamot

Middle Notes: Amber, Cashmere Wood

Base Notes: Musk, White Wood, Incense, Vetiver

Tribute Blue is a high-performing fresh and spicy woody fragrance that was released by Afnan in 2016. This affordable cologne has more ambery and musky facets but still smells quite close to Bois Impérial.

Tribute Blue exerts a spicy, nutty aroma with a zesty bergamot undertone. The aroma turns warm and woody when balsamic amber and velvety cashmere wood kick in.

I could also sense a subtle spicy woodiness creating a rich background behind the core.

Upon the dry-down, the fresh, hay-like smell of vetiver mingles with smoky incense and white wood, giving the fragrance a smooth, addictive, and masculine character.

Musk, in the end, makes the closing more exciting by adding its soft, seductive touch.

Overall, this mind-blowing cologne will make you feel classy, confident, and refreshing, in the same way as Bois Impérial does. Plus, you’ll get over 12 hours of longevity and a strong, evocative sillage from this budget-friendly dupe.

When To Wear

Tribute Blue offers a fresh, spicy, woody aroma that acts like magic during the warm summer, spring, or fall days. Other than that, you can wear this versatile fragrance for any casual, formal, or special occasion even in the winter.

Why Should You Buy

  • Smells great at all weather and events.
  • Offers an incredible value for the money.
  • Brilliant performance.
  • Mass-pleasing composition.
  • Evocative, musky dry-down.

4. Grey Vetiver Tom Ford


Top Notes: Grapefruit, Orange Blossom, Sage

Middle Notes: Nutmeg, Orris Root, Pimento

Base Notes: Vetiver, Woodsy Notes, Oakmoss, Amber

The iconic Tom Ford cologne, Grey Vetiver exerts a woody spicy aroma, which I find very comparable to Essential Parfums’s Bois Impérial.

Released in 2009, this fragrance was meticulously composed by Harry Fremont.

In the opening, Grey Vetiver presents a clean and refreshing aroma with citrusy grapefruit. With a flowery, sweet hint of orange blossom and sage, the opening smells almost identical to Bois Impérial.

The fresh, citrusy aroma fades after a while, leaving behind a spicy woody nutmeg aroma. What the core offers more is the earthy, powdery sensation of orris root that adds a rich dimension to the composition.

Finally, the base appears with a fresh vetiver aroma that further intensifies after combining with earthy oakmoss and some precious woodsy notes.

I particularly adore its dry-down. It brings in a nice balance of warmth, sensuality, and rich masculinity, without losing the freshness. Besides this sophisticated woody aroma, you’ll also get pretty good longevity and projection from this cologne.

Overall, if you like wearing premium scents, Tom Ford’s Grey Vetiver would be the best substitute for you.

Furthermore, for more budget-friendly options, try affordable colognes similar to Tom Ford Grey Vetiver.

When To Wear

Whether it’s summer, spring, or fall, the balanced fresh, woody tone of Grey Vetiver makes it a perfect pick for all seasons. Just get a few sprays of this cologne before going out, and you will smell pleasantly seductive for the rest of the day.

Why Should You Buy

  • Superior quality.
  • Classy and refined woody composition.
  • Perfect for vetiver lovers.
  • 12+ hours of longevity.
  • Earthy, mossy edge in the base.
  • Attractive scent trail.

5. Ganymede Marc-Antoine Barrois


Notes: Mineral Notes, Suede, Saffron, Akigalawood, Violet Leaf, Italian Mandarin, Immortelle, Chinese Osmanthus

Another Quentin Bisch masterpiece, Marc-Antoine Barrois’s Ganymede shares a similar smelling tone as Bois Impérial. Released in 2019, this woody, spicy fragrance is actually smoother and far more well-balanced than the Essential Parfums one.

It opens with a dazzling mandarin aroma, superbly blended with unique and refreshing mineral notes. Slowly, dewy, green violet leaves and the breezy freshness of immortelle and osmanthus join the party, making the fragrance even more pleasing.

The spicy, woody dry-down is the best attraction of this composition. It’s so unique and appealing that no woman around you would be able to ignore your classy allure.

Spicy, fresh akigalawood seamlessly combines with the refined, fresh texture of saffron and mineral notes, creating an intense, masculine yet intoxicating ambiance in the base.

Finally, the subtle dark, musky hint of suede gives the composition a perfect seductive finish.

So, if you wanna stand out with a sophisticated, appealing, and unique aura, nothing can be better than Ganymede.

But keep in mind, with premium quality and aroma, this Bois Impérial substitute falls on the pricier end.

When To Wear

Ganymede is one of those balanced fragrances that you can wear effortlessly in any weather or occasion. In my point of view, its fresh and rich aroma is best suited as a signature scent for summer, spring, or fall.

Why Should You Buy

  • One of the best Quentin Bisch creations.
  • Seductive and very pleasant aroma.
  • Exceptional woody composition.
  • Over 15 hours of longevity.
  • Stays noticeable within 6 feet of radius.
  • High-quality Bois Impérial alternative.
  • You’ll be showered with compliments with this scent.

6. Costume Liquide 14.2 Pierre Guillaume Paris


Notes: Haitian Vetiver, Pepper, Basil, Iris, Peony, Violet Leaf

Though it’s not a clone, the fresh, woody composition of Costume Liquide 14.2 by Pierre Guillaume Paris strongly reminds me of Bois Impérial. Pierre Guillaume composed this mesmerizing cologne in 2023.

Costume Liquide 14.2 offers a bright and spicy aroma of pepper in the opening, along with the fresh, green basil undertone.

As the aroma develops, sweet, airy peony along with powdery iris and violet leaf gives the cologne a fragrant and pleasant core.

At this stage, the whole spicy, floral, slightly green fragrance smells immensely refreshing and quite identical to Bois Impérial.

Well, Costume Liquide 14.2 stands out with the heavy use of fresh, woody vetiver in the base. While the peppery spiciness persists in the dry-down, it also smells rich, evocative, and masculine with the clean, hay-like freshness of Haitian vetiver.

Overall, except for the intense woody sensation, Costume Liquide 14.2 did a pretty good replication of Bois Impérial.

When To Wear

The refreshing Costume Liquide 14.2 aroma is an ideal pick for any casual day-outs in the spring, summer, and to some extent, in the fall. My husband sometimes uses it as his go-to scent for the office, and it perfectly suits such formal settings as well.

Why Should You Buy

  • Smells almost 70% similar to Bois Impérial.
  • Over 7 hours of longevity.
  • Cleaner and fresher attributes.
  • Mass-appealing.
  • Versatile and addictive cologne.
  • Good for everyday use.

Wrap Up

Undoubtedly, Bois Impérial by Essential Parfums is an amazing choice for fresh, woody scent lovers with a budget.

However, if you’re looking for similarly unique woody compositions that you can wear all year long, the colognes mentioned above will end your search.

So, check out the list and find the one that perfectly matches your personality.

Leave a comment and let me know how useful this write-piece was for you.

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